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When Do Cruises Go To Alaska

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So Whens The Best Time To Cruise Alaska

Alaska Cruise Tips. 6 Need To Knows Before You Go

May to September marks the best of Alaska cruise season, with the fall and winter being a bit too unpredictable. But of those months, which is the best time for an Alaska cruise? Thats difficult to say because every traveler is unique. If we had to pick just one month, wed lean toward June for its low rainfall and abundance of daylight hours, but you cant go wrong any time during cruise season. When you decide on what month to take your Alaskan cruise, be sure to think about factors such as the following.

Consider what you and any travel partners want to experience and any other needs you have before you book. Are you prone to seasickness? Do you need optimal conditions to get some sleep and prepare for the next day? If you cant decide on one month or dont have any particular concerns, you can always make multiple trips to experience all that Alaska has to offer!

Spend The Extra Money On The Excursions

Excursions arent normally included with your cruise fare. Youll need to pay extra to experience them. We highly recommend spending the extra money. Excursions in Alaska are experiences you simply cant find anywhere else in the world. And while they may be pricey, the memories youll have from them will last a lifetime. If theres one time to splurge extra, its on an Alaskan cruise.

Expect To Spend More On An Alaskan Cruise

One of the big draws of cruising is that it can be a cheap vacation. Head to the Caribbean for a few days and you might find a fare as little as $200 per person. Thats not the case for Alaskan cruises. Expect to spent significantly more, although fares do seem to have tempered somewhat. Most trips for a week start at $500 per person for the cheapest rooms in the shoulder seasons. Peak times to sail see prices start at $800 for an interior cabin.

Have questions about sailing to Alaska? Let us know in the comments below.

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Be Ready To Pay To Park

Driving into Seattle for a cruise to Alaska? Be forewarned that parking during your trip is expensive. Rates are $26 per night to park at the ports. Given the location of the terminals there also arent many spots around for independent parking. You can stay at a hotel offering a parking package, but other than that there arent many ways to get around the parking fee if youve got to leave your car somewhere.

Drive The Seward Highway

Alaskan Cruises Group Cruising

If youre going on a one-way Alaska cruise with Anchorage as your arrival port, we highly recommend renting a car and driving the scenic Seward Highway. This 125-mile highway runs through the heart of the Kenai Peninsulafrom Anchorage to Sewardand past myriad viewpoints, trailheads, parks and other attractions.

Unquestionably one of the best things to do in Alaska, this is a phenomenal way to continue your Alaska adventure.

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Carnival Princess Holland America To Resume Require Covid Vaccines On Initial Sailings

Carnival Corp.;said Thursday in a statement;provided by spokesperson Roger Frizzell, that the plans to resume sailing with paying passengers came based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent guidance, collaboration with Alaskan officials.;;

Each cruise line will resume with one ship sailing round trip.;

To board, passengers will be required to show proof that they have been vaccinated 14 days ahead of the cruise’s start date.;Carnival Corp. hasn’t announced a decision on whether vaccines will be required more;broadly.;

“Our highest responsibility and top priority are always compliance, environmental protection, and the health, safety and well-being of our guests, the people in the communities we touch and serve, and our shipboard and shoreside personnel,” Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corp., said in a statement.

;Princess Cruises will resume sailings in Alaska July 25, and seven-day cruises on the Majestic Princess will run through Sept. 26 visiting ports, glaciers and other attractions, such as Glacier Bay National Park, Skagway, Ketchikan and Juneau.

;Holland America Line will start Alaska seven-day;sailings on the Nieuw Amsterdam with port calls at Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan departing July 24 with 10;Saturday departure dates scheduled to run through Oct.;2.

Mosquito Repellent Is Your Friend

You might not realize it, but mosquitoes are as big a nuisance in Alaska during the summer as they are in the southern United States. The area receives a lot of rainfall, making it a playground for the insects. In other words, be sure you pack mosquito spray to keep your day from turning into an itchy nightmare.

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Q: What Is The 2022 Alaska Cruise Season And When Is The Best Time To Cruise Alaska

  • A: Cruises will be available between May through September from a variety of cruise lines, with July 2022 being the most popular time to cruise Alaska and September 2022 being the least crowded time to go. When the best time to take an Alaskan cruise is all depends on what you are looking to see and what weather you are willing to endure – July experiences some of the longest, warmest days of the region in the Arctic but going up to 70 degrees in Denali), giving you the opportunity to potentially experience the Midnight Sun and plenty of wildlife ; on the other hand, September is much colder but experiences significantly less crowds and is the best time to cruise Alaska to see the Northern Lights.

  • Make Juneau Your Base

    9 Best Things To Do On An Alaska Cruise

    If you have your heart set on exploring Alaskas southeast and the Inside Passage, set your sights on, population 32,000. No roads connect Alaskas capital to the rest of the state , so dont plan on driving to it, but the city is easily reached by frequent 2½-hour flights from Seattle. Once there, youll find a compact, walkable downtown with ample lodging, restaurants and shopping.

