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Cruise From America To Europe

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Britannia Sheltered Balcony See 360 Image

Europe cruises with Holland America Line

This is cabin 4101 on 4 Deck. The Man in Seat 61 says, “This is my own preferred cabin for a transatlantic crossing. Even at 20 knots in mid-Atlantic the balcony remains wind-free just as the word sheltered suggests. Some people say you won’t get much use out of a balcony on the Atlantic, but I loved being able to stroll outside at any time and stand at the rail watching the Atlantic drift past. On a sunny summer crossing off Newfoundland we did indeed sit outside, and even when inside, the French windows let in lots of natural light, making it a far nicer room than an inside or outside cabin, so upgrade if you can. I have yet to travel with a more expensive full-balcony cabin, but I expect those are a lot more windswept!”.

QM2 restaurants

Qm2 Disembarkation In Southampton

A note explaining QM2 disembarkation procedures appears outside your stateroom a day or two before arrival, and each deck is allocated a disembarkation time. Disembarkation takes place between 08:00 & 11:00. The upper decks with the more expensive cabins disembark first , other decks such as 4, 5 or 6 later.

Labels for your bags appear outside your stateroom the day before arrival. You put a label on each of your bags and place them in the corridor outside your stateroom between 20:00 & midnight before arrival. Your bags will disappear and will be waiting for you in the terminal hall next morning, in an area marked with the same colour as your labels.

It’s then just a matter of going through the UK immigration check. They you walk out of the terminal.

Express disembarkation: If you want to get off sooner and are happy managing all your own bags, you can register for Express disembarkation at the purser’s desk on deck 2 the day before arrival. You are given an express disembarkation card. Express disembarkation passengers gather in the Queens Room from 06:45 onwards with all their luggage, and at around 07:00 when the gangway opens you simply walk off the ship with your bags, straight into the terminal.

The Cunard Heritage Trail

The Queen Mary 2 is filled with paintings, information panels and even interactive screens telling the history of Cunard Line, its ships, and the famous people who crossed the Atlantic aboard them.

You won’t be the only family on the QM2, especially on a transatlantic run! You’ll find plenty of entertainment for children in the Play Zone at the aft end of 6 deck.

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Onward Trains From London To Paris & beyond

Onwards to Paris: Allow plenty of time for onward connections, certainly several hours, and maybe stay in London overnight. For Paris, take a UK domestic train from Southampton central to London Waterloo , then take a taxi or Underground across London to St Pancras Station. Eurostar runs every hour or so from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord in central Paris, journey time 2 hours 20 minutes. For a beginner’s guide to Eurostar travel,see the London to Paris by Eurostar page. You can book tickets online in advance atwww.eurostar.com, and you should indeed pre-book, as London-Paris prices start from just £44 in advance but up to £180 if you wait and buy on the day of travel.

Onwards to other countries: See this page for information on getting from London to any country in Europe. Having crossed the Atlantic on the luxurious Queen Mary 2, how about taking theVenice Simplon Orient Express vintage luxury train to Italy? This runs on most Thursdays from April to October, and takes 24 hours from London to Venice, a real treat. You can book European trains yourself, but if you want an agency to put together a package of train connections and hotels from anywhere in Europe to Southampton for you, callRailbookerson 0207 864 4600 or 1-888-829-4775 .

How To Find Deals & Discounts On Cruises From Boston

Holland America Lines 2022 Europe season  CRUISE TO TRAVEL

Cruises already give you a great deal – the cost per day is usually MUCH less than you’d spend on a hotel . . . plus you get meals, entertainment, spectacular scenery, and the chance to visit lots of interesting places.

But cruise deals and discounts make this picture even more interesting! You’ll typically get the best cheap cruise deals if you book early or late , but you can almost always find great deals and discounts at almost any time if you know where to look.

The easiest place to find the best cruise deals, discounts, and specials all in one place is on Expedia’s Top Deals page . They show you the best savings on each Cruise Line.

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Whens The Best Time To Cruise From Europe To The Usa

European cruise season starts in April and ends in November. Most transatlantic cruises set sail in the shoulder season months of April, October, and November.

Cruises to Europe from the USA usually set sail in April in order to get to Europe in time for the high summer tourist season, which kicks off in late May. After the high cruise season in the Mediterranean and Europe ends, ships need to relocate once again, therefore cruises from Europe to the USA usually depart in October and November. Some transatlantic cruises to Iceland and Greenland set sail in August.

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Afternoon Tea In The Queen’s Room

Every day at around 3.30pm, afternoon tea is served in the Queen’s Room, on 2 Deck aft. A choice of teas comes with daintily-cut sandwiches, scones and cakes, served by stewards in white gloves. Afternoon tea is included in the fare, but a glass of champagne is extra.

