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How Much Does Disney Alaska Cruise Cost

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Edge Tween Club For Children Aged 1114

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost?

When your kid outgrows the fun in the main kid club, dont worry, Edge is waiting just upstairs. Technically, Edge is for kids 11-14, but you can get your 10-year-old in with permission and once they figure that out, its probably all over for the little kid club.

Edge is a much smaller space, but tweens have tons of fun here playing video games, having dance parties, doing crafts, playing trivia games, etc., with their newfound cruise friends.

This club does not utilize parent sign-in and -out, so you need to trust your kid if they are coming to Edge.

What About Dream Cruises And Star Cruises

For guests onboard Dream Cruises ships from Hong Kong, the cruise line still says it will be starting operations again on February 4. Cruises in Singapore are still ongoing, and there are currently no plans to cease those operations.

However, Genting did halt all bookings for all voyages for Dream Cruises last week. The company did the same for Star Cruises, which is currently not operational with its vessels.

Feel free to discuss this topic and all things cruise at our new boards. A place where readers can ask questions, help their fellow cruisers and general cruise discussions on cruise lines and ports.

What Is The Market Share Of Disney In The Cruise Industry

In 2011, the company held a 1.95 percent market share and by 2015, Disney Cruise Lines had 2.8 percent of the worldwide cruise market by passenger and 2.4 percent by revenue. However, in 2018, Disney Cruise Lines declined to 2.3 percent of the worldwide cruise market by passenger and 2.2 percent by revenue.

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When Does Disney Cruise Go To Alaska

You can take a Disney cruise to Alaska from mid-May to early-September.

Each season, you have three types of Disney cruises to Alaska:

  • 9-night Alaskan cruise from Vancouver: 1 sailing per season it departs the last Monday in June and returns the following Wednesday.
  • 5-night Alaskan cruise from Vancouver: 1 sailing per season it departs on the Wednesday that the 9-night cruise returns, and returns on the following Monday.
  • 7-night Alaskan cruise from Vancouver: 15 sailings per season it departs and returns on Mondays the first sailing is the third Monday of May and the last sailing departs the first Monday in September, with two weeks break for the 9-night and 5-night sailings.

*Given that the 7-night Disney cruises from Vancouver to Alaska are by far the most common, the analysis below focuses solely on these 15 cruises.

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Disney Cruise

The Perfect Time for a Disney Cruise? Expedia ASAP Kids ...

When looking at the price of a Disney cruise, many factors affect the price. The time of year of the cruise can often influence the price. Like other travel products like airfare and hotels, demand significantly influences the price.

With a limited supply of staterooms and only four ships , the price is definitely impacted by the current demand for staterooms.

Youll often find that Disney Cruises that take place during peak times of year will be more expensive than other weeks. Youll want to book those early to get the most stateroom options and the best Disney Cruise prices.

If you are thinking of doing a Caribbean cruise, January can be a great option and is often the cheapest month. Typically all four ships are sailing in the Caribbean, so there are lots of sailings to choose from, with a variety of different Caribbean itineraries.

In addition, because the Caribbean can sometimes be chilly in January, its not as busy. Ive been on several January cruises, and while sometimes the weather has been a little cool, weve also been very lucky with perfect weather.

Of course, most schools are in session for most of January, so it can be more difficult to sail then if your kids are in school. Martin Luther King weekend typically is more expensive than the rest of the month.

Special cruises, like the Very Merrytime Cruises and the Marvel Day at Sea, may also cost a bit more than a standard cruise. Often discounts arent available on these cruises.

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How Disney Cruises Started

Families are crazy about Disney for good reason. Specializing in family entertainment and cutting-edge technology, Disney has imagined its way to the top of most every familys vacation bucket list. In 1998, the vacation gurus took it a step further by breaking into the popular cruise industry with the introduction of the Disney Magic ship. Today, Disney Cruise Line offers four ships with incredible amenities, countless activities and a myriad of sailing itineraries. Its also a fun journey to see how Disney cruises started.

What To Bring For Your Disney Cruise

On the embarkation day, you wont get access to your room until 1:30 PM, and you may not get all of your luggage until 6:00 PM. So, we recommend carrying a bag that contains everything youll need between boarding the ship and dinner. For more tips, here is a bit of light reading.

Embarkation Day Basics

  • Passport, visa, or required citizenship documentation

  • Swimsuits and cover-ups

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How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost

Posted on Published: 04/25/2019

Ive been on twelve Disney cruises, so I obviously think that the Disney Cruise line is worth the money. But when you are booking your family cruise, you may look at other family-friendly cruise lines as well. Disney Cruise Line cruises can often be more expensive, and without really knowing about the experience, it can be hard to justify the extra expense.

If you are considering taking a Disney cruise for your next family vacation, youre probably wondering, How much does a Disney Cruise cost? Its important to understand, whether you are evaluated different cruise options or budgeting for a future trip. Youll probably also wonder whats included and whether its worth the cost.

The price of a Disney cruise definitely depends on many factors. Heres an overview of Disney Cruise prices as well as whats included and what factors influence the price.

Disclosure Ive been on one complimentary media preview cruise and two cruises as part of Disney Social Media Moms. The remainder of my trips have been at full cost. All opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links. A purchase through one of these links may result in a commission paid to us at no additional cost to you.

