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Does Viking Cruises Go To Alaska

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Dont Forget Cruise Insurance

Viking Spirit, 10 Night Alaskan Cruise From £3425 | Planet Cruise Deals of the Week

Think of all the recent headlines ships getting tossed around the Norwegian coast, unfortunate incidents with planes in Alaska and thats not to mention the everyday occurrences like missing a flight or getting hurt or sick. If youre taking any vacation, but especially a trip to remote regions like Alaska, getting insurance for your trip is a no-brainer.

Observation Areas Are Perfect For Alaska

Some ships like the Norwegian Joy have observation areas. On the Joy, this is the Observation Lounge and it is a multi-story sitting area with large windows that provide a sweeping view of the surrounding scenery. If the weather is an issue, its always warm and dry in this spot. As a bonus there is also a Starbucks and a bar in the lounge to keep you from going thirsty.

Expect To Spend More On An Alaskan Cruise

One of the big draws of cruising is that it can be a cheap vacation. Head to the Caribbean for a few days and you might find a fare as little as $200 per person. Thats not the case for Alaskan cruises. Expect to spent significantly more, although fares do seem to have tempered somewhat. Most trips for a week start at $500 per person for the cheapest rooms in the shoulder seasons. Peak times to sail see prices start at $800 for an interior cabin.

Have questions about sailing to Alaska? Let us know in the comments below.

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Make Reservations From Your Tv

We mentioned earlier how important it is to make reservation for the popular restaurants and attractions. You can go down to Guest Services or call from your cabin phone, but if you want many cruise lines offer the ability to make reservations via the television. Its a bit clunky to be honest, but its great for making a reservation late at night when you dont want to go down to Guest Services in your pajamas.

About Viking Oceansthis Cruise Line Is Good For

5 Reasons To Sail The Seas With Viking
  • Adults Only

International Callers

WMPH Vacations and are located in Delray Beach, Florida. You may book online or contact us directly. Our business hours and toll-free phone numbers from the following countries are listed below:

Please note that all prices on our website are in US dollars, and travel purchases must be completed with a major credit card.Unless you are considering one of our custom cruise itineraries, certain cruise lines prohibit US-based travel agencies from selling to non-US residents.

All passengers regardless of their home country, citizenship or country of residency are responsible for obtaining the proper documentation for travel. This includes passports and visas for any country they may visit during their trip.

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Know What Youre Paying

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

As we mentioned earlier, Viking cruises arent cheap, but that doesnt mean that you cant travel frugally.

Viking River Cruises offer a 3.3 percent discount for travelers who pay via e-check, so if youre looking for a way to reduce your expenses, thats a great place to start. You should also research tipping policies for your vessel while tips are voluntary for both ocean and river cruises, Viking ocean cruises have a discretionary hotel and dining charge of $15.00 per day .

For river cruises, tipping recommendations vary depending on your location. The Viking River Cruises website contains gratuity recommendations for various cruises, along with currency recommendations.

While youll want to show your gratitude to the ships staff, youll want to know what youre paying, particularly if youre traveling on a ship that doesnt use your typical currency. Planning in advance should help you avoid a costly mistake .

Payouts In The Casino Arent That Great

During your trip there will be plenty of time to try your luck in the ships casino. Now it doesnt take a genius to know that any time you gamble the edge always goes to the house. On a cruise ship that edge is even larger. Payouts are notoriously low on the ships, including blackjack that pays 6-to-5, and video poker with low returns. If you still want to gamble theres nothing wrong with that, but just know that the chips are stacked against you.

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Cruising Down The Rhine River: Our Great Viking Longboat Experience

  • Cruising Down the Rhine River: Our Great Viking Longboat Experience

In 2015, we traveled 820 miles down the Rhine River on an eight-day Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Basel, Switzerland. It was one of the best trips weve ever takenand we dont say that lightly, having logged more than 2 million flight miles across the world! The experience was simply outstanding, from start to finish. We enjoyed delicious, exceedingly fresh food fine wines tailored itineraries breathtaking scenery excellent customer service and modern, clean rooms. Dr. Gary Raymond, a friend who took the identical Viking riverboat cruise weeks before, echoed his satisfaction with the trip, commenting that out of 18 cruises he has been on, this was one of the best! He noted, Everyone from the captain down was open to taking care of any problem you could come up with.

Viking is one of several major cruise lines, including AmaWaterways, Uniworld, Avalon Waterways, and Tauck, to run river cruises in a variety of countries. Taking a Viking cruise is a very different experience than being on one of the large cruise ships, however. Having only 190 passengers on board promoted a unique and relaxing atmosphere. There were a few teenagers, but most of the passengers were 50 or older. We did not see any children or loud, wild groups, as one would experience on the larger cruise ships, which carry thousands of passengers!

Spend The Evening In Bb Kings

Complete Guide To Viking River Cruises | Full Walkthrough Ship Stateroom Overview!

The B.B. Kings Blues Club brings the best of blues to the high seas. This intimate entertainment venue features soulful live music paired with great signature cocktails. With a menu that includes musically inspired drinks like the Rhythm and Blues, you will definitely want to sample these signature cocktails while enjoying the nightly performances.

