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Are There Cruises From New York To Europe

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Repositioning Transatlantic Cruises 2021

USA travel ban lifted – Britons arrive in New York as UK R-rate drops to lowest in Western Europe

The following table shows all major lines ships with Transatlantic cruise crossing itineraries in 2020, 2021, and 2022. To see detailed itinerary information, just follow our line-links from the table or at the top page right. After this table, you will find a separate schedule for roundtrip Transatlantic ship crossings.

Cruise lines / ships
2022 May 26 18day Fort Lauderdale to Southampton

2022 Oct 21 10day Southampton to Civitavecchia

RSSC-Regent Seven Seas Grandeur 2024 Apr 10 14day from NYC to Barcelona 2023 Nov 25 14day Barcelona to Miami

Know that all Transatlantic cruises as deals are in the very cheap cruise category. Generally, Transatlantic crossings on cruise ships feature some of the cheapest travel prices as per day rates. The only inconvenience is that these offers are very limited as to the number of ships .

Other cons are the limited number of departure dates, few departure port choices, not to forget the limited number of ports of call. Last-minute Transatlantic cruise deals offer the best possible prices. Still, some bonus perks may change your mind. Among those are the free cabin upgrades, free onboard credit, special sea day activities. Sometimes, even unlimited beverage packages are included in the deals. As to the guaranteed availability and stateroom choices, early booking is highly recommended.

Qm2 Disembarkation In New York

A note explaining QM2 disembarkation procedures appears outside your stateroom a day or two before arrival, and each deck is allocated a disembarkation time. Disembarkation takes place between 08:00 & 11:00. The upper decks with the more expensive cabins disembark first , other decks such as 4, 5 or 6 later.

Labels for your bags appear outside your stateroom the day before arrival. You put a label on each of your bags and place them in the corridor outside your stateroom between 20:00 & midnight before arrival. Your bags will disappear and will be waiting for you in the terminal hall next morning, in an area marked with the same colour as your labels.

It’s then just a matter of going through the U.S. immigration check, a slowish process but no worse than any airport. They you walk out of the terminal.

Express disembarkation: If you want to get off sooner and are happy managing all your own bags, you can register for Express disembarkation at the purser’s desk on deck 2 the day before arrival. You are given an express disembarkation card. Express disembarkation passengers gather in the Queens Room from 06:45 onwards with all their luggage, and at around 07:00 when the gangway opens you simply walk off the ship with your bags, straight into the terminal. With a Deck 4 cabin we were allocated an 11:00 disembarkation time, which would have meant half a day in New York wasted, so I’d go for express disembarkation every time!

Transatlantic Cruises From New York

Transatlantic cruises out of New York City mainly go to England although some go to Italy, Portugal, Spain or the Netherlands. Most are on the Cunard Line’s luxurious Queen Mary 2 ship but Norwegian, Princess and Regent offer cruises too. See the full calendar below.

The Transatlantic cruises usually take one week to make the trip, and they make no stops in route. What is there to do on board? Go to a Cunard Insights Enrichment Lecture, get pampered at the Canyon Ranch Spa, see presentations at the Illuminations planetarium, shop in the Mayfair boutiques, take the traditional afternoon tea, play in the Empire Casino, watch a first-run movie, swim in 5 pools , workout in the Fitness Centre, watch a live show at the Royal Court Theatre, or dance at the Gala Ball. There are also activity programs for children.

Browse New York to England cruise reviews. We’ve collected recent ones that are useful and entertaining.

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Which Cruise Ships Sail Between Europe And The Us

Several of our award-winning Celebrity Cruise ships travel between Europe and the United States. Our roster of transatlantic cruise ships includes the Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Summit, Celebrity Apex, and the Celebrity Constellation.

For More Information And Current Availability:

When Will U.S. Cruises Resume?
  • Check Cunard Cruise Schedule and Virtuoso amenities. Our Q Cruise + Travel Virtuoso website will open in a new window and display a wide range of available Cunard cruises and Transatlantic Crossings. You can further refine your search by specifying your preferred destination, travel dates, departure cities and more. Virtuoso amenities and exclusive benefits will display too. Not all Q Cruise + Travel fares and extra amenities will display online, so we recommend that you give our certified Cunard experts a call at 744 7397 or 266 7447 for the latest availability and pricing.

*Fares are in US Dollars, cruise only, non-air, per person, based on double occupancy, subject to availability, capacity controlled and include Non-Commissionable Fares. Government taxes and fees are additional and subject to change. Airfare, transfers, travel insurance, gratuities and items of a personal nature are additional. Balcony rooms on Queen Mary 2 or Oceanview rooms on Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth may have an obstructed view. Cunard Flash Fares require instant payment, are non-refundable and not combinable with other discounts or special offers. Cruise fares are subject to availability and subject to change without prior notice. Q Cruise + Travel is not responsible for typographical or other errors. At the time of communication, no fuel supplement is in effect, however, Cunard reserves the right to impose a fuel supplement in the future.

