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Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Bermuda

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Swim With Dolphins At Dolphin Quest Bermuda

What to do on a Bermuda Cruise

Offering a wide variety of dolphin encounters, Dolphin Quest Bermuda is located in the Royal Naval Dockyard within the National Museum of Bermuda.

From the $49 Dolphin Moment to the $3250 Bermuda Marine Mammal Specialist for a Week, Dolphin Quest lets you get up close to these amazing creatures.

For anyone whose dream is to swim with dolphins, programs range from $100-$265 per person. In-water experiences are available for ages three and up. Reservations are recommended.

Dolphin Quest Bermuda, 15 The Keep, Sandys, Bermuda Program hours vary. 1 248-3316

Bermudas Ports Of Call

A warm Bermuda welcome awaits you at one of these ports of call:

  • King’s Wharf and Heritage Wharf, both located in the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island North at the western tip of the island.
  • Hamilton Harbour, located in the islands capital, the City of Hamilton.
  • St. George’s Port in St. George’s Harbour

Step right off the ship to explore historic towns, sample Bermudian cuisine, shop markets and boutiques, visit a huge variety of attractions, discover hidden natural wonders or head straight for our world-famous pink-sand beaches. The island is only 21-square miles, so anything you want to see and do should be within reach.

The Bermuda Natural History Museum

The Bermuda Natural History Museum is located between the Aquarium and the Zoo. The Museums exhibits explain how Bermuda was formed, the habitats of its native species, as well as the impact of human habitation on a small island.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, 40 North Shore Rd., Flatts Village, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. Open daily : 9 AM 4 PM. Admission $10 adults, $5 seniors 65+, $5 children 5-12, under 5 free. +1 293-2727

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Check Out The Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard was one of the main scenes for the British military during the war of 1812 and World War 2. What was once a place for war and terror is now a beautiful scene for families to explore and learn about the history of this impressive location.

There are shops to explore, cafes and restaurants, and the National Museum of Bermuda. If you are getting hot from all the exploring, there is a man-made beach on location with snorkeling and a nice beach to relax on.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda On A Cruise

7 Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda Now

By: Author Carrie Ann

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Situated just 665 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermudas subtropical climate and breathtaking scenery make it a popular destination for vacationers from the East Coast. Cruises run throughout Bermudas tourist season from ports including Boston, New York, and Baltimore. If youre planning a cruise to Bermuda and wondering about the best DIY Bermuda excursions, here are the best things to do in Bermuda on a cruise.

Discovered in 1505 by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermúdez, Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and still retains much of its British heritage. The former colonys residents are huge fans of cricket. Pubs serve classic favorites like a Ploughmans Lunch and Cornish pasties. Even the famous Bermuda shorts are derived from British military uniform.

But its not just beautiful views, warm weather, and a taste of the UK that bring so many visitors to Bermuda each year. At just over 20 square miles in area, Bermuda may be small but there are lots of amazing things to do in Bermuda on a cruise.

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Bermuda Terminals 3 Different Cruise Ports

  • Kings Wharf & Heritage Wharf
  • Hamilton City Port
  • St Georges Port

The largest and most ships of Royal Caribbean dock at the Heritage cruise pier within the Royal Naval Dockyard complex, which was once a base of the English Royal Navy in the early 19th century. Nowadays it had become a major tourist destination on the island. Kings Wharf is an older berth for ships located just next to the Heritage terminal, also within the Royal Naval Dockyard. Any larger ship from companies like Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC, Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean will most likely be docking here.

Only small to medium size ships can dock at the Port of Hamilton in Bermuda, which is the islands capital city and centrally located. Cruise ships dock right at Front Street, the main street of Hamilton with lots of shops and small restaurants. Smaller ships of Azamara and Oceania may port at Hamilton city. From the ferry port, which is at the western end of Front Street, theres a direct connection by ferry to the dockyard.

Port of St Georges is located at St Georges Harbor, which is located at the north-eastern end of the island. Only small to medium-sized ships can moor here from companies such as Silversea, Viking Cruises and Oceania Cruises. The area is home to some of the oldest buildings and streets on Bermuda.

The Newport Bermuda Race takes place every two years. The oldest organized ocean sailing competition with start in Newport and finish in Hamilton, also the capital of Bermuda.

Get Up Close To Wildlife At Bermuda Aquarium Museum And Zoo

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo is owned and operated by the government of Bermuda and its Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Founded in 1926, BAMZ is one of the worlds oldest aquariums. The seven-acre facility in Flatts Village is a science education center focusing on research and species conservation.

Giant Galapagos Tortoises are just one of the oceanic island species from around the world at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

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Top Tours & Excursions In Kings Wharf Bermuda

Best of Bermuda Complete Island TourExperience the main sites of Bermuda, from one end of the island to another with short stops at Gibbs Lighthouse and St. George. Tour ends in Hamilton where youll have opportunity to explore before catching the ferry back to the Dockyards….

Duration:Activity Level:

Bermuda Port Highlights & Things To Do On A Cruise

Bermuda Cruise Port Guide: Royal Naval Dockyard

You should always take into consideration the scheduled time in the port of your ship when planning your day ashore. If it is your first time in Bermuda, consider taking an organized shore excursion to get the most of your day.

