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Cruise To England From Usa

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How To Reserve A Queen Mary 2 Kennel

Discover Canada & New England with Celebrity Cruises

Its important for you to reserve your Queen Mary 2 kennel as soon as possible. Usually, this can be done up to two years before the sailing. If you should request a particular sailing date and the kennels are already reserved, ask to be placed on a waiting list. People tend to reserve the kennels way ahead of time in the hopes of taking their cruise. Plans change and people end up canceling their reservation and theres a chance youll get a kennel.

How To Travel With Pets Aboard The Queen Mary 2 Kennels

What if your employer wants you to relocate to London. Or youre lucky enough to spend a summer vacation in the pastoral English countryside. An apartment in Paris with your poodle? It would be wonderful to visit your relatives in England without the need to board your pet at home.

Theres only one cruise ship that features dog and cat kennels. Cunard Lines Queen Mary 2 has been transporting dogs and cats pampered in style across the Atlantic for decades.

Take The Train From London Waterloo

Fast air-conditioned trains run from London Waterloo to Southampton Central every 30 minutes taking around 1h17. No reservation is necessary, just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on the next train.

The fare is £46.10 adult one-way , children under 16 half price, children under 5 free. First class costs £78.30 .

Check train times & fares from London Waterloo or anywhere in Britain to Southampton Direct trains run from Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Reading, Bristol & Cardiff to Southampton, so you won’t have to cross London. See a beginner’s guide to UK train travel.

For train connections from Paris or any other European city to London, see here. I’d recommend a night in London before taking the train to Southampton on sailing day.

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What Are The Requirements To Travel With Pets

For many years, to bring your dog into England meant six long months of quarantine, despite proof of vaccination. Now its simple with the Queen Mary 2 kennels. You will need to complete a stack of paperwork prior to boarding, no matter which direction you will cruise.Watch as Kennel Master Oliver leads the dog parade on deck. It was extremely windy!

Eastbound crossings from New York to Southampton:

  • Must be fitted with a microchip
  • Had a rabies vaccine 21 days or more before the cruise
  • Issued with an official Veterinary Certificate within 10 days of the cruise
  • Dogs must be treated against heartworm, 1-5 days prior to boarding

Westbound crossings from Southampton to New York:

  • Issued a current Health Certificate within 30 days before entry into New York
  • Rabies vaccine check for the most recent update from the United States CDC

Note: If pet owners have an EU pet passport, the passport cannot be updated by a US or Canadian vet. It can only be updated by a UK or EU veterinarian.

Clearly, its easier to bring your pet into the United States than into England. Today, the British quarantine period has been removed, provided the owner has fulfilled all of the requirements for cats and dogs.

Experience The Sights The Sounds And The Shopping On Usa Cruises

Celebrity Cruises Hot Offer

Towering skyscrapers, magnificent malls and beautiful bays Americas legendary cities have it all and you can experience everything they have to offer on a cruise to the USA.

The birthplace of West Coast rock music, San Francisco is the most bohemian city on earth. With a spectacular setting in a beautiful bay, its a melting pot of different cultures and a magnet for the arty and eccentric from across America. Victorian architecture and perfectly preserved tramcars give the cityscape a unique feel, and theres every kind of cuisine, music and theatre to keep you entertained on your cruise to San Francisco plus the breathtaking, world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.

In complete contrast, Miami is known as the Cruise Capital of the World and is among Americas most commercialised cities. Glitzy, ritzy and glamorous, its a fascinating place to visit on USA cruises, offering an insight into a completely different culture where art and reality intertwine.

Founded in 1630, Boston is widely considered the most cultured and anglicised city in the country and is proud of its intellectual reputation. Education, innovation and entrepreneurship are its hallmarks, giving the city a feel different from almost everything on the continent and anywhere that you will visit on a USA cruise.

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Crystal Cruises: Icelandic Adventure

As of 2011, Crystal Cruises offers an Icelandic Adventure — a 14-day voyage from Dover, England, to New York City via Dubin, Ireland, two ports in Iceland and Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. During five full days at sea, passengers can enjoy the facilities and activities of the 922-passenger Crystal Symphony, which include a fitness center, complimentary piano and language lessons, a lecture series, swimming pools and a movie theater. Three days are dedicated to sightseeing and excursions in Iceland, with one day for the botanical gardens, historic buildings and spectacular fjords of Akuereyri and two days to take in Reykjavik’s hot springs, glaciers and contemporary cultural scene. In Halifax, options include touring a 150-year-old Citadel, shopping for Scottish-themed souvenirs and visiting the maritime museum.

Whats A Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic cruises are cruises that sail anywhere across the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to another. Most cruises that travel across the Atlantic either depart from Europe and end in the United States, or the other way around. Some transatlantic sailings also travel to and from South America, too.

In the cruising industry, transatlantic sailings are also called repositioning cruises. Repositioning cruises are cruises that sail from one region of the world to another after the tourist season in one area has ended and the ship then relocates to another area, most often with a warmer climate.

