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Does American Cruise Lines Hire Felons

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Requirements To Enter Panama

How long does the cruise ship hiring process take? Ep. 46

If you are planning on travelling to Panama, keep in mind a few requirements that should be presented upon entry as listed below.

  • Tourist Visa this is required for people from countries not in the no-visa list. All tourists who are planning to stay for more than 180 days are required visa documents before flying to the country.
  • Yellow fever vaccinations if you are coming from countries with endemic yellow fever, this must be taken.
  • Passport passport with at least 6 months validity and a Panamanian visa is required. For US citizens at least 3 months validity is needed.
  • international boarding card this is provided by the airline to be submitted at immigration checkpoints
  • Private boat permit fee an entry permit fee of $110 should be paid to the Servicio Nacional de Migracion for sea travelers who are entering as tourists in their own yachts or boats.
  • HIV/AIDS Panamanian immigration does not hold a test to check presence of HIV.However, they have the right to send a tourist back if this has been brought to knowledge.

Are you looking for adventure and very hospitable crowd? Panama offers just that!

Do Cruise Lines Conduct Background Checks Of Crew Members

The Florida Today newspaper published two articles today about the issue of sexual assault of passengers and whether cruise lines conduct background checks of their cruise ship employees.

The issue of background checks is a rather interesting topic. But its an issue the cruise lines hate to talk about.

Six weeks ago, I attended a workshop in Washington D.C. about sexual assault on cruise ships and on vacations outside of the U.S. A cruise line spokesman, Bud Darr, Director of the environmental and health program of the cruise industrys trade group, the Cruise Line International Association , attended.

One of the participants asked Mr. Darr a simple question: Do the cruise lines conduct background checks of their crew members?

Mr. Darr began to stutter. He didnt answer the question. He spun his response around & around & around saying that crime is rare and other gobbledygook until the participant couldnt remember the question.

But the answer is as simple as the question: No.

Cruise lines dont vet their employees. They rely on third-party hiring agents to try and screen the applicants. In places like India and the Caribbean, the hiring agents often accept money from the applicant in order to get a job on a cruise ship. There is no incentive for a hiring agent to turn down a crew member whos willing to pay a little extra to get a job.

Does Canada Allow Felons To Visit

Any American that has a felony conviction on their criminal record may not be permitted entry into Canada unless they have received special permission from the Canadian Government. The second option is Criminal Rehabilitation, which is Canadas permanent solution for criminally inadmissible foreign nationals.

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Avoid The Dangers By Knowing The Law

The point is, only open loop trips require passports, so you may want to see our article on Can a Felon Get a Passport? Not all countries allow felons to enter, or to obtain a visa, so you need to ensure you pay close attention to every port of call on your proposed itinerary. IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE FOR A FELON TO GET A VISA DEPENDING ON THE COUNTRY. If in doubt, double check with the official government websites of any foreign nations your cruise ship might be paying a call to. You can find visa, passport and other information about every country in the world here.

You can also contact a travel agent, but be advised they may not be experts on every issue they are one point of information, but should not necessarily your only one. Similarly, you might wish to get in touch with your parole officer if you have one, not only to inform them of any upcoming desired trips, but to ask their advice.

Once youre certain you can travel, make sure you communicate clearly with the cruise line itself. They can help you navigate any potential issues with any port of call embassies, in case theres any chance at all of a hang up due to your prior felony conviction. The last thing you or they want is to land in legal hot water on the high seas!

Rules For Entering Jamaica

Does Target Hire Felons?

1 Felons passport requires 6 months of visa validity before felons can leave the country and travel to Jamaica.

2 It is important felons have a return ticket in their name before they travel to Jamaica and have a clear financial status.

3 Felons can use a valid bank statement to demonstrate their financial status.

4 Felons should have a stable mental state as per the Jamaican Embassy.

5 Felons with severe health history however do not qualify for passports.

6 Felons with a previous criminal record with severe crime history, the entry is such felons get denied by the Jamaican Government.

7 The visa permission given to felons means the length of stay should not exceed 90 days.

8 Felons must apply for a work or study visa to stay for more than 90 days in the country.

9 Jamaican embassy permission is necessary to complete this requirement.

10 Felons can gain access to all rights for entering Jamaica without a hassle if all terms and conditions get satisfied easily.

