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What Cruise Ships Offer Dialysis

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What Does Dialysis At Sea Cruises Specialize In

Dialysis at Sea Cruises

Dialysis at Sea Cruises specializes in the treatment of hemodialysis care while onboard cruise ships. Hemodialysis patients have undergone renal failure and must be dialyzed with an artificial kidney to rid the body of fluids and toxins. Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides a renal care specialist team consisting of a Nephrologist, dialysis nurses and certified technicians. We sail on select cruise sailings with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines. We provide the most advanced equipment and supplies which are housed and maintained with Dialysis at Sea Cruises and undergo strict maintenance protocols for the most optimum performance.

Dialysis at Sea Cruises is the largest provider of dialysis services aboard cruise ships in the world. Since our inception in 1977, thousands of individuals on dialysis and their families have been able to experience the pleasures of cruising and the excitement of taking their dream vacation. Travel with us in confidence as all of your shipboard medical needs are handled by experienced and trained medical professionals.

What Is Dialysis At Sea Cruises And How Does It Work

Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Can You Do Dialysis 3 Days In A Row

You can choose your treatment days as long as you dont go more than 2 days in a row without dialysis. You can also choose your treatment times. Some people also do longer treatments than they would in-center. You and a partner learn to do HD at home on the standard three days a week schedule used in clinics.

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Cruises From The Uk Cruise Dialysis

Posted: Cruise Dialysis offers a wide range of cruises with haemodialysis onboard to suit everyone’s taste and budget. The experienced dialysis team and neprohologist are onboard throughout your cruise so you can be assured of the best attention at all times. Phone: 0844.995.1214 Email:

Jobs For An Lpn On A Cruise Line

What Cruise Lines Offer Dialysis At Sea

Posted: Nov 28, 2018 · Working on a cruise line as a licensed practical nurse is an opportunity for nurses looking for a change of pace and a little adventure. Medical crew members can enjoy a wide range of privileges, such as their own cabin, officer privileges, attractive working hours and pay and the obvious globetrotting benefits.

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Are You A Medical Professional

Dialysis at Sea Cruises is offering our medical staff the opportunity to experience the excitement of cruising to majestic ports of call throughout the world while enabling the dialysis patients the freedom and confidence to cruise with the knowledge that qualified and trained professionals will be traveling with them to care for their shipboard medical needs. Dialysis patients can cruise with family and friends on their dream vacation, with the assurance that their dialysis treatments can be provided onboard ship throughout the world with the assistance of our trained medical staff.

Celebrity And Royal Carribbean Are The 2 That Currently Offer Dialysis On Certain Ships

Cruise ships are more than floating resorts: Marketing and public relations professionals have the task of creating public campaigns that make their companies stand out from the competition. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per. However a group call dialysis at sea does offer select cruises that will allow patients that need dialysis to take a cruise.

Royal caribbean cruises offers adventure and relaxation for adults and kids onboard the biggest newest ships cruising to popular travel locations around the world. Dialysis at sea cruises provides dialysis services onboard select royal caribbean and celebrity cruise lines cruises. The ocean medallion also offers intelligent navigation, similar to a car or phone gps app, and royal caribbean and norwegian cruise line offer interactive digital signage on board. Unfortunately for some, one routine that cannot be left behind is.

Most cruise lines also offer a special and affordable drink package for your trip. The cruise ship offers a vacation full of fun and amusement. What differs the smaller cruise ship to the bigger cruise ship are the features that these facilities provide. The cruise price for our luxury ships ms europa und ms europa 2 includes the following:

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Can You Get Dialysis On A Carnival Cruise Ship

Posted: May 28, 2020 · The dialysis treatment cost is a flat rate determined by the length of the cruise, and is billed separately. People also ask, can you get dialysis on a cruise ship? Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based …

Do Any Cruise Ships Have Dialysis

Cruise Ship Dialysis Tips

Do any cruise ships have dialysis? Ships which accommodate patients: MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia. MSC Cruises use a different service, Dialysis While Cruising, to help their onboard patients. Since MSC Cruises ships dont have a special dialysis centre on board, there are some constraints when it comes to space.

Does Carnival Cruise Line have dialysis? DIALYSIS. Guests should be aware that our ships do not have kidney specialists or dialysis equipment and supplies available on board and our medical staff are not trained to perform dialysis.

Is kidney dialysis available on cruise ships? Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Does Norwegian Cruise Lines offer dialysis? Guests requiring continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are welcome to board all vessels. However, Norwegian Cruise Line does not have the ability to assist or administer hemo-dialysis treatments.

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Cruise Ship Medical Center

On all cruise ships, you will find a well equipped medical center with a number of highly trained medical staff. Generally speaking the larger the cruise ship the bigger the medical center but all are equipped to deal with life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

On many of the newer, bigger cruise ships youll find full x-ray machines and a lot of equipment that youd expect to find in a hospital on land. Of course, the priority is always to try and get unwell patients to land as soon as possible but as this isnt always option cruise ships have to be as prepared as they can be.

