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What’s Included In Celebrity Cruises

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So Much More Than A Suite

CELEBRITY CRUISES ALWAYS INCLUDED *Everything You NEED to Know* – Drinks, Tips and Wifi Included

The Retreat® isnt a place. It isnt an amenity. It isnt a service. Its all of this and more. The Retreat includes stunning accommodations, a private restaurant, and exclusive lounge and sundeck* that rival any high-end resort. Your dedicated team of attendants, concierges, and your Personal Retreat Host will do everything to ensure you never have to lift a finger on vacation.

Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Bottom Line: Classic Vs Premium

If you’re not fussy about brand names and like a familiar beer and a quaffable wine, then the Classic Beverage Package sounds like the drink package for you.

If you’re a bit more adventurous with your beers, your palate is accustomed to a specific grape or if you have a penchant for a particular brand of spirit, then you are better off opting for the Premium Beverage Package.

What Is The Process For Requesting A Charter Quote

The Full Ship Charter Qualification form should be used as a guide by the ISR, SAM or KAM in determining whether or not the business is viable and worth pursuing. This form is an internal document and should not be forwarded to agency partners or incentive houses. The form should be completed as thoroughly as possible and presented via email to the National Charter SalesManager. A properly qualified lead will be reviewed and followed up on with the client, agency or incentive house directly by the NCSM.

The agency may also contact our Corporate Sales Desk to qualify the business and/or to request a quote at 1-800-722-5934 . We do not provide quotations without complete client information.

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How Far In Advance Should An Organization Charter The Ship

Celebrity Cruises does not typically consider Full Ship Charter requests within 12 months of the requested sail date and/or for those sailings booked above a pre-determined threshold. Most clients charter one year in advance and some as far out as two or more years.

Particularly for Re-Sale business, it is in the best interest of the client to allow ample time to promote the charter . The cost of displacing booked guests will be a factor for any open sailing and will generally be lower if the charter is contracted farther out.

Celebrity Cruises Classic Drinks Package: Whats Included And Should You Upgrade To Premium

Ultimate guide to Celebrity Cruises Non Alcoholic Drink ...
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Since November 2020, all of Celebrity Cruises fares have included three things a Classic Drinks Package, wifi and tips. This new all-inclusive fare is known as Always Included.

Guests booking a cruise with Celebrity Cruises have the option to upgrade their drinks from the Classic Drinks Package to the Premium Drinks Package, which offers a wider selection of drinks including things like large martinis and Champagne.

But is the upgrade to the Premium Drinks Package worth it? Or should you stick with the Classic Drinks Package that comes with your cruise? Ive studies the prices and worked it all out for you.

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What Items Are Prohibited On Board

Items with Heating Elements or Open FlamesCertain items that generate heat or produce an open flame are not permitted on ship. This includes clothing irons, hotplates, candles, incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard. Curling irons and hair dryers are allowed.

Drugs or Other Illegal Substances;No illegal drugs or other illegal substances are allowed onboard or may be utilized during a Celebrity Cruises vacation, including during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at our ports-of-call, during shore excursions or at our private destinations. Illegal drugs or substances will be confiscated and appropriate action taken, which may include removal from the ship and involvement of appropriate authorities. In addition, foreign governments at Celebrity Cruises ports-of-call have strict laws that address drug possession. Guests found in violation of such laws are subject to arrest and prosecution by the foreign jurisdiction and may be prevented from re-boarding the ship.

What About Upgrading The Offer

Under the Always Included program, the drink package offered is the basic Classic package and the wi-fi offered is the basic Surf package.

If you want, Celebrity offers two different upgrade options for the higher-end drink package and wi-fi.

The first upgrade option is the Elevate Package. Booking it gives you the Premium Beverage Package , plus up to $200 per person in credit for shore excursions.

The amount of credit varies based on trip length. Cruises of five nights or fewer see $100, trips 6-9 nights get $150, and 10 nights or more get $200 per person.

Celebrity says that the cost to upgrade is $30 per person, per day. However, weve seen dynamic pricing that varies depending on the specific cruise .

Celebrity also offers the Indulge Package. Here, you pay an extra $60 per person, per day. Again, however, prices seem to vary based on the specific cruise.

The package gives you the Premium Beverage Package as well , plus the upgraded Surf wi-fi that allows you to stream video .

Along with the upgraded perks, there is also the onboard credit with double the amount seen with the Elevate Package . As well, this onboard credit can be used anywhere, not just on shore excursions.

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The Celebrity Cruises Fleet

Of the seven big cruise lines that account for the majority of cruises taken by North Americans, Celebrity has one of the simplest fleets.

At the core of the brand are 11 relatively big ships that can be bunched into just three groups, or classes, as they are known in cruise industry lingo.

The newest group of ships at the line is the Edge Class, consisting of just two vessels that have been unveiled since 2018 each holding around 2,900 passengers. If youre in the newer is better camp when it comes to cruise ships, this is the Celebrity ship class for you.

