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Where Was Jungle Cruise Filmed

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Wailua River And Wailua Falls

Jungle Cruise | Official Trailer 2

Speaking of Porto Belo, they created this Brazilian town by filming around Lihue, the biggest town on Kauai.

Youll see Wailua River State Park and Wailua Falls as part of Porto Belo. This area was originally made famous by the 1970s TV show Fantasy Island . It shows up in several Kauai movies, too.

Disney worked a bit of magic to make the Wailua area look a bit more like what the Amazon Rainforest might have looked like in 1916.

Its super easy to visit Wailua Falls. Theres a scenic lookout with a large parking lot thats great for capturing a selfie. Please note that the hiking trail is on private property and its illegal to trespass there.

But I think the best way to explore the area is with a Wailua River kayaking expedition. You can kayak down the beautiful Wailua River and then explore a secret waterfall. Youll feel like youre in the movie! Check latest rates and more information.

Film Review: Disneys Jungle Cruise

Entertainment Reporter & Texas Metro News Columnist

Blunts character wants the treasure to cure people all over the world. However, hot on their heels is a German prince who wants the magic to make his army invincible. Thats where they meet local hustler Frank who is hired to take them down the river filled with peril from everything from jungle animals to 400-year-old spirits who want the treasure as well.

The movie is very similar to PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN with the cursed spirits chasing the same treasure and the German army involved in the chase as well. Theres great chemistry between Johnson and Blunt who rely on each other to survive test after test in the unpredictable jungle. I also like how Blunt refuses to be defined by any typical male stereotype. Theres a running gag throughout the movie where Captain Frank refers to her as Pants, rather than by her name.

In return she calls him Skippy. The movie also reminds me a lot of the classic film THE AFRICAN QUEEN with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn, but I figured almost no one reading this remembers a 1951 movie, so I just left those references out. But if you remember that movie youll understand. JUNGLE CRUISE runs just over 2 hours , but it is a very enjoyable adventure.

Its rated PG-13 and on my Hollywood Popcorn Scale I rate the movie a LARGE.

Natpe Miami: Warnermedia Disney Nbcuniversal Sign Up For In

received quite respectable social scores from the Chinese filmgoers who did see it, suggesting that rampant piracy, a limited marketing effort from Disney and a growing audience tendency toward local Chinese fare may have conspired to keep seats empty. Ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks in the country, which have shuttered a sizable minority slice of cinemas in as many as 50 cities, are also taking a toll on ticket sales.

scored 8.9 on Maoyan and 6.1 on Douban, similar to MGMs James Bond installment No Time to Die, which has earned much more in the Middle Kingdom. No Time to Die added $4.4 million in its fourth frame, taking its China total to a healthy $58 million.

But Maoyan Pictures Chinese period mystery Be Someday put both the Rock and Bond to shame, opening solidly with $20 million. It was followed in second place by Edko PicturesAnita, a biopic of the great Hong Kong Canto-pop star and screen icon Anita Mui, which debuted with $6.3 million. Chinese war epic The Battle of Lake Changjin, meanwhile, continued marching into the record books over a month and a half after its release, beating both Bond and with a $4.8. million weekend haul, lifting its historic total to $882 million.

Reflecting the increasingly dire distribution difficulties for Hollywood in China, no major U.S. studio title is currently scheduled for an upcoming release in the country.

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Where Was Jungle Cruise Filmed

Jungle Cruise (2020 film)

While Frank and Lily traversed the Amazon River in Disney’s Jungle Cruise, the movie wasn’t actually filmed there, and a lot of CGI was involved.

Disney’s brings audiences along on an adventurous journey, and here’s where the movie scenes were filmed, as well as how much CGI was used to bring the sequences to life. Released in theaters in July 2021, is the latest movie adaptation of a Disney theme park ride. The original narrative from the Jungle Cruise attraction indicated that the cruise was taking place on the waterways of Asia, Africa, and South America, but the storyline for the film is actually set along the Amazon River in South America.

Starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, follows the antics of steamboat skipper Frank Wolff and eccentric botanist Dr. Lily Houghton on a wild journey to find the Tree of Life. On their quest to seek out the Tree’s healing powers, they encounter cannibals, wild animals, and even zombie-like conquistadors as the jungle’s supernatural elements unfold. The movie also features Jack Whitehall as MacGregor, Lily’s brother and reluctant assistant, and Jesse Plemons as the crazed Prince Joachim.


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Where Was Jungle Cruise Filmed La Luna Rota The River & All The Filming Locations

Posted by Ra Moon

Pirates of the Caribbeanbased on a theme park attraction was entirely filmed in Hawaii and GeorgiaDwayne The Rock JohnsonEmily Bluntthe movie pays homageAfrican QueenRomancing the StoneLa Luna Rotafilming locations of “The Royal Anthropological and Diverse Adventures Society”Atlantas Blackhall Studios.Oxford College of Emory UniversityKauaiHuleia StreamJurassic ParkRaiders of the Lost Ark

***warning The Following Contains Certain Plot Spoilers For The Film***

The DP also states the goal was to steer the ship away from the usual predictability of modern-day studio releases. “I think back then, they were… I don’t want to say braver, but they were more original and probably more ambitious in how a story. I still miss them.”