In the medical center, youll find a wide variety of common medicines used to treat almost any illness. The range of medicines is not as wide as that that youd find in a hospital on land but cruise ships are well equipped to deal with most situations.

If you do need to visit the medical center at any point, this is what will happen:

Purchasing Medicine On Land

It may be a cheaper option to purchase medicine when you visit a port. This does depend a lot on where you are visiting but in some situations, you will be able to get a prescription filled from an on-land pharmacy. I have done this before in Europe and its actually been very cheap and easy.

When in port youll have access to a greater variety of medicines but its always a good idea to go to a local pharmacy rather than a tourist shop with a medicine section. Take care that you are buying the right thing and that the place that youre buying it from is reputable. Believe it or not, some fake versions of medicines are sold to unsuspecting tourists.

Purchasing medicine on land is also a good option for guests that have a toothache as there are no dentists onboard cruise ships.

To learn more about cruise ship dentists, including where youd be able to find a dentist, check out this post:

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Does Princess Cruises Have Dialysis

Dialysis. Although Princess strongly recommends against undertaking the risks involved, they will allow a guest requiring peritoneal or hemodialysis to travel on their ships at the guests own risk. You should be stable on your dialysis treatments for a period of at least 12 months prior to sailing.

Does Norwegian Cruise Offer Dialysis

Royal Caribbean International  Cruise Dialysis

4.4/5dialysisNorwegian Cruisedoesdialysis

Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Also, does Disney Cruise have dialysis? Thank you for visiting the Disney Parks Moms Panel with your question. At this time Disney Cruise Line does not have dialysis machines for Guests to use while onboard. My advice is to call Disney Cruise Line Special Services at 566-3602 about your situation.

Then, how much does it cost to have dialysis on a cruise ship?

The cost of the dialysis only was $4,500, and none was paid for by Medicare or other insurance. The price sounds more reasonable when you consider that for a dozen or so passengers per cruise, Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides up to 11,000 pounds of equipment plus a nephrologist and several technicians.

Does Carnival Cruise Line have dialysis?

DIALYSIS. There are significant risks associated with undergoing dialysis during a cruise. Guests should be aware that our ships do not have kidney specialists or dialysis equipment and supplies available on board and our medical staff are not trained to perform dialysis.

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Do Cruise Ships Have Pharmacies

Cruise ships do not have full pharmacies onboard but will usually have a section of an onboard shop dedicated to medicine. Here you can find treatments for common problems such as headaches or colds. For more series medical conditions all cruises ships have an onboard medical center that carries a greater variety of medicines.

Although medicine is available onboard its not usually possible to get prescription medicines if you leave yours at home. Its always advisable to bring more medicine than you think youll need. If you did run out, your medicine may have to be sourced from a local port which is not ideal.

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Flying To The Cruise Port

People with peritoneal dialysis machines are usually able to bring these as a carry-on. According to FAA rules, this does not count against your carry-on limit, and your bags will be priorities over other passengers.If you are bringing a hemodialysis machine, it must be checked into the hold of the plane. It should not count as extra baggage or come with additional charges. However, your machine must meet the airlines weight limits. You are also allowed to transport syringes and dialysis fluids, but you will need to bring properdocumentation. Its also a good idea to ask for preboarding if possible.

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How Much Does Dialysis Cost On A Cruise Ship

As a general rule, the cost of a dialysis session on a cruise ship varies between $300 and $900. The majority of mainstream American cruise lines charge around $800.

There are many companies that organize dialysis treatments onboard cruise ships. These companies work closely with major cruise lines.

Dialysis Cost

Why Do Your Prices Differ From Those Directly From The Cruise Line

Cruise lines to Offer Resorts, Hotels and Land Tours! | More Cancellations! (Cruise News)

Our prices may differ from the cruise line because we have medically contracted rates with the cruise line and incur different costs. These rates are per cabin and include the cost of our medical staff, technicians, trucks, supplies and equipment, as well as other additional costs. We must also carry extensive medical liability insurance for the cruise lines to allow us to provide this service.

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Cruise Ship Medical Capabilities

Medical facilities on cruise ships can vary widely depending on ship size, itinerary, length of cruise, and passenger demographics. Generally, shipboard medical centers can provide medical care comparable to that of ambulatory care centers some can provide hospitalization services. Although no agency officially regulates medical practice aboard cruise ships, consensus-based guidelines for cruise ship medical facilities were published by the American College of Emergency Physicians in 1995 and most recently updated in 2013. ACEP guidelines , which are followed by most major cruise lines, state that the cruise ship medical facilities should maintain the following minimum capabilities:

  • Provide emergency medical care for passengers andcrew
  • Stabilize patients and initiate reasonable diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • Facilitate the evacuation of seriously ill or injured patients

Question: Can You Get Dialysis On Cruise Ships

  • Does insurance pay for home dialysis?
  • Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises.

    The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to.

