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What Is The Best Longboard For Cruising

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Scsk8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard

5 Best Longboards for Cruising | How To Choose The Best Cruiser Longboard

Without compatible hardware, this is unwise to hit the street with a longboard. At some points, the riders realize the incompatibility. And they crash on the streets. Getting a bit careful will result in reducing such incidents. However, with this SCSK8 longboard, there are no such issues.

Beginners will love the board for its innovative features and ample riding options. If you are on a tight budget, you can also opt for this product. This reliable product can prevent usual types of damages and needs less maintenance. Besides, being a lightweight product, you can carry it anywhere you want.

Confidence is the key. When you have the right longboard under your feet, naturally, you will get confidence. Going the upside of the town or take the twisting turns all will be easier.


Best Cruising Longboards Of 2021

To pick the right one, there are a lot of features you want in a longboard especially when it comes to cruising. For making your burden lesser, I have come with the finest quality longboards for cruising.

Lets talk about them:

Product Name

Flybar Skate Pintail Cruiser Longboard

Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Lookout Complete Longboard


Concentrate On The Front

It is very crucial to understand the importance of a single pebble that can be in your way as it can lead to a very abrupt stop and propel you forward off the board and onto the pavement. Always look where you are going and try to avoid pebble and rocks in your path. In general, softer and larger wheels are better at handling stones and pebbles, so that might be something to consider as you determine which board is best for you.

It is very important to understand the need for safety. It doesnt matter if you are an expert rider, you will need to take safety precautions under consideration.

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Choose The Wheels That Will Work On Your Ride

Think about the way you want to cruise through the streets, and it will give you enough for choosing proper wheels. Several millimeters in diameter may change your game forever, and so can a slight change in the softness of the wheels.

There might be some trial and error before you find what exactly is the most convenient combination for you. But this way should start from gaining knowledge on the topic and making the first choice.

For beginners, make sure you know the dimensions of your longboard, have nice riding shoes, and be armed with a buyers guide and a TOP list like these as your first guidelines. With the right set, youll be able to cruise like they do in movies.

Volador 42inch Complete Cruiser Longboard

The 8 Best Longboards for Cruising 2021: Reviews by Bakosports

This is an excellent longboard for cruising which has really good turning accuracy and responsiveness.

The 42 inch shock absorbent large deck is suitable for all sorts of riders. The deck is made from 8 ply Maple wood which makes it one of the sturdiest and highest quality decks available today.

You can adjust the truck’s baseplate angle. That means you can use two settings at two ends.

The wheel’s size is 70mm and the durometer is 80A. The hardness of the wheels makes it great for cruising.

With so many colors and styles to choose from, this cruiser will provide a great riding experience to many riders at a reasonable price.

Great cruising option !

  • Truck’s base plate angle is adjustable
  • Durable, comfortable, shock absorbent maple deck
  • Good turning accuracy and responsiveness


  • White wheels not ideal for everyone
  • User may have to tighten the truck before first time ride

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What Are The Best Cruiser Longboard In 2021

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Are you having trouble choosing the best cruiser longboard? The vast options available and contradicting views from well-meaning friends may have left you in a dense fog of confusion. Do not despair as this article will help clear that, and you will make a great choice guaranteed!

Read on to learn just what a cruiser longboard is and how to choose one tailor-made to suit your needs. Whether you are only starting in the sport or have been on it for years, youll discover more things in this post.

Key Points of the Content

Sector 9 Sidewinder Series Never Worried Fractal

The Sector 9 Sidewinder series has taken the world of carving by storm. The double hinge on the Gullwing trucks are made specifically for adding power and liveliness to your carves. These trucks are very responsive and precise which makes them the ultimate carving truck. The Never Worried Fractal is made of durable 7 ply maple, but sill keeps its flex. All this coupled with the grippy 69mm 78a Nineball wheels makes this a fun board to carve and slash down any street.

The Sidewinder series has a lot of different options that suit a variety of riders. For example, the Monsoon Shoots is a smaller version made with bamboo. The bamboo is going to make it flexy and springy, perfect for carving. However, it is 33 with a smaller wheel base, so that will be something to consider. The entire sidewinder series can provide everything you need for lively carving experience, so you will definitely find one that suits your style.

Wheel Base: 26.3

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Sector 9 Lookout Complete

When it comes to carving youre going to want a longer board with a wider base and maneuverable trucks to give you confidence and stability when carving down a winding slope. The Sector 9 lookout complete setup is a stand out board that is perfect for the job.

With 74mm 78A longboard wheels, abec 5 bearings, a drop through mount and 5 ply laminated bamboo deck this board is built with a reliable set up guaranteed to give you the best feeling ride and carving that you could possibly want.