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Which Is Better A Westbound Or An Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing

If you really haven’t got the time or money to go both ways by sea, you might want to go one-way by sea and the other by air. You can often find one-way QM2 fares with a ‘free’ air fare in the other direction. If you’re British and a shopaholic, the obvious advantage of going out westbound by air and back eastbound by sea is that you can shop in New York and bring back as much as you like, as there are no baggage limits on the Queen Mary 2. And you’ll have the leisurely voyage back home to look forward to at the end of your trip. However, for my money , westbound is much better. There’s the growing anticipation as you near America at the end of an outward westbound crossing, there’s the significant advantage of 25-hour days as the clocks are put back on 5 of the 7 nights due to the time difference, and best of all the spectacular arrival into New York harbour in the early morning, with that Manhattan skyline lit by the rising sun. When you’re enjoying your evenings on the town until late at night, the 23-hour days on an eastbound crossing as the clocks are put forward can be a killer! On the other hand, if I were an American heading for Europe, I might well be tempted to head out by sea eastbound, returning west by air.

Cabins & Dinner Sittings

TRAVEL DAY to London England (USA UK)
  • If you have young children, it’s worth asking for a cabin towards the stern of the ship. We were given a stateroom at the extreme forward end of deck 6, whereas the Play Zone is at the extreme aft end of deck 6. That meant we had to walk a sixth of a mile from cabin to Play Zone to sign the kids in, then a sixth of a mile back again to get changed. It proved impossible sign the kids in at 6pm when the Zone opens, walk all the way back to the cabin, get changed into formal dress, then walk forward again to the Britannia restaurant for a 6pm sitting.

  • From this experience on our outward crossing, we changed our sitting for the return crossing to 8.30pm. The evening then worked better, although some after-dinner films or shows finished after midnight so could not be attended without leaving early to collect the kids. The dinner tended to take up much of the evening. A stateroom near the Zone, and dressing for the 6pm dinner sitting before taking the kids to the Zone, might be the ideal solution, but my wife’s and my opinion is divided!

  • If you’ve small children, remember to take your folding buggy . It’s a big ship!

Other useful information

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If You Live In Uk & Europe

  • Go, click LINES at the top, then select CUNARD LINE then change Any destination to Transatlantic.

    You can also check prices & buy tickets, but cruise specialists likewww.cruisenation.comoften offer cheaper prices than Cunard themselves.

  • Visas to enter the United States: Remember that UK citizens must go to the US State Department ESTA website to obtain ‘pre-approval’ for travel to the USA under the visa waiver system for a small charge. Although still called a ‘visa waver’ programme, having to fill in a form and pay a fee to obtain approval to visit sounds like a visa to me…

Transfer By Taxi In Southampton

Make sure you know which of the four possible terminals the QM2 is sailing from, the QEII terminal , City Cruise Terminal , Mayflower Cruise Terminal , or the new Ocean Terminal . Map of Southampton, showing all cruise terminals, Southampton Central Station & the historic Ocean Terminal.

A taxi from Southampton Central station takes 10 minutes and costs around £9 to the Mayflower or City cruise terminals, around £12 to the QEII terminal or Ocean Terminal. You’ll find plenty of taxis waiting at the station, the taxi rank is on the same side of the station where most trains from London arrive, so no bridges or subways to negotiate., level access from platform to booking hall to forecourt.

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Britannia Sheltered Balcony See 360 Image

This is cabin 4101 on 4 Deck. The Man in Seat 61 says, “This is my own preferred cabin for a transatlantic crossing. Even at 20 knots in mid-Atlantic the balcony remains wind-free just as the word sheltered suggests. Some people say you won’t get much use out of a balcony on the Atlantic, but I loved being able to stroll outside at any time and stand at the rail watching the Atlantic drift past. On a sunny summer crossing off Newfoundland we did indeed sit outside, and even when inside, the French windows let in lots of natural light, making it a far nicer room than an inside or outside cabin, so upgrade if you can. I have yet to travel with a more expensive full-balcony cabin, but I expect those are a lot more windswept!”.

QM2 restaurants

How Will My Dog Or Cat Be Treated In The Kennel

Giant cruise ship to sail from Southampton, England

People arent the only creatures that receive Cunards legendary White Glove Service. In charge of the Queen Mary 2 kennels is the Kennel Master, who pampers, feeds and exercises the dogs outside on their own deck space and tends to the cats. If thats not enough, each canine or feline also receives a special welcome aboard gift.

Queen Mary 2

Following the Queen Mary 2 remastering in 2018, there are now a total of 24 kennels, 12 upper and 12 lower. Two lower kennels can be opened for larger dogs or just for more space. Cats are required to be on the upper level with two kennels, one for the litter box and one for the living area.

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How Does The Ticketing Work

  • Whether you book direct with Cunard or through an agency such as cruisenation or cruisedirect, you log in to Cunard’s voyage personaliser atusing your Cunard booking reference and personal details .

