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What Is Included In An Azamara Cruise

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Azamara Club Cruises Tips. 7 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising

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Informal Dining In The Windows Cafe

Informal dining on Azamara Pursuit is in the Windows Café on Deck 9, adjoining the pool area at the back of the ship, which is where breakfast is served buffet style. The food on board is top notch with an incredible variety and beautiful presentation I tend to stick to the fruit and healthy options and enjoyed the juice shots and freshly made smoothies, while others would be tucking into the pancakes or bacon and eggs. Much of the selection was self service, with some things made freshly to order and table service for tea and coffee.

Breakfast on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

Breakfast on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

Breakfast on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

The Windows Café was light and bright with window seating on both sides and extended to the Sunset Verandah where we would select from the buffet and then dine al fresco.

Sunset Verandah on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

Destination Immersion With Azamara Club Cruises

One of the things that differentiates Azamara Club Cruises from other luxury cruise lines is their focus on the places you visit on the cruise, which they call Destination Immersion, a concept that they have even managed to register as their trademark. It means that Azamara Club Cruises is perfect for travellers who are looking for an authentic travel experience and are fascinated by the food and culture of the places they visit.

Cherbourg with Azamara Pursuit

While theres no compromise with quality on board, this isnt really a cruise thats about all the activities available on the ship. Instead you might think of the Azamara ship as a luxurious boutique hotel that transports you from place to place, enabling you to experience the essence of the destination even when you dont have a long in each port of call.

An example of this Destination Immersion concept is that the smaller ships are able to dock right in the heart of a city where larger ships might have to put you on a shuttle bus, and youll be visiting ports that the larger ships cant reach.

Cherbourg with Azamara Pursuit

The Azamara ships arrive early in port and stay late, often sailing after dinner or even staying overnight, so you can get the feel of a place after the coach parties have gone home and the other ships have sailed. The shore excursions are designed to be special and unique, so you meet local experts and personalities who can give you a feel for their own place and passion.

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The Naming Ceremony For Azamara Pursuit

The naming ceremony for Azamara Pursuit took place in the afternoon after we had boarded in Southampton, always a special moment for a new ship. Traditionally each ship has one or more Godmothers, women of achievement who are felt to represent the values and spirit of the ship.

During the ceremony Azamaras President and CEO Larry Pimentel explained that he wanted Godmothers for Azamara Pursuit who represented both their UK and US guests and were ambassadors in the field of travel, especially the experiential cruise travel and destination focus that Azamara espouses.

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Naming ceremony on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

From the UK, Azamara Pursuits godmother is Lucy Huxley, Editor-in-chief of Travel Weekly UK and from the US comes Ellen Asmodeo-Giglio, EVP and Chief Revenue officer of AFAR Media. Larry Pimentel also spoke about the Beacon of Hope statue which stands 60 feet high in the centre of Belfast, where the ship was refitted by Harland and Wolff, with a similar sculpture standing in the Mosaic Café atrium. We were all given a small replica of the statue as a memento, to represent the wish for hope, peace and harmony for mankind.

The naming ceremony celebrations continued after dinner with an amazing display of fireworks over the water as the Azamara Pursuit sailed out of Southampton.

Fireworks on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

The Art On Board Azamara Pursuit

Azamara Club Cruises to sail to new ports in 2020

I tagged along to a tour by curator Michael Loveland of the artworks on board Azamara Pursuit which have all been carefully chosen or commissioned for the ship.

Artwork in Guest relations area Azamara Pursuit

On display throughout the ship are pieces by well known or emerging international artists, some specially commissioned for each space, to reflect the destinations that the ship will cruise to. The artworks are contemporary and sometimes quite conceptual in feel, with photography, collage and sculptures that are beautifully in tune with their setting.

Guest relations artwork on Azamara Pursuit

As an example, in the Guest Relations area we looked at the rose petals falling through the mist by Silvia Rivas from Argentina on a theme of migration, and behind the main desk a collage with layers of paper and and drops of red ink that had been sourced from different countries in the world.

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The White Party Is One Of The Best Deck Parties At Sea

Other small ships have tried and failed to offer fabulous deck parties or white nights. Azamara has the recipe for success. The crew starts talking up the event days before, and passengers come prepared with their white outfits. Then the dining team stages an elaborate barbecue and buffet on the pool deck with myriad options , served by the officers. People come for the food but stay for the party, and for hours passengers are dancing, chatting and enjoying the fresh air on deck as the sun sets and the ship sails.

Onboard Ambiance Is Warm And Friendly

Azamara might be an upscale line, but it is the antithesis of snobby. The crew are genuinely warm you’ll notice this when an officer fist bumps you for the first time, or when your room steward asks you about your day. The other passengers feed off this vibe and are welcoming as well, striking up conversations at the bar, on tour or by the pool. Even with long days in port, folks are out and about at night — checking out the show or dancing in the Observation Lounge — so the ship never feels deserted.