The Lookout is one of the best Sector 9 longboards and gets better with every new model. Definitely check this one out- its good for beginners as well.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Longboards For Cruising

Top 5: Best Longboard For Cruising

If you want to pick out the best longboards for cruising on your own, consider this:

This is the first and most important element that you must consider because it is the foundation for the three most important things in cruising stability, ease of pushing, and ease of foot braking.

There are four main deck styles in terms of a longboard. They are the top mount, the drop through, the drop deck, and the double drop. All four of them are good to cruise, HOWEVER, each one will be suitable for a certain level of ability, from easy to difficult. Along with this comes to different budgets.

To cut the long story short, take a look at this table:


Board Shapes

There are two shapes of longboard: directional and symmetrical. For cruising, I recommend choosing the first one, especially if youre a novice rider.

The reason lies in its style which is also the key to delivering better control when riding.


If you intend to cruise around for commuting, aside from considering board shape, its essential to choose the right board shape features because they will give you more grip for a quick, safe, and satisfying turn.

Three popular features relating to board shape are wheel cut-outs, kicktails, and concave. In my opinion, the kicktails and the concave are worth considering.

Just two small notes when considering concave:

Longboards are the best choice among many types of skateboards for cruising. Most of them are around 32 to 42 an ideal size range to cruise easily.


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Branded Or Generic Wheels

A lot of generic wheels have emerged, and although most users prefer these to save money, sometimes going cheap may cost you your safety and security as you ride your longboards on the street. Its still better to invest in genuine, high-quality longboard wheels rather than rely on unsafe generic sets.

The Best Longboard For Cruising: My Top 5 Cruiser Choices

Categories Carving, Cruising, Gear & reviews

As I was leisurely riding along the beach on my favorite pintail the other day, someone stopped me to ask me what makes the best longboard for cruising. I suddenly realized this wasnt such an obvious question to answer due to the broad-ranging meaning of the term cruising.

Cruising means different things to different people, but generally, we might say it refers to riding around on your longboard for pleasure. Figuring out the best longboard for you to cruise on, however, depends on how and where you ride.

Heres my personal top 5 selection of cruising longboards :

These longboards have very different characteristics, Ive picked them because together they cover the most common styles of longboard cruising, which are:

  • Easy cruising
  • City cruising
  • Distance pushing/cruising

In this post, I take a closeup look at each of these boards and discuss the kind of cruising each is best suited for and why.

UPDATE: the new Loaded Omakase cruiser with its compact and super-wide shape , responsive and low-riding Paris V3 TKP trucks, and huge Orangatang In-Heat wheels, is a serious new challenger to the above boards. Highly durable, with an advanced profile for carving and speed, its a comfortable performance longboard for many different styles of cruising. Read my review.

The Chief does have a slight concave that gives me secure grip when carving harder or going faster.

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Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard: Best Dancing Board

Magneto is a good option for you when it comes to budget. They specialize in making good quality longboards. However, they make boards for low budget riders and which is perfect for dancing. And they are bringing good quality boards to the market by reducing the cost of their components.The length is 48 inches and 9 inches is the size of the deck of the longboard. This magneto bamboo dancer longboard is made of bamboo and fiberglass. This board can carry a weight of 200 pounds. Lots of beautiful and shiny boards this magneto bamboo dancer longboard.

Longboard Cruising Tips And Tricks: How To Cruise On A Longboard

Best Cruising Longboards For Beginners Reviews

Cruising, at its most basic, is not about doing tricks and flips in the city. Its about getting a smooth ride from one place to another. It can still be a fascinating journey, but safety is a paramount concern.

So is your comfort, as the challenges you face include uneven roads. Maneuverability is also crucial because youll want to avoid pedestrians and motorists.

Mastering the art of cruising should be more relaxed and safer than the other skateboarding styles. But you need constant practice and a proper riding guide. You can learn the lessons imparted by more experienced longboarding cruisers who have posted very informative videos on YouTube and other websites.

Many of the experienced longboard masters can demonstrate various cruiser high quality longboard tricks you can try out. For the most part, these tips help you to navigate the streets safely. Its not about impressing others with acrobatic flips.

But what you really have to master is maintaining control and balance. You need to control your pace and your movements so that you can gain confidence and go faster. You have to reign in your aggression and try to be more yourself.

Of course, part of becoming a good cruiser is to get a good longboards for cruising. Its best if you buy one with a generous return policy, so you can try it out first before committing to a particularly high quality longboard. You can also try out the longboard of friends before you buy one online.

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Sanview Bamboo Cruiser Longboard

This longboard from sanview is a good longboard for cruising, suits both new riders and pro riders. The deck size is perfect for a new rider to learn and ride.

The deck materials are Canadian maple and bamboo which makes it more flexible and comfortable. The board is suitable for anyone weighing below 260 lbs.

The 7-inch Aluminum Trucks with 83A PU Bushings make controlling and turning easier.

