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How Much Disney Cruise Cost

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Disney Cruise Discounts For Canadian Residents

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost?

Canadian residents sometimes qualify for special rates on select sailings on Disney Cruise Line.

As of September 22, 2021, the following cruises had availability in the Canadian Resident category. Prices given are lowest available fares for a single stateroom, in US dollars, including taxes, fees and port expenses, rounded to the nearest dollar. All sailings are from Port Canaveral unless noted otherwise. The room category available at that fare is in parentheses.

Please note: a single guest gets charged essentially the same price as two guests. ;If a price isnt listed, that doesnt mean the category is sold out, just that it isnt available with this discount.

Select number of guests to see total sailing price:


Proof of Canadian residency will be required at time of check-in .

  • If you are interested in booking one of these special Canadian rates, we recommend filling out a quote form with Small World Vacations. They give you full service, including a personal travel agent you can contact by email or direct phone number, and we recommend them wholeheartedly! Best of all, it costs you nothing to use them, PLUS their FREE onboard credit offer applies to these special fares . Be sure to tell them that you want to book a Canadian rate . These staterooms often sell out fast, so if you see one you like, snag it quickly.

Travel Protection Options On Disney Cruises

We want our Clients to have the vacation of their dreams! So we’ve created a travel protection plan just for you. The Disney Cruise Line Vacation Protection Plan is a package of benefits that help prepare you for the unexpected before, during, and even after their trip. The Plan includes travel insurance, 24-hour assistance, and Disney’s Cancel For Any Reason feature. This feature delivers a credit of up to 75% of the cancellation fees to be used toward a future Disney Cruise Line sailing – so if you cancel for a reason that may not be eligible under the insurance portion of the plan, you still receive a credit for a future cruise! For bookings made prior to March 6, 2014, the feature provides a credit of up to 100% of the cancellation penalties towards a future Disney Cruise Line sailing.

How Much Is A Disney Cruise

There is so much that goes into the cost of a Disney cruise; depending on the length of vacation, where you are staying/sailing, and the type of room you book. The most important factor to keep in mind is the true value of your vacation: what you are getting for the price.

For a balanced cost of a cruise, it is safe to say that the average cost is roughly $1000 per person, for a 4-night cruise. The cost does not drop much per person when you add a second person to a single stateroom, unlike Walt Disney World resorts, though it is cheaper than selecting two staterooms.

Once a cruise itinerary is announced, this is the lowest price a cruise will cost. The price only goes up, the closer one gets to the sailed date. A few months before sailing, Disney will have sales or specific discounts available for certain demographics like active Military members or Canadian residents. By the time discounts are added to the total, you are roughly at the same price as initial launch date, therefore it is best to purchase when the itineraries are first announced or wait until your respective discounts become available.


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Making A Disney Cruise Line Reservation

Of course, you can call Disney Cruise Line directly for your reservations, but we recommend;Dreams Unlimited Travel;. Dreams Unlimited Travel has many unique programs for Disney Cruise Line guests. Most importantly, Dreams will;constantly check for better rates;and specials to lower your vacations overall cost. For example, if you make your reservation now, and in a month, a new promotion becomes available,;Dreams Unlimited Travel;will work to convert that reservation to the new program . While it cant be guaranteed with every reservation, its not an unusual occurrence when it happens. Also, Dreams will run special promotions regularly. Check the Disney Cruise Line Specials page to see what promotions are currently being offered. For more information on Dreams Unlimited Travel,;.

Family: A Mom And Dad In Their Thirties

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? Is a Disney Cruise ...

Location: Southern California

Annual Family Income Aproximately $140,000

Number of Children: Two

My husband and I would someday like to attempt traveling to Europe with our children, and cruises appear to be the best way to do such a thing. Yes we could fly and endure the 14-hour flight, and then travel by train or take short flights to other destinations, but cruising seems to be more affordable and enjoyable. This Disney Cruise was a way for us to dip our toes into traveling by cruise ship to determine how well the kids, and myself, did at sea.

Since itâs been six years since my husband and I took a cruise, I wanted to try something short, since I tend to get seasick and was not sure if my girls would also feel nauseous while at sea. I had my heart set on taking the girls on a Disney Cruise for more than a year.

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How Dcl Pricing Works

All cruises are priced based on two adults in the stateroom. So, even if you are one adult traveling with a child, the price is the same as two adults in the;stateroom. After the two adult prices, the third and fourth passengers in the stateroom are charged a lower rate. If you are traveling alone, DCL will charge you 100% of the second adults cruise fare ;in addition to;the full fare for the first adult.

