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Do Any Cruise Lines Allow Dogs

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Can You Take Service Dogs On A Cruise

What Are The 6 Cruises You Can Take Your Pets On?

Most cruise lines do allow travelers with disabilities to bring service dogs onboard. A service animal is one that is specifically trained to perform tasks related to helping a human, such as leading a blind person or protecting a person having a seizure. They are working animals typically dogs and not pets.

Note that Cunard keeps service dogs separate from its kennel guests. Working animals cant access The Kennels and their facilities kind of like how crew get separate dining and lounge spaces from passengers. Service animals are allowed in cabins and public areas as long as theyre on a leash however, theyre banned from swimming pools and hot tubs, the ships galley, and areas specific to kids or crew.

Unlike pets, service animals cruise for free. If you want to learn more about taking a service dog on a cruise, we recommend checking out Molly Burkes video about her experience bringing her guide dog along on Celebrity Edge.

Ok But What About Service Animals

As of 2005, cruise liners must allow service animals on board. According to Cruise Talk, The ADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this definition, animals are considered service animals under the ADA regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by a state or local government.

Many cruises dont even ask for service dog documentation, in fact. While most people are following the rules, some have abused the flexibility.

Cruise Critic posted numerous reports of suspicious service animals. One of their readers wrote: We had a small service dog on our last cruise that was being pushed around in a stroller! She goes on to say, someone came in with their dog in a stroller, wheeled it up to her table and set his food bowl on the table for him to eat alongside her. I am a dog lover, but I think things are going a bit far.

That said, if you do have a legitimate disability and your dog is a helper dog, you can absolutely bring them on a cruise ship. Learn more from US Service Animals site.

Are Service Animals Allowed On Cruises

Although lines ban pets on cruises, exceptions are made for service animals. Various types are allowed, but the most common are those of the canine persuasion. Requirements for traveling with a service dog vary by cruise line, so be sure to ask about the policy for your ship if you’ll be bringing a non-human companion onboard. You’ll want to find out how far in advance you should contact your cruise line’s accessibility department to make arrangements. You should also inquire about provisions: Where will your animal relieve itself? Will you need to bring your own bed or food?

While most lines are required by law to make concessions for specially trained pets that serve a legitimate purpose, there aren’t any legal hard and fast verification methods in place for lines to prove that pets listed as service animals actually are. For that reason, the issue of service dogs on cruise ships is hotly debated. Some maintain that, because laws prevent questions from being asked of the owners of alleged service animals, it’s easy for passengers to simply lie and claim that their uncertified pets serve an emotional or medical purpose in order to bring them onboard.

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What Cruise Line Allows Pets

If you were planning a getaway on the Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival or any other cruise line, youll have to leave your four-legged friend behind. Its tough to decide if you should leave them at home or board them, but either way, you wont be able to bring them with you.

Unless you book a cruise on the Cunards Queen Mary 2. It is the only ship that allows people to bring their furry friends, and only on some itineraries.

Four-legged friends are only welcome on transatlantic voyages. These ventures travel between the Brooklyn terminal and Red Hook in New York City. Or from Southampton, England or Hamburg, Germany.

Know The Difference Between Service Dog And Emotion Support Animal


Aside from Queen Mary 2, every cruise line seems to have its own Service Dog policy. Not to be confused with Emotional Support Animals, Service Dogs must be able to perform a specific task for the owner, according to policy. Here is Royal Caribbeans Service Dog rules. Carnivals dogs on cruise ships policy differs a bit as you can see if you compare the two cruise lines. Each cruise line makes a distinction between allowing Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals.

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Some ports of call may not allow you to bring your dog ashore.

Holland America doesnt completely state their Service Dog policy on their website and directs you to contact their Access and Compliance Department. Its certainly worth your time and trouble to do so, considering the fact that they do indeed allow Service Dogs as you can see from my pic of the day.

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What To Do With You Pet While You Cruise

With cruise ships not allowing pets on the ship, youll need to find other accommodations for Fido or Fluffy while you sail.

For most people, that will mean having a friend stop by your house and feed your dog or cat while youre gone. Or you can kennel your animal with a vet or other company while you are gone. This is usually more expensive, but can be worth it knowing that someone will have an eye on your pet around the clock.

One other solution is kenneling your pet in your port city. Many people opt to drive to the cruise port, and sometimes spend a few days before or after the sailing to extend their vacation. If you are driving, then you can bring your companion along with you for the drive and the stay in the city. Then you can have the kennel take care of your pet the day that you set sail. This has the added advantage that you can pick up your pet right after your cruise instead of having to wait until you get back home.