For insider shore excursion tips, grab my FREE Shore Excursions Guide by signing up below!

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Local Currency & Tipping Customs

Bermudas Currency is the Bermuda Dollar, which has the same value as US$.

One Bermuda Dollar is divided in 100 Cents. Visitors may use US$ to purchase just about anything around the island as it is widely accepted, though the change may be given in Bermuda Dollars. Visitors may ask for change in US$ if they wish, but need to express this.

Tipping is welcome in Bermuda and expected for a job well done. In restaurants a tip of 15% to 17% is often already included in the bill in that case additional tipping is not necessary, but appreciated. Taxi drivers generally expect a tip of 15% on top of the taxi fare, especially if they have done some heavy lifting.

Historical Reenactments From The Victualing Yard

Historical reenactments are something to experience in Bermuda. Make sure to check the calendar of activities in Dockyard so that you can catch an interactive reenactment of life in the Royal Naval Dockyard in the early 1800s. Walk through the beautiful Victorian victualing yard, lined with palmetto palms, along with the fortifications, storehouses, barracks and workshops and learn about the history and life of past days in Bermuda.

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Where You Dock In Kings Wharf Bermuda

Kings Wharf Bermuda is one of 2 ports that receive cruise ships, depending on the size. Small ships will dock in Hamilton Bermuda, while larger cruise ships will dock in Kings Wharf Bermuda, otherwise known as the Royal Naval Dockyards. When you visit Kings Wharf by cruise ship, you will immediately see The Commissioners House sitting high above harbor, within the walls of the arsenal and citadel known as the Keep. It is home to a number of exhibits from Bermudas history.

What To Eat In Dockyard

Bermuda Cruise Excursion: Best Attractions and Things to Do

There are several restaurants to either eat a meal or grab a snack or drink. I have to admit that even with good intentions, we often got so busy while in Bermuda on a cruise, that we have not yet eaten at any of the restaurants in Dockyard.

Some favorites that are often recommended include The Frog & Onion Pub, Bone Fish bar & Grill, the Dockyard Pastry Shop and Woodys for a Bermuda fish sandwich .

You may also want to pick up some locally made Bermuda fudge at the Bermuda Fudge Factory to eat while visiting or bring home as a souvenir. You cant miss the cute pink building nearby the cruise ships.

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Explore The Kings Wharf Bermuda

Learn about Bermudas Royal Navy Dockyard, the primary base of the British Navy for more than 150 years.

Royal Naval Dockyard is home to numerous shops specializing in handmade goods, arts and crafts. If you are into authentic handicraft, handmade jewelry and sea-glass ornaments, make sure you visit Bermuda Craft Market and Bermuda Arts Center, located less than 10 minutes walk from the pier. The Clock Tower Shopping Mall, located across the marina, is another place where you can find interesting souvenirs and specialty stores.

For history lovers, the National Museum of Bermuda housed in historic military buildings is a must! You will learn about the incredible, 500 years old history and culture of Bermuda while exploring exhibits and local art. The museum overlooks the port of Bermuda and offers wonderful ocean views.

Snorkel Park A 5-minute walk from the National Museum of Bermuda, youll stumble upon this family-friendly park where you can swim and relax at the beach, snorkel in shallow waters , enjoy water sports , and park amenities including Hammerheads Bar & Grill. The admission fee is $5, for kids aged under 4 free. More information on the Snorkel Park Beach website

Bermuda Fun Golf The golf course is located right next to Snorkel Park and offers beautiful ocean views.

You can explore the Royal Navy Dockyard on foot, however, if it´s your first time in Bermuda, I strongly suggest taking a guided tour to learn all about Bermuda and its history.

Sightseeing In Bermuda Parish Of St George

7. Parish of St. George Historical Reenactment

St. George is about 45 minutes away from by ferry. It is a truly gorgeous ride, so well worth the trip!

St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is a good place to do a walking tour. Youll find historical landmarks and museums, including the Tucker House Museum, The Unfinished Church and Fort-St. Catherine.

What is the Must-Do?

This town is quaint and slow paced and has some interesting sites to see, plus one of the quirkiest things you will see anywhere! The Ducking Stool in the town center, Kings Square.

St. George has 18th century historical re-enactments in Kings Square which include a Town Crier and The Dunking of the Nagging Wench.

Now, I bring my sense of humor when I travel and we just thought this was totally different.

Local actors participate and school children come watch. They just really have a fun time and involve the audience in the show. It is usually on Thursdays at 12:30, however please check for the current schedule.

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Cliff Jump In Tom Moores Jungle

Tom Moores Jungle, officially known as Walsingham Nature Reserve, was named after Thomas Moore, the Irish poet. Moore was appointed to a government post in Bermuda in 1803, but spent only three months there. Legend tells he would sit under a tree in the jungle to drink and write poetry. Despite his short stay in Bermuda, locals still refer to this lush forest as his.

One of the famous blue holes in Tom Moores Jungle

Walsingham Nature Reserve is located in Hamilton Parish, about an hours drive from Kings Wharf. The reserve features coastal mangroves, native palmetto and cedars.

