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Cruise America One Way Deals

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How To Get A One

Rent An RV – RV Rental Deals

Similar to getting a roundtrip RV rental, finding an available RV for a one-way trip starts with searching through Google for the one-way RV rentals near you. The top results on the page are most likely the leading RV rental companies around your area and even the entire country.

Those who offer this rental option are usually RV businesses that have set up multiple branches in different states.

You can look through their websites and compare which best suits your traveling needs and budget. Dont forget to ask as many questions as you need to ensure you dont miss anything important for your trip.

What Will You Miss The Most

  • Two-ply toilet paper. Do I really need to explain myself on this one?
  • Loofah. At first, I felt like I could just carry the loofah to the campground showers, and then carry it back, but then it was just another thing to carry on top of a change of clothes, toiletry bag, shampoo, soap, et cetera, so I stopped. The loofah was definitely something that I missed when I got back to take my first shower after being in the RV for two weeks.
  • Decent Wi-Fi. We got spoiled at the first campground in that we were able to stream Netflix on our boys iPads, and we had fast enough internet for our laptop. As we got further on our trip, every campground offered Wi-Fi, but the speeds were questionable. I felt like it was 1996 again worse than dial-up.
  • Kids bedrooms. I love my boys, dont get me wrong. But having a little separation is nice. We typically put our boys down around 8:30 p.m., which gives mommy and daddy plenty of mommy and daddy time. When youre in an RV, there are no kids bedrooms. Youre literally 15 feet from each other. Our boys like to wrestle, play and giggle, which often kept us up late at night. This video shows you exactly what thats all about.
  • Cross fit. I dont like to run, but I knew I needed to do some type of workout while I was gone, especially with the amount of food I was consuming. I missed my cross fit gym and throwing my Olympic weights around.
  • Class C Motorhomes Are Smaller And More Affordable

    If you’re looking at a Class C RV, that means it’s a truck-based vehicle that looks the part. While Class B vehicles can be as simple as a converted high-roofline cargo or passenger van, Class C RVs are purpose-built. They have that distinct “cab-over” design. Although much smaller than a Class A, Class C motorhomes offer many similar amenities, like built-in kitchens, showers and storage. New ones range from $50,000 to $120,000 at RV dealerships. Class C RVs are best suited for families or small groups.

    Life on the open road would be quite comfortable in a rig like this.

    Where to start in terms of finding the right RV rental? Most will be peer-to-peer rentals, of which RVshare is the largest marketplace and has been around since 2012. But there are fleet direct motorhome rental companies like Cruise America, which has been in operation since 1972 and is the largest of its kind. Kampgrounds of America has a great directory for finding RV rentals near you, with listings that include local, single-location businesses and large nationwide networks. But if you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to the camper rental world, check out the following list of recommended RV rental companies, based on what our research yielded about various kinds of travel plans.

    Adventure Travel Sport Rentals specializes in fully equipped off-road-capable vehicles for truly off-the-grid living

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    How To Find The Best Van And Rv Rentals In America

    Van life is all about exploring the great outdoors in remote locations while still enjoying some comforts of home. Whether youre into climbing, mountain biking, surfing or just getting lost in the wilderness, camper vans and more traditional RVs are great options for your next road trip adventure.

    Are you ready to experience van life, but not sure how to get started? Worry not! There are companies all across the country offering short term rentals for vans, RVs, Airstreams and more. Youll get the perks, without the purchase commitment. From the old school Vanagon Westfalia to the latest adventure mobiles built for off-road durability, these rental companies offer something for everyone.

    Roadside Assistance & Repair Reimbursement

    American Cruise Lines Offers Complimentary Shore Tours and Hotel on ...

    In the event of mechanical breakdown on the road, Cruise America provides the around-the-clock Travelers Assistance Hotline. For authorized repairs, your expenses will be reimbursed by Cruise America. Alternatively, Cruise America may directly pay for the repairs.

    According to the conditions of Cruise America, any vehicle service expense over $75 requires authorization from Travelers Assistance, where your problem will be documented in a customer service log.

    For repairs costing under $75, you may have repairs done, but you will need to keep the receipt with you for reimbursement. Rental centers will reimburse receipts under $75 without a service log. If a repair service costing over $75 isnt documented by Cruise America, you will not be provided with a reimbursement.

    Aside from that, engine battery jump-starts require approval from Travelers Assistance, so keep that in mind.

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    Flexible Options For Booking Relocation Deals

    Many companies have options to make booking relocation deals easier, including filters for desired trip options or a concierge booking team to help with reservations or waiting list signups to get notified about specials. If you dont see your desired route, Demo says its worth calling the company to ask for a deviation, while adding additional days to your journey is usually possible as long as you return the vehicle by the allotted relocation window.

    Common Rv Relocation Routes

    Below are common relocation routes by country, though these continually change according to season and demand. The arrow indicates routes that are common in both directions.