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Restaurants & Fast Food

Potential Positions: Cook, Waiter/Waitress, Dish Washer, Busboy, Vent Hood Cleaner, Manager, General Manager.The Good: Extremely easy to get into, high end chefs get paid well, possible options to work on cruise boats, sample good food while at work.The Bad: Can be stressful, chefs have a learning curve, fast paced , lower positions have low pay, but positions near the top pay a more livable wage.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available On A Cruise Ship

These positions provide cruise ship programming, set-up, problem solving of software, hardware, point-of-sale systems onboard. Information Technology Cruise Ship computer jobs are vital for operating and maintaining the networks, computer systems and other electronic equipment owned by the worlds cruise ship companies.

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Essential Requirements For Entering Jamaica

Felons have various challenges while entering Jamaica. To avoid this, they should keep these requirements in mind.

  • Felons must carry a valid passport with 6 months of validity.
  • Felons from America must have a return ticket for their home country.
  • The period of stay should not extend without permission for more than 90 days.
  • Mentally challenged or unstable felons do not get entry even after a valid passport.
  • US embassy approval along with approval from Jamaican Embassy is necessary to extend the travel plans for felons.
  • Felons with a clean record easily can travel to Jamaica without any issues.

Where To Apply For A Visa

I’m a Cruise Director for American Cruise Lines!!

Most countries have an embassy in the U.S. For that reason many require you to apply for one at the embassy in the state you reside in. Others prefer you use online. An electronic visa called ETA is required to travel to Australia or India. Some visas are valid for 90 days while others can be for up ten years. You may need a visa valid for one entry while others like China and Brazil visas are good for multiple uses in a ten-year span.

Some countries have complicated visa processes. The best advice is to seek visa services to prevent any delays especially, if a visa is required in advance or even if you can get one at a port of entry. Getting one when you arrive can take time away from your trip. Also as a felon, you do not want to be denied entry after making your trip.

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Felony Background Check Limits

It is important to understand that some states have laws regarding how far back a criminal background check can go. This greatly affects whether Family Dollar will hire felons or not.Here are the laws.

Twelve states do not allow any felony conviction information older than seven years to be reported.

  • California
  • Washington*

Some states will not report court cases where you were found NOT guilty: Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Alaska, California, New York and Michigan.

These states will report unlimited numbers of years back of felony convictions and also report NOT guilty verdicts: Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Holland America Job Opportunities

The ships used in the Holland America fleet accommodate anywhere between 800 and 2,100 passengers. Most voyages require crews mirroring passenger loads 1:1. The necessity for large scores of associates to carry out entry-level, remedial, and crucial onboard operations facilitates the hiring of thousands of new employees annually. Turnover rates due to the extreme travel demands required of workers aboard company cruise liners also serve as major reasons for continued hiring. The prominent seaborne passenger line also experiences regular turnover due to employee advancement into professional roles within the company.

Applicants must feel comfortable working in tight quarters for extended periods of time. Ships often remain at sea for months at a time before returning back to original port. Each vessel requires 24-hour service and upkeep while deployed, as well. Workers often assume varying and irregular schedules, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Customer service skills and strong work ethics represent highly sought-after traits in potential associates. CPR and other emergency-impact certifications may prove necessary for employment in addition to background checks and drug screening.

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How Do I File For Child Support If The Father Lives In Another Country

Typically, a person who wants to collect child support from a parent in a foreign country will talk to his or her local child support office or independent attorney. By providing information about the noncustodial parent’s location and address, the support agency can better determine the options available.

How Long After A Felony Can I Get A Passport

Does TravelCenters of America Hire Felons?

According to U.S. Code Classification Table 2714, if you are convicted of a drug-related felony or certain drug-related misdemeanors, you are ineligible to get a passport during the time you are incarcerated as well as during your court-mandated probation period, and can even have an extant passport taken away.

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Found 306 Of Over 465 Reviews


  • “Being a part of the American Cruise Lines Company was nothing less than amazing”

  • “I also really enjoy talking with our passengers

  • Cons

  • “having to work long hours, no flexibility but eventually you get used to the long days”

  • “That coupled with a slight lack of communication can cause issues amongst the stewards

  • Reasons To Travel To Bermuda

    A place known as great for fishing, the island itself, incidentally, is shaped like fish hook. Fishing competitions are held often, and enthusiasts flock to the island to catch the famous big blue marlin, among others.

    Bermuda is reputed for having sunken treasures. But other than that, travelers have lots of reason to visit Bermuda. Sunbathing in its pink sand beaches, for example, is a unique experience no one can had in other places.

    The island is rich with valleys that stretch for miles. The friendliness of the people and the idyllic weather simply make this place a comfortable spot for relaxation.

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    Do Cruise Ships Run Background Checks On Passengers

    After researching to assist a family member with finding work, Ron realized that the information he required wasnt reliable.

