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Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Malta

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Cruise Port Guide Valletta Malta: Docked

First Cruise – Fly Cruise into Malta – how does it work.

There are a couple of options where cruise ships can dock in Malta, but most of the time you will dock at the Valletta Waterfront depending on how many ships will be in port. Valletta Waterfront is one of the most advanced cruise ports in Europe so enjoy all the facilities they offer. It has a convenient spot in town as it is about a 1,5 km walk to the city centre.

At the waterfront there are shops and restaurants for wi-fi and refreshments. On your way out you will cross the a tourist information point that provides you with a free map of Malta and Valletta. Next to the Tourist information stand is the taxi desk, the hop on hop off bus desk and car/scooter rental desk.

Transportation By foot, taxi, public transport or hop on hop off bus. It is up to you how to spend your day and what form of transportation would suit that. Please find underneath the break down of the available options.

Taxis in Valletta Taxis are widely available in port. They have a folder at the taxi desk in port that will give you an idea of their prices. See underneath the prices they advertise: 1 hour taxi tour: 26 euro 2 hour taxi tour: 52 euro 4 hour taxi tour: 80 euro 6 hour taxi tour: 108 euro 8 hour taxi tour: 136 euro All prices are per taxi, up to 4 persons.

As an alternative to your normal taxi you can also rent a Cab Horse Ride which is 60 euro per hour in which they give you the full tour around Valletta.

Destination and distance:

Malta Cruises Which Cruise Ships Stop At Malta

Malta is an island getaway that many cruise ships have on their itinerary. Malta cruises can either start or end there, as many cruise ships utilize the port. Located on the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between the mainland of Europe and North Africa, Malta can be easily accessed from many of the Mediterranean cruise ports. Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Messina, Civitavecchia, Venice, Mallorca, Provence and many other ports offer cruises to Malta as part of their Western Mediterranean cruises.

Malta Cruises also use Maltas port for destinations all across the Mediterranean, its location in the middle makes it a great port to depart from, disembark or just stop as a port of call. Malta is a 6 island archipelago of which only a few are populated. The two main islands make up the bulk of the population. There are lots of things to do in Malta as it is a cultural mecca with a rich and varied history. Museums, beaches, coves and caves make for interesting places to visit while water sports and exploration can also be had as you enjoy the warm weather and clear waters. You can rent a car or take the multitude of public transportation to get around the main island or take a ferry ride to one or two of the smaller islands to really see all that is Malta.

Get Lost In Valletta’s Streets

Valletta’s streets tell a living history, from churches like St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral and St. John’s Co-Cathedral, to military buildings such as Fort St. Elmo and the Lascaris War Rooms. Don’t miss the Grand Master’s Palace, with everything from 16th-century armor to 18th-century tapestries depicting the first expeditions to the New World.

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Where Is The I

The i-port has been set up and opened to visitors disembarking from cruise ships at the Salisbury Ave side of the Port of Tauranga. The i-port operates from 6am to 11am pending cruise ship arrival and departure and tides.

There are a couple of options where cruise ships can dock in Malta, but most of the time you will dock at the Valletta Waterfront depending on how many ships will be in port. Valletta Waterfront is one of the most advanced cruise ports in Europe so enjoy all the facilities they offer.

Best Places To Eat And Drink In Valletta

Valletta, Malta

Once again, because of the islands proximity to Sicily, Italian fare rules the roost. Local specialities include bragioli spicy beef and olive rolls and its common to find rabbit stew on the menu. Tourists tend to favor traditional pizza and pasta choices but shouldnt miss a taste of the locally produced cheese, Gbejniet, usually served in soup. Lampuki Pie and Kapunata, are also good lunch choices.

If you decide to walk back to the ship, waterfront cafés dot the promenade and make for a nice finish to your day. Taxis are also available for the short distance back to the ship. Be sure to have Euros with you in case the taxi does not accept credit cards. A 10% tip for taxi rides and restaurant servers is standard.

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National Museum Of Fine Arts

Located downtown, this museum is housed in an 18th palace. Inside youll find possessions of the Order of St John including furniture, sculptures and world-renown artworks of Carpaccio, Michelino and Tintoretto. Local Maltese artists also have their works on display.

When youre walking through the Old Town in Valletta, remember to pay attention to the architecture.

At the end of the day, especially in summer, the short walk to the ship can seem like miles. Treat yourself to a horse and buggy ride back to the ship.

Whether you choose your cruise shore excursion to tour the island or spend the day on your own in the Old Town, a cruise visit to Valletta, Malta takes you to one of the most unique ports of call in Europe.

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The Mediterranean Maritime Hub

The Mediterranean Maritime Hub, operated by MMH Malta Ltd, is a full service 170,000m2maritime hub, with 1.2km of quayside and a 700T travel lift, with facilities dedicated for the marine, oil and gas industries, providing logistical base services, technical services, recruitment and crew logistics and training.

