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What Is The Best Month To Cruise To Bermuda

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Best And Worst Times To Cruise The Caribbean

Best Time to Visit Bermuda for Vacation

The best time to cruise to the Caribbean depends on personal preferences for weather, prices and crowds. But some months are better than others, especially spring to early summer.

But for the most part, the best time to cruise the Caribbean is January through April during the dry season, especially in April when temperatures are warmer. The worst time is September and October during the peak months of the Caribbean hurricane season.

May is a brief rainy season for some destinations. June through August are popular with families on summer break. June is the best time to cruise the Caribbean in the summer because it has lower risk of rain than July or August.

The weather is a major factor because rainfall is often quite heavy in the Caribbean during certain times of the year.

It is especially true during the Caribbean hurricane season, which lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November. During that period, total rainfall rises until it reaches a high point in September and October. As a result, both months are the least popular times of the year to vacation in the Caribbean.

Temperatures also are a factor to consider. People who love beaches may find that winter in the Caribbean brings cooler seawater, especially in more northern destinations.

During the summer, people who dont like humidity and temperatures higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit will find some destinations uncomfortably hot.

Bermuda Is One Of The Safest Cruise Port Destinations

Bermuda feels safe, youll often hear this said about Bermuda. Of course, as a visitor, youll always want to take normal safety precautions as you travel. However, Bermuda is an island where you can feel very comfortable taking the public bus and ferries, just as the locals do. The public transit system is safe and efficient, and youll often be greeted with a friendly Goodday as you board.

Cruisers can feel comfortable walking around near the ship right in Dockyard, where you will find many shops and casual restaurants and pubs. There is even a beach party at Snorkel Park Beach, a 5 minute walk from the port, where many cruisers go out in groups and enjoy.

Best Cruises To Bermuda In 2020

Thinking of taking a cruise to Bermuda? We have our updated list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. See which ship is perfect for your next trip.

Are you considering a trip to Bermuda this summer? If so, you will want to have a look at our list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. From brand new ships with innovative features to classic ships that have recently been refurbished, there is a cruise ship sailing to Bermuda that is right for you. Which one will you choose?

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You Need To Carefully Choose The Ship

Because youre going to spend a good chunk of your short Bermuda cruise not in Bermuda at all, but on your ship, its important to choose the right vessel for you.

One way to look at short Bermuda cruises is that they really are resort vacations, not Bermuda vacations, with the resort being your cruise ship. Put another way, the vessel isnt your transportation to your destination. It is your destination. The stop in Bermuda is almost tangential to the experience.

So, you want to look closely at the various ships offering the trips and weigh how they match up to your personality. Are you a huge Disney fan? That makes it easy. The three short Disney sailings to Bermuda later this year are the way to go . Meet-and-greets with Disney characters, Disney-themed shows and the most extensive kiddie fun zones at sea are just a few of the family-friendly allures of a Disney cruise.

For families who arent so hung up on Disney, a top choice is Anthem of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean ship sailing out of the New York area . Its chock-full of family-friendly attractions that play particularly well with teens such as a deck-top skydiving simulator and a bumper cars pavilion.

Cruise Ship Health And Travel Insuranceto Visit Bermuda

Best Time to Cruise Bermuda  CruiseBooking.com

Bermuda hospital and emergencytreatment costs are higher than in the USA. Always prudently take out travelinsurance, spare money and have adequate hospital and medical health insurance to cope with possible unexpectedproblems in a foreign country, such as Bermuda. In emergencies, contact the KingEdward VII Memorial Hospital – note its rate of charges for visitors – in PagetParish. If you are hospitalized in Bermuda, you or your insurance will always be responsible. Unlike Canada, United Kingdom andIreland, Bermuda has no National Health Service and no freeclinics or free medical or surgical or prescription for visitors. Bermudadoes not give free hospital and surgical benefits to visitors from USA who claimthey have no health insurance. If you ignore warnings not tohire a scooter or moped unless you are thoroughly used to driving them on theleft hand side of the road and don’t have healthcare/major medical insurance, you will have topay and dearly. Affordable local accommodation in Bermuda forspouses or friends or families who come to visit you in hospital, is difficultor impossible to find, especially in thecruise ship or tourist high season from April to November.

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See An Underwater Shipwreck At Night


If youre visiting the island with kids , one of the most unique things to do in Bermuda is to embark on an evening shipwreck tour. From the comfort of a glass-bottom boat, youll sail out to one of Bermudas most famous shipwrecks from the 1800s: the H.M.S. Vixen. Tours take place just after sunset, and once the captain turns on the underwater lights, youll get an amazing view of the reef and the creatures that live there, many of which stay hidden during the day.

As you admire the underwater world, the boat crew will share stories about the on-the-water world of yesteryear, including tales of pirates and the islands history. Its one of the few ways you can get a scuba-divers view of Bermuda without ever getting wet.

