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How Big Is Disney Cruise Ship

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Enchanting Staterooms And Suites On The Disney Wish

Disney Fantasy Review – Full Cruise Ship Tour – Disney Cruise Line

The accommodations on board the Disney Wish will feature artwork and designs inspired by beloved fairy tales like Cinderella and include ample rooms for guests to store their luggage and relax. The ship has 1,254 staterooms, most of which will offer an ocean view, with the option to connect many rooms for larger groups traveling together. The new ship will offer more concierge staterooms than any other ship 76 concierge staterooms and suites will have spacious accommodations inspired by “Tangled.” These include one-bedroom concierge suites and the first-ever staterooms located above the bridge, which will offer incredible ocean views with floor-to-ceiling windows. Four royal suites inspired by “Sleeping Beauty” will offer unbeatable space and luxury.

There are two Princess Aurora Royal Suites and two Briar Rose Suites, and each pair includes a two-story and a single-story configuration. These suites have some truly incredible features, including a private hot tub on the veranda, two master bedrooms, and more, plus, the two-story suites will have floor-to-ceiling windows, a spiral staircase, and two-deck-high stained glass. The Concierge Lounge is also getting a sizable upgrade on the new ship it will be more than three times the size of the lounges on other Disney ships and it will offer a full bar, light bites, a kids’ area, and a private sun deck with whirlpools, a wading pool, and more.

Its A Small World Nursery

Childcare for your wee ones. You can leave kids ages 6 months to 3 years old at the nursery.

The Cast Members at the nursery are well-trained Disney counselors who will feed your child at the proper time, change diapers, and lead the kids in crafts, activities and games.

Additional charge and reservations suggested.

What Is Basically The Same About All Of The Disney Ships

Before going into what is different about each of the Disney cruise ships, lets think about what really is the same.

The level of service is exceptional on all of the Disney ships. It is always very difficult to explain just how above and beyond most of the Disney crew go to give exceptional service to their guests.

You have to experience the Disney difference to believe it. I have witnessed this first hand so many times. The Cast Members go the extra mile and welcome you like family.

Most recently I was on the Disney Wonder and was in Tritons, one of the main rotational dining restaurants, having lunch.

I heard a shout of pure joy as a server recognized a family from a previous cruise. She ran over and greeted that family as if they were long-lost cousins.

Thats the Disney difference that you just cant explain unless you see it. That kind of experience is genuine and is what Disney is all about.

There are other things that are just the same on all of the Disney ships. The large staterooms, most of which have the split bath. The excellent childrens programs. The adult spaces. The Disney rotational dining. Broadway-quality entertainment.

However, there are very distinct differences between each ship. Which Disney cruise ship that you think is the best for you and your family, will depend on other factors.

If you have children of a certain age you will want to look at our Best Disney Cruise Ship for Toddlers Guide.

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How Big Is A Cruise Ship Anchor

Queen Elizabeth 2 had two forward anchors, one of which is displayed as a landmark in the ships homeport of Southampton. The anchor is 4.3m high, 2.7m wide and weighs 13 tonnes.

Each cruise ship has two anchors. Anchor designs vary, as do the weights and dimensions, which are carefully calculated for each ship.

This video shows Legend of the Seas dropping her anchor:

How Big Was Noahs Ark Compared To A Cruise Ship

Stuck for Holiday Ideas? Try A Family Cruise

According to the Bible , the dimensions of Noahs Ark were: 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height.

A cubit is an ancient measurement of length which is based on the distance from the elbow to the tip of the longest finger. This makes the exact length of a cubit uncertain, but it is most likely to be around 20 inches.

Based on the information in the Bible, we can estimate that Noahs Ark would have been about 510 feet long and 50 feet tall. This means that Noahs Ark was around half the length and one-quarter of the height of the worlds largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, which is 1,184 feet long and 238 feet high.

Noahs Ark would have been similar in size to small luxury expedition cruise ships such as Silverseas Silver Cloud.

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Mickey And Friends Festival Of Foods

Upper decks

Themed around Disneys Fab Five characters, this series of eateries will be themed as a oceanside boardwalk, providing quick bite options for those spending time on Disney Wish upper decks.

Image: Disney Cruise Line

Open for lunch, snacks, and dinner, here are the five food stalls:

  • Daisys Pizza Pies
  • Sweet Minnies Ice Cream

Menus will feature soft-serve ice cream, American classics, BBQ, and Mexican options.

Hosted under a shaded seating area, there should be plenty of space to find a place to step away from the pool and sun for a treat.

What To Expect For Adults

With all this talk of characters and kids clubs, the adults may worry there is nothing for them. Fear not! The Disney Magic has a lot of great amenities for adults. Palo, the adults only restaurant on the ship, features an extensive menu of fine cuisine. Italian fare and incredible views of the sea sound like the perfect evening to me!