The Queen’s Room is often used for dancing, as you can see from the wooden dance floor in the centre.

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Whats A Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic cruises are cruises that sail anywhere across the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to another. Most cruises that travel across the Atlantic either depart from Europe and end in the United States, or the other way around. Some transatlantic sailings also travel to and from South America, too.

In the cruising industry, transatlantic sailings are also called repositioning cruises. Repositioning cruises are cruises that sail from one region of the world to another after the tourist season in one area has ended and the ship then relocates to another area, most often with a warmer climate.

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Internet & Mobile Phone Access

6 Best European River Cruise Lines. Which One Is Right For You?

Internet access is available for a fee throughout the QM2, both in your cabin and in all the public areas including bars but excluding the theatres & restaurants. It generally works well with good download speeds. You pre-pay for a bundle of minutes and this is added to your normal on-board account.

2019 prices: $15 for 30 minutes , $45 for 120 minutes or $80 for 240 minutes .

You can spend these minutes individually, so for example you can buy 120 minutes and spend them over the course of the whole voyage, logging on to download emails, logging off again to compose replies offline, then logging on again to send, and so only using a few minutes at a time.

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Why Go On A Repositioning Cruise

The best reason to book a repositioning cruise is to not only be on a certain ship, but enjoy extra sea days and even unique ports of call.

Many repositioning cruises involve an ocean crossing, where the ship moves from one region to another. This means many days at sea, and ample opportunity to see and experience everything onboard. Moreover, it is a great way to get to know the crew members since your sailing is more than just a few days.

In order to drum up demand for repositioning sailings, Royal Caribbean often includes special port visits that are not regularly offered. This may mean a visit to a port not usually visited by Royal Caribbean, or a combination of ports on either end of the crossing.

On top of all of these reasons, repositioning cruises tend to be priced pretty favorably, with per-night costs substantially below other sailings.

Transatlantic Cruises On Award Winning Ships

Travel across the Atlantic in style on our award winning cruise ships. Voted Best Onboard Entertainment, Best Specialty Restaurants, and Best Casinos, you know you’re in for exciting sea days. Sit back, relax, and let Norwegian take you so some of the most beautiful destinations.

  • Play the day away at the Sports Complex
  • Warm sun and fresh breezes
  • Peaceful days at the Mandara Spa
  • Cruise from Houston to the canals of Venice
  • Fishing village on Madeira
  • Visit the Funchal Gardens while in Portugal
  • Swim with stingrays in Nassau
  • Travel to Germany on a Transatlantic Cruise
  • Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounion
  • Delicious dining options every night of your cruise

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Which Is Better A Westbound Or An Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing

If you really haven’t got the time or money to go both ways by sea, you might want to go one-way by sea and the other by air. You can often find one-way QM2 fares with a ‘free’ air fare in the other direction. If you’re British and a shopaholic, the obvious advantage of going out westbound by air and back eastbound by sea is that you can shop in New York and bring back as much as you like, as there are no baggage limits on the Queen Mary 2. And you’ll have the leisurely voyage back home to look forward to at the end of your trip. However, for my money , westbound is much better. There’s the growing anticipation as you near America at the end of an outward westbound crossing, there’s the significant advantage of 25-hour days as the clocks are put back on 5 of the 7 nights due to the time difference, and best of all the spectacular arrival into New York harbour in the early morning, with that Manhattan skyline lit by the rising sun. When you’re enjoying your evenings on the town until late at night, the 23-hour days on an eastbound crossing as the clocks are put forward can be a killer! On the other hand, if I were an American heading for Europe, I might well be tempted to head out by sea eastbound, returning west by air.

Top 7 Repositioning Cruises

Princess Cruises to deploy five MedallionClass ships for 2022 Europe ...

Repositioning cruises are a great option for those looking to get away from it all, visit unique destinations, and spend less than most typical cruises.

Begin your journey in one port and end it in another, giving you the adventure of a lifetime.

While aboard your cruise ship, you will be able to take advantage of numerous amenities as you travel along wide regions of the world, relaxing and enjoying the ocean waters.

Unwind and breathe easy as you create unforgettable memories with unique destinations, scenic views, fun-filled days, and luxurious surroundings.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation that is anything but ordinary, a romantic excursion, or simply trying to get away from it all and relax, one of these cruises will bring you experiences youll never find again.

Below, you will find a list of the best repositioning cruises from around the world.

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What To Pack For Your Cruise From Boston To Europe

Although the Voyage of the Vikings cruise occurs in you’ll visit places that range from hot and humid to chilly and windy. Plus, you might encounter rain at almost any of the Ports of Call at this time of the year, including Boston.