Contract And Other Cruiseships

  • Contract cruiseships. Those those subsidized by the Bermuda Government to come to Bermuda weeklyin the season. They include Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. They offer regular Bermudasailings. Those on contractships get to spend several days in Bermuda and thus have the chance to see Bermudain some depth. Other cruises last only part of a day, 12 hours or less.

  • Other cruise lines. Include Aida Cruises,Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard, HollandAmerica, OceaniaCruises, P& O, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven SeasCruises, Royal Caribbean International, Seabourn Cruises, SilverseaCruises and Windstar Cruises.

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Bermuda In June July And August

By June, the Bermuda islands are heating up. However, the weather is lovely with highs just under 90 degrees. The water temperature is perfect for swimming and other water activities. This is the ideal time to frolic with dolphins. Summer is also the prime time for fishing, Spend a day on the Jolly Roger for a bit of Atlantic Reef Fishing. The reefs also offer incredible snorkeling opportunities. There are many underwater shipwrecks to explore. Several shipwrecks are just 15 feet or so below the surface of the water, which is perfect for snorkeling.

Summer is also festival season in Bermuda. On Wednesday Harbor Nights, the streets in Hamilton come alive with steel drums, dancers, and street vendors. On Sundays, the Royal Naval Dockyard has crafts, music, face painting and more.

Bermuda Cruises From Boston

Best Time To Cruise | 2 Minute Breakdown

Bermuda cruises on Norwegian Cruise Line’s glamorous Norwegian Gem depart weekly from Boston’s Flynn CruisePort from April through early November.

These affordable 7 night / 8 day round-trip Boston to Bermuda cruise vacations are THE most popular cruises out of our CruisePort – and for good reason.

When you cruise to Bermuda from Boston, you get the fun of a special voyage on Norwegian Cruise Line’s glamorous Norwegian Gem plus time to explore and enjoy this sunny and welcoming island.

Imagine yourself relaxing in a comfy deck chair and soaking up some sun as your ship cruises toward Bermuda. During the evenings, you’ll feel totally entertained by the nightly shows and performances.

Once you reach Bermuda, you can visit the famous pink-sand beaches, snorkel and scuba dive among colorful fish, and enjoy world-class shopping along Hamilton Street.

Finally, you’ll have a couple more days to enjoy the ship as you return to Boston. Savor the delicious cuisine, try some of the fine wines, head to the spa for pampering.

Best of all: these first-class cruises from Boston to Bermuda depart every week throughout the summer. Choose 4-7 nights, which MUCH lower rates than you might expect:

Top photo: Bermuda’s Horseshoe Beach – Photo credit: Jeremy T. Hetzel

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Best Time To Visit Bermuda On A Cruise

Cruises to Bermuda are generally available between April and late October, with peak season being the summer months of June through August. Certain cruises make trips until the end of December and are relatively rare.

Bermuda has a mild climate even during the winter months. The peak storm season typically falls between August and October, with October being the wettest month.

Bermuda cruises regularly have many tourists who often make return visits to Bermuda indicating the island’s popularity. Since it is a small island, the maximum number of cruise liners that can dock is restricted. You may check that with your cruise company while booking the tickets.

Bermuda cruises are filled with wonder and surprise. Book your cruise today and enjoy nature, history, and culture like never before!

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Bermuda Weather In October

is the last month of the busy season and the second to last month of hurricane season. Temperatures begin to dip down during October but still remain optimal for water sports. Snorkelers and scuba divers will especially love the water conditions with the relatively high visibility of up to 120 feet and warm water temperatures averaging in the high 70s. On land, the temperatures fluctuate between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the low 70s, making it much more pleasant for hiking than some of the summer months. The humidity also falls and makes the heat more bearable for those who dont fare well in humid weather.

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Best Month To Visit Bermuda

May: The best month to visit Bermuda is May, when the weather is ideal. It’s not yet too hot and humid, and the beaches are less populated. Cruise ships are still not as plentiful, and the streets, buses, restaurants, and museums are relatively crowd-free.

May is also when Bermudians celebrate Bermuda Day, formerly known as Victoria Day in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Happening at the end of May, this special day is marked by a parade of floats, dancing, and other lively entertainment. The long weekend of Bermuda Day is the official beginning of the summer and the busiest season on the island.

Where To Find Deals On Norwegian Gem Boston To Bermuda Cruises

Hidden Gems of Bermuda Tour: Discovering the Best of ...

Norwegian GemBrendan Purdy

Compared with other gateway cities, Boston usually offers the cheapest prices for cruises to Bermuda – so departing from here instead of another city can easily save you a few hundred dollars.

For rock-bottom internet prices, check Priceline – their cruise specials are tough to beat. They almost always throw in something extra to make a good deal great, such as free hotel nights and free spending vouchers.

Even though they’re best known for last-minute cruise deals, Priceline actually offers extremely competitive rates at most times. Plus, they offer a 110% best cruise price guarantee.

Cruise prices peak during summer months, when schools are on vacation and family cruises are popular, and then drop again in mid-August and September.

