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Are There Any Singles Cruises

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Best River Cruise: American Cruise Lines

9 Things You Can’t Do On A Cruise Any More !

Courtesy of American Cruise Lines

  • Ship Name: American Constitution
  • Itinerary: Troy/Albany, Kingston, Hyde Park, Catskill, West Point, Sleepy Hollow, New York, New York

If youd like to cruise in your own backyard, American Cruise Lines is a small-ship company that explores waterways in the U.S. like the Mississippi, Columbia and Snake Rivers, the East Coasts Intracoastal Waterway, and more. Single cabins are found on every one of the companys vessels and are some of the largest in the industry, including the American Constitution a 175-passenger ship with both interior balcony staterooms ranging from 226 to 238 square feet. The open-seating dining program and included cocktail hours make it easy for solo travelers to get to know fellow passengers. In addition, the Hudson River fall foliage voyage sails round trip from New York City.

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The Options Are Out There For Your Next Singles Cruise Holiday

There really is no age limit for senior singles cruises and you will only be limited by your own attitude. There, of course, may be limitations on your mobility but even then the ship will be easily accessible and you will be able to have a whole host of different activities to cater to your needs.

Whether you are looking for singles cruises over 40, an over 50 singles cruise or cruises for singles over 60, there will always be something that you will love to do and there will be plenty of chances to meet someone your own age and be able to find fellow singles who have similar interests to you and who will be in the same situation.

For those reasons, singles cruises for mature travelers are incredibly special and you could well find that your first ever singles cruise is your last one, as your next sea adventure could well be with your new partner. If its not then it could simply be your next chance to have an amazing adventure where meeting new people or a special friend could be the icing on top of the cake.

If you are a first-time cruise passenger then you would be soon to find why so many people love this type of vacation. If you have been on cruises in the past and are worried about traveling alone, then youll soon find that your new type of adventure is going to be a very special one.

Expectation: Ill Be Forced To Socialize With Other Solo Travelers

Reality: A singles cruise is going to be planned with a lot of activities to be able to enjoy yourself and be able to have fun while you are onboard. If you are up for it, then you will never be short of activities and events to attend while you are on the cruise.

None of these activities are going to be mandatory and you will be able to sit out anything that you didnt like. You have the freedom to do what you want to do including not attending events that you didnt like or leaving one that wasnt what you expected it to be.

At these types of events, it is likely that you are going to be encouraged to join in but you are only going to do what you want and youll never be forced into anything. These are relaxed environments where you will be able to have fun at your own pace.

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Cruises For Singles And Solo Travelers

Vacations To Go hosts more singles and helps more solo cruisers than any other company. Whether you are looking for a fun-loving group of singles to travel with or merely trying to find the lowest possible price for a solo traveler, you’ve come to the right place.

Every year, we offer a wide selection of fabulous itineraries in different regions of the world, on outstanding cruise ships, and negotiate an extremely low rate for our single and solo travelers. We send trained hosts from our headquarters to organize get-togethers, cocktail parties, dinner seating and more, allowing individuals or friends to travel as part of a large and fun-loving group of singles.

Our hosted singles department is open Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm, U.S. Central Time.Check out our hosted singles cruises!If you are not looking for a hosted singles cruise but still want the lowest possible rate to cruise as a single, we can help with that, too.

Cruise lines generally charge a “single supplement” to passengers traveling solo. From the cruise line’s perspective, what they are selling is cabin space, and if there are two or more people in a cabin, they split the cost of that space. People traveling alone pay for all the space by themselves.

Most cruise lines start with the per-person rate based on double occupancy and add 50-100% to the price for a single. That means that a cabin that sells for $1,000 per person based on double occupancy would be sold to a single for $1,500 to $2,000.

Are There Rules About Dress For Dinner Or When The Ship Is Docked

Cruising with Disabilities: Are Carnival Cruise Line

Yes. You must be dressed for meals, though outfits range widely from vacation casual to skimpy, see-through dresses.

When in port, some cruises offer clothing-optional specific excursions, but expect to wear clothes for activities like ziplining or land-based sightseeing. The American Association for Nude Recreation suggests taking a “clothed when practical, nude when appropriate” approach to visits to nude resorts or beaches. The same approach would apply to cruise ships.

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Expectation: Youre Better On A Regular Cruise Vacation

Reality: You might not think that a singles cruise is going to be the best choice for you and instead would rather go on a regular cruise and enjoy the onboard activities as a solo traveler. If youre looking to find new people, then this probably isnt going to be the best idea.

Regular cruises are essentially set-up for couples and this will apply to the dining experience, the activities and the entertainment. Without anything single-specific, you might find that it is a lonely cruise vacation, unless you are looking for seclusion.

