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Does Viking Cruises Have Single Rooms

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I Test Out If Viking Cruises Lives Up To All The Hype

It is possible to find a great deal on a Caribbean cruise! While planning for a Caribbean cruise can be a combination of luck and timing, there are …

Find the Best Caribbean Cruise Deals

It is possible to find a great deal on a Caribbean cruise! While planning for a Caribbean cruise can be a combination of luck and timing, there are fortunately a range of deals to choose from that can help save time and money. While many times a deal is a cut in the overall price, other perks that achieve deal status include a cabin upgrade, a moving to a higher deck, the inclusion of shore excursions, or a free drink package. Plus, travelers get to enjoy comfortable accommodations, a range of meal choices, non-alcoholic drinks, entertainment, and activities, all for one low price! The latest Caribbean cruise sales offer outstanding perks and prices for fun in the sun. Travelers can find Caribbean cruise discounts with Seabourn cruise lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and the Disney cruise line. Keep reading for the latest tips in finding the best deals on Caribbean cruises.

The Cons To Cruising Solo

Remember how I said that being a solo traveler makes it super easy to talk to people? Well, the downside of this is that you’ll probably answer all the same questions over and over mainly about what you do and why in the world you’re on your own. As a frequent traveler , I’m kind of used to this, though, and usually take it in stride. And thankfully most people thought the whole travel blogging gig sounded pretty cool!

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The biggest downside to doing a river cruise solo is the dreaded single supplement fee. This is when you have to pay for two people even if it’s just you traveling. Many travel companies assess this extra fee if you want your own room, so it’s not something exclusive to Viking or cruise lines in general. There ARE ways around this last year, Viking offered some great rates for solo travelers on some of its more popular itineraries, and there are other river cruise lines that offer dedicated state rooms for single travelers . You can also look out for 2-for-1 deals, which would essentially have you paying a normal fare.

Other than that, though, my solo cruise experience was really positive. And hopefully as river cruising becomes more and more popular, more cruise lines will get on board with reducing or eliminating that single supplement.

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Planning the Perfect Cruise to Alaska

Plan the perfect getaway to Alaska with a cruise! There’s no better way to see the natural wonders of this awesome region than sailing along the Alaska coast on a cruise ship. Leaving from Vancouver and Seattle, Alaska cruise vacations provide opportunities for travelers to enjoy seeing glaciers, explore the wilderness, experience historical port cities, and see a wide range of wildlife, including whale sightings. Adventurous travelers can enjoy shore excursions by train to the Yukon and Denali National Park and stay in exclusive wilderness lodges. The top three Alaska cruises are offered by Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Holland American Cruise Line. Read on to find out more about planning the perfect cruise to Alaska.

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Wifi Is Included On Viking Cruises

Wifi is completely free on Viking woohoo! Im actually using it right now to write this post. Its been pretty good and you can use it on as many devices as youd like at the same time. You just log in with your room number and surname. There is no limit on how much WiFi you can use although Viking do reserve the right to kick you off if you start downloading movies or things like that. We cruised around the Norwegian Fjords and didnt really need to use the WiFi too much because we had great 4G signal.

I understand the above picture isnt of WiFi.. but its quite hard to photograph WiFi! So here is a lovely place you could sit onboard while using the Wifi.

The WiFi signal was actually pretty good. I managed to send photos and update my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook without any problems. It wasnt good enough for video really but it was okay for making WhatsApp/Skype calls without the video part.

Inside The Veranda Cabin On An Viking Ocean Cruise Ship

Viking Cruises to resume operations from May 2021 ...

Upon entering the room, you are greeted with a pretty typical cruise cabin layout. Similar to the public venues throughout the ship, this room is designed in a functional, yet elegant manner. The furniture is streamlined with a muted color palette. Still, it is comfortable and maximizes space.

While the website claims the cabin is 270 square feet, we did not find it to be much roomier that cruise balcony cabins on other lines. Most of the additional space is likely found in the bathroom and depth of the cabin.

Our setup had the bed closer to the door, with a small seating area featuring two chairs and a table near the balcony. The bed was comfortable, and was lined with premium linens. The seating was functional, though it ended up becoming mostly a storage area during our trip.

Immediately past the bathroom door is a small storage area housing the safe, four drawers, and a coffee maker. This area ended up being my designated storage area for clothes. Admittedly, we are over packers, but for 8 nights we had to get creative to store all of our clothing.

Closet space in the room was pretty standard as well. About half the closet included a full length clothes rack, while the rest had a clothes rack with a dresser consisting of four drawers below. Those were all taken up by the Princess belongs, including her abundance of shoes.

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Drinks Are Included With Lunch And Dinner

During meal times wine, beer and soft drinks are included. This isnt just in the main restaurants, you can also get the drinks from the buffet or if you are eating at places like the poolside grill you will be offered drinks. If you are in the buffet you can pick up a can of coke/fanta etc as you walk past which I LOVE. It makes it so easy.