    United States

    • Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA
    • Los Angeles, CA Ferndale, WA
    • San Francisco, CA Ferndale, WA
    • Las Vegas, NV San Fransisco, CA
    • Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles, CA
    • Las Vegas, NV Denver, CO


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    Who Can Do A Relocation Rental

    Most drivers can do a relocation rental. No special license is required to rent or drive an RV in the U.S. However, most rental agencies require that renters be over a particular age and have held a license for a certain amount of time .

    If youre renting in a country other than the one that issued your drivers license, you may need a translated version, such as an International Drivers Permit.

    And although RVs can be great for family trips, some relocations dont allow children under a particular age. Some rental agencies rent car seats, while others require parents to bring car seats for relocation rentals.

    All the relocation rentals Ive seen allow at least two occupants, but some agencies may charge an additional fee for each driver after the primary renter. Some relocation rentals allow up to six occupants. Be sure to consider where everyone will sleep before deciding to travel with the maximum number of passengers, though.

    Some relocation rentals even allow pets. But most especially in the U.S. expressly forbid pets. So double-check the terms and conditions before booking if youre planning to travel with a pet.

    Rv Rental Locations Of Cruise America

    Cruise America RV Rental Tips for first-timers

    Cruise America has many rental locations in the United States. Offering not only rental locations in the most popular cities like Miami, Orlando, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but has also rental centers in for example Albuquerque, Dallas, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Boston. Request a free and non-binding quote on our website to check all the rental locations.

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    How Many People You Can Take

    A range of unit types are available for relocation deals. Typically, smaller units from El Monte, Road Bear RV, and RVshare will fit a family or group of four, and larger units can fill anywhere from six to seven in total. Some units can be smaller, like Cruise Americas current deals which include compact units that fit a total of three. All of El Monte and Road Bears RVs come with tethers and safety harnesses on seats to provide a comfortable trip for children.

    Mileage And Duration Of Rental

    The distance and duration of your rental will directly affect how much you enjoy the experience. In particular, be sure to consider:

    • How many days are included in the rental?
    • Can you add extra days at an additional cost?
    • How many miles are included in the rental?
    • How does this compare with the mileage of your desired route?
    • Whats the cost if you go over the mileage? Is there a penalty fee or a per-mile rate?
    • How many miles would you need to drive each day to complete the relocation?
    • Are you required to drive only during daylight?

    The most important aspect is how many miles youll be driving each day especially if you want to stop at sites during your road trip. Remember that RVs generally need to be driven slower than cars. So a trip will almost certainly take longer than your favorite map app estimates. And if you arent comfortable driving bulky vehicles, helming an RV can be more tiring than you expect.

    Be particularly careful when considering relocation rental offers in Australia, as Ive found multiple seemingly-appealing offers that would have required driving all day every day to cover the distance needed in the time allotted.

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    How Factory Special Bookings Work

    With factory specials, youll be driving a brand new vehicle and team members on the ground will check the vehicles beforehand and assist you with the rental process and walkthroughs of the RV before you hit the road. These deals can be easier to plan in advance because they tend to start from the same locations and typically arrive at the same time of year.

    If I Don’t Have A Bathroom & Shower Where Do I Pee And Shower

    Watch the Moment When Two Carnival Cruise Ships Crash Into Each Other ...

    If you’re not staying at campsites, there are still several options for public showers and bathrooms if your vehicle doesn’t have either.


    • Campsites/RV sites
    • Trucker’s stops
    • Public swimming pools or YMCAs
    • Beaches


    • Public parks
    • Walmart, Canadian Tire, shopping centres

    Smartphone apps and websites can also quickly search for public toilets and showers, allowing you to plan your stops. Sit or Squat , Where to Wee, Toilet Map , and Camper Mate are just a few.

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    Best Rv Rental Companies In 2022

    Renting recreational vehicles is a fun and adventurous way to get away without having to fly or stay in hotels. Here are the best motorhomes for traveling cross country, camping and long trips.

    The promise of the open road is one of the great joys in American culture. As you plan your next road trip, consider going beyond your car and traveling by RV.

    With the recreational vehicle, aka the RV, you have a completely self-contained home on wheels. The only schedule you need to follow on a RV vacation is your own. And, yes, you can rent an RV, campervan, motorhome or travel trailer just like pretty much anything else in this use-before-you-buy world.

    If you’re willing to drive something big, you can have almost all the comforts of home in a RV.

    Even smaller companies are feeling the love. “We’ve seen a huge bump in US web traffic and calls,” says Carley Clegg, Marketing Content Coordinator of Escape Campervans.

    Never mind if you’ve never set foot in a camper. We’ve got you covered. Scroll on for the basics of RV life, some planning tips and a list of the best RV rental companies based on user reviews and our own research for when you decide to dip your toes into the RV waters.

    Types Of Rvs Available

    Sometimes you may come across Class A RVs, but most commonly, RV rentals for relocation deals in the US will be Class C, which usually include a large-sized fridge with a freezer, a stove and oven for cooking, a bathroom with a shower and sink, and outdoor kitchens to enjoy cooking with a view during your journey.

