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Cruise Ship With Bowling Alley

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Cruise Ship Adventures You Never Knew Existed

Bowling on a Cruise Ship!!! At O’Sheehan’s on Norwegian Breakaway

Cruise ships were once a series of dining options pared with sunning spots, a pool or two and cramped galley rooms have now transformed into the ultimate vacation hot spots, bundling anything and everything a traveler could imagine wantingall within walking distance. Luxury shopping, top-notch entertainment and on board adventure are now part of the package on major ships.

Long gone are the old days of cruisingyou wont believe the new adventures youll find on board.

The Ship Comes With A Range Of Games To Keep You Entertained

If youre looking for a break from the sun and sand, consider booking a cruise that comes with pool tables. Youll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to games including classics like billiards or table tennis.

Many ships also come equipped with video game consoles and other activities for kids. Make sure you check the ships amenities before buying your tickets some include pools, lazy rivers, jacuzzis, etc.. The perfect Carnival cruise may just be waiting for you.

Are There Bowling Alleys On Cruise Ships

You wouldn’t believe it was possible. Swimming pools, golf simulators, spas, restaurants, boutiques and libraries, sure but a bowling alley on a cruise ship? How could it possibly be done?

Then, in 2006, along came Norwegian Pearl, bringing with it the very first bowling alley in a modern cruise ship. For the first time since the SS Ile de France in the Roaring Twenties, people could experience the glorious feeling of knocking down pins in the middle of the ocean.

With the bowling fun being so popular amongst passengers of all ages, it only seemed right that Norwegian Cruise Line should include a bowling alley on its next ship, the Norwegian Gem, in 2007. Like its sister, the Gem incorporates four bowling lanes in its Bliss Ultra Lounge, meaning guests can enjoy a whole day of bowling, watching live sports, and playing video arcade games in one place. At night, Bliss transforms into a high-energy lounge with a live DJ spinning the decks and mood-lit bowling. This whole complex provides a great space for kids during the day too, especially with the gutter bumpers in play.

In 2010, the Norwegian Epic became the third of the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet to add bowling to its list of attractions. And with the Norwegian Epic holding a whopping 4,200 passengers over 19 decks, its no surprise that bowling should join the assortment of entertainment onboard an assortment which also included a 10-metre high and 19-metre wide rock climbing wall.

What are the bowling lanes like?

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Get A Birdseye View Of The Ship

The North Star gives Quantum guests a truly one-of-a-kind look at the ship and the seas far beyond. The pod offers 360-degree views while rising more than 300 feet in the airfirst over the boat and then outstretching above the sea far below. The breathtaking aerial tour is sturdy in the lift operated pod, but those afraid of heights might want to skip this attraction.

The 12 Best Cruise Ships For People Who Never Want To Grow Up

MSC Grandiosa Photos &  Videos

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Wouldn’t it be great to be a kid again?

Even if you’re just a few years out of school and only beginning your toils in the workforce, you’ve probably already found yourself pining for those carefree days of childhood.

Maybe you want to relive the thrill of endless afternoons racing your friends around go-kart tracks or hunting them down in laser tag battles. Maybe you want to be back at the arcade, rolling 100s in Skeeball. Maybe you just want to spend a day getting soaked at a waterpark again — without needing the excuse of bringing a child or grandchild along to do it.

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We’ve got some good news: Your misspent youth is still there, waiting for you — on a cruise ship.

One of the biggest trends in cruising over the past decade has been the transformation of mass-market cruise vessels into giant floating megaresorts that offer every sort of amusement known to humans — from massive water coasters to bumper cars and skydiving simulators.

Often these amusements were designed with teens and tweens in mind. After all, family cruising is one of the hottest things going in the industry these days. But a quick glance at all the millennials, Generation Xers and, yes, even baby boomers waiting in line for many of these attractions on ships proves they aren’t just for young cruisers.

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Bowling On A Cruise Ship

Norwegian Pearl in Cozumel

bowling alley on the Pearl

Modern cruise ships come equipped with a variety of ways to entertain their passengers. Not every ship has everything, but each ship does have quite a lot of choices. Looking at what different ships have to offer provides even more options for things to do during a cruise.

People expect to find things like pools and even waterslides. Norwegian Pearl has something completely different to do- go bowling! The Pearl was the first cruise ship ever to include a bowling alley at sea. Now some other Norwegian ships have them as well, including the Epic a ship ofwell epic proportions.

bar in the Bliss Ultra Lounge & Night Club

On the Pearl, the bowling alley is located in the Bliss Ultra Lounge and Nightclub. This lounge has just about everything. In addition to the bowling alley it has a bar and dance floor, random beds which for unknown reasons the Pearl has scattered about the ship, and a couple areas that for lack of anything better to call them, we referred to as pimp rooms.

Wheres the harem girls?