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What’s The Legal Drinking Age Onboard Azamara Cruises

The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on all four Azamara ships sailing from North America is 21. However, on ships sailing from Europe, Asia, South America and Australia and New Zealand, where the legal drinking age is lower than 21, the minimum drinking age onboard is 18.

Cruises Are Geared For Adults

Azamara Quest: Cruise Tour & Review –

Children are technically allowed on Azamara, but the line makes no accommodations for them — no kids clubs, no youth staff, no programming. Only in the rarest cases when there happen to be many kids onboard is the line forced to entertain them to keep them from getting underfoot. Instead, the ship is focused on grown-ups, and that’s mostly who you’ll see on the intimate ships.

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Below Are Just A Few Featured Azamara Cruises

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Health And Safety Procedures


Onboard there will be hand sanitiser available across the ship, including in all public areas, to encourage frequent hand washing. Cleaning standards on each ship will be medical grade and crew will be given enhanced training on these policies.


In case of illness, the medical facilities onboard are open 24 hours a day, with a doctor and nurses on hand. The ships are also equipped with onboard Covid-19 testing capabilities.

Going ashore independently for international guests may vary from destination to destination, and Azamara encourages guests to explore on one of their curated shore excursions, whether that be a small group experience or a private one.

Please see the itinerary page for exact details that apply to your sailing.

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What Accommodation Options Do They Have

A great thing about Azamara is they have a huge range of accommodation. So, if you want to travel relatively inexpensively because it appeals to you, you can as there are inside cabins, there are Oceanview cabins, there are balcony cabins and balcony are the main type ofcabin on board. Thats the one that I was cruising in. You then move into Suites and of course they get progressively bigger. So, theres a wide range you can go from inside right through to suites.

The Azamara Pursuit Cabins

Azamara Club Cruises to include alcohol in fare

We checked into our balcony stateroom 6061, our home from home for the two days of the Azamara Pursuit launch festivities. When we last sailed with Azamara Club Cruises in 2015 we were on Azamara Journey and the decor, although luxurious was more classic. Since then all the ships have been re-imagined with a new more contemporary look of restful neutral shades and accents of colour.

Stateroom on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

Stateroom on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

As we had expected, our stateroom on Azamara Pursuit felt very luxurious, with soft carpets, gorgeous bedlinen and a cloud-like duvets and pillows. Some of the original dark wood remains but the overall effect is light and airy with an outside seating area on our balcony, which was a lovely place to relax in privacy. Our bathroom was small but perfectly formed, with a small shower with curtain, a moulded basin and lovely Eco-boutique Aloe Vera and Green Tea toiletries.

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An Introduction To Azamara Pursuit

Azamara Club Cruises launched in 2007 with two ships designed for luxury small ship cruising, as part of the Royal Caribbean portfolio. Having successfully established the Azamara brand with sister ships Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey, Azamara Pursuit is the latest new ship to join the Azamara cruise line.

As a luxury cruise line, Azamara is known for small ship cruising and with a maximum of 700 guests in 351 staterooms on its new ship, the experience feels exclusive and intimate. Like the Quest and Journey, Pursuit is one of the R-class ships that were originally built for Renaissance Cruises and has recently completed a refit with Harland and Wolff in Ireland to bring the decor and facilities in line with the luxury Azamara brand.

Azamara Pursuit in Cherbourg

Azamara Cruises Loyalty Program

Azamaras loyalty program, Azamara Circle, has five tiers for passengers to reach, based on the number of points they earn each time they sail. With each new tier, they unlock additional benefits, such as free Wi-Fi minutes, complimentary laundry service and discounts on spa treatments and future cruise bookings.

  • Adventurer .

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Cruise Myths And Misconceptions

  • Myth: Cruises are way too crowded
  • Reality: With Azamaras three club-like shipsthe 690-guest Azamara Journey® and Azamara Quest® and the 702-guest Azamara Pursuityou can enjoy a more intimate onboard experience. And because our ships are smaller, we can dock in ports where other ships cant. This means whether youre on land or at sea, youll never have to feel like youre lacking a little extra elbow room.
  • Myth: Cruise ships are full of germs
  • Reality: According to statistics, youre 750 times more likely to catch a common stomach bug on land than on a cruise ship. In fact, less than 1% of all norovirus outbreaks occur on cruise ships.
  • Myth: Cruise ships are boring
  • Reality: From guest lectures given by in diverse fields to White Night parties, spa, casino, entertainment, and our exclusive Nights in Private Places, , youll always have something to do on board. Not that youll spend much time there anywaywe stay longer and later in more ports than any other cruise line.
  • Myth: Alcohol is way too expensive
  • Reality: On an Azamara cruise, nightcaps, celebratory drinks, thirst-quenching suds, and tasty tipples are on us! Select standard spirits, international beers, and a changing selection of red and white wine are all included in the price of your cruise.
  • Myth: The food is always the same boring buffet
  • Myth: Cruise ships arent safe
  • Myth: Im going to get seasick
  • Myth: Cruises are for old people who arent very active
  • Myth: Cruises are expensive
  • What’s Included In The Azamara Drinks Package

    Azamara: The Features That Make It the Best Cruise Line!

