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Where To Park At Port Canaveral For Cruise

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Cheapest Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Lots

Park N Cruise, Port Canaveral Cruise Parking

Cruisetime Parking and ShuttleCruisetime is located southwest of Port Canaveral, on Merritt Island. Its only about 8.5 miles from the port and the ride to the terminal takes about 15 minutes. Parking rates are simple $8 per day for any cruise. Cruisetime also offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the port thats included with your parking.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind, however. The cruise parking includes an extra day in the booking .

For example, if you take a 7-day cruise, you will arrive at the port on a Sunday afternoon and then get back the next Sunday morning. If you were to park at Cruisetime, you are charged for 8 total days because of both Sundays. Even if you arrive back and pick up your car early in the morning, the parking lot charges that as a full day.

Still, even paying for 8 days at $8 per day is much cheaper than paying for parking at the port.

  • Lowest Cost Seen: $64 for 7-day cruise
  • Distance: 8.5 miles
  • Phone: 321-591-0854

GoPort Among the cheapest parking options is one that doesnt even charge you by the day. The parking package from GoPort has a different spin they charge only based on the number of people traveling.

Heres how it works. Instead of paying for parking by the day, youll be charged $70 for the first person to park, and then another $5 for each additional person. So a couple traveling would pay $75. A family of four would pay $85.

  • Lowest Cost Seen: $90.52 for a 7-day cruise
  • Distance: 6.5 miles
  • Phone: 866-456-3050

When Should I Arrive At Port Canaveral Parking Lot For My Cruise

The port is busiest between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm so some travelers try to avoid these times. That being said, check with your cruise line because some bookings state at which time you should arrive to spread out the arrivals of passengers and make the boarding process as seamless as possible. If you arrive too early you may be told to wait.

In The Mood To Save Money Look No Further

Are you cruising from Port Canaveral? After youve booked the cruise, planned your drive, and made a list of what you absolutely must remember to pack, theres still one question left to ask. What will you do with your car while youre having your adventure? There are a few options to choose from, but the best option is off-site cruise parking. Here at Park N Cruise, weve designed the best system to get you to and from Port Canaverals cruise terminals while keeping you comfortable and your vehicle safe. You cant go wrong with Park N Cruises Port Canaveral cruise parking!

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Hotels Near Port Canaveral

Note: The hotel urls below contain affiliate links that may provide this site a commission should you decide to purchase.

If you plan on driving to the port the night before your cruise, I highly recommend booking a cruise near the port that offers park and cruise packages. Some will even offer a fly, snooze, park, and cruise packages so you can book it all through the hotel.

There are 5 hotels within 2 miles of Port Canaveral that have received good ratings from previous guests.

  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Port Canaveral, FL This is the closest hotel to the port , although the next two on the list are only a stones throw away. Country Inn & Suites is a 2.5 star hotel that has an 8.2 out of 10 user review score on hotels.com. A full breakfast is included, along with free parking and WiFi, and a cruise shuttle is provided. Rates start around $155 a night. Check out this Country Inn & Suites Here.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach Another 3 star hotel right next to the two hotels above, so about a mile away from your ship. This hotel scores an 8.6 out of 10 user review rating on hotels.com. A free continental breakfast and Wifi are provided, along with cruise shuttle services. Rates start around $352 a night. Check out this Residence Inn here.
  • Port Cruise Parking 97 Miles

    Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 8

    Named after the nearby state road location, 528 Port Cruise Parking offers a range of parking rates depending upon the length of time you need to park with them. Advertised prices start from $5.95 per day for longer stays, plus a one-time port access fee of $5.

    Parking for a typical 7-day cruise is $60.60, which works out at $6.95 per day/part day. Parking fees include a free shuttle ride for up to 4 passengers and extra passengers are charged a one-time fee of $6. The lot has perimeter fencing and security monitoring 24/7.

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    Start Your Cruise The Right Way

    Off-site cruise parking at Park N Cruise is easily one of the best decisions that youll make when getting ready for your cruise, whether youre returning to Port Canaveral or sailing with us for the first time. Port Canaveral off-site cruise parking will save you time, save you money, and help make coming and going from your cruise just that much easier. So, go ahead and check us out. Were always excited to help make every Port Canaveral cruise vacation a little bit better with good prices and even better service.

    Why Choose Park N Cruise

    The biggest difference between on-site and off-site parking is the price. When you park right by Port Canaveral, the close location comes at a great cost. A family can end up spending over $140 on just a single car during their week-long cruise. At Park N Cruise, we bring you a great location where you can save up to $7.00 a day on parking. Talk about a bargain! Dont bother with the loud, crowded bustle of the Port Canaveral parking lots. Save money, time, and hassle with off-site cruise parking! And, in addition to a low price, Park N Cruise is also known for its fantastic customer service. As a business run by proud locals, we are happy to bring an easy, fun start to your vacation. Well make you feel like family when you park with us.