Have more questions about pets or service animals on a cruise? Let us know in the comments below.

Why Are Pets So Unwelcome On Cruise Ships

Is there a reason that animals arent allowed on cruises?

First, there are the obvious concerns with passenger comfort and safety. Cruise ships can pack a lot of people into a relatively small area. If a guest is allergic to animals, then having one on board can hurt that passengers experience. And if a pet were to bite a guest, then the cruise ship could come under fire.

But what many people dont think about are the legal issues of having a pet on the ship as it visits different foreign ports. Just as you wouldnt carry live animals with you on a flight, the same customs rules will apply to cruise ships. Youd have to have the proper documentation and approval to allow the pet to disembark.

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Ships Where Dogs/cats Are Allowed

The one exception weve found? Its Cunards Queen Mary 2. This ship does allow dogs on the ship, but dont expect it to mean that the animal can be with you at all times on the ship. Instead, your pet will be kenneled in a special area. They arent allowed to join you around the ship or keep you company in the cabin.

According to a recent blog post on the cruise line website:

Even canine companions get the White Star treatment here: Queen Mary 2 is the only ship in the world to offer dedicated kennels at sea. There are now 22 luxury kennels in total, as well as a play area and dedicated walking route. .

According to the FAQ on Cunards website, cats are also welcome in the kennels. However, we cant imagine a cat being comfortable surrounded by so many dogs.

Quick Answer: Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed On Cruise Ships

CRUISE NEWS: âPET FRIENDLYâ? Cruise Will Be Here In 2023!

Emotional support animals, which provide emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship to an individual with disabilities but are not trained to do work or perform tasks, are not considered to be service animals.

Pets and other animals who are not service animals are not allowed on board the Ship.

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Can I Take My Pet Dog Or Cat On A Cruise

Most cruise lines do not allow pets on cruises, with the exception of Cunards Queen Mary 2. Cunard cruisers can take their pet dog or cat on transatlantic sailings from New York to Southampton or Hamburg, provided theyre able to book a spot in The Kennels, the special pet area on the ship. No other animals, such as birds or ferrets, are allowed onboard.

Potential cruisers should note that Queen Mary 2 only has 24 kennels, and cats and larger dogs require a double kennel, which severely limits the numbers of passengers who can cruise with their pets. The waitlist is incredibly long. Dogs and cats do not cruise free rates range from $800 to $1,000 for a single kennel, and twice that for a double.

Pet owners should understand that their cat or dog will not be sleeping in their bed with them. Pets will spend the entire cruise in The Kennels and are not allowed in cabins or public areas of the ship. Owners can visit with their pets only during specified visiting hours. As a Cunard transatlantic cruise typically has no port calls , you will not have the opportunity to take your pet off the ship for walks on land.

Learn more about Queen Mary 2s kennels and pet policy.

Scenic Cruises With Dogs

Now that Ive probably squashed your dreams of sailing the ocean with your dog, you can focus on more a realistic, and achievable goala scenic cruise. Many regional river cruises are a few hours long and do accommodate your dog.

A few of these include the Potomac Riverboats Canine Cruise, a 45-minute ride in Alexandria, Virginia in the South, you can go on BayWatch Dolphin Tours in Galveston, Texas, in Seattle, Bring Fido lists five dog-friendly boat tours, including the Fremont Sunday Ice Cream Cruise.

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Four: Check Requirements Of The Destination Country

Every country has its own specific requirements about pets entering their country. Be sure to check with the department of agriculture or the embassy of the country youll be traveling to.

Pets that disembark in Southhampton or Hamburg are required to have a microchip, PET passport, PETS certificate, and have up to date vaccinations against tapeworms, and rabies.

In New York, youll be required to show proof of a current health certificate and up to date rabies vaccination.

Make sure that your cat meets all the requirements before traveling. Ive written an article that walks you through the process of getting a passport for a cat.

If your pet isnt properly documented, they will have to be quarantined as soon as you board the ship. Always read the pet policy before you travel.

Can Dogs Go On Cruises

Queen Mary 2 Kennels: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Wrapping Up Dog-Friendly Cruise Ships
  • Mans best friend can go many places. In recent years, there have been new allowances made for these lovely creatures. Emotional Support Animals have made their appearance on many modes of transport, however, cruise ships are not one of them.

