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2022 Gmc 2500 Adaptive Cruise Control

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How To Get Started With Adaptive Cruise Control

2022 GMC Sierra Limited Adaptive Cruise Control

1. To turn the feature on, press the cruise control ON/OFF button on the steering wheel. When the system is turned on, youll see a white ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL icon in your cluster display or on your Head-Up Display, if your vehicle has that feature. The icon may look like a speedometer with a vehicle on top of it or an arc with a small triangle pointing through it.

2. To choose a cruise speed, press the SET button while driving at the desired speed. The white ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL icon will change to green, which means the system is in use.

At4 Premium Plus Package

includes AT4 Preferred Package, Driver Alert Package I, Driver Alert II, 20″ machined aluminum wheels with high gloss Black accents, power sunroof, Technology Package and AT4 high clearance step, LPO AT4 high clearance step can be substituted with Sport Step, Black, LPO or power-retractable, Black assist steps but no other assist steps are available. 20″ machined aluminum wheels with high gloss Black accents can be upgraded to 20″ High gloss Black painted wheels, LPO, 20″ Machined Aluminum Bolt Pattern with High Gloss Black Accents wheels, LPO or 20″ high gloss Black aluminum wheels with machined accents, LPO.)*GROSS*AT4 Premium Plus PackageAT4 Preferred PackageBed View Camera1HD Surround Vision with Two Trailer View Camera Provisions1Universal Home RemoteRear sliding power window8″ diagonal Premium GMC Infotainment with navigation2Bose®3 Premium Sound System with Richbass® wooferLED roof marker lamps Wireless charging4Driver Alert Package IFront and Rear Park Assist1Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert1Rear Cross Traffic Alert1Perimeter lightingDriver Alert Package II,Forward Collision Alert1Lane Departure Warning1Automatic Emergency Braking1IntelliBeam®Following Distance Indicator120″ machined aluminum wheels with high gloss Black accentsPower sunroofTechnology PackageRear Camera Mirror1Multicolor 15″ Diagonal Head-Up Display8″ Digital Driver Information CenterAT4 high clearance stepMay require additional optional equipment

Featuring An Even Safer New Gmc Sierra 2500hd

Safety is important to our customers from Rockwall, and that’s why Heritage Buick GMC is proud to offer you many new available safety features in the new GMC Sierra 2500HD. Be sure to check out these options to keep your family and work crew safe during every driving season:

  • Adaptive cruise control with an added camera feature
  • IntelliBeam headlight lamps
  • Lane change and side blind-zone alert
  • Following distance indicator system
  • Comprehensive 15-view camera system and more

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Take Home A New Gmc Sierra 2500hd With All

If you’ve been debating on buying or leasing a new GMC Sierra 2500HD, you’ll now find even more features that could make this the best update yet. You’ll take home more power to get everything you need to be done around Rockwall in one truck with new safety features, comfort and convenience feature updates, and major performance updates that are impressing even the toughest critics.

Heritage Buick GMC has a variety of trim levels and configurations available, so its a great time to take home an exceptional full-size truck and tremendous savings to match. Check out our online inventory, and beat the crowds before your favorite GMC Sierra 2500HD model is gone.

What You Need To Know About Adaptive Cruise Control

Does GMC Sierra Have Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive Cruise Control uses a forward-looking camera or a forward-looking camera and radar technology to monitor vehicles youre following. If the system doesnt detect a vehicle ahead, Adaptive Cruise Control works just like cruise control and maintains your selected cruise speed. When the system detects a vehicle ahead of you in your lane, it will automatically slow down or speed up your vehicle to maintain your selected following gap.

Just like cruise control, Adaptive Cruise Control uses the cruise control ON/OFF, CANCEL, SET and RESUME buttons on the steering wheel.

For more on how to use Adaptive Cruise Control, see the How-To article. This article will tell you about the different applications of the feature and some things to know before using it.

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Gmc Sierra Gets Way Nicer With Two New Trims

Customers said they wanted more. GMC delivered.