So to find the cheapest Bermuda cruises from Boston, check dates for the beginning and end of the cruise season when most kids are in school.

You can also compare available specials on Travelocity’s Cruise Deals page.

If you look at the per-day charge, you’ll see why cruises are such a great bargain. Cruise rates start at under $500 – that’s well under $100 per day – much, much cheaper than the cheapest Boston hotel, plus your meals and entertainment are included!

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Top Tourist Attractions In Bermuda: Beaches Diving Shopping & More

Bermuda’s sensational pink-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise water, coral reefs and shipwrecks, world-class shopping, and unspoiled natural beauty mean you’ll find plenty to do once your cruise arrives.

Norwegian Gem docks in King’s Wharf on Bermuda’s western tip, in the attractive Royal Navy Dockyard cruise port. Stroll around Clocktower Mall and explore the many shops loaded with fine British goods as well as inexpensive souvenirs. Pop into the Bermuda Maritime Museum to get a great overview of the island’s historic past.

Coral reefs surround Bermuda, and produce its famed pink-sand beaches. Some of the best for you to enjoy include:

  • Horseshoe Bay – great for families who appreciate the lifeguards on duty all summer. You’ll find changing facilities and water sports equipment rental here as well
  • Elbow Beach – almost a mile of pale pink sand and safe swimming thanks to protective offshore coral reefs
  • Church Bay – gorgeous deep pink sand. The sheltered location harbors abundant marine life. You can rent snorkel gear on site and dive in this ideal bay

Best Time Of Year To Cruise To Bermuda

  • Bermuda

Few destinations invoke such an image of pure relaxation and ultimate holiday fun than Bermuda does.

This archipelago of small islands lies in a beautiful turquoise sea and allures visitors with its swaying palm trees, soft beaches and vibrant island culture.

Bermuda is a place where you can go on literally dozens of different outdoor adventures or simply laze your afternoon away on golden sands. You can connect with locals or attend one of the many annual festivals. No wonder that Condé Nast readers have voted Bermuda as the best island in the Caribbean/Atlantic no fewer than eighteen times since 1994. The archipelago is also considered to be one of the worlds top destinations for adventure travelers.

It boasts a fascinating history as well. If youre a history buff, youll find plenty to discover in Bermuda, from museums to historic sites and colonial buildings. The first European explorer to reach the archipelago was the Spanish captain Juan de Bermudez, after whom the islands are named. He did so in 1503. Since its discovery, Bermuda has been under the rule of the English Virginia Company and, later, became a British colony. Nowadays, its still part of the British Commonwealthits the oldest remaining, and the most populous, Overseas Territory of Great Britain. Bermudas capital, St. George, is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New World.

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Hurricane Season: Worst Time To Go

The worst time to visit Bermuda is October when the average rainfall is more than six inches.

Bermuda has the damaging effects of a hurricane about once every six or seven years, according to the Bermuda Weather Service. Covering an area of approximately 20 square miles, Bermuda is a small target and as a result rarely suffers a direct hit, the service says.

Other months with a high risk of rain are January, June, August and September. The high risk of rain in January is unusual compared to Caribbean destinations. January is part of the dry season for them.

Golfers and other visitors who enjoy land recreations and want to get away for a quick island trip should consider waiting until February or March.

When To Go In Bermuda

6 Things to know BEFORE moving to Bermuda

A semitropical island, Bermuda enjoys a mild climate the term “Bermuda high” has come to mean sunny days and clear skies. The Gulf Stream, which flows between the island and North America, keeps the climate temperate. There’s no rainy season, and no typical month of excess rain. Showers may be heavy at times, but the skies clear quickly.

Being farther north in the Atlantic than The Bahamas, Bermuda is much cooler in winter. Springlike temperatures prevail from mid-December to late March, with the average temperature ranging from 60° to 70°F . Unless it rains, winter is fine for golf and tennis but not for swimming it can be cool, and you may even need a sweater or a jacket. Water temperatures in winter are somewhat like the air temperature, ranging from about 66°F in January to 75°F through March. Scuba divers and snorkelers will find Bermuda’s waters appreciably cooler than Caribbean waters in winter. From mid-November to mid-December and from late March to April, be prepared for unseasonable spurts of spring or summer weather.

In summer, the temperature rarely rises above 85°F . There’s nearly always a cool breeze in the evening, but some hotels have air-conditioning. And local water temperatures can be as high as 86°F during the summer — warmer than many inshore and offshore Caribbean waters.

The Hurricane Season


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Learn About Bermudas English History

Fort Scaur

Travelers interested in history will probably want to visit a few of the islands historical sites, like Fort Scaur or Fort St. Catherine. Since Bermuda is quite remote and was once a key outpost in the Atlantic Ocean, the British built several forts around the island to defend it against both foreign invasion and pirates. Visitors can tour the forts and learn about the islands fascinating maritime and political history. Most forts are open year-round, but theyre best visited in the summer since theyre the perfect spot to cool down a bit when you need a midday break from the sun.

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