He continues: “We were not afraid in terms of, ‘OK, we’re gonna put a submarine and there’s a torpedo.’ We tried to shoot stuff that people haven’t seen before, which is kind of hard. I think the scope of the movie is what makes you think big. We were always thinking big we weren’t trying to cut corners or to try to do things easier. We were trying to challenge it and trying to surprise ourselves as well.”

That spirit of ingenuity may have come from the fact that Labiano got to check out the Disneyland attraction before principal photography commenced. “It was pretty incredible that someone did that in the ’50s with all the hydraulics,” he adds. “I imagine back then it was something really incredible to watch. But yeah, it had that kind of naive atmosphere. It was really good.”

Despite the overt supernatural and swashbuckling elements, the director of photography believes that has more in common with the romanticism of Golden Age Hollywood than it does with the pulp-inspired pastiche of Indiana Jones. In particular, he highlights the movie’s central relationship between headstrong physician Lily Houghton and wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff .

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Then The Plot Thickens

And then the script takes a massive head-scratching turn, and just becomes a hodge-podge of many other adventure films like National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Mummy , except it rushes through the components that made those films excel.

Plemons character is on the search for the Tree himself and is trying to get there before our heroes do, except he has no sense of history or correlation with the two leads. He is essentially Sean Bean from National Treasure if he never spoke to Nicolas Cage.

But the biggest miss is Ramírez as Aguirre, who leads a group of cursed mercenaries that look like rejected concept art designs from Davy Jones crew. Despite their action scenes and choreography being unique to their design, they play little to no role in the overarching plot, nor do they carry any real sense of threat or urgency. Pirates would pit the great Captain Jack Sparrow against the cunning but brilliant Barbossa. The Mummy has Imhotep, whose looming presence can be felt even when hes not physically on screen. misses the mark big time here on writing villains none of them pose a threat, where real consequences come from their actions.

Adapting A Ride For The Big Screen

Jungle Cruise “Review” Adventure Movie

The movie loosely follows the theme park attractions storyline of early 20th century adventurers exploring the jungle, reimagining some of the rides characters for the film. Most notably, Trader Sam appears in played by Veronica Falcón, as a woman who is a chieftain of the Puka Michuna tribe. Green describes her character as smart and savvy, someone who was very much in control of herself and what happens to her and her tribe.That was a chance to take a familiar trope of the ride and bring it into the film in a new way, Green says.

More broadly, the Puka Michuna tribe is portrayed with an approach that aims to subvert stereotypes about Indigenous peoples. In one of the films opening scenes, skipper Frank tells the tourists on his riverboat about the tribespeople who are the deadliest hunters in the hemisphere. The passengers are attacked by a crew with blow darts, before it becomes evident that Frank had staged the ambush to add some thrills to his tour. What we felt we could still play with is a lot of false preconceived notions, Green says of the scene. At the time when this film takes place, a lot of people coming from where those tourists were coming might think of those natives as backwards tribes. And we could instead be poking fun at peoples expectations of it.

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    Disneys Enchanted Tiki Room

    Another reference to a popular Disney theme park attraction comes from Rosita, the pet cockatoo bird of Nilo , Franks jungle cruise company rival. Rosita is the missing bird from Disneys Adventureland attraction The Enchanted Tiki Room, who leaves the room after being one of its showgirl birds. The Enchanted Tiki Room is located in the same Disney Adventureland area as Jungle Cruise, where Rosita can actually be seen from the ride.

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    Leagues Under The Sea

    Many have pointed out the physical similarities between the appearance of Prince Joachims submarine and that of Captain Nemos menacing submarine, Nautilus, from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, another popular Disney movie. has featured plenty of references to other Disneyland theme park rides, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea had its own submarine attraction ride until 1994. Considering Disney+ has already confirmed a series adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – aptly titled Nautilus – will be coming to the streaming service, the similar submarine in doesnt seem to be a coincidence.

    Kapaia Reservoir And Huleia Stream

    Jungle Cruise First Reactions Call It the Best Film of ...

    According to Atlas of Wonders, it took production six months to build the set of the town near the Wailua Falls in Lihue. The town scenes were quite action-packed from a jungle cat entering a bar to Lily ziplining and crashing into a pile of sacks. After all the commotion there, the trio, plus one large animal, set sail downstream where some of those scenes took place at Huleia Stream. However, the CGI animals are not something you would find in Kauai.

    If you cannot catch the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disney Parks, there is always a real river cruise. The boat cruise goes past the lush greenery of the park all the way to Fern Grotto, where you could experience what Lily and MacGregor had seen during their adventure. The epic waterfalls are truly a sight to be seen. Itll be like youre there with the trio!

