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Viking River Cruise Standard Room

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Viking River Cruises Complaints

Viking River Cruise Europe Room Review

No matter how impeccable the services you provide, theres still a good chance that some people will be angry with you. The same is the case with Viking ships. When doing the viking river cruises ship reviews.

Complaint 1

Bait and switch tactics with their Risk Free Guarantee program resulting in unfair business practices: Viking changed their risk free guarantee, but agents were not up front about the change from the ability to cancel up to 24 hours before sail and that you lose ability for your monies refunded if you cancel..Vouchers only valid for 2021 & 2022, not 24 months. *See email to Exec Team no response & Vouchers.

Desired Outcome

Why Viking Cruises Is Still The Standard On Rivers

Viking Cruises’ new ship Radgrid. Photo: Brittany Chrusciel

Rare cheese, a glass of Cotes du Rhone, and Paris gliding by its not only the evening of your Parisian dreams, its just another night spent as a guest on a Viking river cruise along the Seine.

Now in 25 years of operation, Viking has since branched into ocean and expedition cruising. But through its early and aggressive marketing of river cruises and its world record-breaking deployment of river ships, Viking has become synonymous with river cruising for most consumers.

Yet, the very same traits that have grown the Viking river brand economics and what Chairman Torstein Hagen calls understated elegance are what critics and competitors use to refer to the product as mass-market.

I will admit that being in the industry for a decade and having had the opportunity to sail on other river cruise lines, I experienced the differentiators of many other brands: beds facing windows, more space, more luxury, more included excursions even a brand that boasted nightlife for a more youthful passenger base. And soon the years passed between my very first press trip on a Viking Christmas markets cruise and my very first river cruise, with my grandmother, entirely before a career in cruising in 2010.

Apart from Paris, Viking has secured preferred docking in other prime locations including the Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt.

All photos courtesy Brittany Chrusciel.

Viking Longships Illustratedfrench Balcony Staterooms

While Veranda staterooms are the most plentiful on Viking Longships , also popular are French Balcony Staterooms which appear in several categories.All of deck two has Category D French Balconies on the port side across the hall from Veranda B staterooms. Move up to deck three on the port side an and we see a few category C French balconies aft. On the same side, French Balconies are part of category AA Veranda Suites which have balconies as well. The other side of deck three are category A Verandah staterooms.

Basic difference between a Verandah Stateroom and a French Balcony: the sliding glass door is still there but there is not balcony. Also the interior space is less. French Balconies are 135 square feet while Veranda staterooms are 205 square feet.

Considerations on either deck when selecting a stateroom:

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Viking River Cruises China Reviews

China, home to one of the four ancient civilizations, has a rich history of over 3,000 years. When most people go to China, they just want to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, go to Shanghai or go to the Terracotta Warriors in Shanghai. Maybe they will visit Guangzhou or go on a trip on the Yangtze River. But there are more than just popular sites in China.

In this Viking cruise line review, we will be reviewing whether you should or should not be going to China on this cruise ship.

Yangtze River Cruise & China tour

The cruise gave us time to wind down after a busy few days touring. The boat was comfortable , food ok , entertainment enjoyable. Excursions available . At the end of the cruise there was a vast amount of steps to be negotiated, ok for those without mobility issues..a nightmare for those with! Scenery was lovely, took some great pics.

Top 10 Reasons To Reserve A Viking Suite

Viking Atla Veranda Stateroom Tour

Whether you choose to travel with Viking by river or by sea, we bring you closer to your destinations on state-of-the-art ships. In addition to our refined onboard ambience and understated elegance, we are known for our graceful staterooms, including the first-ever true suites. From more space and comfort to additional features and amenities, discover the benefits of reserving a Viking Suite.