  • Shortly before sailing date your voyage personaliser will show your allocated cabin number & dinner sitting, and you can download and print your e-tickets & luggage labels. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to print the e-ticket, as long as you have some proof of booking you’ll be fine for entering the terminal and once at the check-in desk they will have your booking on their system.

Westbound transatlantic guide

Here is a typical transatlantic timetable, port transfer, embarkation arrangements & journey information for a typical westbound transatlantic sailing on the QM2. Although they normally follow this same pattern, always check the sailing time & check-in times for your specific date. If you find that something has changed, please let me know. If you’re sailing eastbound, see the .

Transfer By Taxi To Manhattan

The Tour Office on deck 2 offers private transfers by minivan from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to any Manhattan hotel for a ridiculous $429, or they can sell you tickets for a transfer bus for $59 per person.

However, both options are crazy, because a normal yellow cab from the terminal taxi rank to anywhere in Manhattan costs only $40 for up to 4 people and all your bags, and you’ll find plenty of taxis waiting right outside the terminal building. Enjoy the drive across the famous Brooklyn Bridge in a New York Yellow Cab!

You’ll also find plenty of black private hire vehicles outside the terminal with a fixed price of around $55 to a Manhattan hotel, also a good relaxed option. The ride takes 20 minutes.

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My Favourite Hotel Search Site: Wwwbookingcom my favourite hotel booking site and I generally prefer booking my hotels all in one place here. You can usually book with free cancellation – this allows you to confirm your accommodation at no risk before train booking opens. It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve – a feature I use all the time when putting a trip together. I never book hotels non-refundably. I have also come to trust their review scores – you won’t be disappointed with anything over 8.0.

Tip: It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites: is a price comparison site which compares hotel prices on,, Expedia, Accor, Agoda and many others. Though if there’s not much in it, I prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place

About Cruises From The Uk

Explore Canada & New England with Holland America Line [CruiseWebinar]

With a greater choice of cruise lines, destinations and ships sailing from UK ports every year and some fantastic added value benefits, it’s no wonder that more of us are choosing to cruise directly from the UK than ever before.

A cruise is the perfect holiday choice for those looking to avoid long flights and the hustle and bustle of airport travel, with departures available from a wide range of British ports including Southampton, Newcastle, Liverpool, Greenock and more. Free car parking and/or free coach travel is available on selected cruises from the UK – ask our Cruise Advisors for full details.

You can sail from UK ports to a variety of top destinations like the sunny Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, the beautiful Norwegian Fjords and the historic capitals of Scandinavia and the Baltic. For people who have the travel bug, there are longer sailings including transatlantic crossings and luxurious full world cruises.

Most cruises departing from British ports also come with additional benefits like regional coach transfers, car parking or incredible last-minute savings that are not to be missed. Call our cruise consultants today for more details on cruises sailing directly from the UK

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Transfer By Taxi To Southampton Central Station

The Queen Mary 2 can use any one of four different terminals in Southampton, either the QEII terminal , City Cruise Terminal , Mayflower Cruise Terminal , or the new Ocean Terminal . Map of Southampton, showing all cruise terminals, Southampton Central Station & the original historic Ocean Terminal. A taxi to Southampton Central station costs around £9 from the Mayflower or City cruise terminals, or around £12 from the QEII terminal or Ocean Terminal. You’ll find plenty of taxis waiting at the terminal, although there can be a long wait as there are so many other passengers. The taxi ride takes just 10 minutes.

Is There Visitation Time During The Cruise

Of course! While animals are not permitted in guest staterooms or public areas , owners may visit their pets at four scheduled times every day of the voyage. In addition to the outdoor, off-leash doggie area, there is also an indoor play space where the dogs can romp around off-leash, too, should inclement weather prevail. Visiting hours are:

  • 8:00am to 10:00am

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The Play Zone & Child Care

The Zone is aft on deck 6, staffed by a team of friendly young British-trained nannies. It has a toddler zone for ages 1-3, a Play Zone for ages 4-6 and The Zone with various computer games and other activities for older kids up to 17. There’s plenty to do, and activities such as treasure hunts or ship tours are organised by the Play Zone team.

Canada Cruises And New England Cruises

Imagine Cruising

About Canada and New England Cruises

Canada and New England cruises offer a wonderful vacation experience. On a cruise to Canada and New England guests can walk in the footsteps of the first American patriots and become immersed in the history where the birth of the United States began. Visit cities like Newport Rhode Island with its beautiful mansions and its lively harbor and downtown area. Explore the historical sights of Boston including Faneuil Hall, Boston Commons, Plymouth Rock and the Old North Church.

A cruise to Canada and New England will take you past picturesque costal villages and up the magnificent eastern seaboard as you visit cities like Portland, Maine and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Montreal. Experience the beauty of New England on a fall foliage cruise and watch with amazement as Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show of colors.

Cruises to Canada and New England range from 2 to 18 days with departures out of Baltimore, New York, Bayonne, Boston, Montreal and Quebec. Call now or book online to receive discounts, onboard credits, upgrades and more on your next Cruise to Canada and New England.

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