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    Porto Belo Train Station

    Kauai Plantation Train. Rwminix, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Jungle Cruises railway scenes were filmed at the Kauai Plantation Railway on the Kilohana Plantation. Lily and MacGregors arrival in Porto Belo were the last scenes to be filmed on the island before production moved to Blackhall Studios in Georgia. Reel News Hawaii captured the Jungle Cruise railway station location – take a closer look at those posters up close!

    You can visit this location from the movie, and even ride a train on the same line through the former sugar plantation. Its now home to gardens, orchards and luaus.

    ‘jungle Cruise’ Dp Says The Movie Harkens Back To A Bolder Era Of Filmmaking

    Disney’s movie adaptation plainly wears its cinematic influences on its sweat-stained sleeves. From the very first trailer released in the fall of 2019, it was obvious that the film was aiming for a blockbuster sweet spot between John Huston’s The African Queen and Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones franchise. It certainly achieves that goal with a period setting, classic love story, and heated race against time for a mystical MacGuffin.

    Speaking with SYFY WIRE over Zoom, the project’s main cinematographer, Flavio Labiano, reveals that he and director Jaume Collet-Serra wanted to harken back to “those adventure movies that take you somewhere and when you finish the movie, you’re like, ‘Wow, I have to go to work tomorrow? What am I doing with my life? Why am I not there?'”

    Labiano spent a good chunk of his youth at the movie theater, watching epic films like The Man Who Would Be King, The Wind and the Lion, and Apocalypse Now. “I also think it has to do with nostalgia the survival of nostalgia and your childhood,” he explains. “Every movie was like a journey, every movie had its own music, and every movie had its own .”

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    Where Can You Watch The Jungle Cruise Movie Online For Free

    Unlike Christmas Disney Plus Day is here, which means we fans wont have to pay for Premier Access to view the movie and several other titles. is on Disney Plus, ready for your movie night.

    Well tell you how you can stream on Disney Plus for free with a subscription, and what the film is all about . If you dont yet have a subscription to the streaming service, you can get your first month for merely $2 right now.


    The movie is based on the Disneyland ride of the same title. Dwayne Johnson portrays a boat skipper named Frank. He takes Emily Blunts character Lily and her brother McGregor on a journey to find a tree that holds magical healing powers. McGregor is portrayed by the British stand-up comedian Jack Whitehall, who we also recognize from the Good Omens show on Amazon Prime.

    Amid their journey, the characters face wild animals and compete against a rival German expedition. Disney added that theres a supernatural element fans can look forward to. One month before the movie release, Disney launched two trailers, both of which made their own character the star of the movie.

    Disneys ride

    None of us can be surprised that Disney is going with another ride-based film, given the success of its Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. But the Jungle Cruise is even older than the Pirates ride. It was the only attraction present in Adventureland on Disneys opening day in 1955.

    How to watch for free

    How Well Did Jungle Cruise Do

    ‘Jungle Cruise’ filled with adventures and bad puns

    Take last weekends new release, Disneys Jungle Cruise. The family friendly tentpole, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, debuted atop North American box office charts with $34 million. It generated $27.6 million internationally and $30 million on Disney Plus, amounting to $90 million in combined revenues.

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    Movies Filmed On Kauai Faqs

    What are some of the most popular movies filmed in Kauai Hawaii?

    While there have been dozens of movies shot in Kauai, some of the most famous include Jurassic Park, The Descendants, Blue Hawaii, Tropic Thunder, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Outbreak, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Can I take a Kauai movie tour?

    Absolutely! Weve done it before and its perfect for people who love films! This Kauai Movie Adventure takes you bunch of movie sites in East Shore and North Shore Kauai. Plus, it includes lunch at Tahiti Nui, made famous by the George Clooney film The Descendants.

    Where are some other Kauai film locations?

    Many scenes from The Descendants were filmed in Hanalei. The classic Elvis movie Blue Hawaii was filmed at Lydgate Beach Park and the now-closed Coco Palms Hotel. Honeymoon in Vegas was filmed in Kapaa Town. And Lumahai Beach was featured in South Pacific.

    Even At A Technical Level

    may be a major blockbuster with a $200 million budget, but somehow, from start to finish, it never looks like it. From the overuse of green screen to the surprisingly mediocre visual effects, the film barely stays afloat on a technical level.

    Several set pieces like fist-fighting at a market and outrunning a waterfall are supposed to be exciting, but when the scene cuts too often and relies on shots that are framed way too close, the flow of every scene comes off as clunky. Even a stunt like Blunt balancing on a ladder with no support feels phony because we only get a close-up of her face that cuts to a close-up of the feet of the ladder. Never do we get a wide shot of her balancing the ladder on her own.

    These technical issues are prevalent in every action scene: too many close-ups and too many cuts. Add that with a ton of green screen and CGI and the entire movie comes off as bland. It feels as if there is barely anything tangible for the cast to work with. Its a shame because there are moments where the characters butt heads with each other or the scene sets up an upcoming set-piece with good anticipation and/or tension. There are moments where the film is about to have some fun, and yet, the cinematography or editing would hamper the momentum, and the film would then awkwardly halt in place and just lie there.

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