The 2022 GMC Sierra pickup premiered to a truck-hungry American audience during Thursday Night Football. It copies some of the Silverado upgrades, including Super Cruise with towing. GMC adds two new trims, both more expensive than the already exclusive AT4 and Denali. In total, the updated truck will feature more than 40 inches of screen, including a new head-up display. GMC also managed to make the grille bigger, somehow.

“Sierra’s momentum continues to accelerate, as the fastest growing model in the segment,” said Duncan Aldred, global vice president of GMC and Buick. “With the 2022 Sierra, GMC is offering customers more advanced technologies, upscale appointments and increased capability across the Sierra lineup including the all-new Sierra Denali Ultimate and AT4X.”

The 2022 Sierra Denali will now be the second most expensive trim in the lineup, below the new Denali Ultimate. As expected, it will be the most luxurious in the stable, and probably in the class. That top trim comes standard with Super Cruise, the CarbonPro carbon fiber bed, and the MultiPro six-way tailgate.

To spot the Denali Ultimate, look for the “Vader” dark chrome grille, exclusive 22-inch wheels in low gloss black, dark logos and fender trim featuring Mount Denali, the highest peak in the US. It also comes with power assist steps and an adaptive suspension adjusting via Terrain Modes.

Gmc Sierra 2500 Comfort

The General Motors small-block V8 engine has provided the Sierra 2500 with flexibility and power for multiple generations. Its optional Duramax diesel engine lets the driver rev and brake with ease. Low-end power and better fuel mileage make the Sierra 2500 a comfortable and quiet long-distance cruiser. The 2500 rides smoothly and handles easily, even over harsh terrain.

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How To Use Adaptive Cruise Control

Difficulty Level: Novice | Time Required: 2 Minutes | Tools Required: None

If your vehicle has this available feature, Adaptive Cruise Control can automatically maintain a driver-selected gap time from the detected vehicle youre following while you steer. This feature reduces the need to frequently brake and accelerate when youre driving.

Sa Safety Confidence Package

GMC Adaptive Cruise Control

includes Forward Collision Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking, Cruise Control, Steering wheel audio controls and Driver Information Center pickup bed delete.)1SA Safety Confidence PackageForward Collision Alert1Automatic Emergency Braking1Front Pedestrian Braking1Steering wheel audio controls4.2″ diagonal color Driver Information CenterCruise control

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Available Chevy Safety Assist

Assisting you when it matters most.

Chevy Safety Assist bundles six of our most advanced safety features together to give you more confidence each time you drive.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Intellibeam® Auto High Beam Assist
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Intellibeam® Auto High Beam Assist

Why Did It Take So Long For The Gmc Sierra Line To Get Adaptive Cruise Control

With a price tag that rests upwards of $29,000 for a new basic model, it’s pretty clear that the GMC Sierra line is supposed to be a luxury truck line. It’s surprising to hear, then, that this line has experienced so many delays when it comes to their driver assistance features and safety features.

The company never really gave an honest answer as to why delays happened, but many speculate that it was partially due to the desire to perfect the technology before its unveiling. Regardless of the reason for the delays, GMC made a noble attempt to add new features to the Sierra line in order to make it more competitive with top sellers like the Chevy Silverado or Ford F-150.

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Does 2021 Gmc Sierra Have Remote Start

Start your Next Generation Sierra 1500 with a press of a button with this Remote Start Upgrade package from GMC. This Genuine GMC Accessories Remote Start package enables you to pre-warm or cool the cabin of your vehicle and seamlessly integrates with the anti-theft and remote keyless entry systems.

Driver Alert Package I

2021 GMC Sierra 1

includes Front and Rear Park Assist, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert Not Equipped with Front and Rear Park Assist, which removes Front and Rear Park Assist. See dealer for details or the window label for the features on a specific vehicle. Includes Perimeter Lighting.Requires SLE Convenience Package or Fleet Comfort Package. Not available with pickup bed delete. Requires trailer mirrors.)Driver Alert Package ILane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert1Rear Cross Traffic Alert1Front and Rear Park Assist1 Perimeter LightingMay require additional optional equipment