Featuring a band and two stellar vocalists performing several 45-minute sets throughout the cruise, this was one of the most popular venues during our cruise on Holland America Line in Alaska.

Some of the shows on our cruise included Memphis Nights, B.B. Kings All-Stars, Funky 70s Fever, Motown Memories, and more. The fantastic vocals and upbeat music is known to get the crowd up on their feet, so bring your dancing shoes!

During the day, this venue is used for variety of other events. At night, this venue also doubles as the comedy club and the late night dance club.

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Dont Forget Your Wine Or Champagne

Cruise lines dont let you bring beer or liquor on the ships. But they do allow you to bring a bottle or two of wine of champagne. If you drink these beverages, then take advantage of the perk. Consider that a moderate bottle of wine can cost $10-12. Meanwhile, a glass of wine on the ship can be $10-12. In other words, that bottle you bring can save you a small fortune compared to drinking on the ship.

Always Pack A Dry Bag

While you might not realize it, theres a lot of rain in Alaska. Theres also a lot of fog, mist, and drizzle. That makes it a priority to keep electronics and valuables dry. One way of doing that is with a dry bag. This vinyl bag has a sealed top that is then rolled down for more protection. It then clips together creating a handle. They come in several sizes and make it easy to keep your things dry even if caught in a downpour. You can read more about dry bags here.

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Accommodations On Viking Oceans Alaska Cruises

The Viking Orion has six stateroom categories to choose from, starting with the 270-square-foot Veranda and going up to the 1,448-square-foot Owner’s Suite. In between, there are Deluxe Verandas, Penthouse Verandas, Penthouse Junior Suites, and Explorer Suites. Each room across the ship comes with Wi-Fi access, 24-hour room service and purified water refilled daily, a mini-bar with soft drinks and snacks, a king-size bed, a spacious closet and plenty of drawer storage, and a large bathroom with a glass-enclosed walk-in shower, heated bathroom floor, and anti-fog mirrors. Relax in a cozy luxury robe and slippers while using premium Freyja toiletries. Guests staying in a Penthouse Veranda or Suite also receive a welcome bottle of champagne, premium binoculars, a coffee maker, and cashmere blanket to use onboard.

Sailing From Vancouver Fly Into Seattle & Take The Train

Viking Cruises Named " World

While Seattle is the big departure port for Alaskan cruises, a fair number also sail from Vancouver, Canada. The issue here is that for many in the United States, a plane ticket to Vancouver can be hundreds more than the same ticket to Seattle. This is despite the fact that the two cities are just a couple of hundred miles apart. If you find this situation, its much cheaper to book the flight to Alaska and then take one of the many services between the two cities. For example, the four-hour train ride from Seattle to Vancouver only costs about $40.

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Get Your Timing Right

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

When booking your cruise, youll have an easier time finding staterooms during certain months of the year. For the best possible time, youll want to be flexible.

Guests sailing the rivers in December can experience the traditional European Christmas markets and see the cities in a new way while enjoying local holiday treats and hot mulled wine, our source notes.

If youre taking a river cruise, do a bit of research on the cities youll be visiting. Find out whats happening, then plan your itinerary appropriately. An easy approach is to sign up for the Viking Weekly, an online newsletter with recommendations, itinerary spotlights, videos, and more. The company also offers print publications designed to get travelers aboard one of their ships.

With ocean cruise, timing is less of an issue, but youll still want to plan as far in advance as is possible. Viking cruises can be booked several years in advance, and for some travelers, that extra planning time can ensure a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The Best Alaska Itineraries

My first visit to Alaska started in Anchorage, where we took the Alaska Railroad to Whittier to board Regent Seven Seas Mariner to explore Prince William Sound, Kodiak and the remote Dutch Harbor before heading to Russias Kamchatka Peninsula and the northern islands of Japan.

What I saw in Alaska took my breath away, and weve returned several times since. While that particular cruise was aboard a pricey luxury line, there are ships in all price ranges sailing a variety of itineraries, so dont let budget stop you from visiting.

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Day Viking River Cruise From Antwerp To Amsterdam 2020


Book A Seattle Hotel With A Shuttle To The Port

Viking: Alaska & the Inside Passage

Many people fly into the area to take their cruise. That means transportation is always a big issue. While Uber, Lyft, and taxis are abundant in Seattle, there are a number of hotels that can also make things easier. To attract cruise customers, some hotels in Seattle have cruise shuttles that will take you to the port when its time to board. Simply stay a night and your transportation is taken care of for you.

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Hotels Near Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

The most convenient hotel as mentioned is the Mövenpick hotel, which is literally nextdoor and well rated by travellers. Other good hotels in the area around Central Station include the art-deco Grand Amrath and the modern DoubleTree by Hilton.

This article was originally published in 2010 and has continuously been updated. Last update 21 October 2020.