The chances of meeting someone on a regular cruise are going to be slim if they have nothing set-up for singles. There is also the factor that you are likely to pay a lot more for the experience too with port charges and also the single supplement.

Best Single Cruise Lines For Hooking Up

Before you dive into the sea-faring boat market, its essential to understand that some cruise companies thrive in Single cruising business compared to others.

Based on your age and preferences, Its critical to choose the proper cruise line When youre single and eager to mingle.

Below are some of the best singles cruises for hooking up .

Royal Caribbean Singles Activities Galore

The singles scene is alive and well in Royal Caribbean.

You can hang out with other solo travelers at the Haven Lounge onboard, mingle over a cocktail, during pub crawl events, or participate in one of their many singles events.

One activity they have thats unique to them:

Cruise Cupid, where you get paired up with someone who matches your interests for an entire cruise based solely on an alphanumeric code given upon registration.-They say it works like magic!

There are plenty more such as Mardi Gras celebrations and game nights just for singles happening onboard too. The best part?

Single cruises dont mean single cabins, so therell always be some companionship going on, whether for drinks or more.

Norwegian Cruise Line Sail Away to Romance and Fun

Norwegian Cruise Line has been in the cruising business for over 40 years.

In this time, they have perfected their game and created an environment that is conducive to mingling with singles of all ages.

If its high-energy nightlife or daytime poolside fun youre after, Norwegian Cruise Line has it covered.

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River Ship Line #: Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

Scenics 15 luxurious river ships sail waters across Europe and Asia, from the Danube in Germany to the Irrawaddy in Myanmar to the Volga in Russia. Each voyage is completely all-inclusivetransfers, excursions, all food and beverage , and gratuities are covered in the ratemaking for a truly relaxing and stress-free experience. And did we mention theres butler service for every cabin?

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What Are The Pros & Cons For Mature Singles Cruisers

6 Cruises To Now Steer Clear Of (Even If Looks Good In The Brochures !)

As we have already seen here, there are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to traveling on a cruise if you are a more mature traveler. There are a lot more advantages though in general, especially if you are going to be choosing a vacation that is going to be able to match your needs.

A solo cruise can be a wonderful adventure where you will be able to spend your time meeting new people, potentially partners and friends for life. Youll also be able to explore some incredible ports and destinations, with shore excursions that are going to be able to give you some of your greatest memories.

Not only that, there is also the advantage of having everything in one place, which will give you very few worries about what you have to do. Almost everything will be taken care of for you which will give you the ultimate amount of relaxation with plenty of free time. There is a reason tours and cruises for singles are incredibly popular as you get the comfort of staying in a wonderful hotel and the adventure of being somewhere different every day.

As far as the cons go, this will often be down to your own personality and what you like. Some ships will have a lot more singles than others and some will have activities that might not be to your taste. As we discussed earlier, it may be that the ships your on is too big or too small for your needs. This is why it is important to look for an experience that is going to be a perfect match for you.

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Expectation: I Wont Meet Other Single Travelers My Age

Reality: Singles cruises are going to be available for a vast range of different age groups, not only is there going to be plenty of people around your age range on any given cruise line but there are also age-specific single person cruises that are available for people who want more certainty about their fellow passengers.

On standard single cruises you will find that the majority of passengers are going to be in the 30-50 range but there will also be plenty of people above that with some of them below that too. There will be a lot of people who are going to be around your age, whatever that might be.

This is not something that you are going to have to worry about as you are going to meet plenty of people. If you are 60+ then there may be more limited opportunities to meet fellow passengers but you will still have plenty of people to speak to and have a lot of fun.

Cruises For Singles In Their 50s

McDaniel said that a river cruise is a great option for someone in their 50s, with many waiving the single supplement fee and putting age restrictions on passengers you may not want little kids running around. Some lines, she added, do a great job of hosting single mixers, which ads to the social experience. A cruise along the Danube or Rhine rivers is always a great choice, with McDaniel pointing to the Rhine for wine lovers.

A good option: Cities of Light on Viking River Cruises starting at $2,999/person

Why you should sign up: This 12-day cruise includes stops in some of Europes best cities. You can take a moonlit cruise along the Seine in Paris, stroll the charming streets of Prague, and tour castles in Germany . On board, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the sight of the cities slipping by.

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Tours And Cruises For Single Seniors

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Traveling alone can be quite difficult, especially if you’re a senior citizen, but fortunately, there are a number of single-friendly cruises and tours for people 60 and over.

Normally when you book a tour or cruise, you pay a per-person, double occupancy price if youre traveling alone, you are charged a higher price, normally called a single supplement. The single supplement is usually quite highup to 50 percent of the trip costbecause it is designed to recoup the income that would have been generated by a second traveler.

