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What Cruise Ships Go To Aruba

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Culture & History Of The Oranjestad Cruise Port

Palm Beach Aruba | How to get to Palm Beach from a Cruise Ship

Cruises to Aruba have been a staple of the islands economy for decades, and youd be hard-pressed to find an Aruban who isnt friendly to cruise passengers. Arubas climate is just one of the reasons it became so popular for tourism in recent years, since its beautiful, dry, and sunny almost year round. The first inhabitants of Aruba were a group called the Arawak, and in 1499, the Spanish arrived. Smuggling and piracy became common practices on the island. By the 1630s, the Dutch took control of Aruba. It took until 1986 for Aruba to gain its independence. The expansion into tourism happened as a way to rebuild the economy after the Aruban oil refinery closed down. Today, travel and tourism fuels the economy of the island. Official languages spoken in Aruba are Dutch and Papiamentu, a creole language that emerged from a blend of Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish.

Oranjestad Port Facilities & Location

The port of Oranjestad is located on the southwestern part of the island of Aruba, and most cruises that go to Aruba will dock here. The port has standard amenities like ATMs, a souvenir shop, and a tourism information center. The port is conveniently close to shopping, restaurants, and the famous Aruba waterfront.

Reopening Statement & Country/region Start Dates

As of June 10, 2020, the government of Aruba officially announced that the country will reopen its borders and once again welcome inbound travel. The decision to reopen borders, which were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in early March, was made in conjunction with the Aruba Department of Public Health and took into consideration the ongoing guidance from the World Health Organization , The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and Centers for Disease Control in the United States.

The government of Aruba carefully considers a range of factors in the reopening decision-making process, including:

  • Local Containment An aggressive response to identifying and managing potential cases of COVID-19 was impactful and reduced the effect on Aruba.
  • Gradual Easing of On-Island Restrictions As conditions improved, restrictions on the island have been carefully rolled back without significant concerns.
  • Stringent Health Standards in Place Stringent new health and safety protocols, including the Aruba Health & Happiness Code, have been implemented island-wide, with a heavy emphasis on tourism and hospitality businesses to help ensure the well-being of Arubas visitors and local community.

Snorkel At Baby Beach

Baby Beach is a protected shallow beach with clear calm waters. The left part of the beach near the rocks is great for snorkeling. But always ensure you snorkel in the marked area to avoid places with strong currents.

Baby beachs soft white sands are perfect for sunbathing and its a very peaceful beach unlike the crowded beaches of Oranjestad. Enjoy your afternoon tucked away under a palapa with a cold drink in hand.

Take a look at this full faced snorkel mask from Amazon.

The cute bar on site keeps the refreshments coming. ;The beach has a chargeable washroom but getting drinks or food from Big Mamas will save you the $2 charged.

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Villa Or Private Home Guests:

  • In the case of a guest having symptoms linked to COVID-19 , the guest must contact their accommodation host or the COVID Call Center at;280-0505
  • Over the phone, a triage questionnaire will be conducted by a medical practitioner.

For guests that do NOT MEET the criteria for testing:

  • The medical practitioner will advise them on next steps.

Cruises From Oranjestad Aruba

Cruise to Aruba departing from Boston

In the southern Caribbean, Oranjestad is the capital of the small island of Aruba, and an island territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is an attractive and historic harbour town just 27 km north of Venezuela. It can be divided into Upper and Lower Towns. There are a number of colonial era 18th C. Read more

ruins in the area around the bay, submerged buildings at the seafront can be explored by snorkelling, while more recent commercial and residential developments are found in the Upper Town. The main historical site is Fort Oranje, a well-maintained 17th C. fort overlooking the waterfront. With its town walls, gates, cannons, and fortifications, this is an absolute must-see.

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Where Cruise Ships Dock In Aruba

The cruise ships dock in Aruba in piers that are next to the north end of Oranjestad downtown, the main city and capital of the Island . There are four docking spots two of which with Terminal Buildings. Depending on how many ships are in port and where these are docked, the walk to the main street â Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard â may take anything between 5 and 10 minutes.