My husband and I really enjoyed the Quiet Cove Pool, which is reserved for ages 18+. Featuring two whirlpool spas, a pool, plenty of deck chairs, and a dedicated bar, Quiet Cove Pool is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Further unwinding can occur in any one of the three lounges that caters exclusively to adults. Fathoms, Keys and OGills Pub are perfect for adults looking for a late-night party or relaxing nightcap while out at sea.

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What To Expect On The Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Disney Cruise Line currently operates four cruise ships: the Fantasy, Wonder, Dream, and Magic. Three new ships will be added, one each in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The Disney Magic is the fleets oldest ship, beginning its maiden voyage in July of 1998. Just because the Magic is the oldest ship, doesnt mean its the least fun. In fact, my family specifically chose to sail on the Magic for very specific reasons.

Join our NEW .We promise to always tell you what we would tell our best friend — what works for kids, what doesnt and what you need to know before you go to have the Best. Family. Vacation. Ever. Our group of travel experts are ready to answer your travel questions!

Tui Cruises Ships Environmental Report

Inside Disney’s NEW Cruise Ship | The Big Business of Disney Wish

TUI published the company’s environmental impact report including environmental objectives and TUI strategy for a 5-years period. TUI said it planned to issue reports every 2 years. According to it, in 2012 TUI reduced by 3.7% per nautical mile its fuel consumption, and expects further 5% reduction, reducing CO2 emission at the same time by 0.5 kg to 0.55 kg per traveler.

Energy efficiencies are the key to reduce fuel consumption, CO2, and other emissions, and contribute to climate protection. Mein Schiff 3, for example, is expected to feature special energy management systems that help to consume 30% less energy than comparable size ships. TUI is focused on reducing recycling and waste, too. In 2012, TUI reduced the waste amount to 10,7 L , which is 27,8% less . In 2012, TUI used 54,463 tons of fuel, including 9,732 tons LSFO , 40,880 tons HFO and 3,851 tons MDO . Fuel consumption was 0,367 tons per nautical mile.

All new TUI ships are built to the latest standards with environmentally-friendly marine technologies. These vessels, both as design and implemented technologies, are highly energy-efficient. Each consumes 1/3 less energy compared to most cruise liners. The advanced exhaust cleaning system uses a catalytic and scrubber converter. This technology allows sulfur emissions to be reduced by 99%, and NOx emissions – by 75%.

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Features And Amenities On Every Disney Cruise Ship

Passengers on any of Disney Cruise Line’s fleet can expect deck parties, live entertainment, full-service spas, character greetings, kids’ clubs and first-run Disney movie screenings. All four ships also have identical stateroom offerings: a choice of Concierge, Verandah, Oceanview and Inside cabins. Numerous pools and water parks are also on every ship, with a few differences. Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy each have three pools and two hot tubs, whereas Disney Magic and Disney Wonder each have two pools and four hot tubs. Magic, Dream and Fantasy ships all feature an AquaDunk water park, a clear acrylic water coaster elevated up and over the decks. Wonder and Fantasy offer a different water park, AquaLab.

How Much Storage Space Is There For My Toiletries In A Cruise Ship Bathroom

The simple answer is not much. The sink will usually be surrounded by a small amount of counter space and you will most likely have a couple of shelves on both sides of the mirror about the size of a pair of drinking glasses, which are usually provided. Those shelves give you room for small items like toothbrushes, combs, contact lens cases and not much more.

There is usually a shelf beneath the sink and counter large enough for a small toiletry bag or makeup case, but your stuff will share that space with extra toilet paper rolls, clean bathmats and usually a built-in waste bin. Depending on how many personal care products you travel with, some of your toiletries might need to be stowed on closet shelves or vanity drawers outside the bathroom.

Again, upscale and luxury lines, as well as suites on all cruise lines, are more likely to have additional storage inside the bathroom itself.

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Disney Wish Cruise Ship News

Heres a Disney Wish update:

Disney Careers lists auditions for male and female acting roles for the Disney Wish.

Disney Parks reveals more details about Avengers restaurant

Just announced! Avengers: Quantum Encounter will debut aboard Lines newest ship, the #DisneyWish. Take a special look at how this ambitious dining adventure will come to life in summer of 2022:

Disney Parks

First sections of AquaMouse installed on Disney Wish.

MAY 8, 2021. Front bow keel sections arrive at Meyer-Werft.

DCL announces that reservations will be available to book cruises on the Disney Wish starting May 27, 2021.

Meyer Werft laid the keel for Disney Wish in a German shipyard.

Disney Magic Itineraries And Departure Ports

Big Cruise Ship Disney Wonder Editorial Image

Disney Magic departs from ports in Miami and New York. Destinations include the Bahamas, Caribbean, Canada, and it even spends part of her time in Europe. Bahamian cruises include a stop on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, where travelers enjoy beautiful beaches, water-play areas, and shopping. Magic also offers a 10-night transatlantic cruise from England to New York. Beginning in 2020, select 5-night Caribbean and Bahamian ventures will feature a special themed Marvel Day at Sea.