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    Where Is Port Canaveral

    Royal Caribbean Directions to Orlando , Florida Cruise Terminal:

    From Orlando International Airport :Apporximately 45 minutes west of Port Canaveral.

    • Take the North exit from the airport, staying to the right on SR 528 East.
    • Take SR 528 East all the way to Port Canaveral.
    • Upon approaching the port area, follow the signs indicating Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals B Side.

    From Melbourne International Airport :Approximately 25 miles south of Port Canaveral.

    • Exit east out of the airport onto NASA boulevard and follow to U.S. Highway 1.
    • Turn left onto U.S. Highway 1.
    • Travel approximately 20 minutes on U.S. Highway 1 passed the intersection of S.R. 520 in Cocoa about one mile to the S.R. 528 exit.
    • Exit and travel east on SR. 528 for approximately 10 miles, crossing the Indian River, Nerritt Island and the Banana River to reachPort Canaveral.

    From Orlando Sanford International Airport :Approximately 1 hour northwest of Port Canaveral.

    • Exit the airport south to the Central Florida Greenway .
    • Go south 23 miles to S.R. 528 eastbound exit.
    • Go east to the Port.

    From Space Coast Regional Airport :Located about 20 minutes from the Port in Titusville FL.

    • Exit and drive east three blocks
    • Turn south onto U.S. Highway 1 to the Beach line Expressway and follow this east to the Port.

    From Daytona Beach International Airport :Located about 75 miles north of Port Canaveral.

    • Take I-95 south to S.R. 528 East and follow to the Port

    Parking Information

    • 3 Nights/4 Days – $68.00

    Cruise Terminal Parking At Port Canaveral

    Our Choice For Outstanding Port Canaveral Cruise Parking | Park-N-Cruise | ParkCruise.com

    The most convenient cruise parking at Port Canaveral is onsite at the official cruise terminal parking lot. It is just a short walk from the cruise ships, so theres no need to arrange shuttle transport or taxis to and from the cruise ship.

    However, you will pay a higher parking fee for the convenience. Payment is made onsite by credit card.

    Port Canaveral cruise terminal parking includes a point where drivers can drop off their baggage and/or passengers. From there, porters will assist with heavy baggage. Drivers will then be directed to a parking facility nearby.

    On your return post-cruise, you can walk to the onsite parking lot with your baggage, or the driver can retrieve the vehicle and pick up passengers and luggage from the terminal entrance.

    The new modern Port Canaveral cruise parking facilities can accommodate larger vehicles and RVs. Onsite Port Canaveral cruise parking lots are secure and patrolled 24/7.

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    Compare Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Rates

    The rate for onsite Port Canaveral Cruise parking at the port is $17 per vehicle or RV, per day or part day. You will also be charged for your day of arrival and day of departure.

    By staying further from the port and using a shuttle, you can save up to $96 on cruise parking for a 7-day cruise! Off-port cruise parking prices range from $5.95 to $10.95 per day. Lots of Honor offers additional discounts to veterans, first responders and their accompanying families.

    For cruises in excess of 4 days, the cheapest option is Go Port Canaveral. They offer free cruise parking for up to 15 days and just charge for the shuttle transport.

    Disabled travelers meeting certain criteria can obtain free parking at the official cruise terminal parking lot.

    Full details of all these options can be found below.

    Parking Near Port Canaveral

    Just like every other port city in Florida, there are plenty of third-party lots around the cruise terminal on Cape Canaveral where you can stash your car and save money on the high price tag required at the official terminal parking.

    Go Port is one of the most popular lots because it offers its own unique spin on the parking experience. Instead of paying by the day, parking is completely free for cruises up to 15 days long. So, whats the catch? Instead of the daily rate, passengers only have to pay for the shuttle to and from the port. For two people, the round-trip shuttle service is $45 and for four people its only $55. For a seven-day cruise, thats a savings of $64 for a couple when you choose Go Port over the official cruise parking.

    Park by the Port is another popular option by Port Canaveral because spots only cost $4.95 per day. Of course, with taxes and fees, that price will increase a bit. For a seven-day cruise, the total cost of parking at Park by the Port is $47 and includes complimentary shuttle service. So, if youre a group of three or more, this will be cheaper than the Go Port parking services.

    There are many more lots around the port not listed above but these all offer great value for your money and are a great place to start your search for budget-friendly parking near Port Canaveral.

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    Which Airport Do I Fly Into For A Cruise Out Of Port Canaveral

    This was my first question when I booked a cruise out of Port Canaveral. There simply isnt a major airport conveniently located near the port. So which airport do I fly into, and how do I get to the port from there?

    There are 5 airports to choose from that are within about an hour drive of the port. You can see them in the image below to get an idea of their proximity.

    The most commonly used airport for cruises is Orlando International Airport which is a 45-minute drive from the port. The advantage here is that there are many shuttle services available.

    Unlike many cruise ports, Port Canaveral does not have an airport within a short drive. So flights to the Orlando area will involve a shuttle service of some kind.