70mmx51mm high rebound PU wheels and ABEC 9 bearings will offer you quick and smooth riding experience. Plus, the grip tape increases the stability and comforts of the board.

In simple words, this board worth the money, good for cruising, suits both new and pro rider. What’s more, the cool design graphics of this board will surely impress you.


Types Of Longboard Trucks:

Depending on the most preferred longboarding style, there are mainly three longboard trucks. They are Cruising trucks, Freeriding trucks, and Downhill trucks.

  • Cruising trucks: Longboarding on the road or the sidewalks of the city denotes to cruising. In terms of cruising, you need to take smooth turns and carves. Because you need to cross through the heavy traffic as well as wayfarers. In that case, you should choose such a truck that comes with the reverse kingpin. Except for this, the truck that comes with the angle of 50 degrees between the kingpin and baseplate, helps to take smoother turns.
  • Freeriding trucks: In terms of freeriding, soft bushings will be a better option for the longboarders. Most of the freeriding longboarders prefer 45° angle trucks.
  • Downhill trucks: In downhill skating, riders need a stable riding while taking fewer carves or turns. Therefore, you need quick responding trucks and as well as to make sure that you are using proper safety gear while longboarding on the slopes of the hills.

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What Is A Cruiser Longboard

A cruiser longboard is a board used to commute or enjoy leisurely rides. It is ridden in a relaxed and fluid manner at low, moderate, or high speeds. Cruiser longboards turn at a wider radius and give smooth rides in rocky areas.

The best cruiser longboards are generally more stable than other boards and give comfort in long-distance rides. It is not great for tricks but is great to use when commuting.

Longboard And Cruiser Wheels

5 Best Longboards for Cruising | FREE-STYLE DOWNHILL AND DANCING

Whats the difference between a longboard or cruiser wheel to a regular skateboard wheel? Well, they are for their specific sports. The first difference is the size. They are bigger for a smoother, stable ride. Secondly, they are softer for better grip on rougher and less even road surfaces.

  • Hardness
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    Ultimate Review Of The Best Longboards For Cruising In 2021

    When one thinks about longboarding, the first thing that comes to mind for most

    people is cruising.

    A majority of people who pick up a longboard want to cruise around or simply ride

    around for pleasure.

    But as common as this riding style is, choosing the perfect board for cruising isnt as easy as you think.

    While you can cruise on any board, the best longboard for cruising should feel natural to ride, effortless to push, and shouldnt get in your way in any way.

    Depending on your riding style, experience and terrain, youll find some cruiser boards may hamper your cruising experience.

    For example, take the mini-cruiser boards. Theyre technically cruiser longboards.

    While theyre portable and nimble, theyre best suited for the last mile sort of longboard cruising.

    Sure, the mini-cruisers are great for short dashes to your local store, but after a mile or two, they start getting exhausting. This is not to mention theyre agile, so you need to work hard to keep them in control-this beats the carefree, effortless, and enjoyable experience associated with cruising longboards.

    Mini-cruisers arent the only type of boards you need to avoid when choosing the best longboards for cruising.

    You also want to keep away from options built with a specific function in mind. For example, you dont want to use a downhill, freeride, or dancing longboard for cruising.

    Ive also thrown in five of my favorite cruise boards you could choose from if you like.

    Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

    Some riders love to perform tricks during their rides. Its actually their nature that always urges them to show something special. Considering this ground, Tan Tiens longboard is the best match for them. Getting a faster speed is the key feature of this board.

    You know, numbers of riders complained about the response of the longboard. They do not get what they want in the ordinary boards. Unless the response rate is comprehensive, passengers are unable to get the favorite speed level. Therefore, this longboard will fill your needs.

    The length of the board is 39 inches, while the wheelbase is 27 inches. Besides, the longboard is lightweight as well and can carry up to 120 KG. The design allows the riders to take tight turns on a curved street. Navigation is simpler too.


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    Trucks For Cruiser Longboarding

    After picking the best deck for you, the trucks are what you need to look at next. Longboard trucks attach the wheels to the deck. They allow the board to turn and pivot at the axle.

    Unlike regular skateboards, longboards have inverted or reverse kingpin trucks. These permit more side-to-side movement when skating, increasing control, and stability. Longboard trucks are adjustable to your personal preferences.

    If you tighten the nuts, it compresses the bushings resulting in a tight feel when turning. Tightened trucks are ideal for high speed cruising as it stabilizes the board. If you plan to cruise in an area with many turns, loosened trucks are better as they turn with ease.

    A simple rule of thumb when picking longboarding trucks would be to opt for the ones closest to your deck width. This gives you room to make proper wheel selection and guarantee you a consistent ride always. Widths of 8.5 or fewer need trucks of 150mm, and those higher than 8.5 need 180mm trucks.

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