Celebrity currently has plans for five Edge Class vessels in all. A third vessel in the series, Celebrity Beyond, already is under construction at the Chantiers de lAtlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France. Its scheduled to be completed in 2022. Two more of the vessels are expected to be constructed by 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Eventually, the abovementioned rollouts will make the Edge Class the new core of the Celebrity fleet. But, for now, that title falls to the lines five-ship Solstice Class series. If you take a Celebrity cruise now, the odds are youll be on one of these ships.

Just a tad smaller than the Edge Class ships, the Solstice Class vessels were unveiled between 2008 and 2012.

The last grouping of relatively big ships in the Celebrity fleet is the Millennium Class, made up of four significantly smaller vessels that debuted between 2000 and 2002.

Examples Of Whats Included In Each Package

Drinks. Wi-Fi. Tips. Always Included.

The Classic Drinks Package includes all kinds of branded drinks, but the choice of brands is smaller than with the Premium package.

For example, if you like gin, the Classic package gives you the option of Beefeater, Gordons and Bombay Dry. However, the Premium package includes seven more gin brands, such as Hendricks and Tanqueray.

With most Premium drinks, theres a Classic package equivalent. So if you usually order a Peroni, you could save money by switching to Moretti on the Classic package. However, there are some unique drinks like Guinness which are only available on the Premium Package.

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Analysis Of Celebrity Cruises Premium Beverage Package

Many first time cruisers often ask about the value of cruise ship;beverage packages. After returning from our recent;cruise on Celebrity Eclipse, we put together this breakdown of the Celebrity Cruises Premium Beverage Package. Hopefully, this

Many first time cruisers often ask about the value of cruise ship;beverage packages. After returning from our recent;cruise on Celebrity Eclipse, we put together this breakdown of the Celebrity Cruises Premium Beverage Package. Hopefully, this analysis will help you decide if this package is worth the additional charges.

Can I Opt Out Of Always Included

At this point, it doesnt appear that you can opt out of the program. If you book a Celebrity cruise, then the program will be included. This comes from both searching cruises online and also a call to the cruise line, who told us that opting out wasnt available right now.

It could be in the future that passengers might be able to sail without the deal and possibly get a lower price, but thats not the case right now.;

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Celebritys New All Inclusive Cruising Program

Celebritys new Always Included program isnt a promotion, its really a new way of cruising, at least for a Premium Cruise Line. By including a few popular perks in the cruise fare, your Celebrity Cruise will feel even more like an easy, relaxing vacation.

In this post, Im going to share the details of Celebrity Cruises Always Included program, including whats included in the drink package, as well as whats not. Well also go over some of the pros and cons of Celebritys new all inclusive cruise concept.

Assessing The Value Of The Celebrity Cruises Beverage Package

Canaries Eclipse

So, what is the value of a beverage package? Essentially, the question is whether you will consume enough beverages to make the purchase worth it.; Below are the costs of the different beverages within each category.

8 Drinks $66.00

At first, when you say we had 8 drinks, it might sound like a lot. But, if you look at the breakdown throughout the day, you can see how the drinks were spaced out throughout our activities and how the combination of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can really add up.

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Celebrity Announces Always Included Pricing Free Drinks

Celebrity Cruises has announced its new “Always Included” program, as every sailing will now include;Wi-Fi, drinks and tips, the company said.

Everything we do at Celebrity is driven by the desire to redefine what todays luxury looks and feels like, with experiences modern travelers want. With the launch of our Edge Series ships, Celebrity Edge and her brand-new sister ship Celebrity Apex, we tapped into a powerful New Luxury culture – relevant, relaxed, design-focused and inclusive, said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. Today, nothing is more luxurious than when things are extra simple and extra special. We wanted to bring that big wonderful feeling of everything is taken care of to life for our guests.

After this challenging year, ease and peace of mind have become even more invaluable commodities, added Peter Giorgi, vice president and chief marketing officer of Celebrity Cruises. People want to spend more time being inspired, not getting lost in a myriad of booking options. Our new Always Included approach makes the purchase process simple and incredible one decision and the wonder of a Celebrity cruise awaits.

Now Included:

  • Unlimited Drinks Classic cocktails, wines by the glass, beer, sodas, specialty coffees and teas, juices and bottled water.
  • Unlimited WiFi.
  • Daily Gratuities.

Upgrade Options:

How Does Celebrity Help Support The Environment

Save the Waves Program and Trash/Waste DisposalCelebrity Cruises maintains a Save the Waves Program that focuses on three key principles: Reducing the creation or generation of waste materials; recycling as much as possible; and ensuring proper disposal of remaining waste. Trash should be properly disposed of in containers provided throughout the ship or in wastebaskets provided in each stateroom. Trash or other foreign objects should never be flushed down a toilet and guests are not permitted to discard any item overboard.

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What Are The Age Policies For Venues On Board

Please see below for Facility and Age Requirements.