    One way to familiarize yourself is to book a walking tour with , which includes eight tastes and locally brewed beer for $129 per person. Owner and guide Midgi Moore provides context for the history and culture of this outpost, bordered on one side by the Inside Passage and on the other by an icefield 1½ times the size of Rhode Island.

    In Juneau, youll find most of the excursions offered on a typical Alaska cruise whale-watching, fishing trips, glacier trekking and flightseeing by helicopter or floatplane.

    Youll also encounter plenty of hiking trails, and bike rentals and guided tours are available from Cycle Alaska. M&M Tours will shuttle you to the visitor center for the Mendenhall Glacier for $37per person round trip, departing hourly starting at 10 a.m.

    On cruise ships en route to Juneau, a popular side trip visits Tracy Arm, a narrow, mile-high gorge that ends at a tidewater glacier. Adventure Bound does full-day Tracy Arm cruises from Juneau for $165 per person.

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    Checking The Weather Before Your Trip

    Many travelers incessantly check the daily weather in Alaska as their trip approaches. We advise you to resist this temptation, it will only drive you crazy. Local forecasts in Alaska are astoundingly inaccurate and weather changes by the hour. Checking daily forecasts does little to help you prepare.

    Stick to the broad guidelines above and as previously stated, follow the advice of your packing lists. Checking the weather before your Alaska trip will only serve to frustrate your preparations and offers little insight into what conditions will be like when you arrive.

    Best Time Of Year To Take An Alaskan Cruise: Weather

    The first factor you will want to consider when planning your Alaskan cruise is the weather.;Dont let all those beautiful pictures of Southeastern Alaska fool you. Unfortunately, the summer months in Alaska are not always bright and sunny. In fact, the weather during the Alaskan cruise season tends to be rather wet.

    A benefit of traveling earlier in the season is the reduced precipitation. Historically, May is the driest month of the cruise season. Less rain is good, but the weather also tends to be cooler earlier in the season.

    If you are looking for the warmest weather, then you will want to sail mid-July to mid-August. Still, temperature swings in one day of 25 degrees will not be uncommon. You could wake up to freezing temperatures and be in the mid 60s by late afternoon.

    There is also the longest daylight hours during the months of June and July. During this time of year, the sun doesnt set until around 10 pm. These extended periods of light make viewing the surrounding scenery sailing in and out of ports even more appealing.

    Taking into consideration the average temperatures, rainfall amounts, and hours of daylight, the best time of year to go on an Alaskan Cruise is the month of July. However, with this optimal weather comes increased crowds and increased price. Not to mention, popular tours and shore excursions will fill up quickly.

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    When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska To Avoid Crowds

    Shoulder season is also the best time to go on an Alaska cruise if you prefer fewer crowds while exploring the historical and cultural aspects of Alaskan cities and towns.

    Shore excursions are easier to book, so take full advantage of roomier whale-watching cruises and less crowded restaurants.

    Schools are still in session in May and September, so fewer families are traveling. Also, many cruise passengers prefer to travel to Alaska in the warmer weather, so crowds on both sea and land tend to thin out.

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    A Cheap Poncho Keeps Your Prepared

    Princess Cruises celebrates 50 years of Alaska sailings ...

    Weve covered that it can rain in Alaska. Thats why we suggest packing several of those inexpensive plastic ponchos. They fold up into a small square so that they take up hardly any space in your luggage. Even so, they can unfold and be worn to keep you drier in a downpour. Pack several for each person in your party because once you used them you arent going to want to try to dry them out and fold them up again.

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    Small Ships And Day Cruises

    Big ships may be kept at bay, but U.S. vessels with fewer than 100 passengers can still sail through Canadian waters. Among the upsides: Small, nimble ships can offer passengers up-close views of waterfalls and wildlife, or can explore narrow fjords and bays big vessels can’t. Small-ship lines running cruises in 2021 include Alaskan Dream Cruises,;American Cruise Lines, Lindblad Expeditions and UnCruise. John Hall’s Alaska Cruises & Tours seven-day catamaran trip goes from Juneau to Sitka .

    Because of COVID, some families and private groups are chartering small boats for private trips. Alaskan Dream Cruises, for example, charters its 10-passenger Misty Fjord and 12-passenger Kruzof Explorer for trips in Southeast Alaska with customized itineraries. Other companies chartering private yachts include Alaska Sea Adventures, Alaskan Luxury Cruises, Alaska Private Touring, and EYOS Expeditions.