More information on the VGT can be found here

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Things To Know Before You Go

  • Valletta Cruise Port offers duty-free shopping, restrooms, and short-term luggage storage, as well as ATMs.

  • Most of Valletta and its attractions are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers confirm accessibility for shore excursions with your tour operator.

  • Make sure to get back to the terminal earlycruise ships generally dont wait for stragglers.

Cruise Ship Sails Into Malta Again After Five

MSC Meraviglia Europe Cruise Review: Malta

2020-08-21 19:40:13Editor: huaxia

Cruise ship MSC Grandiosa berths in the Port of Valletta, Malta, on Aug. 21, 2020. The MSC Grandiosa, a Meraviglia Plus-class cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises, sailed into the Port of Valletta on Friday morning, becoming the first cruise liner to arrive since the island closed its ports in March to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

VALLETTA, Aug. 21 — The MSC Grandiosa, a Meraviglia Plus-class cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises, sailed into the Port of Valletta on Friday morning, becoming the first cruise liner to arrive since the island closed its ports in March to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Passengers on the cruise ship are limited on their movements as the port authorities imposed their own restrictions to take preventive measures and control the spread of the virus. Passengers are not allowed on the island independently but only on guided excursions.

There are more than 1,300 passengers on board, with some 400 of them expected to go on six separate guided excursions in Malta, local newspaper Times of Malta reported.

Cruise ships had been banned from Malta since March when the first COVID-19 cases were detected. With similar action having been taken elsewhere, cruise operators had canceled all trips for several months.

Valletta Cruise Port said cruise ships are operating under a strict and comprehensive health and safety protocol that applies both on land and at sea.

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Local Currency & Tipping Customs

On your cruise to Valletta, Malta, the Euro is the primary currency youll use, and youll find ATMs scattered throughout the city. Tipping is polite, anywhere between 5-10% in restaurants and bars, as well as hotels. If you notice a service charge already included in a bill, you dont have to put forth anything extra beyond that. Leaving a tip for a guided tour 10% for their service is also encouraged, and tipping a porter or bellhop one or two euros per bag is best practice. Round up to the nearest euro for taxi drivers, or a little more if they provide recommendations to you while on your ride.

Arrivederci Opera: Cruise Ship Will Not Enter Malta As Government Reacts To Public Alarm Raised By Misinformation

A cruise ship carrying over 2,300 passengers will not dock in Malta today as the government explained it was reacting to public alarm raised by misleading information given by a local media outlet through a story riddled with partial truths and erroneous details.

The Malta Medical Association and the Malta Union of Nurses and Midwives had threatened industrial action if the MSC Opera docks in Valletta over fears passengers on board could have been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The ship was previously self-quarantined in Greece after a former passenger contracted the virus. It then made its way to Corfu, where health officials found that none of the passengers or the crew tested positive for COVID-19 and deemed the vessel needed no further health measures.

However, the doctors and nurses unions warned that it would be irresponsible to allow the cruise ship to dock and, with threats of industrial action looming, the government said it had reached a deal with MSC Cruises for the cruise ship not to enter Maltas ports exclusively for today.

This decision has been taken following public alarm raised by misleading information given by a local media outlet through a story riddled with partial truths and erroneous details, it said.

Despite the established facts, the Maltese Government and MSC Cruises have decided to approve the re-routing of cruise liner MSC Opera so as to avoid further concern among the Maltese public.

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Bezzina And Cassar Ship Repair Yard

The Grand Harbour also houses two private ship repair yards – Bezzina Ship Repair Yard and Cassar Ship Repair Yard. Both companies are equipped with shore workshops and floating docks and operate in accordance with agreements entered into with the Authority for sea and land concessions.

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How To Get To Valletta From The Valletta Cruise Port

Cruise Liner To Dock In Valletta Tomorrow, First To Do So ...

Located southeast of the heart of Valletta, the cruise port is about a 15-minute walk to the City Gate. Buses and taxis are available for getting around the island, and local ferries connect Malta to nearby Gozo and Comino. The hop-on hop-off bus stops near the port and at a number of popular Maltese sights.

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The Door To The Mediterranean

Stephen Xuereb Valletta Cruise Port GM

“Welcome to Valletta! Long considered to be a microcosm of the Mediterranean, with 7,000 years of recorded history, and a favorite with travelers seeking an authentic island experience, Malta offers moments of complete relaxation that can be combined with an exploration of the many cultural, artistic and natural treasures. Malta strikes the right balance between traditional hospitality and cosmopolitan spirit. We remain faithful to our roots our flexibility, reliability and commitment are at the center of everything we do.

Culture & History Of The Valletta Cruise Port

Valletta is Maltas capital city, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, and today its a hub for government as well as music and public art. Valletta is a small capital, with a population of less than 7,000 people living in the city proper. Its small size, however, doesnt diminish the citys charm or its historic significance.