    We recently decided to book a shuttle transfer through Go Port Canaveral, and it made the process simple and straightforward. For a shuttle bus for two adults from the airport to the cruise port and back again was around $60.

    Cruise And Stay Parking At Port Canaveral

    11 Things to Know About Port Canaveral Cruise Parking

    Another great option is to combine a hotel stay with parking at Port Canaveral. This is a good choice if you are driving from some distance away and want to have a relaxing stay before your Disney cruise.

    We have never taken this option so we cant offer any direct reviews, but many see this as a great choice.

    We have used this option at other cruise ports before joining a cruise and it is our preferred option. It cuts down on any stress that you may have about arriving at the cruise port late.

    You can have a relaxing morning before joining your Disney cruise. It also gives you an extra night of vacation time!

    Often if you book a cruise and stay package you will get free parking for up to 7 nights. You will need to check on the individual hotel websites to see prices and current deals.

    However, it can be a very cost-effective way of parking and having the combined benefit of a stay at a hotel the night before your Disney cruise.

    One hotel with park and stay is Radisson Cape Canaveral. You can book a cruise and stay package.

    Check the link below on the website for details of prices. This is an older hotel and it does get mixed reviews. There is a free shuttle to the Disney cruise port.

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    Cheapest Port Canaveral Cruise Parking

    If youre taking a short 3-4 day cruise or traveling as a group, check out 528 Port Cruise Parking.

    If youre a veteran, check out the discounted prices with Lots of Honor.

    If you are disabled, check if you are eligible for free parking with Port Canaveral Cruise Parking.

    If you are taking a longer cruise as a couple, Go Port Canaveral is definitely the cheapest option. It offers free parking for up to 15 days and you just pay $9.95 each way per person for the shuttle an unbeatable total of $39.80.

    Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking

    The first thing you need to know is that the Disney cruise terminal is Terminal 8 at Port Canaveral.

    The Disney cruise Port Canaveral address is 9155 Charles M Rowland Dr. Port Canaveral, FL 32920.

    However, there are a number of options for Port Canaveral Cruise Parking if you are sailing on a Disney cruise.

    This also applies to all the other cruise lines which sail out of Port Canaveral.

    When we sail on a Disney cruise we are always looking for the most convenient parking option even though this may cost a few extra dollars.

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    Free Port Canaveral Parking For Cruisers

    Looking for the best parking deal for your Port Canaveral, Florida cruise? Then you will love this FREE Parking deal! Choose FREE parking at the Country Inn and Suites offsite parking located next to all cruise ship terminals. Simply join us for a fun 1 hour wholesale travel preview at our FULL SERVICE travel agency located at Port Canaveral. Previews are scheduled the morning of your cruise or on the day you return. Learn how to travel at rock bottom wholesale pricing. Our presentations are fun, informative and are NOT timeshare!

    This Free Parking deal is available for any 3,4,5 or 8 day cruise. Once you have completed your presentation you will receive a free parking and roundtrip cruise terminal shuttle voucher for up to 4 guests. All free parking deals also come with your choice of bonus gift. Need to park your car directly at Port Canaveral parking facilities? No Problem! We will simply cover the cost either before or after your cruise at the presentation.

    This package is for cruisers only, must show proof of cruising at check-in.

    Port Canaveral Florida is home for several cruise lines and ships: Carnival Ships Sensation, Sunshine, Valor and Dream, Disney Fantasy, Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas.

    Typical Port Canaveral Terminal Parking will cost $15 per day. Off site parking will cost $6.99 per day with Free shuttle service. Call us today to get your port parking for free and save BIG!

    Who Sails From Port Canaveral

    Park And Cruise Port Canaveral Florida – Hotel & Parking Deals – Cape Canaveral Vacation Packages

    Port Canaveral is a homeport for only four cruise lines but they are the four that really count for families and budget-conscious travelers: Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line.

    From Port Canaveral, you can sail three- to 15-day itineraries to places in the Bahamas as well as Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean. In 2020, Carnivals Mardi Gras, Breeze, Elation, Liberty and Radiance sail from this port. Royal Caribbeans sailings are on the Harmony of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas. Norwegian homeports two ships here: Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Sun. Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy sail from here.

    Here are the ships sailing from terminals A and B.

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    Park At The Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal At Port Canaveral

    Royal Caribbean cruise ships normally dock at cruise terminal B-1, located on the South side of the Port.

    Here are some notes to help you navigate Terminal B-1.

    • You enter and exit the terminal on ground level. No outside ramps.
    • The parking garage is NOT connected to the cruise terminal. It is a very short walk from the garage.
    • When you enter the garage to park, you pay at the machines .

    You drive up and into the garage drop off area and drop your luggage in front of the entrance . Then you drive out and back into the garage this time to the first level where you pay at the entrance . You continue to drive higher until you find a place to park.

    You then take the stairs or elevator down to the terminal entrance and enter the main building where you clear security, etc.

    In the meantime, the luggage handlers will have placed your luggage onto the conveyor from where it travels to the ship via x-ray security.

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