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Disney Magic Ship Highlights

  • Walt Disney Theater featuring Tangled: The Musical and Disney Dreams
  • Rotational dining at Lumiere’s, Animator’s Palate, and Rapunzel’s Royal Table
  • Pools include Quiet Cove adults-only pool and Goofys family-friendly pool
  • AquaLab water playground and AquaDunk three-story waterslide
  • Wide World of Sports deck
  • After-hours adults-only district
  • Under-18 Clubs: Oceaneer kids club, Edge tween club, and Vibe teen club
  • It’s a Small World nursery for ages 6 months to 3 years
  • Andys Room Toy Story play space

How Big Is A Cruise Ship

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Cruise ships sure are big! The first time I ever stepped on a cruise ship I couldnt believe how big it was. It took me almost a week to learn where everything was on the ship.

Even now, I always struggle to remember which way is the front and which is the back when Im on-board a ship and thats something you need to know to work out which is port and starboard.

But how big is a cruise ship, exactly? This article will give you statistics on cruise ship size, as well as how cruise ships compare to other things, to help you to understand how big cruise ships really are.

An average-sized cruise ship is 1,000 feet long the same length as three football fields or ten blue whales. The largest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas is 1,188 feet long.

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Does The Cruise Ship Provide Soap And Shampoo

Like hotels, cruise lines provide soap and shampoo. Many will also offer conditioner, body wash and lotion. Shampoo and body wash might be in a bulk dispenser mounted to the wall of the shower. And as in hotels, the more you pay for your stateroom, the higher the quality of the toiletries. Toiletries are restocked as needed by your stateroom attendant.

Concierge One Bedroom Suite Stateroom On Disney Fantasy And Disney Dream Category T

BIG Cruise News Updates: USA, CDC, Norwegian, Disney and Celebrity

There are 19 One Bedroom Suite Staterooms with 536 square feet of space and 86 square foot verandah. There is a Queen size bed in the bedroom and a double sofa bed in the living area. There is also a single pull down wall bed in the living area.

The living area has a dining table and you can order from the dining room menus.

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Disney Cruise Ship Sizes

With Disney’s signature sense of magic and host of beloved characters woven into every detail of its ships, Disney Cruise Line promises an onboard experience that’s unparalleled. Passengers young and old know as soon as they set foot on any one of Disney’s four ships Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream they’ll enjoy impeccable service and unlimited opportunities for family-friendly fun while voyaging across the oceans. Disney’s fleet consists of two sets of twin vessels, with the Magic and Wonder the smaller, older set, and the Dream and Fantasy the larger, newer two. Neither set of twins are identical, however, and each offers a unique configuration and features of its own. Ship size is usually a minor factor, with amenities, dining options, departure ports and, above all, destinations, at the top of most potential passengers’ considerations.


  • In 2017, Disney Cruise Line announced that it’s growing its fleet to a total of seven ships by 2023. The three new ships will be larger than any in the existing fleet, but they will host passengers similar to the amount that Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy host.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Design And Features

Disney Wish will be larger than Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the first two ships in the fleet that entered service in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Its design centres around a motif of enchantment, which will be expressed through a range of Disney stories that will be represented onboard, including Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel.

The Disney Cruise Line tradition of an elegant, classical exterior design will be continued with Disney Wish in the emblematic colours of Mickey Mouse, a cartoon character created by The Walt Disney Company. The new cruise ship will feature filigree artwork of Captain Minnie Mouse on the bow, while the stern will feature a custom sculpture of Rapunzel, a fictional character in one of Walt Disneys feature films.

The 341m-long, 144,000t Disney Wish cruise ship will feature 1,250 guest staterooms to accommodate up to 4,000 guests.

The ship will feature The Grand Hall, a three-storied fairy tale castle-inspired atrium with bright, airy, and elegant space, which will serve as the gateway for guests as they first step onboard the rest of the ship.

The Grand Hall will include an oversized chandelier and its design will be finished with Gothic, Baroque, and French Rococo architecture influences that will be prominent in the columns, carvings, trimmings, and adornments of the hall.

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How Big Can Cruise Ships Get

Cruise ships have been getting larger all the time, with a demand for mega cruise ships coming from cruisers championing the notion that bigger is better.

Of course, cruise ships will always limited in terms of size by the ports that they visit. Some ports can only handle ships of a certain size because the dock is only so big, the water is only so deep and the port itself only has the staff and facilities to handle so many passengers at one time.

Since the events of 2020, its possible that new cruise ships may become smaller in size, at least in terms of passenger capacity. Social distancing measures may require that fewer passengers are permitted to embark each ship.

Contracts are signed on the build of new cruise ships years in advance of their completion, so if this is the case, it may be several years before we see the trend for smaller cruise ships becoming a reality.

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