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What Cruise Lines Do Transatlantic Crossings

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The Transatlantic Crossing

If youre picky about cabin location, book your Atlantic crossing cruise sooner rather than later. But if location on the ship doesnt matter to you, this is one time when waiting closer to sailing will workand possibly save you money on a cruise deal.

On many of the other cruises that Alan and I take, the ship is booked up fairly early. But thats not the case for most Transatlantic cruises. And you might find last-minute savings.

Just remember to check flight availability before committing to the cruise. We use Skyscanner to search for the best flight prices.

Pro: Learn Something New

Cruise ships on transatlantic crossings offer many educational, entertaining, and fun activities on the many sea days. For example, guests can take classes in computing, photography, cooking, bridge, fitness, or ballroom dancing. Or, they can attend lectures on a variety of topics that expand their knowledge on history, travel, health, music, or art. Smaller ships and more luxury brands tend to feature more guest lecturers and educational opportunities than larger ships do.

Will I Get Seasick On A Cruise Across The Atlantic

You might. I sometimes do if the seas are rough. It helps to have a strategy:

  • Choose a larger ship. Our spring crossing on Silver Wind was especially rough. And I should have known better than to choose such a small ship to cross the Atlantic. I do not have too much of a problem with slightly larger ships350 passengers and above.
  • Choose a midship cabin on a lower deck for the most stability. Our Medallion Suite on Silver Wind was up high and toward the front. Not good for such stormy seas, so I found a midship seating area on a lower deck for reading or working on the computer.
  • Have a plan of action. I wear sea bands when I first board the ship, until my body has adjusted to the movement. I put them on again if seas become rough. If Im still having issues, I rely on ginger capsules, gingerale or candied ginger from the ships restaurant to settle my stomach. If those strategies dont work, I take meclizine that I purchase from the pharmacist before leaving homebut ask your doctor, first. Some cruisers have success wearing seasickness patches but I dont care for the side effects that they give me. And if all else fails, visit the ships doctor for even strong medication .

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Top Transatlantic Cruise Destinations And Shore Excursions

A Transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York is considered to be the original one way voyage, however, crossings can also be eastbound or include the exciting destinations of Miami and Rio de Janeiro. If you want to experience the ultimate in luxury cruises, indulge in a Cunard Transatlantic cruise aboard Queen Mary 2, Cunard’s flagship which sets high standards in opulent transatlantic cruising.

And 2022 Cunard Transatlantic Cruise Fares And Promotions

A transatlantic crossing on Cunard

Sail on Queen Mary 2 or one of her Royal sisters in 2021 or 2022. Whenever you go, a Cunard QM2 Transatlantic Crossing can be remarkably affordable if you book with Q Cruise + Travel. Scroll down to see currently published 2021 and even 2022 Queen Mary 2 sail dates or check our Current Cunard Offers: our fares are never higher, and often lower, than when you book directly with Cunard. In addition, on most sailings we offer up to $300 shipboard credit per stateroom, to spend as you please on Queen Mary 2, and other extras like bottles of wine or Cunard souvenirs. Of course, fares and availability change constantly, so please call us to find the most suitable option.

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Consider Your Cabin Type

On our first Atlantic crossing — a September transit — we were thrilled to be upgraded from an outside cabin to a balcony. Ironically, though, we rarely used it. Occasionally inclement weather, frisky winds and an unchanging view limited its appeal. We’ll take a balcony if the price is right, but more for the chance to have fresh air in the cabin from time to time. We wouldn’t splurge on it.

No Uncomfortable Flights Or Jet Lag

While you might have to catch a flight to the embarkation port, you wont have to worry about being stuffed into the crowded cabin on a plane for a long flight. No flight changes or cancellations to worry about. No jet-lag from drastic time changes.

Why suffer in a seat where you can barely move your legs while enduring that long flight across the Atlantic leaving you feeling stressed and exhausted by the time you arrive? Your leisurely transatlantic cruise will allow you to refresh, recharge and reenergize yourself – a true vacation versus a typical trip.