  • Thelasotherapy Pool: Age 16 and over*
  • Fun Factory Facilities: Ages 3 through 17, with age-specific sections
  • Theater: Under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian
  • Pools: **Guests must be fully toilet trained to enter the pools or whirlpools
  • Whirlpools: **Under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult
  • Ports of call: Under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult
  • Bingo: Under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult
  • AquaSpa: Age 18 and over and Ages 13 through 17 may only be present while participating in scheduled treatments
  • Adult Night Club/Disco: Age 18 and over
  • Casino: ***Age 18 and over
  • Specialty Restaurants: Contact Guest Relations Desk for age restrictions

* During inclement weather and select hours, the ship may permit the Solarium Pool to be used by persons under age sixteen provided they are directly supervised by a parent or guardian.** United States Public Health Department Policy prohibits persons who are not toilet trained or use diapers, pull-ups or swimmers from using pools or whirlpools.*** For all Alaska itineraries, guests must be twenty-one years of age or older to gamble in the Casino.****For Adult Night Club/Disco, make sure you read our;alcohol policy.

Elevate & Indulge Packages

Insider Video: How Itâs Now âAlways Includedâ? on Celebrity Cruises

If you want to take your cruise vacation to the next level, book one of our new all-inclusive packages starting on November 17, 2020: Elevate or Indulge.

For just $30 a day per person, with Elevate youll enjoy premium drinks, prepaid tips, and shore excursion credits ranging from $100 to $200, depending on the length of your cruise. You and the second guest in your stateroom also have access to Unlimited Surf Wi-Fi throughout your sailing.

Indulge, which is $60 a day per person, includes premium drinks, prepaid tips, unlimited Stream Wi-Fi for two guests, plus shore excursion credits ranging from $200 to $400, depending on the length of your vacation.

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Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages: Classic Vs Premium

Beverage packages allow cruisers to pre-pay a set price for unlimited soda, bottled water, beer, wine and spirits, rather than paying per drink while onboard. The number of beverage packages available on cruise ships can be bewildering. For those scheduled to sail on Celebrity, we’ve broken down two of the line’s drinks packages to help you decide between them. The main two Celebrity Cruises drink packages are the Classic and the Premium packages.

What Is Celebrity Cruises Smoking Policy

For the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, our ships are designated as non-smoking; however, we recognize that some of our guests smoke. Therefore, to provide an onboard environment that also satisfies smokers, we have designated certain areas of the ship as smoking areas. Generally, smoking is not permitted except in designated areas. . This policy includes smoking-like products such as electronic cigarettes.

Smoking is not permitted inside any guest stateroom; nor on any guest veranda. If a guest is in violation of this policy, a cleaning fee of $250 USD will be applied to their SeaPass® account and the guest may be subject to further action pursuant to the Consequences Section of this Guest Conduct Policy.

Celebrity Cruises kindly asks all guests to please observe the non-smoking areas and to refrain from smoking cigarettes, pipes or cigars in any of the non-designated areas. These requests are made to provide a comfortable shipboard environment for everyone. Where permitted, cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco must always be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard. A guest must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess or use tobacco.

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Celebrity Cruises New Always Included


New Simplified Pricing with Amenities Included Begins Nov. 17

MIAMI;;; Vacations should be effortless from the start.

Thats why;Celebrity Cruises;has announced a new approach to cruising called;Always IncludedSM,;putting an end to confusing promotions, complicated add-ons and limited time offers. Starting Tuesday, Nov. 17th, every Celebrity Cruises vacation will include Wi-Fi, drinks and tips, simplifying the luxury vacation experience.

Everything we do at Celebrity is driven by the desire to redefine what todays luxury looks and feels like, with experiences modern travelers want. With the launch of our;Edge Series;ships,;Celebrity Edge;and her brand-new sister ship;Celebrity Apex, we tapped into a powerful New Luxury culture – relevant, relaxed, design-focused and inclusive, said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. Today, nothing is more luxurious than when things are extra simple and extra special. ;We wanted to bring that big wonderful feeling of everything is taken care of to life for our guests.;

Always Included becomes the new standard rate for the luxurious experience offered on Celebritys award-winning ships and includes:

For guests who want even more luxurious simplicity, Celebrity is offering the option to upgrade to one of two packages:

About Celebrity Cruises:

What Not To Pack

Celebrity Cruises Classic Drinks Package

Weapons, illegal drugs, and other items that could interfere with the safe operation of the ship or the safe and secure environment of our guests and crew are prohibited. The United States Transportation Security Administration also recommends that you do not pack fragile or expensive items in checked luggage.

The following are examples of items that guests are not allowed to bring onboard. These and other similar items will be confiscated upon being found. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, flammable liquids, explosives, and dangerous chemicals will not be returned.

  • Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas.
  • *Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors.
  • Illegal Drugs & Substances

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What Is Included In A Celebrity Cruise

We detail what is included in a Celebrity cruise to show you why a cruise with this brand is a great option for your travel dollars.

For one set fare, a cruise vacation enables travelers to see multiple destinations while enjoying most of the onboard amenities. Although, the inclusions in each cruise lines standard price can fluctuate. To help cruisers planning a Celebrity Cruises vacation, we have put together this list of what is included in a Celebrity cruise.;See why a cruise vacation with this brand might be the best value for your travel dollars.

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