At The Pier, Aruba

Living And Working In Aruba

Persons who want to live and work on Aruba must have a valid residence permit from the Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission .

For more information contact:

Are you planning to work remotely for part of your vacation stay in Aruba? In order to do so, one must be employed by a company or be self-employed within your home country. You may not render services to and receive income from a local Aruban company or individual . Discover more details here, as well as information on the;One Happy Workation and long-term stay packages. US Nationals participating in the “One Happy Workation” program are able to stay in Aruba for a total of 90 days.

No rights can be claimed from the contents of this page. Entry requirements may be adjusted without prior notice.

* While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this information, CaribMedia/ cannot be held liable for any possible changes, errors or omissions. For the latest entry and permit requirements always make sure to contact the Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission .

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Aruba Cruise Port Information

Cruises setting out for Aruba typically sail for the shoreline, docking at prominent destinations like Baby Beach, Eagle Beach or the islands capital and port city, Oranjestad. From there, your choices are virtually endless.

Your;cruise to Aruba;will touch the Aruba Port Authority, a large port only a kilometer away from downtown Oranjestad. The harbor is large enough to dock up to 5 ships at a time.;

The Aruba cruise terminal alongside it features tourist information desks, communication kiosks, ATM machines, and souvenir shops. Across the terminal, you will find L.G Smith Boulevard a thoroughfare lined with shops, eateries and buses to take you around the town.

Cruises to Oranjestad, Aruba

When you anchor, youll find yourself in downtown Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. The port of Oranjestad, currently Arubas largest commercial harbor, is situated on the islands southwestern end. At the terminal, you have the Tours, Culture, and Heritage Information Center for anything you might need at that moment.;

There are also ATMs, souvenir shops, and free Wi-Fi. Just across the street from the terminal, there are some malls, and as soon as you exit to the left, youll find a small market in the Royal Plaza selling trinkets from the stalls. Shopping at duty-free is top in Aruba.;

If your time of the port allows it make sure to book a sunset cruise shore excursion and enjoy the show put on by the Aruban sky.

Cruises from Tampa to Aruba

Admire Art Murals In San Nicolaas

Aruba (Oranjestad) Cruise Port Guide: Tips and Overview

San Nicolaas is the second largest town in Aruba. Its located about 12miles southeast of Oranjestad. This town is the site of art tourism. Experience the aftermath of Aruba Art Fair, which sees talented artists from Aruba and the rest of the world leave their mark on the towns buildings.

There are over 30 painted murals on the exterior of buildings in the town. Some so realistic and well blended you would have to be paying keen attention to notice them. This is a beautiful tour best experienced in the morning before the sun fully comes out.

When you get hungry during your tour head over to Charlies bar for a mouthwatering lunch before heading to Baby Beach for an afternoon of swimming and snorkeling. It takes a 30minute by bus to get to San Nicolaas from Oranjestad.

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Top Food And Drink Spots Near The Oranjestad Cruise Port

One of the top reasons people flock to Aruba is for its food scene, where fresh seafood rules the menu and is presented in interesting and delicious ways. Mahi-mahi, lionfish, and grouper are the most popular options. Aruban food is greatly influenced by flavors of the Caribbean as well as its earlier Dutch colonization. While youre here on a cruise to Aruba, try keshi yena, a ball of cheese steamed or fried and stuffed with meat, or one of the many varieties of soups and stews. Theres cool island soup, which is a nectar of different fruit juices destined to cool you down on a hot day. Dont forget to check out the fluffy pan bati, a sweet flatbread that is usually paired with something savory.

Aruba Expects 8 Cruise Ship Calls

Arubas caretaker Minister of Public Health and Tourism Dangui Oduber during a press conference at the Aruba Ports Authority .