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    Advantages Of Cruise America

    • You can accelerate your pick-up time by pre-registering online for your pick up. That way Cruise America will have a lot of necessary information already registered in their system so the pick-up procedure at the rental location will be faster.
    • 24/7 Roadside assistance
    • With over a hundred rental locations, you are very flexible in possible one-way options.
    • Pets are welcomed at Cruise America. When you bring your dog on the road, you are agreeing to clean up after your dog in the RV and return the vehicle in the same condition as received. Otherwise, you are subject to a cleaning fee up to $250 USD.
    • You are allowed to cross the border with Canada with your rental vehicle. However, the vehicle must be returned to a rental location in the USA.
    • Some rental locations in the USA allow you to park your own car at the rental locations while traveling. However, this is at your own risk. Please contact our customer service team for more information.
    • One way RV rental is possible between many of the rental locations and only on request. The one-way fee varies from $200 to $600. Please contact our customer service team for the exact costs.
    • All Cruise America rental locations are open from Monday to Saturday.
    • The minimum rental period is 7 days. You can rent a vehicle for less than 7 days but the rental fee will be calculated based on the 7-day minimum.

    About Cruise Critic’s Cruise Deals

    OceanNow | Princess Cruises

    Cruise deals are your key to scoring a perfect vacation at sea without breaking your budget. Whether you’re looking for , discounts on or, or extra onboard credit, finding real deals on cruises can take a lot of work. Cruise lines and travel agents offer a huge variety of confusing extras — some that are an amazing value and others that aren’t.

    So how do you know whether or not a cruise deal is worth your hard-earned cash? Cruise Critic’s Deal Score is a data-based tool that measures inclusions and extras with itinerary length and nightly fare discounts to help you understand how much of a deal you’re actually getting.

    Use Cruise Critic’s Deal Score to see if those cruise deals really are amazing. At the same time, you can check out deals with,, or . If you have a specific destination in mind, you can search cruise deals to places like and too. Trust us: The cruise of your dreams is out there, and it’s more affordable than you think.

    For any cruises listed, Cruise Critic does not guarantee any specific rates or prices. In addition, average cruise prices are updated nightly.

    Furthermore, Cruise Critic makes no guarantees for availability of prices advertised on our site. Listed prices may have blackout dates, qualifications or restrictions.

    Cruise Critic is not responsible for content on external web sites.

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    Common Routes For One Way Specials

    Routes include both short distances between major cities and longer trips across the country . Relocation deals can really pop up in any location where the companies have rentals, though some popular states are California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington in the U.S. and Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto in Canada.

    I Was Very Pleased With Cruise America

    I was very pleased with Cruise america when I picked my RV up. All in all the explanations were clear.But I was disappointed when I Dropped it back as I was charged for a lie. I was charged $40 for propane, because “propane is used when the refrigerator is in use”. Which is a nonsense ! I had not used propane because I stayed in campgrounds and I had no need for hot water. I believe there was missing an ounce of propane.

    Reply from Cruise America

    Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me about your experience today, Emmanual. We are relieved that we were able to resolve your concerns, and we hope that you will rent with us again for your next trip!

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    Insurance Options For Relocation Deals

    El Monte RVs Kayaleh recommends checking with your auto insurance provider, as it may already offer insurance for your RV rental depending on your plan. If you need to purchase insurance, each company offers a range of options with various tiers to choose from, often including 24/7 roadside assistance from $10 a day to $41 a day depending on the tier.

    Sail The East Coast West Coast Or Off The Continental Us

    Alaska 2021 Cruise w/Balcony, Air Credit &  Drinks

    The highlights of a cruise to the USA will vary greatly depending what region you visit. No matter where you sail, though, you can expect to find beautiful parks and beaches, energetic cities, and delicious cuisine.

    New England

    The New England region of the United States is a great place to cruise due to the states being so close to one another. You can visit great American cities like Boston and New York City and incredible outdoor areas like Acadia National Park. Plus, time your trip in the fall and youll see stunning fall foliage.

    Pacific Coast

    The west coast of the USA is home to the Pacific Coast Highway, an iconic road trip. Guess what? Our Pacific Coastal cruises sail down that coastline, too. Youll have gorgeous views and the chance to see whales and dolphins from your balcony. Youll also stop in some of the wests best destinations.


    You dont have to deal with long flights to get to Hawai. Instead sail to the Hawaiian Islands from Vancouver or Los Angeles and spend time at sea getting pampered with spa treatments and 4-course meals before exploring Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island of Hawaii.


    The wild frontier of Alaska has some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the USA and a cruise in Alaska lets you see it from both the land and the sea perspective. Youll visit glaciers, historic mining towns, bustling fish markets, and mountaintop vistas. Along the way you can hike, whale watch, pan for gold, and so much more.

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