**NOTE**;Teenagers will be Charged adult fares . Child rates apply to ages 3-12. Children ages 0-2 pay 50% of the child rate.

This does not impact access to areas of the ship that are designated as 18 and over .

How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost Is A Disney Cruise Worth It

Wait, how much does a Disney cruise cost? That is the question many people ask and then have sticker shock when they see the average cost of a Disney Cruise. Disney cruises are usually double or triple the price of traditional family cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, or Norwegian Cruise Line, yet they remain a popular choice for families who love Disney and love to cruise. These magical trips do not come cheap. So why do people book Disney Cruise Line and choose to pay so much more? The answer is simple. You get what you pay for! The Disney cruise experience is unlike the competition. I even think that a Disney Cruise is better than a Disney vacation! While I am always a proponent of saving money, the value you receive for what you spend is worthwhile, and it is one of the few things I splurge on. So, is a Disney cruise worth it? YES

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Edge Tween Club For Children Aged 1114

When your kid outgrows the fun in the main kid club, dont worry, Edge is waiting just upstairs. Technically, Edge is for kids 11-14, but you can get your 10-year-old in with permission and once they figure that out, its probably all over for the little kid club.

Edge is a much smaller space, but tweens have tons of fun here playing video games, having dance parties, doing crafts, playing trivia games, etc., with their newfound cruise friends.

This club does not utilize parent sign-in and -out, so you need to trust your kid if they are coming to Edge.

Disney Cruise Line Transfers

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost in 2022? | Real Travel Quote Proposal

Disney Cruise Line Transfers from the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral are $70 roundtrip and $35 one way.;If traveling to/from a Disney Resort, one way pricing is used.;Transfers from Barcelona are $59 roundtrip from the airport and $30 one way. Transfers from London are $165 roundtrip from the airport and $85 one way.

;NOTE:;The price of transfers is per person. Disney Cruise Line provides transportation from;all Walt Disney World Resorts except Fort Wilderness.

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How Much Is A Disney Cruise Rainforest Pass

Of course, everyone wants to know how much a Disney Rainforest Pass costs.

Over the past year or so there seem to have been a number of changes to pricing and how the Rainforest Room Pass is offered. It is difficult to keep up!

You can pre-purchase a Disney Cruise Rainforest Day Pass online for $16 per day. You can buy as many as you want prior to the cruise by calling 601-8455 or 566-7000 to book. The 18% gratuity will be added automatically to this.

It used to be that the only way you could buy a Day Pass for the Rainforest Room was by calling before you sailed.

However, on our last sailing on the Disney Wonder, they were offering Day Passes for $16 onboard.

Do not rely on getting a Day Pass when you are on the cruise. The Disney Wonder did not have these available for purchase on my last cruise.

When I asked about availability they explained they are only rarely available and only on Port Days.

If you think that you are going to enjoy the Rainforest the length of cruise pass is a better value. There are individual passes and couples passes available.

Single Pass for the Disney Cruise Rainforest:

3 Day Pass $69

Couples Pass for the Disney Cruise Rainforest:

3 Day Pass $102

5 Day Pass $169

7 Day Pass $193

An 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the Rainforest Room Pass cost. This adds quite a bit to the cost so be aware that a 7-day Couples Pass will be $228.

Location Of The Cruise Port

Next is the location and the cost to get to your vacation destination. For the most part, getting to Orlando and Port Canaveral, FL is fairly comparable to traveling to Walt Disney World, therefore for purposes of this comparison, its not necessary to factor in those costs. But with a Disney Cruise departing from Florida, you can also visit locations in Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Castaway Cay, Disneyâs private island in the Bahamas. Flying to any of those international destinations will cost you significantly more if you were to plan individual trips to each country or region.

For example, depending on the location of your home airport, a flight to Cozumel can easily run you $400 $800 per person . All of a sudden, the remaining $95 per person, per day price difference is easily wiped out when you add the cost of airfare to the cheapest of the 3 destinations you will visit.

Granted, very few of us would fly to all 3 destinations as part of a single vacation because its both too expensive and would make the vacation too hectic. But the value and benefit of a cruise are that you can visit several destinations without an overwhelming cost or such a hectic trip that it sucks the fun out of the experience. A Disney Cruise allows you to travel to multiple destinations in one relaxing trip, something many of us only dream of.

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When To Travel On A Disney Cruise

When to travel This will depend on where you plan to cruise. If you are planning on sailing to the Caribbean, the summer months will be the best. If you are cruising to Alaska, then you will want to travel May-September. Disney typically sails on special cruises during the summer months. They may also offer a Panama Canal cruise during the summer if they need to reposition one of the cruise ships.