    Once onboard Azamara’s ships, the Azamara Journey®, Azamara Quest®, Azamara Onward and Azamara Pursuit you won’t have to pay extra to enjoy your night-cap or celebratory drink. Their inclusive amenities feature select standard spirits, international beers, and a changing selection of two red and two white wines, and one rosé and one sparkling wine by the glass each day throughout your voyage.

    To take advantage of this incredible treat, simply visit one of the ship bars or dining rooms and we’re sure you’ll find something to quench your thirst. Please note, the complimentary beverages listed below are not available for room service.

    Included in your cruise fare:

    Spirits – Smirnoff Vodka, Finlandia Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Beefeater Gin, Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum, Jim Beam Bourbon, Seagram’s 7, Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky and Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila.

    Cocktails – Appletini, Bay Breeze, Bloody Mary, Blue Wave, Cape Cod, Caribbean, Daiquiri, Gibson, Gimlet, Grasshopper, Greyhound, Kamikaze, Margarita, Pina Colada, Salty Dog, Screwdriver, Vodka Stinger and Zentini.

    Beer – Newcastle Draught, Budweiser, Bud Light, Beck’s and O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic.

    Non-alcoholic cocktails Berry-Banana Colada, Bora Bora Brew, Pina Colada and Tropical Lemonade. Soda – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Sprite.

    SodaCoca-Cola, Diet Coke and Sprite.

    Upgrade your Drinks Package to one of the following:

    Premium Package – $15.95 per person per day:

    Ultimate Package – $21.95 per person per day:

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    The Den On Azamara Pursuit

    Near the Mosaic Café is The Den in partnership with AFAR, a large bar and lounge area which is a comfortable place to relax and have a drink before or after dinner. On the other Azamara ships, part of this space is taken up by a casino, but the Azamara Pursuit casino was removed in the refit. The space is now used for the Shore Excursions and Cruise Again desks, where you can discuss your requirements in an informal and relaxed setting.

    The Den on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

    The Den on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

    Removing the casino is something that will also be happening on the other Azamara ships in the future, since the emphasis of the brand is on Destination Immersion, with experiential shore excursions, evening and overnight stays. To appeal to the guests who enjoy this concept, it made more sense to use the space freed up by the casino for additional relaxation and cabin space.

    On the same deck is the Cabaret Lounge, used for films, talks and evening shows, and where during our cruise we attended the naming ceremony.

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    Who Is As Azamara Best Suited And Best Targeted For

    Well most of the passengers onboard are the baby boomer generation, so youre going to find mostly people in their 50s, 60s and 70s and people who are very interested in destinations and really want to have the chance to get to know a region and spend time exploring it and are pretty active in the way that they like to explore things.

    I would say its not really, although its not excluded, but its not really a family / kids kind of experience.

    Its very American focused, so most of the travellers on board would be American. There will be a good amount of people from the UK and from Australia, but it is a very English-speaking experience and again its with a sort of an American twist. So, the entertainment, the quizzes tend to have a slight American bias.

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    The Mosaic Caf On Azamara Pursuit

    The Mosaic Café is at the heart of Deck 5, with the elegant original wrought iron staircase which adds a touch of drama and the coffee bar serving cakes and light snacks. With the couple of small shops in this area, it feels that this is the equivalent of the village square, a good place to meet friends for a coffee and to watch the world go by.

    Mosaic Cafe on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

    Mosaic Cafe on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

    Cakes in Mosaic Cafe on Azamara Pursuit with Azamara Club Cruises

    Dining On Azamara Cruises

    Coming to Azamara Club Cruises:

    SPECIALTY DINING & FINE WINES Azamara proudly features two specialty restaurants, Prime C and Aqualina. Specialty dining is complimentary for suite guests . For others, there is a $25 per-person cover. Reservations are highly recommended.

    AQUALINA Savor fabulous Mediterranean seafood and other cuisine against a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling views and a soothing blue and white décor. Starters including seafood bouillabaisse, lobster-asparagus salad, and wild mushrooms with parmesan and white truffle cream. Main courses may include seafood paella with saffron couscous, black truffle and mushroom risotto, and rack of lamb. Save room for Grand Marnier Souffle or Crème Brulee.

    Dining Menu | Dessert Menu Hours: 6 PM 9:30 PM Location: Aft – Port – Deck 10

    PRIME C Settle in for a marvelous evening at Azamaras classic wood-paneled steakhouse with stunning views and lush autumn décor. The menu includes steaks in a variety of cuts cooked to perfection, along with starters like crab cakes with remoulade, lobster bisque, wedge salad with bacon and blue cheese, and more. Other entrée choices may include lamb, pork, veal chops, game hens and seafood. Indulge in the famous mini cinnamon-sugar donuts with a trio of dipping sauces.

    Dining Menu | Dessert Menu Hours: 6 PM 9:30 PM Location: Aft – Starboard – Deck 10

    Something extra: Arrange your own private dinner or wine-tasting in the Wine Cellar! Ask our sommelier or concierge for details.



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