ORANJESTAD–In the month of August, Aruba is scheduled to have eight cruise ship calls, announced Aruba caretaker Minister of Public Health and Tourism Dangui Oduber at a press conference earlier this week.

; In June 2021, Aruba received its first cruise ship after calls stopped in March 2020, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This stop of more than one year meant hard times for the Aruba Ports Authority , but also for Aruba tourism in general.

; Minister Oduber, together with APA and the Aruba Tourism Authority , made a lot of efforts to get the cruise lines back to the island. Cruise lines were approached in a pro-active manner to explain the situation in Aruba and also to share the health protocols that have been put in place since the pandemic to protect the cruise passengers, the crew and the local population.

; The pro-active approach yielded results, because Aruba was one of the first countries to which cruise lines resumed their ship visits and this month, August 2021, Aruba has eight calls scheduled.

; The increase in calls will help Arubas tourism to recover and create opportunities for the islands economy, employment for tour operators, taxi drivers, shops and restaurants. Minister Oduber said he had confidence in the recovery of cruise tourism as projected by the APA. Tourism is Arubas number one economic pillar.

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Ayo And Casibari Rock Formations

To break up the beach act, nature lovers can go explore the Ayo and Casibari rock formations found in east Aruba off of highway 4A on route 6A northeast of hooiberg.

These tonalite rocks are said to have been formed when two tectonic plates met. They are large boulders emerging from the desert landscape with mysterious drawings and formations that make for interesting explorations.

There are hiking trails and stairs to climb up the rocks. It will take you a good 57steps to get to the top of the rocks but it will all be worth it once you see the rewarding views. This site is free to visit and is best done as a stop on an island sightseeing tour.

In The Captions Over The Altercation The Tiktok Explains That It Is Arubas Policy Not That Of Cruise Ship Ticket Holders Were Told This Again And Again And Again Before Launch

Boat Example: Aruba Cruise Port Reviews

The cruise line even offered passengers a refund of 125% if they didnt want to go after finding this out. And this guy decided to go anyway and try to act like the rules dont apply to himand when he heard no he flipped.

They allow them b/c fkn DeSantis fines the cruise lines if they dont allow unvaccinated passengers to sail . Im am 100% certain these passengers are told in writing & verbally upon check-in that they are subject to port country rules.


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Aruba Cruise Port Basics

Internet: You will find free Wi-Fi available in the Renaissance Mall, and also in many cafes and bars around Oranjestad. T-Mobile offers unlimited data at up to 2G speeds at no extra cost.
Phone Code: Country Code: 297. T-Mobile offers calls at 25 cents/min. and text at no cost. Other US phone providers may work but it is advisable to check with your provider to avoid roaming charges. ;

Where Masks Are Mandatory:

  • The government of Aruba requires that all inbound visitors ages 12 and older wear a mask in flight to Aruba. Note: Please also check with your respective airline for their in-flight requirements and procedures for travel.
  • The government of Aruba requires that all inbound visitors ages 12 and older wear a mask in the airport in Aruba.
  • The government of Aruba requires all visitors and locals to wear a mask in any indoor public space. This includes, but is not limited to, retail shops, supermarkets, museums, casinos, etc. Note: Please also check with your respective hotel or accommodations for their specific mask wearing protocols.

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Passport Cards For Us Travelers

The U.S. Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry and is more convenient and less expensive than a passport book. The passport card cannot be used for international travel by air. However it may be an option for cruise ship travelers. Be sure to check with your cruise line for specific requirements. For more information visit Travel.State.Gov website.