The city was established in 1566 by the Knights of Malta, who developed a new grid plan for the city. Valletta has a varied history of occupations by the Ottomans, the French, and the British throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Valletta saw a lot of destruction during World War II as a result of German and Italian air attacks, damaging the citys Royal Opera House and many other buildings. The citys architecture contains a heavy Baroque influence, and Malta is a major art destination, home to the National Museum of Fine Arts and the annual Valletta International Baroque Festival, held every January.

Valletta Port Facilities & Location

The Valletta cruise port is less than a mile from the city center. Within the cruise terminal, youll find standard amenities like restrooms, information centers, duty-free shops, and transportation services. The Valletta cruise terminal can accommodate multiple ships at once, so youll likely see passengers from other ships exploring the city center as well.

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Have The Malta Experience

Despite its small size, Malta’s history is pretty epic. The audio-visual presentation at Valletta’s Malta Experience Museum takes less than an hour of your time and explains everything from the country’s early origins as a trade hub to its role in the World War II resistance movements. Or check out Neolithic pottery and prehistoric art at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Cruise Ship Activity In Valletta On The Rise

MSC Magnifica cruise ship in Port of Valletta Malta 4K

Cruise ship activity is on the rise in Malta’s Valletta Cruise Port, as this July the port will be the homeport for Viking Cruises Viking Venus and Viking Sea which will be sailing two different 11-day roundtrip itineraries in the Mediterranean for vaccinated guests.

This news was welcomed by the Maltese Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo.

The way Viking Cruises will be operating is a clear example of how tourism and public health can work well together. With this operation American tourists will be spending time on our Islands which will positively impact our local economy, commented Minister Bartolo.

Meanwhile Stephen Xuereb, COO of Global Ports Holding and CEO of Valletta Cruise Port commented: Despite the pause in cruising operations it has been a busy time for us at Valletta Cruise Port where together with a number of stakeholders we worked tirelessly on a number of initiatives, including a project for developing shore-to-ship electricity infrastructure in the Grand Harbour. It is with satisfaction that Valletta Cruise Port obtained the Safe Travels stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council, based on reinforced protocols.

Valletta Cruise Port said in a press release that it is looking forward to a stepped approach to operations where for the rest of the year it is estimated that it will welcome around 150,000 passenger movements on over 100 calls.

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Shopping Near The Valletta Cruise Port

On your cruise to Valletta, Malta, the majority of boutique shopping is in the city center, where many of the shops are family owned and operated. Leather, gold and silver jewelry, and souvenir stands for tourists are popular there. Many shops close on Sunday. Youll also find a lot of lace for sale in Malta, as its one of the countrys most popular goods. Shopping centers and malls are further from the city center, and typically require a bus ride or car trip to get there.

Malta Cruise Tips Activities And Overview

Food and Drink in Malta

At the Port of Valletta, a picturesque string of cafes line the dock at Valletta’s Grand Harbor these range from the Hard Rock Bar Malta to Chinese and Italian. Lunching in Valletta can be casual and charming by sitting alfresco at one of the many outdoor cafes, or casual and cheap by purchasing Maltese pastizzi .

Malata: To hang with Valetta’s elite, try Malata. This “haute cuisine” dining spot in Valletta is more expensive than most restaurants but from all reports, it’s worth it. This is where members of Maltese Parliament lunch. French and Mediterranean specialties include pasta, seafood and steak.

Caffe Cordina: Malta’s oldest and most celebrated outdoor cafe, Caffe Cordina, is located on the ground floor of the old treasury building. Most people dine outside, but if you choose to do that, take a moment to look at the inside of the restaurant, with its ornate murals and ceiling frescoes.

Xara Palace Hotel: A trip to Mdina wouldn’t be complete without lunching in the grand restaurant at the 17th-century palazzo, now the Xara Palace Hotel. You can choose from its fine-dining restaurant or its trattoria for a more relaxed experience — perfect for families. .

Fontanella Tea Garden: This attractive food complex offers wonderful views from the wall of the city along with regional wines, cold beer and tasty soups, salads, pizzas and sandwiches.

Don’t Miss in Malta

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Shore Excursions Around Valletta

Vallettaitself has afairly large andfascinatinghistoriccenter withvariousinteresting sights.Youcan spend a half to a full day. Frequently visitedplacesare theBaraccaGardens,theCathedral of St.John andthe Grandmaster’s Palace.Malta is notso big,so itis perfectly possibleto visit a number of otherplaces on theisland.Popular arethe with thebordering city of Rabat,themegalithictemplesof Tarxien,MnajdraandHagarQimandthe craftsvillageof Ta‘Qali.

Getting Around In Valletta

La Valletta, Malta Cruise Ship Schedule 2018

It’s easy to reach the center of Valletta from the cruise port. The distance is not that big, but mosts parts of Valletta are located higher up a hill. You can there, but if you want to skip the steep road a can be a better option.

If you want to discover other places on the island like the former capital Mdina, you have from Valletta.

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