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Cunard Partnership With The Greatest Generations Foundation Returns To Commemorate The Heroes Of World War Ii On June 5 2022 Transatlantic Crossing

World War II Heroes to be honored Cunard Insights enrichment guests on flagship Queen Mary 2

VALENCIA, Calif., Nov. 11, 2021 /CNW/ — In partnership with The Greatest GENERATIONS Foundation, Cunard will again pay tribute to the heroes of World War II, featuring several esteemed veterans on the fourth such powerful enrichment program on board a Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing. This special voyage will depart New York and sail to Southampton, England, June 5 to 12, 2022.

On this 7-night voyage, guests will have the opportunity to attend lectures and interact with several WWII veterans, hearing first-hand about their experiences during the war. From the “Battle of the Atlantic,” and the DDAY landings in Normandy, to the last living survivor of Pearl Harbor, these distinguished war heroes will engage in discussions and Q& A’s, giving guests a very personal glimpse into the human elements of wartime service.

A special new feature on this Crossing will be the inclusion of veterans from the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars.

Participating veterans scheduled to be on board will include:^

Q& A’s and other discussions with the World War II veterans will cover topics including:

  • The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941

  • D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy, 1944

  • The Longest Winter: The Battle of the Bulge, 1944

  • Blood Sand: The Battle for Iwo Jima, 1945

  • Vietnam War: The Forgotten Generation

  • Afghanistan: The Forever War

^ Schedule subject to change.

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Can You Take A Transatlantic Cruise

10 Must-Know Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing Tips

You can go further than you ever thought possible on a transatlantic cruise, crossing the waves between the U.S. and Europe. Departing from Florida, Barcelona, Southampton and Copenhagen, these cruises include both tropical and cultural island stops, in ports such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Greenland and Iceland.

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What Time Of Year Is Best For An Atlantic Crossing

Travelers on a fall transatlantic cruise enjoy an extra hour of sleep almost every night as the ship travels east to west. Of course the reverse is true for spring Atlantic crossings where an hour is lost each day.

Alan and I definitely prefer fall for those extra hours of sleep. And the long voyage is a good way to relax after a couple of weeks exploring Europe.

Do I Need To Pack Formal Clothes For Transatlantic Ship Travel

My answer: that depends. First, the cruise line that you choose may or may not have formal nights. Second, even if there are formal nights, they are easy to avoid by choosing alternate restaurants on nights when the dress code is formal. But youll be missing a lot of fun.

Alan and I enjoy dressing for formal night. In fact, its one of the reasons that we enjoy luxury cruises. At home, we wear sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans most of the time.

Dressing up provides a change of pace. And its easy to do without over packing. How many formal nights will there be? That depends on the cruise ship but generally speaking expect 3 to 4 formal nights on an 18-night itinerary.

Have you seen my advice for what to wear on a luxury cruise for the woman over 50? Youll find great tips for any type of cruising.

My best cruise fashion tip: Dont let formal night scare you off. Glitzy separates for women make it simple to mix and match outfits. Men have it easy. Bring a tuxedo or suit with a tie and youre set no matter how many formal nights are on your Atlantic itinerary.

And if youre the carryon only type of flyer, ship your luggage to the cruise. This works especially well if youre planning a land adventure beforehand. And, as we age, its also less wear and tear on the body, especially if you tend to check luggage that weighs 50 lbs or more.

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Travel Planning Tips For Cruising The Atlantic

That Atlantic crossing deal you just found is only as good as the entire cost of the voyage. What do I mean? The trip will usually involve a one-way international air ticket and those can be pricey, especially if you travel business class. Heres how we do it:

  • Start with a Skyscanner search to determine the airline, schedule and itinerary thats best for us.
  • Check to see if using airline miles is a workable option. It rarely is for us.
  • Determine if we will save money by booking the international portion of the ticket to or from a major city near our home rather than from the small airport where we live.
  • Ask our travel agent to price out the itinerary that weve chosen with what the cruise line is offering for air so that we can compare prices.
  • Budget the cost of traveling to and from the airport. Will we be using the long-term parking lot, renting a car or hiring a car and driver during any portion of the journey?
  • Factor in the cost of hotels on the front or back end of the trip. Start your hotel search here.