    Day cruises are another option, with departures from such cities as Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka and Seward. Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises operates in Valdez and takes passengers into Prince William Sound; Phillips Cruises & Tours does so from Whittier. The water can get choppy, so pack some Dramamine. I took a day cruise from Seward, and roughly a quarter of the passengers were seasick, though the sights are worth a queasy stomach. We watched bald eagles soar, heard the crack of calving glaciers and spotted six humpback whales.

    So When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska

    Considering everything stated above, we advise travelers that June 15 through August 15 is the best time to go to Alaska. But not everyone can schedule their trip during this time and as weve noted, each season has its benefits. If you plan your trip during the peak season, then plan ahead and book early as these are the dates that sell out first.

    For more information on when to visit Alaska, view our How to Choose Your Alaska Cruise guide. If you are still looking for advice on the best time of year to visit Alaska, just give us a call, our experts are ready to help.

    This guide on the best time to visit Alaska is amongAdventureSmithExplorations extensive collection of travel guides; the content is regularly updated by our team for accuracy. Visit our Alaska Travel Guidesfor even more resources and inspiration in planning your Alaska trip.

    Have a question about the best time to visit Alaska? Use the comments below and well answer ASAP.

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    Yes You Need A Passport Or Birth Certificate To Cruise

    If youre sailing from the United States and sailing to another state why do you need a passport or birth certificate to travel? Cruises stop in Canada for at least one port of call to satisfy requirements put on them by U.S. laws. That means you technically leave the U.S., sail to a foreign country, and then re-enter. Its best to have a passport, but if your cruise starts and ends in the same port you can travel with a government-issued birth certificate

    Which Cruise Lines Sail To Alaska

    What to do in Anchorage Alaska! – A post cruise travel guide

    Alaska is one of the most popular cruise destinations, and interested travelers have a variety of options to choose from. Almost all cruise lines travel to Alaska during the summer. Cruisers should first identify what type of cruise they are looking to take, and where their closest port is, to select which cruise line is best for them.

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    Looking For The Best Time To Visit Alaska This Is It

    An Alaska adventure belongs at the top of your bucket list. Nows the best time to start planning.

    Americas Last Frontier is a land of endless new discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, and off-the-beaten-path trails that lead to bucket list adventures. From glacier gazing and wildlife watching to catching a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, youll find plenty of ways to fill your days with awe-inspiring thrills. But like many of the worlds most incredible destinations, figuring out the best time to visit Alaska depends a lot on which experiences interest you. And with cruise itineraries that run from spring to the start of fall, getting there is easy.

    Best Time To Travel To Alaska By Land

    Alaskas interior is colder than the coast so the land-based travel season can be shorter than the cruising season. Keep this in mind if you are planning an Alaska small ship cruise and an Alaska land tour combination.

    Summer in interior Alaska is short and occurs from mid-June through late-August. Winter in Alaska sees far fewer travelers with December through March being the best months to view the northern lights or aurora borealis. The spring and fall months in Alaska offer unique opportunities and lower prices.

    In our opinion the best time to travel to Alaska is in June, July and August. The best month to visit Alaska is July, when travelers will experience the best combination of weather and wildlife. See our below breakdown of Alaska weather by month to learn more about the temperatures, sunlight and wildlife, to find the best time to visit Alaska for you.

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    When Is The Best Time To Explore Alaskas Cities And Towns

    Theres no question that the best time for most cruisers to go to Alaska is during peak season, and alternately in shoulder season.

    In addition to the spectacular scenery and rich native wildlife, youll also find the ports of call on your Alaska cruise to be welcoming and full of interesting things to see and do.

    See Spectacular Glacier Bay

    Cost of Travel to Alaska (Including 11 budgeting tips that ...

    One of the star attractions of basically all cruises to Alaska is Glacier Bay. The centerpiece of a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, this breathtaking bay features several calving glaciers, countless icebergs and huge mountains.

    Its also a great place to see all kinds of wildlife, from whales to eagles and even bears.

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    Bunk At A Wilderness Lodge

    Fancy emerging from the shutdowns alongside a glacier lake? Or within a short hike or boat ride to bear-viewing sites? Many of Alaskas lodges are deep in the bush and are not accessible by road. These remote lodges can be expensive, but they often yield a wilderness experience woven with deluxe creature comforts and memories for a lifetime.

    Indulge your inner National Geographic photographer at Brooks Falls, where you can safely observe bears lining up to catch salmon springing through the air. Brooks Lodge is accessible only by floatplane; other activities include fly fishing and visiting Katmai National Park, home of the Valley of the Ten Thousand Smokes. $850 per night per room

    Or spring for Ultima Thule Lodge, deep inside Wrangell-St. Elias, Americas largest national park. The 14-guest lodge alongside the Chitina River specializes in scenic flights by bush plane. So vast is the park, at 13.2 million acres, you wont have to head far to find someplace that has never had a human footprint. The four-night package starts at $8,550 per person, including meals and activities.

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