If youre ordering room service for your lunch you can also order a drink and you can pick up one from the pool grill.

Some Of Our Favorite Premium Wines:

Overstone Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough white

Classique Luberon Blanc, Provence white

Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley red

Nederburg Pinotage, South Africa red

On our second ocean cruise on the Viking Sea, we did order some premium wines by the glass at dinner.

Did we like the premium wines better than the complimentary wines?

Mmmm. Yes, some, for sure.

But some of the complimentary wines were just delightful too like the Sacchetto Pino Grigio Blush .

Is food important to you on a cruise? Then check out Oceania Cruises it may well be the best cruise for foodies

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European River Cruises For Single Travelers

To begin with the hard reality, theres far greater demand for single accommodations aboard cruise ships than there is an adequate supply to meet it. Then comes the task of landing a fair fare that equals or gets close to the per person double occupancy rate.

Theres no question, some Europe river cruise lines cater to single travelers more than others.

If you didnt know, by the way, cruise boats and ships of all sizes , base their cabin fares on a per person rate for two people in a cabin.

For most single travelers, without deep pockets, the general paucity of single rates is a barrier to cruising as often as one would like, and for some, a dead end.

This dilemma comes as no news to veteran travelers, including my own experience for many years. Sometimes I would find a friend to join me, and otherwise, it was go it alone and pay the freight, or not sail at all.

Ted on a solo Danube River cruise. * Photo: New Friend

Why are there so few single cabins?

Lets discuss the reason for the paucity before we get onto some good news.

Quite simply, cruise lines can make more moolah building and selling cabins for two than for one.

It is nearly as expensive to design, build and equip a single cabin as it is to build a cabin for two, as both require roughly the same amenities. Further, a double cabin means two people share the same bathroom facilities, which, with their complex piping and wiring, are fairly expensive to build.

Just what is the single supplement?

Is The Viking Silver Spirits Package Worth It

Viking River Cruises Longships. 4 Things You Need To Know (Including what they don’t have!)

So, is the Silver Spirits beverage package worth it? That depends.

Along with certain wines and beer, soft drinks are free too at lunch and dinner. Specialty coffees like cappuccino, tea and bottled water are free 24 hours.

So you have to consider two things.

First, would you prefer the premium wines?

And, second, how much do you think youll drink? Will your combined consumption of premium wines and bar drinks for the two of you be more than, say, $560 USD for a 14-night ocean cruise ?

Vikings prices are actually pretty fair prices .

Note:;You can still buy premium wines or cocktails even if you dont get the Viking Silver Spirits beverage package.

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You Can Avoid Overpaying For Drinks

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

If youre planning on drinking regularly no judgments here, were talking about a vacation there are a couple of ways to keep your budget in check.

The most obvious: Pay for the Silver Spirits beverage package, which offers unlimited beers, cocktails, premium wines, juices, espresso drinks, and mineral water for the entire cruise. Prices vary depending on the length of the cruise, but for around $19.95 per night per guest, youll never have to worry about what youre spending.

Is that worth it? If youre planning on drinking several glasses of wine per night , its certainly a decent purchase. If that doesnt sound like a great value , theres another option.

You can also buy local wine and bring it onboard, a Viking Cruises representative tells TravelAwaits via email. Each stateroom on Viking Longships and Vikings ocean ships have a refrigerator, and a corkscrew is also available onboard.

As with all other aspects of your cruise, the trick is to plan ahead. Make a list of planned expenditures, then do the math to see whether you can justify the Silver Spirits package. If not, you can always grab a few bottles of the good stuff during a shore excursion.

Tip Ship Staff Early In The Cruise

This tip about tipping came from one of our fellow passengers. She said they like to tip their cabin steward and select waiters and/or bartenders early in the cruise to ensure great service. I understand her point, but we found shipboard service exceptional in every way without tipping ahead of time. At the end of the cruise we slipped;our amazing cabin steward some cash in the hallway, in addition to the collective tip for onboard staff.

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Know The Effect Of Ordering From The Right Side Of The Menu

The left side of the ship restaurant menus feature daily-prepared chef specialties, often regional seasonal cuisine. The right side of the menu contains standard options such as fish, chicken and steak. We learned first-hand;that it typically takes the kitchen longer to prepare the standard options than the chef specialties because a steak will be cooked to order while the specialties need only be assembled. Be advised that if;you order from the right side of the menu, your entire table will;have to wait to be served until your special order is ready.

Laundry Is Included On Viking Cruises

My First

Many other cruise lines have free to use laundry but you usually have to pay for the washing powder etc. On some cruise lines, you have no option to wash your own clothes at all and have to pay to have them washed for you. Onboard Viking there is a laundry on every floor which is open all day and completely free to use.