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Snow Plow Prep/camper Package

includes 220-amp alternator, includes increased front GAWR on Heavy Duty models, skid plates , pass through dash grommet hole and roof emergency light provisions. Contact GM Upfitter Integration at for plow installation details and assistance. Note: if ordered for Camper usage, recommend ordering Trailering wiring provisions 220-amp alternator and is upgradeable to Dual alternators . Not available with Heavy Duty Front Spring/Camper Package.)Snow Plow Prep / Camper PackagePower feed to accommodate a backup and roof emergency light1A single 220-amp alternatorHeavy-duty front springsUnder body skid plates to help protect the transfer case from debrisMay require additional optional equipment

Take Advantage Of Our Top

Buying or leasing your own GMC SierraHD model is an experience of a lifetime. You’ll be among the first to experience the newest upgrades, and you’ll have added peace of mind with our GM factory-backed warranty service. Our technicians thoroughly inspect and road test each new GMC Sierra 2500HD model to ensure that it meets our strict pre-sale criteria.

Taking a test drive is the best way to familiarize yourself with all the new GMC Sierra 2500HD updates, so contact Heritage Buick GMC, and well be happy to get you into a new GMC today.

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Does Cruise Control Save Gas

Though most people think of using cruise control as a way to make sure that you don’t have to have your foot on the gas all the time, this feature comes with a secondary perk. Using cruise control over long stretches of road will help you save gas. This is because cruise control keeps your truck’s speed steady, which in turn, reduces the need to increase gasoline use due to acceleration.

Can You Get Adaptive Cruise Control Added To An Old Gmc Sierra Model

How to use Adaptive Cruise control on GMC vehicles.

Though it technically could be done , it’s not a good idea in the least. This would take several thousand dollars’ worth of parts to do, not to mention tons of labor. Since it would be so prohibitively expensive, most mechanics wouldn’t touch this type of project. It’s better to just wait until you get a new truck to get adaptive cruise control.

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Does Gmc Sierra Have Adaptive Cruise Control

The GMC Sierra became one of the most requested truck models the brand has ever made, with much of the fan-love being a direct result of the truck’s ruggedness. Rugged as it may be, the Sierra still has a slew of features. One of the more desired features for luxury truck lines is adaptive cruise control. But, does the GMC Sierra line actually offer this perk? We did the research for you.

GMC Sierras manufactured prior to 2020 will not have adaptive cruise control. However, the company’s stance on providing adaptive cruise control has recently changed. Starting with their 2020 line, GMC Sierras in the 1500, 2500, and 3500 lines have it available in their Denali, AT4, and SLT trims. The new 2021 line also included the SLE trim as an adaptive cruise control-friendly choice.

Adaptive cruise control is one of the hottest new drivers’ assistance features in the truck world. If you’re curious about this feature and why it’s now getting to be a common sight, keep reading.

Before you continue reading, let us say We hope you find the links here useful. If you purchase something through a link on this page, we may get a commission, so thank you!

Gooseneck / 5th Wheel Package

includes Gooseneck / 5th Wheel Prep Package. Convenience Package or Fleet Convenience Package.Includes Trailer brake controller and spray-on bed liner.Not available with pickup bed delete.)Gooseneck / 5th Wheel PackageGooseneck / 5th Wheel Prep PackageHitch platform to accept Gooseneck or Fifth-wheel hitchHitch platform with tray to accept ball and stamped bed holes with caps installedBed mounted 7-pin trailer harnessPro includes trailer brake controllerPro, SLE and SLT includes Spray-on bed linerSLT, AT4 and Denali includes Bed View Camera1May require additional optional equipment

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What Is Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a feature that helps maintain your truck’s speed, all while adapting to your car’s spacing from other vehicles. In other words, adaptive cruise control is a safety feature that helps prevent tailgating, tickets, and rear-ending accidents. This is why most safety-oriented individuals seek out adaptive cruise control for trucks they want to buy.

For more information on pickup trucks with adaptive cruise control, check out our article “Adaptive Cruise Control For Pickup Trucks: What You Need To Know.”

