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Best Time Of Year For Alaska Cruise

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Benefits Of Alaska Travel In June:

Essential Alaska Cruise Planning Tips for 2022 | How to Plan the Perfect Alaskan Cruise!
  • Longest daylight hours make active wildlife & ample time for exploration
  • Denali National Park & other interior parks open
  • Popular towns such as Juneau, Sitka, Anchorage & Fairbanks are in full swing
  • Opportunities for cruise & land tour combinations begin
  • Wildlife is active with opportunities to view young animals
  • Melted snow enables higher altitude hikes

Things To Do And See In Alaska In August

Alaska Events in August: The Alaska State Fair, which takes place in the Mat-Su Valley, starts in late August and typically runs into early September. There are also plenty of food- and wildlife-centered events throughout the month .

Alaska Wildlife in August: Alaska’s bears are still in full view throughout August as they search for salmon and berries, which are still plentiful. Bald eagles can also be seen congregating near salmon-spawning streams in August. Later in the month you can spot plenty of other birds around freshwater sources before they flee for warmer climates.

Alaska Fishing in August: In Alaska, pink salmon run until mid-August and silver salmon run through the entire month. Seward’s Silver Salmon Derby is always the second week of the month, one of the oldest and largest fishing derbies in the state. In late August, Dolly Varden trout have been known to practically jump into fishing boats on the Upper Kenai.

What to Eat in August: in Alaska, from salmonberries to cloudberries and the most famous of them all, Alaska’s blueberries. You’ll find festivals celebrating them across the state, with some of the most well known at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, as well as Ketchikan.

Alaskan Cruise In August

If youre a last-minute vacation booker, you might be in luck during this time of the year. Any cabins that havent been booked at this point are being offered at discount pricing before the end of the season.

August and July are also when the mosquitos are out the most, because of the rainy and warm weather. So make sure to pack your travel-sized mosquito spray!

If you are looking for more of a fall experience, aim your travel plans for the end of August or the beginning of September to see some leaves starting to change color.

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Things To Do In Alaska In October:

Alaska Events in October: Alaska’s October calendar isn’t as full as other months, but you’ll find Oktoberfest in Anchorage if you’re a fan of brats and beers. , when the state became part of the United States. Head to Sitka to join in the multi-day revelry.

Alaska Wildlife in October: Bear sightings will be less likely in October as one of the state’s must-see animals begins the process of hibernating for the winter. Mating season for animals like caribou and moose continues into October as well, but you’ll likely have to be far north for those sightings. It should be easy to spot bald eagles in the fall and whale watching is possible .

Alaska Fishing in October: You’ll still be able to catch rainbow trout and silver salmon during October in Alaska. Don’t expect the same bounty or diversity of catches that you might find earlier in the year, though.

What to Eat in October: Winter squash and rhubarb are the must-eats if you’re after local Alaska food in October, and you’ll find beets, cabbage, and sprouts as well. Keep your eye out for mom-and-pop shops selling various jams, pies and other delicious creations as well.

Summer Is Typically June Through August

Princess Cruises celebrates 50 years of Alaska sailings â CRUISE TO TRAVEL

The second weekend of July is Alaskas biggest holiday The Fourth of July. During this time it is not uncommon to see towns and villages hosting parades, barbeques, baseball games, open houses, and festivals in celebration of the nations birthday.

Summer is also peak season for all cruise lines operating in Alaska. With many vessels departing on seven-day roundtrip Alaska vacation packages itineraries from Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Seward, Whittier, and other state ports.

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Best Price On Alaska Cruises

Carnival Miracle in Tracy Arm, Alaska

As a summertime and family-focused cruise destination, demand is greatest when kids are out of school, so prices start to rise in mid-June, peak in early to mid-July , and begin dropping from late July into August.

The two shoulder seasons, late April and May and September, almost always offer the lowest prices and best promotions.

Pro Tip: For the best price on an Alaskan cruise, youll want to travel early or late in the season.

Looking For The Best Time To Visit Alaska This Is It

An Alaska adventure belongs at the top of your bucket list. Nows the best time to start planning.

Americas Last Frontier is a land of endless new discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, and off-the-beaten-path trails that lead to bucket list adventures. From glacier gazing and wildlife watching to catching a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, youll find plenty of ways to fill your days with awe-inspiring thrills. But like many of the worlds most incredible destinations, figuring out the best time to visit Alaska depends a lot on which experiences interest you. And with cruise itineraries that run from spring to the start of fall, getting there is easy.