This wide range of climate conditions poses packing challenges. Your best strategy is to bring items to layer, such as sweaters and jackets, that you can put on or take off as needed. A waterproof jacket and hat or umbrella can be a plus.

Insect repellent may be useful if you’re exploring along the Canadian coast and encounter the scourge of our late-summer months: black flies. Pack sunscreen and sunblock too.

Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, as well as thick socks to provide cushioning. Some of the places you’ll visit have cobblestone streets.

Remember to pack at least one dressier outfit for the ship’s formal nights. Guys, a jacket and tie will be fine. Gals, this is your chance to dress up if you want . . . otherwise, just pack something black along with a nice scarf or pashmina shawl.

How Does The Ticketing Work

  • Whether you book direct with Cunard or through an agency such as cruisenation or cruisedirect, you log in to Cunard’s voyage personaliser atusing your Cunard booking reference and personal details .

  • Shortly before sailing date your voyage personaliser will show your allocated cabin number & dinner sitting, and you can download and print your e-tickets & luggage labels. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to print the e-ticket, as long as you have some proof of booking you’ll be fine for entering the terminal and once at the check-in desk they will have your booking on their system.

Westbound transatlantic guide

Here is a typical transatlantic timetable, port transfer, embarkation arrangements & journey information for a typical westbound transatlantic sailing on the QM2. Although they normally follow this same pattern, always check the sailing time & check-in times for your specific date. If you find that something has changed, please let me know. If you’re sailing eastbound, see the .

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What Are The Top Things To Do On Sea Days

All Celebrity cruise ships have exciting activities onboard to keep you busy while youre sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

During the day, lounge by the pool, get pampered at the spa, or sunbathe in the solarium or Lido Deck while the kids enjoy playing with others at our Camp at Sea programs.

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In the afternoon, enhance your skill set by taking some onboard classes through our CelebrityLife programs, where you can learn more about wine, find out how to edit all those videos and photos youve been shooting on your cruise, take a glassblowing class, and more.

Evenings will be filled with delicious food in the main dining room or one of our specialty restaurants. After dinner, take in a show at the theater or fill your night with skillfully prepared cocktails and lively conversation at the Martini Bar or one of the other lounges. If youre feeling lucky, take your chances at the slot machine or roulette table in the casino.

Uncover Another Side Of Europe By Exploring It The Way People Have For Centuries Via The Waterways

10 Things You Shouldnt Do On A European River Cruise. And Why

When we daydream about a European adventure, the word cruise doesnt necessarily spring to mind. Perhaps its that idea of the backpackers rail-riding odyssey, the rite of passage that so many of our cultures associate with the continent. But historically, cities were built along the rivers that slice through Europe, making important transport routes. These waterways can deliver us right into the action, to Paris or Athens, to medieval villages, small port towns and the incredible natural attractions overlooked by the land-goers. Our small cruise ships can drop anchor basically anywhere, so local interaction and truly authentic food is never far away. Trade that backpack for a swimsuit and get ready to see Europe through new eyes.

Cruise the hidden waterways of Europe, now 30% off* select trips! Limited time only, so book today.

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From The Acropolis To The Aegean

Greece is remarkable, from the ancient Acropolis of Athens to the blue-roofed houses of Santorini. Whether you trek through the limestone hills in the north or swim through the cobalt waters around the Cyclades, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best places to visit in Europe.

How Much Is A Cruise From Europe To The Usa

One of the biggest draws of taking a transatlantic cruise is that you can experience a longer vacation on an award-winning cruise ship at an exceptional price. Transatlantic cruises are often more affordable than other cruise vacations because they sail during the shoulder seasons, dont stop in many ports of call, and include several days at sea.

If you love spending time on the open ocean , a transatlantic cruise is the perfect vacation.

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How To Score Repositioning Cruise Deals

More often than not, a repositioning cruise is a good deal because it costs much less per night than a typical sailing. This is because the one-way, sea day-heavy itineraries are less desirable to the majority of cruisers and they take place during slower travel seasons.

Take, for example, Celebrity Beyond, one of Celebrity Cruises newest ships, launching in April 2022. Its 12-night sailing to Italy, Turkey and Greece during high season starts at $2,999. Compare that to its 12-night Spain, France and Canary Islands transatlantic repositioning cruise , which starts at $1,299 a whopping $1,700 less.

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Travelers who live near the embarkation or debarkation ports can save even more by only having to buy a one-way plane ticket rather than a full round trip.

Repositioning cruises can be tricky to find on booking sites. They may be referred to as repositioning cruises or transatlantic or transpacific cruises. When ships reposition between ports in the U.S. and Canada, the one-off, one-way itineraries might not be labeled anything special beyond Caribbean or Pacific Coast cruises.

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