    Your ordinary cruises do not allow dogs on cruise ships, or any other pet for that matter. They have strict rules about sanitation, and dogs need space to exercise as well as relieve themselves. But luckily for us animal-lovers, there are plenty of cruises that are far from ordinary!

    Nowadays you get cruises that allow pets, and not only do they tolerate them, but they cater to every need of your pampered pooch. So now that weve answered the question can you take a dog on a cruise? Lets take a look at the very best pet-friendly cruise ships to sail the high seas!

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    Potomac Riverboat Canine Cruise Alexandria Virginia

    The Potomac Riverboat Company hosts a one-hour sightseeing tour from Port Alexandria for you and your canine. The howling experience is a local treat, and this pet-friendly cruise line welcomes aboard passengers with or without their pup.

    Keep an eye on their website, as they host special dog cruises near Halloween and Christmas, where everyone , dresses up for the occasion. If youre looking for something a little extra from cruises with dogs, this is the perfect one for you!

    Does Carnival Cruise Have Dialysis

    Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

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    The Top Options For Pet

    If youre a frequent cruiser with pets, it can be difficult to part with your furry family members while youre at sea. Most major cruise lines dont allow animals due to sanitation codes and port requirements, but there is one, in addition to several regional companies, that welcome both owners and their four-legged friends on shorter sailings.

    Of course, all cruise lines must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act when it comes to service animals accompanying passengers with certain disabilities, but there are several options for cruise enthusiasts who just cant bear to leave their beloved pooch or feline at home.

    International Airline Pet Policies For In

    Secrets The Cruise Lines Donât Like Talking About

    For each airline, I have provided a link to the airlines pet policy. Please note that the policies include details that I cant fit into this chart. For example, some countries do not allow pets to arrive in-cabin . Because of airplane cabin configurations, in-cabin pets wont fit at all under some sections seats. Information like this varies by airline, so read the policies carefully. If you still have questions, call your airlines contact number and get answers before you arrive at the airport.

    It is also a good idea to print out a copy of your airlines policy, so that if a dispute arises with a ticketing or gate agent, you will have the actual policy to refer to .



  • Several animals of one type can be transported in one container . The container should be sufficiently large to allow the animal to stand up, turn 360 degrees, and lie down in a natural position, and the weight of animals together with the container shall not exceed 8 kg.
  • Each passenger can bring 1 pet in 1 cage into the cabin
  • 2 pets of the same breed and size between the age of 10 weeks and 6 months may be allowed to travel in 1 kennel, providing they are small enough to fit into one kennel and are compatible. They will be charged as 1 pet, and One female cat/dog may travel with her un-weaned litter if the litter is a minimum of 10 weeks old to 6 months of age.
  • You can carry several animals of the same species in the same container if they are small and light enough.
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    Are There Any Cruises That Allow Support Dogs

    When it comes to cruise ships that allow pets, theres only one: Cunards Queen Mary 2. On certain transatlantic sailings those between New York and Southampton, either direction you can bring your dog or cat, but that doesnt mean your fuzzy family members will be able to snuggle with you in your cabin.

    Pet Friendly Cruises In 2020

    A Cruise is a wonderful option for travelers looking for an adventurous, yet relaxing vacation. However, while their all-inclusive accommodations can make life easier for humans, they can be more restrictive when it comes to animals. If you are an owner of a service animal and plan to take a cruise, be sure to research the companys policy relating to service and support animals.

    Policies for pet travel are not consistent across cruise lines, and since some are owned and operated by international companies, there may be differing definitions of what is considered a service or support animal. For most cruise lines across the world, service animals are allowed for persons with disabilities. The acceptance of emotional support animals, on the other hand, may vary depending on the cruise line. Additionally, as most cruises stop in multiple international locations, it is also important to research the policies of the places you will visit. Depending on the port of call, different government policies may require extra documentation for service animals.

    In any case, if you talk with your cruise line ahead of time and research the regulations at each port of entry, you can avoid headaches during your vacation. But youre probably wondering which cruises are the most pet-friendly, and what makes them so. We will take a look at a few of the best cruise lines for animals, but first, lets look at the differences between pets, service animals, and emotional support animals.

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    Five: Book Your Transportation To The Cruise Ship

    Decide whether youll be driving, or flying with your cat on a plane to board the ship. If youve never flown with your cat, read this article how to travel with a cat on a plane it has tons of information to help ensure that your feline friend can fly.

    Be sure to check which airlines allow you to fly with pets. Most are pet-friendly but choose one that allows your cat to fly in the cabin.

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