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Amenities All Staterooms And Suites Have In Common

  • Hotel-style bed 79 in x 63 in luxury linens & pillows
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 40 flat-screen Sony TV with infotainment system featuring Movies On Demand, plus CNBC, CNN, FOX, National Geographic & more
  • 110/220 volt outlets & USB ports
  • Telephone, safe, refrigerator, hairdryer & amp individual climate control
  • Private bathroom with spacious glass-enclosed shower, heated bathroom floor & anti-fog mirror
  • Premium Freyja® toiletries plush robes & slippers available upon request
  • Bottled water replenished daily
  • Space under bed for storing suitcases
  • Roomy wardrobe with wooden hangers

These deck plans apply to Vikings 50+ fleet of Longships. The decor will slightly differ from ship to ship but they are all quite similar. Also, as you can see each ship has a limited number of cabins95 total. So, if there is a specific cabin you want to book then you will want to book early. Generally, French Balcony staterooms book up quickly. If you happen to be ready to book a stateroom on a river cruise please contact me. I would love to help!

Have questions about Suites and Staterooms aboard Viking River Cruise Ships? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy travels to youuntil we meet again!

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Speaking Of Career Growth How Fast Do You Think Someone Can Attain A Higher Level Position On A Ship

At Viking, we have clear promotion guidelines. Promotions are earned based on performance rather than seniority. After growing through various positions and ranks in the kitchen and eventually reaching the role of Executive Chef, I had the impression that I had hit the rooftop in terms of my career growth with Viking, and so I came to wonder: what is the growth limit at Viking? As I am writing this, I can comfortably confirm that, when working for Viking, there are limitless opportunities to advance in your career.

Although career growth really depends on yourself, leadership and mentorship can, of course, assist you, but are not single players! What makes this specific industrys growth opportunities more attractive compared to those of a hotel is that you can also grow during the season. Many crew members are given the opportunity to step into their supervisors roles during their absence, that absence being either a holiday or a day off. You will be surprised how much you can shine by performing a higher role for a single day, and that shine is what gives you the potential to learn and grow! Statistically speaking, with 70+ river vessels, those numbers speak for themselves and you can observe that, alongside these great numbers, many crew members advance in their careers. Having worked with Viking for 7 years, what I have observed over time is that talent and potential are always acknowledged and harvested to its full capacity.

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B Elbe Ships Viking River Cruises Europe Reviews

Having a lot of similar popular design elements as the Viking Longship, the new Elbe ship has luxurious accommodation, modern engineering and streamlined Scandinavian interiors. Besides that, other classic and intimate ships feature luxurious accommodation and stylish Scandinavian interiors. Their engines and custom skirts are particularly designed for navigating the historic river Elbe.

Balcony Cabins On Viking Cruise Ships

Viking River Cruises – Viking Longship Stateroom Tour | Iglu Cruise

Viking keeps it simple with the array of balcony cabins on its ocean ships. The lines six traditional ocean vessels aimed at the English-speaking market each have 418 balcony cabins that can be broken down into three categories:

  • 42 Veranda Staterooms .
  • 272 Deluxe Veranda Staterooms .
  • 104 Penthouse Veranda Staterooms .

The first two categories, Veranda Staterooms and Deluxe Veranda Staterooms, are the same size at 270 square feet and basically look the same. But the Deluxe Veranda Staterooms, which cost more, have better locations on the ships and come with more amenities and services. These extra amenities and services include:

  • Earlier access to shore excursion reservations .
  • Priority access to spa treatment bookings .
  • One guaranteed priority reservation at every alternative restaurant on board, which can be made 60 days in advance of sailing.
  • Binoculars in the room.
  • Coffee machines with premium coffee and tea selections in the room.
  • A traditional, super-soft Norwegian Marius-weave blanket for use in the room.

Passengers staying in Deluxe Veranda Staterooms also can access their rooms one hour earlier on embarkation day than those staying in Veranda Staterooms.

Both of the first two categories of balcony cabins come with minibars that are stocked with complimentary soft drinks, water and snacks. In the case of Deluxe Veranda Staterooms, these minibars are replenished once per day.