Have I inspired your next trip? Check out the My Itchy Travel Feet Luxury Cruise Planner page before booking your cruise.

And dont forget to purchase travel insurance when making the final payment. We prefer policies that cover pre-existing conditions for the transatlantic traveler and immediate family members. This is especially important if you have elderly parents.

Which Are The Best Transatlantic Cruise Ships

Simple A Cruise Blog: Your Ideal Cunard Transatlantic Crossing

Well-heeled travelers will find luxury transatlantic cruises, usually at discounted prices, as I mentioned above. Step onboard Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal or Regent for an all-inclusive, luxurious journey across the Atlantic. If youve ever wondered about cruising on a luxury ship, this is an affordable way to find out if luxury cruising is for you.

Youll find plenty of large cruise ships with transatlantic cruise routes, too. If your idea of cruise travel is a big ship with plenty of things to do and prices offering an economy of scale , consider: Princess, Celebrity, Norwegian, Holland America, MSC or Royal Caribbean.

Even Disney offers an Atlantic cruise, although Im not sure that children would enjoy six days at sea. But, then again, its Disney and the company is a master at entertainment. However there are many other cruise locations such as Alaska that would be more enjoyable for a multigenerational cruise with the kids.

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A Transatlantic Crossing Can Be Flat Calm

Despite what you may think, the Atlantic Ocean can be flat calm at times. Several of our crossings have been just like a mill pond. The calmness of the North Atlantic is very eerie and if you couple this with the banks of fog that often exist when the sea is flat, this can make this experience feel simply weird. These are the days to be up on deck and taking in the sea air and getting some exercise!

Of course the Atlantic is also known for its bad weather and rough seas. Choosing a midships cabin or stateroom lower down in the ship makes any movement less pronounced and you are less likely to feel uneasy. Read our Our Top Tips for preventing Seasickness on a Cruise for more detailed guidance.

Our favourite ship to make the crossing Cunard Queen Mary 2 is on Deck 2 forward. Mid-ships on a low deck and youll hardly feel the infamous thirty-foot seas and gale force winds!

The Altlantic is not always rough!

Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach

Record some great vacation hits at Daytona Beachs marquee beachfront destination, the Hard Rock Hotel. Rest and relax at your rhythm by reclining oceanside or spending some quality time in the full-service Rock Spa & Salon. With world-class restaurants and live entertainment.

Record some great vacation hits at Daytona Beachs marquee beachfront destination, the Hard Rock Hotel. Rest and relax at your rhythm by reclining oceanside or spending some quality time in the full-service Rock Spa & Salon. With world-class restaurants and live entertainment.

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Will I Be Bored On Ocean Crossing Cruises

Many boomer travelers are afraid theyll be bored on an itinerary with lots of sea days. That hasnt been our experience. In fact, theres almost too much to do with lectures, fitness or language classes, dance lessons, cooking demonstrations, socializing with other guests, and nightly entertainment.

Alan and I especially enjoy the opportunity to step away from the Internet to slow down and relax. We also find the atmosphere on a crossing more conducive to meeting new people. Without as many busy port days, theres time for long dinner conversations or staying up late after the show for dancing.

Con: Passengers Tend To Be Older

TransAtlantic Crossing Queen Mary 2

A general rule for cruises is the longer the cruise, the older the passengers. This is not surprising, because senior travelers have more time off and more disposable income. Although many younger travelers enjoy socializing with seniors, most transatlantic crossings are not “party” cruises. The bars and discos probably won’t be packed after midnight like on shorter voyages where travelers are trying to cram as much as possible into their vacation time.