Best times of year ; There are typically 3 seasons High , Shoulder, or Low season.;

High Season If you want to cruise when children are out of school, you will typically find those times more expensive to cruise because of increased demand. You will want to price early for availability because the cruises limit the number of children on a cruise, and the rooms that will sleep a family book early. The Panama Canal cruises are usually priced in this category.;

Disney typically offers Europe only during the summer months. Alaska high season would be June-August. The Caribbean cruises would be more expensive during June-August.;

In shoulder and low seasons You will find better pricing for locations with year-round opportunities to cruise. The Bahamas and the Caribbean will offer lower prices.;

Best times of year ; For Alaska, June through August are the warmest months. If you are looking to see wildlife on an Alaskan cruise, the later in the year you cruise, the more animals you will see.;

Wait How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? Is a Disney Cruise ...

Sherri Eisenberg

Family cruisers hear a lot about how wonderful Disney Cruise Line;ships are especially from us. We love the high level of service, the cabins designed just right for travelers with multiple kids , the industry-leading kids clubs that are constantly being updated with cool new areas , and the giant roster of activities for little cruisers of all ages.

Disney Cruise Line includes a few things in its fares that cost;extra on other lines. For example, there is no additional charge for soft drinks on Disney ships at meals and at the self-serve taps by the pool. The line also doesnt charge for loaner strollers or sand strollers for use on its;private island , nor is there a fee to borrow;jogging strollers or wagons to pull your kids and all of their toys around the island. Carnival charges a fee to borrow strollers on its;ships, whereas;Norwegian and Royal Caribbean don’t offer strollers at all.

Disney Cruise Line includes a few things in its fares that cost;extra on other lines. For example, there is no additional charge for soft drinks on Disney ships at meals and at the self-serve taps by the pool. The line also doesnt charge for loaner strollers or sand strollers for use on its;private island , nor is there a fee to borrow;jogging strollers or wagons to pull your kids and all of their toys around the island. Carnival charges a fee to borrow strollers on its;ships, whereas;Norwegian and Royal Caribbean don’t offer strollers at all.

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What Movies Are On Disney Plus Premier Access

Disney has released five movies via Premier Access on Disney Plus. Three of those titles are now available to all Disney Plus subscribers without an extra fee.

Below is a full rundown of Premier Access titles released so far, along with details on when all members can watch them without paying extra.

Most Importantly What Are You Getting For Your Disney Cruise Dollars

On a Disney Cruise its as close to an All Inclusive cruise vacation that you will find.; You are not getting on a Disney Cruise for a rock bottom price, But you are getting what I call Magical extras included with your Disney Cruise price.

First, I have to say the level of service on a Disney Cruise is hard to beat.; Everything from the wait staff knowing my kids names and having their favorite drink and extras already at the table when I sit down is a nice special touch.; Disney Cruise Line exceeds my expectations every time.;; Level of service is often something people dont consider when looking for a cruise.; But I really want to make sure the time I spend with my family on vacation allows everyone in my family to have a great time.; Time and value are always part of my cruise booking decision and Disney Cruise Line offers so much already in the cruise price.

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Port Adventures & On Cruise Experiences

The cost for optional activities at the ports of call can range anywhere from a $14 intertube rental to $500 per person for an Alaskan dog-sledding experience.

Also, remember that Port Adventures arent mandatory. There is so much to do on the ship that many guests have actually chosen to stay aboard. For one, the pools and pool deck are practically empty of guests.

Disney Cruise Discounts For Disney Vacation Club Members

What Does a YEAR on a Disney Cruise Cost?

DVC Onboard Spending Discounts

Disney Vacation Club members get several discounts on purchases onboard any Disney Cruise. You need to ask for the discount and show your Disney Vacation Club card at time of purchase.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts you might qualify for, such as Disney Visa discounts. DVC members who only own points purchased via resale after April 4, 2016 are not eligible for discounts, including this one.

Discounts include:

  • 10% off selected merchandise purchases of $50 or more.
  • 10% off any digital photo package.
  • 20% off full-priced massage or facial treatment in the onboard spa while in port. This does not include massages on Castaway Cay or treatments discounted as part of onboard specials.

DVC Cruise Fare Discounts

The following cruises have discounts available for Disney Vacation Club members for up to 3 persons . Prices given are base fares per person . 3rd, 4th and 5th guest fares for children 12 and under will be lower. Taxes, fees and port expenses are not included. All sailings are from Port Canaveral unless noted otherwise.


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