Fortunately, some tour operators recognize that many seniors are solo travelers and now offer “single-friendly” trips. Single-friendly tour groups and cruise lines offer no-cost or low-cost single supplements or provide guaranteed share options. By participating in a guaranteed share program, you agree to be matched with a roommate, nearly always of the same sex and smoking preference. In return, your single supplement is waived. Should your tour operator or cruise line be unable to match you with a roommate, youll still pay either a reduced single supplement or none at all.

Remember Being Alone Is Not The Same As Being Lonely

Norwegian Jade Cruise Review by ADKwanderer

Being surrounded by others in couples or groups can lead you to believe you are lonely but think about whether this is true or not. Some of the greatest adventures we ever have might be the ones we take alone. You are free to make time for yourself, see the sights you want to see, and you are on no one else’s timetable.

Yes, its nice to chat to others and share some experiences, but there are plenty of opportunities to make friends and enjoy joint experiences on board your singles cruise if you so desire. Plus, a solo cruise can be a great opportunity to learn a bit more about yourself and be selfish for a while. Enjoy this incredible trip by yourself, as with the right mindset, you wont fail to have a fantastic time!

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What Are The Best Cruises For Solo Travelers

The best cruises for solo travelers depend on the experiences you most want out of a vacation.

Are you a thrill-seeker looking to cross items off your bucket list? Want to see the capital cities of Europe without hotel-hopping and planning all your own accommodations and train travel? Are you more interested in hiking or history?

Weve crafted different itineraries for travelers of all kinds, from introverts who prefer fewer social activities to extroverts who thrive on meeting new people.

Craving time in the sun against the backdrop of white sand beaches and crystalline waters? Consider a 7- or 10-night Caribbean cruise, where snorkeling and diving shore excursions are bound to introduce you to people with similar interests and a sense of adventure.

Some of the best cruise destinations for history buffs are located in the Mediterranean, where you can tour thousand-year-old churches in Italy or see the ancient ruins of Greece up close.

There is no shortage of options for cruisers who are traveling solo.

Book Shore Excursions Through The Cruise Line

Anchorage, Alaska

Shore excursions highlight the best parts of a destination and provide unforgettable experiences. Bond with fellow passengers by exploring the port together. Youll have the chance to run into them again on the ship for more fun and conversation.

When you book a shore excursion, you know youll be spending your day surrounded by other travelers on your ship. Most ports have multiple ships calling at them each day, so its better to spend the day making new friends with people who will board your ship at the end of the day.


Choose an excursion that features a hands-on activity. This gets people out of their element and provides easy conversation starters. Chatting with others while hiking through a rainforest or waiting on a zip-lining platform can lead to fun conversations.

If you go on a sightseeing shore excursion on a bus, try to sit up near the front so youre close to the guide. Theyll usually be open to conversations and are a wealth of knowledge on the destination youre visiting.

You can ask questions and also learn about what its like to live there. Its a way to have some socialization throughout your solo cruise day in port while also learning more about the city or town youre visiting.


The best part? All the details are taken care of for you. Youll be conveniently guided right to your shore excursion transportation from the ship. Youre guaranteed to be back to the ship in time before it leaves for the next port.

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Tips For Single Travelers:

Connect with other singles who are traveling near you on the Couchsurfing app, and always offer to host travelers from out of town.

You can also make friends in your destination city by attending meetups for solo travelers!

Remember that solo travel is not about being alone all the time take advantage of opportunities like group tours, including single travelers just like yourself!

The shared experience of traveling together may make lasting friendships.

Grab a special single travelers travel insurance plan to cover you in case of injury, illness or even lost luggage.

You can also take out an international health insurance policy before traveling for peace of mind on your journey abroad.

Many travel agents offer discounts to those who book their fares independently.

Is It Safe To Cruise Solo

Best Cruise Lines for Solo Women Travellers

As with any adventure, holiday, or trip anywhere for that matter, safety can be a concern for those doing it alone and a cruise holiday will be no different. However, you can be safe in the knowledge that cruise holidays are quite simply some of the safest in the world. Being in such a confined space means that criminal activity is less likely as the culprit will still be on board the ship, making it much easier to be caught! No, cruise holidays are widely known to be safe options when it comes to all kinds of travel, but particularly solo travel.

However, there are different considerations to be had when it comes to your travel to and from the ship and when you are ashore in port towns. Again, the beauty of cruise travel, as well as booking with an agent such as Panache Cruises, is that every single element of your trip will be planned out perfectly to suit your needs. Transfers will be arranged for your trip and can even be booked for the journey to the domestic airport.

If you have concerns about managing your luggage by yourself, there are services available that we will be happy to arrange that whisks it all from your home, direct to your suite meaning you wont have to deal with it until you get on board. In country transfers can be as part of a group or private depending on which you feel more comfortable with too.

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