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How Much Is A Water Taxi In Venice

Fares Water Taxi Venice The fares from the airport to the city of Venice are generally well over 100 euros, even for short distances within Venice you have to pay at least 50 to 70 euros. Prices have increased significantly in recent years. There is also a night supplement, typically about 20 euros.

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New York 26 Nights Alesund, Norway | Bergen, Norway | Flaam, Norway | Hamburg, Germany | New York , NY | Olden, Norway | Sognefjord, Norway | Southampton, England | Stavanger, Norway New York 28 Nights Barcelona, Spain | Cadiz, Spain | Lisbon, Portugal | Livorno, Italy | New York , NY | Rome, Italy | Southampton, England | Villefranche, France New York 26 Nights Alesund, Norway | Bergen, Norway | Flaam, Norway | Hamburg, Germany | New York , NY | Olden, Norway | Sognefjord, Norway | Southampton, England | Stavanger, Norway Hamburg 23 Nights Bar Harbor, Maine | Boston, Massachusetts | Halifax, Canada | Hamburg, Germany | New York , NY | Newport, Rhode Island | Quebec, Canada | Southampton, England | St. John, Canada | Sydney, Canada Dubai 30 Nights Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. | Dubai, U.A.E. | Iraklion, Greece | Lisbon, Portugal | New York , NY | Safaga, Egypt | Salalah, Oman | Southampton, England | Suez Canal

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Which Is Better A Westbound Or An Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing

If you really haven’t got the time or money to go both ways by sea, you might want to go one-way by sea and the other by air. You can often find one-way QM2 fares with a ‘free’ air fare in the other direction. If you’re British and a shopaholic, the obvious advantage of going out westbound by air and back eastbound by sea is that you can shop in New York and bring back as much as you like, as there are no baggage limits on the Queen Mary 2. And you’ll have the leisurely voyage back home to look forward to at the end of your trip. However, for my money , westbound is much better. There’s the growing anticipation as you near America at the end of an outward westbound crossing, there’s the significant advantage of 25-hour days as the clocks are put back on 5 of the 7 nights due to the time difference, and best of all the spectacular arrival into New York harbour in the early morning, with that Manhattan skyline lit by the rising sun. When you’re enjoying your evenings on the town until late at night, the 23-hour days on an eastbound crossing as the clocks are put forward can be a killer! On the other hand, if I were an American heading for Europe, I might well be tempted to head out by sea eastbound, returning west by air.

Britannia Sheltered Balcony See 360 Image

Celebrity Deployment ALERT | 2023-2024 Cruises to Alaska, Europe, AUS/NZ & MORE!

This is cabin 4101 on 4 Deck. The Man in Seat 61 says, “This is my own preferred cabin for a transatlantic crossing. Even at 20 knots in mid-Atlantic the balcony remains wind-free just as the word sheltered suggests. Some people say you won’t get much use out of a balcony on the Atlantic, but I loved being able to stroll outside at any time and stand at the rail watching the Atlantic drift past. On a sunny summer crossing off Newfoundland we did indeed sit outside, and even when inside, the French windows let in lots of natural light, making it a far nicer room than an inside or outside cabin, so upgrade if you can. I have yet to travel with a more expensive full-balcony cabin, but I expect those are a lot more windswept!”.

QM2 restaurants

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Transfer By Taxi To Manhattan

The Tour Office on deck 2 offers private transfers by minivan from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to any Manhattan hotel for a ridiculous $429, or they can sell you tickets for a transfer bus for $59 per person.

However, both options are crazy, because a normal yellow cab from the terminal taxi rank to anywhere in Manhattan costs only $40 for up to 4 people and all your bags, and you’ll find plenty of taxis waiting right outside the terminal building. Enjoy the drive across the famous Brooklyn Bridge in a New York Yellow Cab!

You’ll also find plenty of black private hire vehicles outside the terminal with a fixed price of around $55 to a Manhattan hotel, also a good relaxed option. The ride takes 20 minutes.

Traveling To Europe By Boat

Hi everyone, I have a health condition that prohibits me from flying. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find info on boat trips to Europe. I’ll take a cruise ship, sail boat or cargo! Whatever is fast and cheap! Any thoughts you have would be appreciated Thanks!

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 has regular crossings from NYC to Southampton, UK, and some to Hamburg & Le Havre. However, if you want fast and cheap by sea, good luck!

If you are flexible, you have many options. Most of the cruises lines have repositioning cruises in the spring and fall as they move ships between Europe in the summer and Caribbean in the fall. The rates can be very reasonable in the range of $100 – $150/day. Obviously, round trips are not available. And, as mentioned early there is limited, regular service between New York and Europe. I have of heard of some cargo ships taking a few passengers but you would have to have a high sense of adventure for that. Not sure I would want to bounce around in the Atlantic on a cargo ship. ‘Cause you would bounce. If you cannot fly that is about your only other choice.