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Top 10 Reasons To Reserve A Viking Longship Suite

Our elegant, award-winning Viking Longships are recognized for their innovative design allowing for river cruisings first-ever true suites. Complete with a full-size veranda, these Viking Suites offer more space and comfort, early check-in, a welcome bottle of champagne and more. Learn more about what the Viking Suite Collection has to offer.

There is no more enriching and convenient way to travel than on a Viking river cruise. If you are new to river cruising and would like to know what you can expect, watch this video.

With their innovative patented design, al fresco Aquavit Terrace® and understated elegance, Viking Longships provide the most rewarding way to explore Europe. Find out more on this short tour.

See what sets Viking apart: daily cultural immersion, opportunities for leisure and relaxation, and events that engage your mind and enliven your spirit.

Journey through the worlds most exciting destinations with The Worlds Leading River Cruise Line.

Tour our stylish ships, designed with understated elegance and comfort in mind. Spacious staterooms, indoor and outdoor dining venues and panoramic views enrich your travel experience.

The exceptional Explorer Suites on board Viking Longships feature separate sleeping and sitting rooms, a wraparound veranda with 270° views, a French balcony and hotel-style amenities.

What Do You Recommend To Potential Employees Who Are Unfamiliar With Working Abroad Or On A River Ship

Starting your career with Viking is a great and exciting experience. What you should be prepared for is the fact that you will be leaving the comfort of your home to go abroad and live on board a river ship, so you must pack all necessities with you accordingly. Working on board a river ship generally can seem like a big step and change in your daily routine however, you will find yourself adapting to your new lifestyle quickly. For people with hotel experience in which they were provided with on-site accommodation, it can be a slightly familiar experience, with the difference of sharing a cabin instead of a room. If you are concerned about getting nauseous during sailing, I can assure you that sailing on a river can be so smooth that many times you might not even notice you are moving!

Furthermore, in preparation for this exciting step in your career, know that Viking is renowned for its quality and services, and thats thanks to the dedicated effort and passionate work of our employees. To better prepare our employees with no ship experience, prior to their assignment Viking invests many of its resources in training programs. For instance, we train our crew for at least one week before they even interact with guests, giving them the opportunity to visit our vessels and perform hands-on duties alongside the resident crew.

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Cruise News Tips And Inside Information

AuthorChris Owen

To take a fresh look at the ships of Viking River Cruises we recently traveled to Germany to create Viking Longships Illustrated: A Resource For Your Cruise Planning Pleasure.The occasion: the christening of two new Viking Longships at a riverside ceremony in Koblenz, a favorite stop I enjoyed first on Vikings Grand European Tour several summers ago.The need: Lisa and I have that same itinerary scheduled for June of this year.The better need: Vikings Grand European Tour, 14 days from Budapest to Amsterdam , is the most asked-about itinerary by readers.The authenticated need: Several regular readers of this space have Vikings Grand European Tour booked and crave information, as the culturally curious travelers gravitating to Viking uncommonly do. So lets dive in with Viking Longships Illustrated: A Resource For Your Cruise Planning Pleasure

Still, there is value in exploring what third-party sources have to say about any product we might buy. Thats what we have for you here in our collection. We begin with the selection of accommodations available on Viking Longships

Graphic: Viking River Cruises

Viking Longships Illustratedexplorer Suites

The Best River Cruises for Exploring Europe This Summer

Aft-facing Explorers Suites capitalize on ship design by turning areas normally used for public spaces on other river cruise lines into 445 square foot two-room suites.