The Bliss Ultra Lounge has four bowling lanes, two on each side of the lounge. The nominal fee for bowling includes rental of a pair of bowling shoes. Each bowling lane is completely automated. A television-like screen displays whose turn it is to bowl and keeps score. If anyone bowls a strike or spare a cartoon on the screen celebrates their success.

Norwegian Pearl has brightly colored bowling balls in a variety of sizes

The Best Ships For Childlike Fun

In the early days of cruising, in the 1970s and 1980s, the biggest deck-top attraction on most ships was the pool. Shuffleboard was another hot activity — really, that’s not just a cliché. By the late 1990s, a few waterslides had begun popping up on vessels, as well as such then-wow-inducing activities as miniature golf courses and rock climbing walls.

But it’s only in the last decade or so that we’ve begun to see truly over-the-top fun zones at sea. And we do mean over-the-top. In the last few years, we’ve seen cruise lines add everything from sprawling go-kart tracks to a roller coaster to the top of ships. Deck-top waterparks with multiple waterslides are increasingly common. So are features like surfing simulators, zip lines, virtual reality play zones and even ice skating rinks.

Among cruise lines marketing to North Americans, there are four lines, in particular, that have been at the forefront of the trend: Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line.

The first three of those lines dominate the world of big, bustling megaresorts at sea, with vessels that are as much as twice the size of the biggest cruise ships that existed 25 years ago. Carnival hasn’t gone quite as big with its ships, for the most part. But Carnival still packs its vessels with a lot of fun-focused activities.

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Here, the four ships that we rate the best for reconnecting with your inner child :

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Bowling Lanes On Cruise Ship


As a passenger you wont get bored on the Norwegian Epic. Besides the new icebar , this luxurious ship also features a bowling alley.

This summer, restaurant Nela will open its doors in Valley, the sustainable and innovative building, on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. In this new hospitality formula read more

How Do Pool Tables Work On Ships

MSC Meraviglia Gym Sports Car Arcade Bowling Alley on Cruise Ship

Pool tables work on ships by using a system that sends signals to control the movement of the table. The balls dont slide because they are held in place with weights and magnets.

There is a system that keeps the pool table stationary even when its moving along with the waves, and it does this by sending signals to controlling mechanisms inside of the table itself It can be hard to play if youre not used to gyroscopically-controlled objects, but most people find it fun once they get used to it.

In order for pool tables on ships to function correctly, they must be fixed firmly down so as not move around while at sea

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Cruise Ship With Bowling Alley

Some cruise ships now have bowling alleys on board! This is a great activity for families or groups of friends traveling together. You can enjoy a few games of bowling while enjoying the beautiful views from the ship.

Brunswick AnvilaneTM synthetic lanes, Vector® scoring systems, GS-XTM pinsetters, and Pinball Wizard® bumper bowling are just a few examples. Three lanes are available in the Epics newly designed sports bar and lounge called Bliss Ultra Lounge and Night Club. In addition to the ships seven decks, three lanes of freestyle fun are available for play. Bowlers will be able to enjoy Brunswick bowling equipment as part of the in-cabin book for the Norwegian Epic. Reba McEntire will preside over the christening of the 4,200-passenger Norwegian Epic, which will take place in New York on July 2. Its gross tons of 153,000 are the most of any Norwegian ship.

Cruise Ship Bowling Alley Planned

A four-lane bowling alley is the latest attraction to be added to a cruise ship.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Pearl will feature bowling as part of a sports bar and nightclub complex when the ship enters service next year.

The NCL innovation follows Royal Caribbean adding a surf park to soon to be launched Freedom of the Seas, ice rinks on its Voyager-class vessels and rock climbing across a range of ships.

Bowling will feature alongside flat screen TVs showing sporting events and arcade games in the Bliss complex on board Norwegian Pearl. At night the area will be transformed into a nightclub.

NCLs UK general manager Francis Riley said: We were the first to offer Broadway shows in our theatres, onboard bugee trampolines and giant gyroscopes on board Pride of America, and now we have introduced the industrys first bowling alley.

Report by Phil Davies

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Royal Caribbean Bowling Alley

The Royal Caribbean bowling alley is a great place to have some fun and compete with your friends. There are plenty of lanes to choose from, and the staff is always on hand to help you with anything you need. The bowling alley is also a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing or shopping.

Which Carnival Ships Have An Adults Only Pool

Bliss Casino on Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship

There are a few Carnival ships that have an adults only pool. This means that only those over the age of 18 can use it. These include the Carnival Glory, Carnival Conquest and Carnival Dream.

Carnival has made the swimming pools available to all guests on their ships. Previously, these pools were only for adults over 18 years old. This change applies to pools on the Carnival Conquest, Glory, Valor, Liberty, Freedom, Splendor and Victory.

You can use these pools if youre over 18 years old and there may be additional restrictions in place depending on the pool location. Please note that there may be age requirements for some of the activities that are offered in these areas.