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Advantages Of Visiting Alaska In July

  • Looking for warm weather? July is Alaskas hottest month, with daytime temperatures ranging between 50-70 degrees and 18 to 19 hours of daylight.
  • If youre planning an arctic cruise, prepare for cooler weather, as the temperature up north dips down to 33-45 degrees. Also pack an eye mask for sleeping, as arctic cruises enjoy nearly 24 hours of daylight.
  • Grizzlies, black bears and mountain goats dot the landscape. In the sea, humpback whales and otters splash about, and overhead you can spot millions of migrating shorebirds.
  • For the anglers, July is spawning season for salmon, making it perfect for fishing trips.

When Is The Best Time To Cruise In Alaska

Alaska Cruise Tips. 6 Need To Knows Before You Go

The Yukon, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay National Park Alaskan cruises offer direct access to the last American frontier. If youre a first-time visitor, the vast tundra and glaciers of Alaska can feel intimidating. After all, in addition to figuring out how to respond if you encounter a moose, youre also worried about the weather and which month would be best to plan your trip.

Fortunately, you dont need to sweat too hard about that last one as theres no bad month to do an Alaska cruise.

Both the peak season and shoulder seasons offer high-quality excursions, breathtaking scenery and memorable tourist events and cultural festivals. So the best time to visit Alaska looks different for each person, as your personal trip preferences are what determine the best month for you.

To help you select the ideal time for your trip, the following guide will introduce you to weather and attraction differences between the months. Then well wrap up by answering some frequently asked questions about Alaskan cruises the best time to see whales and northern lights, the best time for salmon fishing and similar queries.

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Visiting Alaska In May

If you plan your visit in May, you get a jumpstart on the summer season tourists. With lower numbers of visitors during this time, youll pay less for airfare, cruises, accommodations, and car rentals. Youll also appreciate the shorter lines and walk-up availability for certain activities!

However, during May, the temperatures are still warming up and havent yet reached their peak. Depending on the part of Alaska you visit in May, the temperatures range from 40-55F , 30-55F , and 15-24F .

You may need to bring cold weather gear. But theres plenty of sun and the flora and fauna are beginning to flourish during this time!

Youll see gray whales migrating, orcas splashing, and giant moose wandering about. It might be a good idea to pack some bear spray this time of year, when mama bears are fiercely protecting their newborn cubs.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska For Wildlife

The best months for viewing some of Alaskas larger mammals will vary depending on what part of the state you visit, and what time of year it is. For example. Moose are more readily visible during the fall. When the foliage has begun to change color and drop to the ground.

Whales can be viewed year-round in coastal areas like Seward. But its best to plan a cruise during May through September if you want to see them in the more remote northern regions of Alaska.

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Best Month For An Alaska Cruise Overview

As you can see, cruise passengers need to consider many factors when choosing an Alaska cruise. With four Alaska cruises behind me and two more booked, I prefer to sail in May, simply because it offers excellent prices, and Im not too fond of the rain, lol.

So, heres an overview of which month to cruise.

Warmest time

Alaska Cruise In June

Explore Alaska like never before with Holland America Line â CRUISE TO ...

Alaska Weather in June: June in Alaska brings mild temperatures and relatively dry skies. Highs are in the low 60s degrees and lows are in the upper 40s. Compared with the rest of the summer months, the weather in June is optimal and shore excursions are less likely to be rained out. While Alaska weather in June brings out the flowers and even greener scenery, expect mosquitoes to be biting.

Alaska Cruise Prices in June: Cruises to Alaska get more expensive in June, with the average cost of a seven-day cruise above $1,300. Nearly every major and mainstream line cruises to Alaska in June, so you’ll have your pick of price points and may even find itineraries under $1,000. You can expect fewer families and crowds in early June than you’ll find in July and August, helping keep demand and prices down just a bit.

Hours of Daylight in June: Like the rest of the summer, June days are long in Alaska. Expect an average of 19 hours of daylight .

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Cruise Tips For Alaska Weather: Month By Month

If youre thinking about planning a summer cruise, Alaska may be the perfect destination for you. The Alaskan cruise season lasts from May to September, and the warmest months for travel are typically June, July, and August. Alaskan cruises may seem suited only for people who like extreme weather, but the truth is that the weather in Alaska varies widely based on the region.

Most itineraries cruise the Inside Passage, a section of the state that runs alongside Canada, and avoid the main territory. These cruises go nowhere near the Arctic zone, so you likely wont need your snow gear. Heres what you can expect each month on your upcoming Alaska cruise along with what you really need to pack.

If Youre Hoping To Spot Wildlife

If spotting wildlife is a priority for you on an Alaska cruise, pick your sailing date carefully. June, July, and August are fantastic times to cruise Alaska to view wildlife, as these months bring the highest chances of spotting whales, bears, and salmon.

If you plan to book a whale watching excursion or want to see bears, you may be left disappointed if you cruise to Alaska at the very end of the season.