What Youneed To Know

Aruba Cruise Arrival Tips
  • Port Name & LocationShip will DOCK at this port.
  • Time Zone
  • The local language is Dutch. Say “thank you” in Dutch. “dankjewel”
  • Currency & ShoppingPerfumes, liquor and souvenirs. View our Port Shopping Guide.
    • Best Way to Get AroundOrganized Shore Excursions for submarine, snorkel, beaches, sightseeing and more! Less than 5 minutes walking from ship dock to downtown. Golf cart rides, buses, bicycles, and taxis are available.
    • Famous ForOranjestad is home to some of Aruba’s residents as well as many governmental buildings; Fort Zoutman & Historical Museum is the island’s oldest building.
    • Fun Fact #1Today, Aruba has 80 separate nationalities due to its turbulent past; you can still see the influence of each one.
    • Fun Fact #2With quite a bit of culinary variety, you will find no less than 72 different eateries in this capital city.

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Extension Of Stay After Admission

If a tourist wants to stay longer than the number of days granted by the immigration officer on the ED-card upon admission, he or she can apply at the office of DIMAS for an extension for up to 180 days if applicable. The form for a tourist stay extension can be downloaded from;Staying longer than the number of days granted by the immigration officer without asking for an extension can have negative consequences for future admission to Aruba

The following documents have to be presented:

  • Original application form for extension of tourist stay;
  • Copy of the profile page and all the written and stamped pages of the petitioner’s passport, valid for at least another 3 months when the extension is applied for;
  • If applicable a copy of his/her visa to enter Aruba;
  • Copy Embarkation-Disembarkation card ;
  • Copy valid return ticket;
  • Copy of travel insurance valid for the duration of the extended stay;
  • If the petitioner is not staying at his own private residence or at a hotel/resort, he needs to present a declaration of guarantee from a resident of Aruba who will act as guarantor for their stay.

Anyone wanting to stay longer than 180 days in Aruba will need a residence permit and will not be considered a tourist.

Cruises To Aruba: Cruisers Guide

Bon bini!

Allow yourself to discover the heart of the Caribbean and embark on a cruise to Aruba!;

Stretching 20 miles from tip to tip, this tropical paradise is packed with incredible contrasts: sherbet-colored Dutch colonial buildings, vibrant green rainforests, coral reefs that teem with hundreds of aquatic species and powdery white shorelines framed by the cobalt-blue ocean.

Welcome to Aruba a magical place full of stunning beaches, sheltered bays, underwater gardens, and the clearest of seas!

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Top Things To Do In Oranjestad

See the Aruba Butterfly Farm

A unique habitat for thousands of butterflies, moths, and plants, the butterfly farm is a must-experience activity for nature lovers, kids, and families. A guided tour will walk you through the entire caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation. Informative and incredible, there arent many other butterfly farms quite like this.

Check out the Bon Bini Festival

On cruises to Aruba, dont miss the chance to see the Bon Bini Festival, a weekly celebration that happens each Tuesday evening. Its a great way to learn about Aruban cultural practices, including traditional dances, local art, and folklore.

See the Donkey Sanctuary

Venture beyond Oranjestad to the Santa Cruz Donkey Sanctuary, which is dedicated to saving the islands donkeys and rehabilitating them. Donkey feedings are a fun activity you can do with the kids while educating them about how to treat precious animals.

Component : Negative Molecular Covid

Aruba Cruises

To create a safe environment for you our guest and residents alike, it is important that we have testing to confirm that all travelers are negative for coronavirus.

All visitors, 12 years and older, traveling to Aruba must take one Molecular COVID-19 test within 3 days to 4 hours prior to travel to Aruba.

The Aruba Health App offers passengers the opportunity to upload their test during the ED Card online registration process, and have it verified prior to departure to Aruba. Once approved, this will be registered on the Aruba Health App. Passengers with a pre-departure approved will be guided to the faster Pre-Approved Health Lane.

Find the testing option best suited to you on the COVID-19 Testing Requirements page.

Alternatively certain eligible travelers who meet the requirements;may provide proof of vacinnation instead of testing.;Read the complete details on this COVID-19 Vaccination for Travel page.

For details on the procedures for guests showing a positive COVID-19 test result while in Aruba, please reference the Regulations when showing symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 while in Aruba section below.;

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