    Noticing a need in the market, Ron wrote and self-published Jobs For Felons 1st Edition which has been shared at numerous inmate facilities and reentry programs across the nation.

    Using what he learned in writing that text, Ron developed this website as a free resource and has worked with his team to continue answering questions for those in need.

    In looking for a job after release, a felon may want to travel abroad by taking a cruise. This blog post will cover whether or not cruise ships run background checks on passengers.

    • What Is Included in a Background Check?
    • Background Check on Passengers?
    • Background Checks on Crew Members?
    • Can You Run a Background Check on Yourself?

    Can Felons Travel To Brazil

    Why There’s Only One American Cruise Ship

    In some countries, travelling abroad is made a little difficult by the presence of ones criminal history. Fortunately, this may not be the case with nations that dispense with the details to boost its tourism.

    Speaking of South America, the cities of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro cannot surely be overlooked. Travelers and visitors will simply be amazed by the liveliness and diversity that is Brazil.

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    Can Felons Travel To Cancun

    Home to many of the famous beaches with cool sands and shores lined with beautiful structures, Cancun is the ideal place to enjoy the sun beside the Caribbean.

    Several countries with sophisticated databases bar any registered sex offender from entering their jurisdiction. This just shows how even a misdemeanor in the past is a great problem it is forever etched in ones record. Fortunately, conviction for an offense other than this is generally not an issue.

    Traveling To New Zealand

    The only restriction for them flying to New Zealand would be if they have a felony warrant outstanding against them.

    The other possible issue would be if their name is on what is called the no-fly list maintained by the Transportation Security Administration for those suspected of being terrorists.

    There are about 3500 names on this list at any time. So, felons are probably OK for flying.

    Going on a cruise is also a popular means of travel to New Zealand.

    There are two types of cruises, closed loop and open loop. A closed loop cruise is one that starts and ends in the same U.S. port while an open loop cruise has different starting and final port city locations.

    Felons may sail on either type of cruise, although the requirements for a closed loop cruise are less restrictive than for open loop cruises.

    U.S. citizens going on a closed loop cruise can depart and enter the U.S. with only proof of citizenship. This proof consists of an original or copy of a birth certificate and a government issued photo ID.

    Open loop cruises require a passport, regardless of the starting or destination port. Regardless of the type of cruise, having a passport is important for felons in case the ship docks at a foreign port on the route to New Zealand.

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    Can You Run A Background Check On Yourself

    Doing a background check on yourself before going on a cruise will allow you, as a felon, to know exactly what will be discovered when the cruise line does its review through the TSA. A felon with any questions can contact an attorney. It is essential to take action and not risk a chance on the results.

    There are different kinds of personal background checks that a felon can run:

    • From the court in which he or she was charged
    • A credit report will help determine how financially responsible an individual is
    • Driving records for any job involving driving, such as a truck driver
    • An educational report through the National Student Clearing House

    For someone wanting to do a background check on themselves, there are places that can help. A felon would have the best chance at getting a job on a cruise ship by having his or her record expunged.

    It is never a good idea to lie about your past history on an application. This could result in not being allowed on a cruise ship if the cruise line finds out about it. Take responsibility for past difficulties and explain how you are putting your life in order. Doing your own background check allows you to know what a cruise ship will see on your record.

    Be willing to seeing yourself in a different light, and be ready to establish an honest life. The best opportunity for success in a new life begins with having support from family and friends.

    Can Felons Go Out The Country

    How Do Cruise Ships Work?

    If you’re a convicted felon and none of the above exceptions apply, you should not have any problem obtaining a U.S. passport. As long as you’ve completed your sentence and no court has barred you from traveling abroad, you should be able to travel overseas. However, some countries do not let convicted felons in.

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    What Is Included In A Background Check

    A cruise ship is often called a floating city. Approximately 10 million people travel on cruise ships annually on trips that often extend to a week or more, traveling to a variety of domestic and foreign seaports.

    A cruise ship might review a persons background because they dont want someone who poses a risk for security and safety issues, mainly because of dishonesty. Their criminal history can be a problem even if they are now committed to living an honest lifestyle.

    A cruise line may view at least some of the following:

    Background information helps a cruise ship to determine someones:

    • Past mistakes
    • Character
    • Financial fitness

    The criminal record review conducted of a background check includes examining criminal history files for any criminal offenses, which will reveal all convictions and non-convictions, including cases not prosecuted or ones dismissed. Convictions can be reported with no time limit while a non-conviction will show up for seven years. A crime will not show up on a background check if a felon has his or her record expunged.

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