How To Pick The Best Alaska Cruise For You

Youll see from our chart below that dozens of ships are sailing Alaska in 2020. And this just includes the mass-market and luxury ships. There are even more if you count all of the small ship and expedition vessels. Thats a lot of information to parse as you determine which ship is right for you, so consider a cruise line that caters to your specific needs or interests. Consult this list, and then check the chart to find a vessel that might fit your own preferences, from ships with the fewest passengers to those with the least expensive cruise fares to the ones offering exactly the itinerary you want.

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Accessibility On Viking Oceans Alaska Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises welcomes guests with disabilities onboard, though not all services and shore excursions may be available. The Viking Orion features elevators throughout the ship and two ADA-approved accessible cabins. These rooms are penthouse junior suites with balconies, though the room configuration varies. Guests must bring their own collapsible wheelchairs onboard motorized scooters are not allowed. Guests who need regular assistance throughout the cruise must travel with a physically-able companion. Contact a Cruise Specialist for more information regarding accessibility onboard a Viking Ocean Cruise to Alaska.

Viking Alaska & Inside Passage Cruise Itinerary

Viking Cruises

The Viking Alaska & Inside Passage Cruise is a scenic cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seward, Alaska. It lasts eleven day and passes by no fewer than ten major locationsboth natural and urban.

Below is an overview of this specific Viking Alaska cruise itinerary, including all eleven days and their respective ports or areas. Note that you can choose from a variety of activities in each port of call. Check Vikings website for more detailed information on optional excursions and tours.

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Best Cruises For Extended Trips To Alaska

If you want to cruise Alaska but also see some of the interior and enjoy a stay in a lodge or hotel, go for a cruise-tour package from either Holland America or Princess Cruises. Both have fantastic itineraries that take passengers not only to the Inside Passage, but also Anchorage, Denali National Park, the Yukon, Kenai Peninsula, Talkeetna and Fairbanks. Princess even owns a handful of its own lodges.

Viking Oceans Alaska Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises launched in 2015 as an off-shoot of the successful Viking River Cruises. Since debuting its first ocean ship, the Viking Star, Viking Ocean Cruises has launched several more ships and expanded its list of destinations reached most recently, the line added Alaska, Australia, Asia, and Caribbean itineraries to its roster. One of the largest small-ship ocean cruise lines, Viking Ocean offers a comfortable, upscale Norwegian cruising experience fit for travelers seeking relaxing, destination-focused travel. Enjoy lively onboard entertainment, curated shore excursions, and stand-out service on a Viking Ocean Cruises voyage to Alaska.

1 Viking Oceans Ship

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Layer Your Clothes During The Day

When youre out and about in Alaska, be sure to layer the clothes that you wear. Temperatures can range 40 degrees in a day, as well as dealing with different elevations, rain, clouds, and sun. To be sure youre prepared for anything, layering your clothes can give you options for when it warms up or it cools down

Some Cruise Lines Are Way Cheaper Than Others

Viking River Cruises: Which River Cruise Is Right for You? [CruiseWebinar]

No one would argue otherwise that some cruise lines offer higher luxury or nicer ships than others. But if youre most interested in seeing Alaska and not the ship then most cruise lines offer similar routes. In other words, you can see the same sites as someone paying double or triple what you paid by going with a cheaper line. In particular weve found Holland America has fares that are surprisingly inexpensive compared to rivals.

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Do The Math On Balconies Versus Interior

If you can afford it, its preferable to sail on a balcony versus and interior cabin. But there is a lot of demand for these rooms and the prices can be significantly higher than an interior cabin. While a balcony is nice, its not like there arent places around the ship to take in the scenery. In other words, if the price difference it outrageous, book the interior cabin, save the cash, and still get to experience 95% of what passengers with a balcony get to see.

Day : Yakutat Bay Usa

On day eight of this sensational Viking Alaska cruise, youll arrive at spectacular Yakutat Bay. The star attraction here is the massive Hubbard Glacier, while the majestic St. Elias Mountains tower in the background. This is truly one of Alaskas most jaw-dropping landscapes. This is not a port, though, but youll have plenty of time to take in the unforgettable scenery from your ship.

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New Viking Itinerary Goes Japan To Alaska

Fast-growing Viking Ocean Cruises has rolled out a wide range of new itineraries for 2018 and 2019 that include a voyage from Japan to Alaska.

The 22-night sailing kicks off May 5, 2019 in Tokyo and includes visits to Sapporo, Japan and two ports in Russia — Korsakov and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Also on the itinerary is the rarely-visited Alaskan port of Dutch Harbor as well as Kodiak, Seward, Valdez, Icy Strait, Sitka and Ketchikan in Alaska. The trip ends in Vancouver, B.C. on May 27, 2019.

The Japan-to-Alaska voyage will take place on the 930-passenger Viking Spirit as it re-positions from Asia to the Americas. The ship is spending the early part of 2019 in Asia and the summer of 2019 in Alaska

Fares for the sailing start at $6,799 per person.

Scheduled to debut in 2018, Spirit will be Viking’s fifth ship. The line currently has two vessels, Viking Star and Viking Sea, that debuted in 2015 and 2016, respectively. It’s adding two more ships this year.

Spirit will be a sister to Star and Sea .

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