I usually only use the laundry to iron the odd dress/shirt but many people chose to do all of their washing onboard so that they dont have to do it when they get home.

Would I recommend Viking Ocean Cruises?

I would 110% recommend Viking. The ship was absolutely gorgeous and the atmosphere onboard was so relaxing. I have written a full diary/guide of my time onboard. Detailing everywhere we went, everything we did and most importantly, everything I ate! To get an idea what it is like to cruise with Viking click here: Viking Sea: Into the midnight sun.;

DISCLAIMER: I was invited onboard as part of a press trip. All views and opinions are my own!;

I also filmed a couple of tour videos onboard and a cabin tour. Please consider subscribing! Emma Cruises YouTube Channel.;

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Viking Mississippi River Cruises

The company plans to add cruise ships on Mississippi River . However, the process is slowed due to issues regarding the so-called “Jones Act” . It imposes restrictions on where USA-based ships can navigate and how to be staffed.

Company’s plan to enter the US river cruising market was officially announced in 2015. In October 2018 was announced as a potential start-up the year 2021. By 2027, Viking plans to increase river’s annual passenger shipping capacity to over 100,000 by deploying six Viking riverboats. The 7-day cruise itineraries will include roundtrips from New Orleans, as well as one-ways between New Orleans and Memphis TN, and between St Louis MO and Minneapolis-Saint Paul MN.

Viking’s USA-based riverboats will be newbuilds , each with 5 decks, passenger capacity 386, all-balcony staterooms , an aft-located infinity pool, bow ramp . All the 6 ships will be built and owned by ECO Shipyards and operated under charter by Viking Cruises USA.

The first boat starts operations in August 2022. Bookings opened in 2020 – on March 31 and on April 15 . Currently, Viking River Cruises USA offers 4 itineraries, themed as:

  • “Heart of the Delta” – prices started from GBP 3390 pp
  • “America’s Heartland” – from GBP 4790 pp
  • “Southern Celebration” – from GBP 3390 pp
  • “America’s Great River” – from GBP 8690 pp

Viking’s competitors on the US market are American Cruise Lines and American Queen Steamboat Company.

Outside Studios Plus Balcony

Royal Caribbean International features studios in mega-ships Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, with studios also planned on future ships. Of the 2,090 cabins on each of these passenger ships, only 28 cabins fall under this room type, which means they book quickly. Among the rooms are 12 superior studios with oceanview balconies, a new feature in the studio cabin category. Measuring 119 square feet, plus a balcony of 55 square feet, Royal Caribbean accepts bookings for either single or double occupancy for these full-bedded rooms, with no single supplement.

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Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Cruise & Maritime offers single cabins across all of its ships, as well as a number of benefits for those cruising solo. Not only do solo travellers have their own cabins, ranging from Inner Single to Standard Ocean View. The number of these cabins varies on each ship, between eight to 14, so you will need to be quick when booking a solo cruise with this cruise line.

Inner Single

This stateroom has a bathroom with shower & WC, wardrobes, drawer space, dressing table, TV, hairdryer, music console and stretch to an average size of 100 sq ft.

Standard Single Ocean View

As well as the same facilties as the Inner Single, the Ocean View also boasts a window where you can watch the passing seascapes. These rooms are slightly larger, measuring an average size of 129 sq ft.

Standard Plus Single Ocean View

This stateroom is even larger than the standard Ocean View, measuring an average of 188 sq ft. It also comes with ample hanging and storage space; fridge; flat-screen television and a picture window. There is also a Superior Ocean View on-board selected ships.

Superior Plus Single Balcony

This room is only available on-board Vasco da Gama. Located midship on deck 9, the Superior Plus Single Balcony Stateroom offers the benefit of a private balcony to solo travellers. This is alongside en suite facilities, whirlpool bath with shower plus ample storage space.

Viking Sea Staterooms Review Floor Plans Photos

Dreaming Of A Viking Ocean Cruise

Viking Sea cabins and suites review at CruiseMapper provides detailed information on cruise accommodations, including floor plans, photos, room types and categories, cabin sizes, furniture details and included byViking Ocean en-suite amenities and services.

The Viking Sea cruise ship cabins page is conveniently interlinked with its showing deck layouts combined with a legend and review of all onboard venues.

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Viking River Cruise Silver Spirits Package:

Costs for the upgraded drinks package on the river cruises also vary, depending on the length of the river cruise.

Rates are $150 USD p.p. for a 7-night river cruise; $299 p.p. for a 14-night cruise.

See all Silver Spirits river cruise drinks rates here;.

Note:;Like with the ocean cruises, both guests in the stateroom have to get the package. And you must order and pay for this Viking Silver Spirits beverage package at least 30 days before your cruise.

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