    The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

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    Will Nhs Cover My Dialysis Treatment On

    After meeting with the British Kidney Patient Association, NHS England has agreed to reimburse the cost of dialysis treatment onboard cruise ships, subject to specific conditions.

    For example, if the majority of the ports you visit on your cruise are within the European Economic Area, or the country has formal healthcare agreements with the NHS, then the amount will be reimbursed per the National Tariff your Holiday Dialysis Co-Ordinator will be able to tell you of the exact amount. Additionally, youll need to get approval from your renal team before you go on your cruise, as they will help to reimburse you when you get back to the UK.

    Cruises that take place outside of these countries, i.e. those not covered under Article 56, are not exempt from the total cost of dialysis, and this will have to be paid for by yourself.

    Guests Who Are Blind Or Have Low Vision

    Kidney Dialysis On Cruise Ships

    At Norwegian Cruise Line, we will attempt to provide our Blind or Low Vision guests with an enjoyable cruise, which means providing personal, customized service to make your cruise fun, safe and happy.

    Amenities and Services Available include:

    • Embarkation day meeting with staff member who will see to your accessibility needs during the cruise
    • A vessel orientation tour is available upon request
    • Braille / tactile signage
    • Service animals allowed onboard and must be arranged through the Access Desk prior to the cruise

    To get more information or request accessibility assistance on your upcoming cruise, fill out the

    or contact us using the phone number at the bottom of this page.

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    Payment & Reimbursement For Dialysis Sessions

    For UK Residents : We are very pleased to announce that following a meeting between NHS England, the BKPA and Lisa Parnell of Cruise Dialysis, NHS England has chosen to exercise its discretionary rights to partially reimburse the cost of healthcare onboard cruise ships subject to certain conditions:-

    If the majority of ports visited during your cruise are within the European Economic Area then you will be reimbursed the amount of the National Tariff.

    Further information about the policy can be viewed by clicking on the following links:-

    Our Promise To Our Guests

    • All nephrologists accompanying our cruises are licensed, board certified/eligible practicing nephrologists.
    • All nurses accompanying our cruises are experienced, licensed dialysis nurses.
    • Under most circumstances, your exact dialysis prescription will be met. There is of course, no reuse.
    • Your special dietary needs will be accommodated by your ships dining staff.
    • All of your cruise and air travel arrangements are handled by experienced dialysis travel personnel.
    • On the day of sailing, an orientation meeting is held to introduce you to your fellow dialysis travelers and the medical staff who will cruise with you.
    • We offer trip cancellation insurance to assist you in handling unexpected emergencies. Pre-existing medical conditions are waived if insurance is purchased within 24 hours of final payment.

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    Onboard Dialysis Cruise Dialysis

    Posted: For each cruise there is a dedicated dialysis unit onboard each ship where your dialysis treatments will take place. You will be cared for from the beginning to the end of your cruise by a qualified Nephrologist and nurses who will be on board for the duration of your cruise.

    Details About Cruise Ship Dialysis Tech Jobs

    Carnival offers cruise ships to become hospitals

    CareHealthJobs is one of the few sites out there which deliver its users a service to help them find jobs in healthcare, especially positions in cruise ship dialysis tech jobs. Through the search engine, you will find 207 of in-demand cruise ship dialysis tech jobs, select one that you find interesting. View more


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    Cruising While On Dialysis

    Posted: Jan 07, 2012 · They show on the internet or their brochure which ships and which cruises they will provide dialysis on the ship. They do a very good job but are not cheap. They can assist with dialysis on land, But we have always done that independently via the internet, using the info from GlobalDialysis.com Both can assist with peritoneal dialysis as well.

    Cruising With Home Dialysistips From A Platinum Cruiser

    So, we’ve just come back from our first cruise doing nocturnal HD. We cruised the Carnival Breeze out of Miami. We live in Indiana, and chose to drive to Miami. We cruised before while on PD, and below are some pointers and tips for cruising with a NxStage machine and a sample packing list for both PD and home HD.


    When we booked our cruise, I called the Special Needs phone number at Carnival to verify that they didn’t need any paperwork from me. They arranged to have a sharps container in our cabin. They also let me know that if I told the porters, our medical stuff would be carried by someone from the luggage drop off to our cabin.

    I’ve heard that some cruise lines allow only PD dialysis patients, not HD patients. I’ve not run into that, but on Carnival, they allow both, though I’m not sure I ever said hemodialysis.

    Our center called in our vacation order with NxStage. To get into that a bit more deeply:

    On Arrival to the Port

    When we arrived at the site to drop off our luggage, I told the porter that we were carrying vital medical equipment, including a VERY expensive piece of machinery, and would need someone to hand deliver these things to our cabin.

    The porter seemed slightly confused, but called a supervisor, who worked magic. They called for a basket and Vlad, bags of supplies, and 21 boxes of fluids and cartridges were whisked away.

    On the Cruise

    Leaving the Ship

    So below, some more advice:

    PD Travel Packing List

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