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Featured June Cruises To Alaska

Experience the wonders of Endicott Arm Fjord and Dawes Glacier on the gorgeous Celebrity Solstice on a to Alaska. This popular itinerary sails roundtrip from Seattle, Washington.

Along the way, youll stop in the Alaskan port towns of Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, as well as Victoria, British Columbia. As you sail through Endicott Arm to Dawes Glacier, relax on your private veranda and admire the stunning landscapes.

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Alaska Cruise In April

How to Cruise to Alaska 2021

Expect to pay around $1,200 per person for a seven-day Alaska cruise. The season doesn’t really kick off until late in the month, and you’ll have to consider factors like weather and wildlife visibility before dropping your money on an April cruise. There are also far fewer lines and itineraries available, keeping prices a bit higher than you might expect.

Alaska Weather in April: While April is considered one of the driest months of the year in Alaska, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed sun and clear skies. Southeast Alaska, where most April cruises sail, is a rainforest, and there are still plenty of light showers and fog to be found. Temperatures are relatively mild, with daytime highs in the upper 40s and into the 50s depending on where you’re visiting and cloud cover. You will still see snow on the ground in the mountains.

Hours of Daylight in April: Alaska sees about 11 hours of daylight in April, though toward the end of the month in Southeast Alaska you can expect up to 13 hours.

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Featured May Cruises To Alaska

Get to Alaska right when the cruise season begins on an Alaska Northbound Glacier Cruise that departs in May from Vancouver, British Columbia. Youll see something new every single day of your cruise in May, from sailing the Inside Passage to visiting Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Hubbard Glacier, and Skagway before ending your cruise in Seward, Alaska, where you might even be able to see some snow on the ground.

Alaska Cruise Weather In May

May brings warmer weather within the cities and towns of the Alaskan inside passage. While it can be freezing cold at times, the weather can also be pleasantly cool. The low temperatures typically range from the mid-thirties to the low forties Fahrenheit, but the highs can get up to the upper fifties.

This month also experiences near constant cloud cover with a good chance of rain on any given day. Travelers get at least fifteen hours of daylight and twilight in May, providing more time for whale watching and other outdoor activities. With low wind speeds, cold temperatures, and precipitation, travelers may want to pack plenty of knit sweaters, a jacket, warm pants, and waterproof boots or shoes.

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Alaska Cruises In July And August

Because July and August are spawning season for salmon, we had hoped to see brown bears near rivers and streams on our Princess Cruise. But try as we might, we did not spot any bears on our early July cruise. However, we did see bald eagles in Juneau, and seabirds and sea lions in Glacier Bay National Park.

With the nice weather, we booked a hiking and float tour in Skagway. We hiked along the Chilkoot Trail Hike, and then rafted on the Tiaya River. Our ship always had a prime docking spot in all the cruise ports on our itinerary.

Alaska Cruises In June

The Best Time To Visit Alaska with a Cruise

The cruise season is officially in full swing this time of year. And with the midnight sun, youll have many hours of daylight. Its a great time to take advantage of exciting shore excursions.

Most cruise ships like Disney Cruise Line offer numerous excursions. See glaciers, take city tours, and experience dog sledding and riding in a seaplane among many other excursions. Seward offers a scenic location to explore the rugged Alaskan landscape before or after your cruise. Its also the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park.

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Alaska Cruises In April

During the early season you can expect discounted pricing and fewer crowds. Beginning in March and April, humpback whales migrate from Mexico and Hawaii to Alaskas Inside Passage. Its also the season when brown bears and other wildlife emerge from winter cocoons.

During this shoulder season, small-ship cruise lines like Alaskan Dream Cruises and UnCruise Adventures begin sailing to Alaska. The advantage to sailing on small ships is there are fewer passengers. Best of all, small ships sail into pristine little nooks, letting you experience the states nature and wildlife without crowds, says Jamie Bartosch.

Some larger ships, like Norwegian Bliss out of Seattle, set sail for Alaska toward the end of the month.

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The Absolute Best Time To Visit Alaska

If you want the ideal Alaskan experience , plan your visit between mid-June and mid-July. This is the height of warmth, wildlife, and flora in Alaska and very little rainfall occurs.

Youll have the chance to see orcas and humpback whales, bears, and moose during this time. Unfortunately, youll also see mosquitos lots of mosquitos. The Northern Lights are rarely visible during this time of year with the increased hours of sunlight.

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What Is The Best Time To Cruise To Alaska

Finding the cheapest time for an Alaska cruise will depend on your vacation budget, how much time you can dedicate to the cruise and weather considerations. To help pick the best time of year to cruise, we have a comprehensive look at what you need to know about taking a cruise to Alaska.

The Alaska cruise season spans the months of May through September. Nearly all of Royal Caribbeanâs cruises are seven nights sailings, although there are land tours you can tack onto the cruise to expand the adventure.

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