The main attractions are the reserves wet and dry caves and swimming grottos. Blue Hole Park, once the site of a dolphin show lagoon, is surrounded by 12- to 15-foot cliffs, perfect for jumping into the water below.

There is no fee to enter Tom Moores Jungle, but a local guide is recommended if you want to find and explore the caves. Some of the best parts of the reserve are not clearly marked.

Walsingham Nature Reserve, Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, free to enter

Did This Cruise Port Guide To Bermuda Help

How to do BERMUDA Beach Excursion from Cruise Port on Your Own!

Bermuda was one of my absolute favorite destinations, especially as a cruise goer. From the gorgeous beaches, to the rich British history, to the endless options for families Bermuda is a destination with something for everyone.

Cruising to Bermuda? Are you planning to see any of these attractions when your ship docks in Bermuda? What would you add to this list?

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Take A Cruise To Bermuda

If you are not interested in booking flights, searching for the right hotel rooms, or hassling with finding restaurants, then cruising into Bermuda is a great idea for you. Thankfully, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines just added multiple new cruises from the Big Apple and Boston to Bermuda.

Taking a cruise to Bermuda is less stressful than other forms of travel because you can fully relax and have everything taken care of for you. We do suggest you do not get too comfortable to the point where you do not leave the ship, as Bermuda is an excellent place to explore!

Depending on your cruise line, there are three cruise ports in Bermuda. The Royal Navy Dockyard is the largest with two piers, Kings Wharf, and Heritage Wharf. Hamilton Port is located in the capital area of Hamilton and is the closest dock to the busy areas of Bermuda.

St. Georges Port is located on St Georges Harbor, at the eastern end of Bermuda. This port can only take small to medium-sized ships because of the maneuvering required by the Captain to enter the bay.

Relax At Jobsons Cove

Jobsons cove is more than just a beach, it is a small cove with pink sand, lots of sea life, and a perfect place to suntan for the day. You can find it on the South coast near Bermudas Warwick Parish, by Dockyard and Hamilton.

Because of the sheltered area of this beach, it makes it one of the best things to do in Bermuda with kids. The water is calm, there are plenty of places with shade , and there are places to eat nearby.

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Bermuda Aquarium Museum And Zoo

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo have been established since 1926, which makes it one of the oldest of its kind in the world. No matter your age or interests, there is something for everyone at this exciting location.

Try out animal feedings, arts and crafts, delicious restaurants, guided snorkeling tours, animal storytime, and many educational moments. This location has over 200 species of rare birds, nearly 300 species of exotic tropical fish, and other sea life waiting for you to explore.

After you finish at the aquarium, visit the National Museum of Bermuda for an educational experience and learn about mankinds impact on the ecosystem of Bermuda.

Suggestions For Cruisers When Planning Your Bermuda Itinerary

Where Does Carnival Cruise Ships Dock In Bermuda

Remember that your ship will be in port the first night or two , so plan the last day for activities that are closer to the ship.

Visit the small tourist booth right at the dock for maps and other local information that can help you with your travel planning once there.

You can also find information ahead of time from Bermuda Tourism.

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Explore The Crystal And Fantasy Caves

If you still have any time, or energy, left after your historical tour of St. George, you might want to hail a bus or taxi to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves located on the outskirts of Hamilton. This is 25 minutes from Kings Square, St. George alternatively reached via ferry from the Dockyard to Hamilton followed by a bus or by taxi from the Dockyard.

Discovered in 1907 by 2 teenaged boys, these caves have been made accessible for visitors and have since become known as Bermudas True Hidden Treasures.

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are open from 9-5pm daily, with guided tours leaving every 20 minutes. Admission price is $24 for each cave or $35 for a combination ticket. Do plan on approximately 30 minutes to explore each cave. Of note, there are stairs in each of the caves, but those in the Crystal Cave are more gradual whereas those in the Fantasy Cave are steeper.

Go Underground At Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave and its adjacent sister attraction, Fantasy Cave, are natural wonders that draw thousands of tourists each year. Formed over the last 30 million years, the ceilings of the caves are covered with clusters of spectacular stalactites made from calcite mineral deposits.

Crystal Cave was discovered in 1907 by two boys who lost their cricket ball down a hole. Crawling in to retrieve the ball, they found that the hole seemed to be much deeper than they expected. The property owners lowered their teenaged son into the hole with a bicycle light and a rope tied to a tree. He soon discovered a clear blue subterranean lake surrounded by crystal stalactites.

Be sure to wear rubber-soled shoes to avoid slipping and bring a jacket or sweater the 50°F temps in the caves can be chilly to visitors coming in from the summer sunshine!

Although a viewing platform has been built inside the caves, they are not accessible to those with mobility challenges. Due to the location deep underground, there are many sets of stairs throughout the attractions. Fantasy Cave is located deeper underground than Crystal Cave and has more stairs to climb.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves, 8 Crystal Caves Rd., Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. Open daily 9 AM 5 PM. Guided Tours leave every 20 minutes . Admission per cave: Adults: $24, children : $10, children under 5 free. Combination tickets for both caves are available. +1 293-0640

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