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Are There Pool Tables On Carnival Cruise Ships

If youre looking for some fun in the sun, consider taking your pool table or mini-bowling alley outdoors. The entertainment section on board the ship is always being updated so theres something new to enjoy.

You dont need to be a sports enthusiast to spend a day aboard the ship there are options for everyone. Make sure to check out the Entertainment Section regularly as it changes frequently who knows what might catch your eye?

Does The Msc Seashore Have A Bowling Alley

No, the MSC Seashore does not have a bowling alley.

A full-sized bowling alley, a family restaurant, and a water park are all included at MSC Seaside. Norwegian Pearls Bliss Ultra Lounge features the industrys first full-size bowling alley. Norways most popular tourist attractions include Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Gem, and Norwegian Epic. Here are nine reasons to love them at MSC Cruises . Both the Meraviglia and the Seaside class ships have bowling lanes in addition to a bowling rink. Several crew members have died while attempting to exit this bridge by passing through the gates. MSC Seaside, a year-round port, offered weekly five-star vacations to the Caribbean for a fee of $75 per person. Seven crew members were arrested at PortMiami in the seven weeks leading up to November 17, 2018, on federal charges. It is currently the only MSC ship that can travel to the island and country.

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The Pool Table Is Automated And Serves Multiple Purposes Including Keeping It Clean And Restocked With Balls For Guests To Play On

Instead of having individual players manually put balls back into the machine, an automated system does this for everyone who visits the table over time, ensuring that it remains playable at all times while also keeping it clean and stocked with new balls so guests can enjoy playing without interruption.

Third Luxury Cruise Ship To Offer Bowling


Brunswick continues to bring the entertainment of bowling to new venues, helping to expand the interest and participation in the sport well beyond the bowling center. For example, the ultimate luxury vacation a sea cruise just got better.

How cool is it to bowl in the middle of the ocean? Because of the huge popularity of bowling on Norwegian Cruise Lines , the Norwegian Pearl and Norwegian Gem, NCLs newest ship will also have bowling. In fact, this new ship will have the most bowling lanes at sea, with a total of six lanes between two different venues on the vessel.

The Norwegian Epic, a third generation Freestyle Cruising ship and, to date the companys largest and most innovative ship, is set to depart on its maiden voyage in June 2010. Six bowling lanes, complete with Brunswick Anvilane synthetic lanes, Vector® scoring systems, GS-X pinsetters and Pinball Wizard bumper bowling, are included in the many world-class recreational options available onboard for all ages.

Three lanes are included in the Epics innovative sports bar and lounge called Bliss Ultra Lounge and Night Club, while three more lanes are available for play as part of the ships seven decks of Freestyle Family Fun.

Norwegian Epic is currently under construction at STX Europe in France. At 153,000 gross tons, the ship is Norwegians largest with 19 decks, spanning 1,068 feet in length and 133 feet in width with a 28.5 foot draft, staffed with approximately 1,730 crew members.

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There Are Options For Outdoor Activities

If youre looking for an outdoor activity to do on your Carnival cruise, there are a few options available. You can play tennis, basketball, and soccer on the courts located throughout the ship or take part in other activities such as kayaking and parasailing.

There are also several pools that you can enjoy either inside or outside of the pool area. Finally, theres always plenty of entertainment to be found onboard including shows and casino games.

Do They Have Pool Tables On Cruise Ships

cruise ships typically have pool tables on board, but not all do. Some only have ping pong and other games. If youre looking for a place to play table tennis or another game of pool while on your voyage, be sure to ask the crew if theyve got any available.

Gyroscopic pool tables are a type of table that uses gyroscopes to keep the balls in play. This technology is similar to what is used in some video games and other electronic devices. Gameplay on these tables usually involves shooting balls into pockets or clearing obstacles, but they can also be used for other types of games such as billiards or snooker.

Table sizes and specifications vary, but most cruise ships carry between two and six gyroscopic pool tables which can accommodate up to eight players at once. How do gyroscopic pool tables work? The main component of these tables is a set of movable disks that help keep the balls in play by maintaining their balance regardless of how much movement there is around them .

You can find gyrocopterspools at many leisure centers and amusement park attractions across the United States, although they may not be available onboard all cruise ships.

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What Does The Norwegian Gem Have

With tons of dining choices and no set dining times, Norwegian Gem has it all. Chill out by the pool, get lucky in the casino, unwind at the spa, and make the kids happy with spaces built with them in mind. Accommodations range from the luxurious multi-room or romantic suites to spacious and affordable staterooms…. see details

The Entertainment Section Is Updated Regularly

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Carnival cruise ships often have a wide range of activities, including pool tables and other games for passengers to enjoy. The Entertainment section is updated regularly with new information about whats available onboard each ship.

You can find out whats happening and where on the ship by visiting the Entertainment section online before you depart. Pool tables are frequently one of the most popular items on a carnival cruise so make sure to get tickets early.

Dont miss out on any opportunities to have some fun while cruising aboard a Carnival cruise ship.

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