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Transatlantic Cruises To Miami

Visit the fashionable beachside city of Miami, famed for its stunning Art Deco centre and South Beach, with a 10-night Western Transatlantic cruise departing from Dover. To make the most out of your Transatlantic crossing and to give you the opportunity to explore more of Miami and nearby Caribbean islands, enjoy a fly and stay Caribbean cruise holiday departing from Miami.

The Best Time For Transatlantic Cruises

The best time for a transatlantic cruise is subject to debate, but its typically thought that a crossing between Southampton and New York is best taken during the summer months when the weather is warmer and the seas calmer. One of the advantages of cruising during this period is that you can enjoy the open deck space and outdoor entertainment programme. Of course, this is generally when transatlantic cruises are more expensive, so if youre searching for for a voyage a budget, early spring and autumn will probably be more cost-effective.

Sailings from Europe to the Caribbean and South America happen only a couple of times a year, so there isnt a range of departures available. Instead, just pick the route you would like to travel and look forward to making the most of your ships amenities and dining venues.

It is also worth mentioning that the period between June and November is the Atlantics hurricane season. While this wont necessarily be a factor on New York crossings, transatlantic sailings from Europe to the Caribbean or South America may be subject to rough weather and unsteady seas. Funnily enough, some people enjoy crossing the Atlantic during inclement weather, believing that it adds to the sense of adventure.

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Transatlantic Cruises To Rio De Janeiro

If you are looking for adventure from your Transatlantic cruise, a 19-night Atlantic crossing to the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo are an ideal choice. Take a shore excursion to discover the gastronomic delights on offer and soak up the regional culture and history in the extensive museums, rich in fascinating local information. Extend your voyage and discover more of Rio de Janeiro and the fascinating country of Brazil with a South American cruise holiday.

Is The Transatlantic Cruise A Rite Of Passage

Transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2.

Transatlantic. Back when ships were used less for cruising and more for traveling, the transatlantic was the big one, the sort of trip a person might take once in their life. Today, the transatlantic is less about passage than it is a rite of passage, a cool throwback voyage that travel enthusiasts should try at least once.

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Con: No Ports Of Call

TripSavvy / Linda Garrison

The traditional transatlantic crossing of the Queen Mary 2 does not feature any ports of call, leaving New York and arriving in Southampton seven days later .

Most transatlantic repositioning cruises taking the southern route between the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas make stopovers at ports of call in the Caribbean, the Cape Verde Islands, and the Canary Islands. Ships crossing the northern route might stopover in Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Bermuda, Newfoundland, or Atlantic Canada.

While you won’t have as many ports of call as on a seven-day Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise, some of the ports are unique and can only be seen on an extended voyage like a transatlantic crossing.

Uninterrupted Is Unbelievably Luxurious

Experience a Transatlantic cruise vacation like no other aboard Celebrity ApexSM, Celebrity Constellation®, Celebrity Edge®, Celebrity Infinity®, Celebrity Reflection®, or Celebrity Silhouette®. With our 12 to 16-night journeys, youll enjoy relaxing days at sea, as well as visit some of the most amazing destinations in the world on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Travel from the serene tropical beaches of South Florida and Bermuda to the legendary cities of Europe in the Old World .

As we make our way from across the deep blue ocean, youll relax and enjoy unforgettable spaces, world-class amenities, and all of the distinct features that make our Transatlantic cruises extraordinary. Enjoy fantastic onboard experiences that vary by ship. Soar over the open ocean on the Magic Carpet, feel the great outdoors atop the Rooftop Terrace, savor clean cuisine in Blu, or unwind in the luxurious spaces of The Retreat®.

Our Transatlantic itineraries include stops in gorgeous destinations not to be missed. Choose from hundreds of shore excursions from Bermuda to Barcelona and explore some of the most stunning corners of the world.

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