Also featured in Explorer Suites:

  • Hotel-style beds 79 inches x 63 inches
  • Private wraparound veranda off the spacious living room offers 270-degree views
  • Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, known as a French balcony, in the bedroom
  • Large bathroom with shower, heated mirror & floor, premium bath products
  • Telephone, refrigerator, safe, hair dryer & bottled water replenished daily
  • Bathrobe and slippers available upon request
  • Individual climate control
  • Space under bed for storing suitcases
  • Roomy wardrobe with wooden hangers
  • Voltage: 220V and 110V in stateroom
  • Two Sony 40-inch flat-panel TVs with premium entertainment package including: BBC News, CNBC, CNN, National Geographic, TNT Series, Sky Sports, videos on demand and View From the Bridge
  • Early check-in
  • Complimentary Silver Spirits Beverage Package, Viking Air Plus services, laundry service & room service
  • Private airport transfers in Europe
  • Welcome champagne, daily fruit basket, mini-bar with wine, beer & soft drinks
  • In-suite premium bathrobes & slippers, binoculars, coffee brewer, cashmere blanket & complimentary shoe shine service

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Viking River Cruises: What Are Its Smallest Largest And Most Common Stateroom Sizes

October 16, 2015 By Lauri Wakefield

Viking River Cruises has the largest inventory of ships in the river cruise industry. It has 63 ships that sail in Europe, Russia and Asia. Viking also offers cruises on the Nile River in Egypt, but the ships are not owned by Viking and are also featured by other companies.

In 2017 the company will expand its reach to include cruises on the Mississippi River in the United States. Itineraries in Europe are available on the Danube, Dordogne & Garonne, Douro, Dutch & Belgian Waterways, Elbe, Main, Moselle, Rhine, Rhône, Saône, Seine rivers and on the Volga River in Russia.

Viking Longships are the companys largest vessels. These ships comprise about 80 percent of its European fleet. The Longships are built with the same specifications. It appears that all subsequent ships in this region will be built the same way, which is good news for Viking River Cruises fans. Staterooms overall tend to be larger than they were on its older ships.

In Asia Viking has three ships sailing on three different rivers. The Viking Emerald on the Yangtze River has the largest staterooms in all categories. By comparison, the Viking Mandalay on the Irrawaddy and the Viking Mekong on the Mekong River are much smaller.

Viking River Cruise Review Europe

Featuring many of the same popular design elements as the Viking Longship, the Douro, Elbe and Seine ships feature modern engineering, luxurious accommodation and streamlined Scandinavian interiors. In addition to this, these cruises have custom hulls and engines specially designed for navigating these historic rivers.

While doing the Viking river cruises reviews of Grand European tour, we found out that the company is offering 3 different cruise ships to the European tour.

Lets explore each of these ships in our review of Viking river cruises in Europe.

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Viking Longships Illustratedcategory Aa Suites

To Viking River Cruises chairman Torstein Hagen, defining spaces that will be considered suites is simple: they have two rooms. On the unique fleet of Viking Longships, two types are offered. Aft-facing Explorers Suites capitalize on ship design by turning areas normally used for public spaces on other river cruise lines into 445 square foot two-room suites, the subject of a different gallery. Here we see details of Vikings category AA Veranda Suites which come in at 275 square feet and feature two distinctly separate rooms. Each has its own entertainment center and unique views of the river and places ships pass along the way on a book of interesting itineraries.

In the living room, a sliding glass door opens onto a veranda with two chairs and a table. Also included, welcome champagne, daily fruit basket, mini-bar with wine, beer, soft drinks that are replenished daily.

In the bedroom, a hotel-style beds are a roomy 79 inches x 63 inches . Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors make what is called a French balcony. A larger than average private bathroom with shower features premium bath products, a heated floor and more.

There are just six Category AA Veranda suites on each Viking Longship that also include a special bonus: Complimentary Viking Air Plus & laundry services.

The Fine Art Of Detail

Viking Cruise Stateroom!!! CABIN REVIEW

After a lifetime spent living in hotels, our Chairman wanted to ensure every detail of our ships was elegantly functional. So we designed easy-to-read and -open premium bath products intuitive remote controls large showers with strong water pressure and clear controls anti-fog mirrors and heated floors.

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