How Do You Use Cruise Control On A Gmc Sierra

2021 GMC Sierra 2

Working your cruise control on a GMC Sierra is fairly easy. Here’s what you need to do in order to give this feature a shot, at least for the most basic of functions:

  • Press the cruise control button to turn it on. You will be able to find it on your steering wheel.
  • Drive the speed that you want to set it to keep, then press “SET.” You will notice your adaptive cruise control light turn white on your overhead. This denotes that you can now set the gap you want to have between cars.
  • To set the gap between cars, press “GAP SETTING” repeatedly to cycle through your options. Once you choose one, the setting will trigger your adaptive cruise control light to turn green. When it’s green, your adaptive cruise control is in full use.
  • To stop cruise control or cancel your set speed, press the cruise control button again.
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    Comfort And Convenience Features With The New Gmc Sierra 2500hd

    The GMC Sierra 2500HD offers you thoughtful touches to complement your driving experience, and your passengers will love them as well. The touchscreen-display offers an app that works with the trailering system to make towing even easier. Youll find technologically-enhanced safety features embedded through the interactive display. The exclusive GMC MultiPro Tailgate is available, and it comes as standard equipment on the SLT trim level and up.

    Available comfort features can make your GMC Sierra 2500HD even more enjoyable with heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, ventilated cushions with bucket seats, a power rear window, and more. Youll have access to OnStar services and infotainment center options, so staying connected while in your GMC Sierra 2500HD is easy.

    The 2022 Gmc Sierra Hd Offers Immense Capability With Looks To Match

    What kind of vehicle is the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD? What does it compare to?

    The 2022 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty lives up to its billing with serious capability for those who need it the most. Shop it against the nearly identical Chevrolet Silverado HD as well as the Ford Super Duty, Ram Heavy Duty, and perhaps the Sierra 1500.

    Is the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD a good truck?

    With the inherent balance between capability and everyday usability in mind, we rate the Sierra 2500HD at 7.0 out of 10. Two caveats are worth noting, though: trucks this big are not tested by the feds for either their safety or their fuel economy, so we dont score them in those categories.

    What’s new for the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD?

    The 2022 Sierra HD lineup sees few changes aside from some paint color tweaks. The base version is renamed Pro but retains the same specifications as last years model.

    Regular, extended-, and crew-cab versions of the 2022 Sierra 2500HD and heavier-duty 3500 are offered, with various different bed lengths as well as the option for dual rear wheels.

    A standard 6.6-liter V-8 pushes 401 hp to the rear or all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission. Those who really need this trucks hauling ability should consider saving up for the spendy 6.6-liter turbodiesel for its 910 lb-ft of torque rating.

    How much does the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD cost?

    Where is the 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD made?

    In Roanoke, Indiana.

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    How Do I Know If My Gmc Has Adaptive Cruise Control

    Once its turned on, youll see a white Adaptive Cruise Control icon on your driver display. 2. Press the Set button on the left side of the steering wheel when you reach your desired cruising speed. The white Adaptive Cruise Control icon on your driver display will turn green.

    Trailering With Adaptive Cruise Control

    2021 gmc Sierra adaptive cruise in traffic

    If equipped, Adaptive Cruise Control may be used when towing an attached trailer that is electrically connected and within GM-approved allowable size and weight limits.

    When you turn on Adaptive Cruise Control while trailering and change the gap settings, an icon will appear in your Driver Information Center next to your gap setting display that indicates you have trailering functionality for Adaptive Cruise Control equipped.

    When towing a trailer, Adaptive Cruise Control driving characteristics, such as following gap, acceleration rates and braking rates may be modified to provide a better towing experience.

    When towing a trailer with Adaptive Cruise Control, it is important to properly set the Trailer Gain. Check your Owners Manual for more information on setting Trailer Gain.

    It is recommended you select Tow/Haul mode when driving down steep hills or mountain grades, or when hauling heavy loads.

    If you turn on Adaptive Cruise Control and do not see the trailering icon in the DIC when you try to change your gap settings, your vehicle is not properly equipped to use Adaptive Cruise Control while trailering. If this is the case, do not use Adaptive Cruise Control while trailering.

    Adaptive Cruise Control should not be used while towing a trailer with an aftermarket trailer brake controller. Aftermarket trailer brake controllers may not function properly with the Adaptive Cruise Control system.

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