Frank and Will: Please note that the OP specifies FAST and cheap. Repositioning cruises are not fast, neither are freighters.

Yup. Sounds pretty hopeless. I think it will be cheaper and easier to grow a new pair of lungs…

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How Long Is A Cruise From New York To The Bahamas

Typically, a round-trip cruise from New York to the Bahamas is around 12 to 14 nights, allowing you to truly explore the region and see all the major highlights. People who desire a shorter journey can book into a six or seven-night Bahamas cruise, but these will only have one or two ports of call, often combining a destination in Bermuda.

My Favourite Hotel Search Site: Wwwbookingcom

New York City Dinner Cruises: Half Off into Holiday Season ... my favourite hotel booking site and I generally prefer booking my hotels all in one place here. You can usually book with free cancellation – this allows you to confirm your accommodation at no risk before train booking opens. It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve – a feature I use all the time when putting a trip together. I never book hotels non-refundably. I have also come to trust their review scores – you won’t be disappointed with anything over 8.0.

Tip: It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites: is a price comparison site which compares hotel prices on,, Expedia, Accor, Agoda and many others. Though if there’s not much in it, I prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place

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What’s An Atlantic Crossing Like

The Queen Mary 2 is usually due to sail from Southampton at 17:00. This is the most usual time, but please check for your sailing date. Once on board and settled into your stateroom, listen for announcements about emergency drill. This is held at 16:00 and takes about 20 minutes. You listen for the alarm bells, fetch your lifejackets from your stateroom and go to your allocated muster station where staff will brief you on emergency procedures and you’ll listen to an announcement by the captain. When it’s over, return your lifejackets to your stateroom and head up on deck for departure…

Soon after 17:00 the QM2 sails, with a band playing on her aft decks and glasses of champagne available . She is sometimes moored facing upstream, sometimes downstream, and if she’s moored facing upstream at the City or Mayflower terminals, she’ll first head further upstream before turning around, somehow managing to turn her 1,130 foot length without hitting the far bank of the river or the small boats moored there.

The Queen Mary 2 heads downstream into the Solent, heading directly towards Cowes on the Isle of Wight before making a tight turn to port in the deep water channel, passing Ryde to starboard and Portsmouth to port. The QM2 rounds the Isle of Wight using the deep water route to the east and heads out into the English Channel. By breakfast next morning, you’re well past Bishop Rock lighthouse and out in the Atlantic…

Transfer By Taxi To Southampton Central Station

The Queen Mary 2 can use any one of four different terminals in Southampton, either the QEII terminal , City Cruise Terminal , Mayflower Cruise Terminal , or the new Ocean Terminal . Map of Southampton, showing all cruise terminals, Southampton Central Station & the original historic Ocean Terminal. A taxi to Southampton Central station costs around £9 from the Mayflower or City cruise terminals, or around £12 from the QEII terminal or Ocean Terminal. You’ll find plenty of taxis waiting at the terminal, although there can be a long wait as there are so many other passengers. The taxi ride takes just 10 minutes.

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Seven To Eight Nights

Cunard is the only line offering seven-night voyages from the U.S. to Europe, the shortest transatlantic crossings available. These cruises have a single itinerary: New York to Southampton, a port on the southern coast of Britain approximately 80 miles from London. Between these two ports, passengers spend six full days at sea on Cunard’s luxury flagship ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2. Cunard also offers an eight-night transatlantic crossing from New York to Le Havre, France. High-speed trains connect the port to Paris.

The Shortest Cruises From The Us To Europe


Cruise the Atlantic ocean from the United States to Europe in as little as a week.

Cruising as a means of travel has many benefits, among them comfortable and private accommodations, onboard amenities ranging from family-friendly to lavishly luxurious and abundant offerings of food, drinks and entertainment. Absent from the list of cruise characteristics is speed, although many passengers prefer an unhurried ocean crossing over the cramped efficiency of flying. If you’re considering cruising from the United States to Europe and time is a factor, know that the shortest transatlantic crossing takes place over seven nights. When there’s no rush, you might opt for a cruise with additional ports of call in Bermuda, the Portuguese Azores archipelago or the European continent.

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Transatlantic Cruise Ships Atlantic Crossing Routes

Transatlantic one-way repositioning cruise deals can be easily grouped into the following categories:

  • Trans-Atlantic cruises between Europe and USA or South America best availability on cruises Florida to Mediterranean and from Florida to UK , and the reverse from Europe to Florida. Some really cheap deals are offered on cruises departing from Italy to South America operated in late Fall and some times early Winter, and the reverse from South America to Europe.
  • North Atlantic cruises to Canada from Northern Europe in early Fall when ships move to sail on Fall Foliage cruises in New England.
  • theres a limited choice if youre looking for cruise ships departing from the UK to the Caribbean or New York and the reverse from the Caribbean to UK .
  • and the most expensive, but also in this category Around The World cruise ships departing from Europe with their first/last segments offering a Trans-Atlantic cruise crossing.

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