If you want to take a cruise on the Disney Cruise Line, consider booking with Get Away Today. When you mention Family Travel Magazine, you get an extra $25 onboard credit! Give their agents a call at 877-510-2929.

Travel Protection Options On Disney Cruises


We want our Clients to have the vacation of their dreams! So weve created a travel protection plan just for you. The Disney Cruise Line Vacation Protection Plan is a package of benefits that help prepare you for the unexpected before, during, and even after their trip. The Plan includes travel insurance, 24-hour assistance, and Disneys Cancel For Any Reason feature. This feature delivers a credit of up to 75% of the cancellation fees to be used toward a future Disney Cruise Line sailing so if you cancel for a reason that may not be eligible under the insurance portion of the plan, you still receive a credit for a future cruise! For bookings made prior to March 6, 2014, the feature provides a credit of up to 100% of the cancellation penalties towards a future Disney Cruise Line sailing.

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Is Celebrity Cruise Line Owned By Carnival

While these two cruise lines do have some things in common, they also have a lot of differences. In fact, you could even say that these cruise lines are polar opposites in many ways. While Carnival Cruise Line is owned by the Carnival Corporation, Celebrity Cruises is owned by the rival Royal Caribbean Group.

What Companies Does Disney Own That Weve Never Heard Of

Fold back the plastic layer of pleasantly drawn faces and great films, and youll find deeper layers, deeper cogs that hint at how the entire company ticks. Disney subsidiaries tend to fold oddly into each other, so heres some that could fly under the radar:

  • Maker Studios: Its a production company for popular YouTube channels that has since been folded into other areas of the company after a troubled few years.
  • Steamboat Ventures: Its a venture capital company that invests in some of the Webs top startups. For instance, the popular GoPro, Photobucket, and a host of Chinese social media and gaming companies have relationships with Disney through Steamboat Ventures.
  • They also own dozens of miscellaneous property companies from Aulani to Port Canaveral, Florida. Many of these are leftover companies from when Walt had to hide his investments through other company names to buy land for Walt Disney World.
  • International media networks like ATV, RTL 2, RDS, Tele 5, and Kividoo arent heard about here but are a big deal abroad.
  • Earth Star Inc. is the company for private jets to cart Disney executives around! Theres also a management company called the Synergy Group.

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Disney Alaska Cruise Tips

When it comes to traveling, fraudsters try to hook you into many scams. Besides, you may also unknowingly make several mistakes especially if its your first time. To avoid getting scammed or making mistakes, you should know the right trips and tricks when boarding the Disney Alaska Wonder cruise. Here are a handful of helpful tips.

1) Always book your cruise from an authorized Disney vacation planner to have the satisfaction of contacting the right person.2) If its your special day, do mention it when hiring a cruise. It may help you get special gifts.3) To get the best deals, try booking the cruise as early as possible.You can save a handful of bucks if you book a secret room .4) To get the best view, request your cruise planner for a window seat.5) To enjoy everything on the ship, download the personal navigator app of the Disney Cruise.

How Much Are Alaskan Cruises Cruise Fare

How Much Are Alaskan Cruises? A Guide to Alaskan Cruise Costs.

Besides cruise line and time of year, the cruise cabins themselves are also highly variable in costs. For those new to cruising, understanding the costs of a cabin can be frustrating. In general, all ships have different cabin categories, with the cheapest being inside rooms on lower decks.

Typical cabin categories include Inside, Outside, Balcony , and Mini-Suites/Suites. Some cruise lines may offer more categories, especially on the upper end like Norwegian Cruise Lines Haven Suites or Celebrity Cruise Lines Concierge Class. With additional features and amenities comes extra costs. Reviewing prices for most Contemporary and Premium Cruise Lines, below are price ranges for the most popular cabin categories.

Price Ranges for Alaskan Cruise Fares

  • Inside Cabins $650-$1200 a person
  • Ocean Views $800-$2000 a person
  • Balconies $1300-$2500 a person
  • Mini Suites/Suites $1800-$3500 a person

While not an exact science, looking at the costs of upgrading across brands, we find that costs tend to increase by 50% by moving up one category. So, it is not uncommon to see pricing for an Inside room starting at $800 and a balcony on the same ship for the same date going for $1800-$2000.

For Many a Balcony is a Must on an Alaskan Cruise

On our Alaskan cruise, we opted to get a balcony and scored a shoulder season deal with the cabin costing us $1400pp. But, during peak season, a balcony on the same ship would have cost close to $2000 a person.

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Children’s Programs On Disney Alaska Cruises

If there’s one thing Disney knows, it’s how to entertain kids. The Disney Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are a fantasyland for kids, with clubhouses, character meet and greets, storytelling activities and more. On the Disney Wonder, kids can play in the “Toy Story”-themed Andy’s Room, pretend to be Captain America at the MARVEL Super Hero Academy, or play with Anna and Elsa during Frozen Adventure time. In the Oceaneer Lab, kids can learn culinary skills, take part in fascinating experiments in the science lab, or dress up like a pirate in the “Peter Pan”-themed Captain’s closet.

Tweens can hang out at Edge, an activity center for guests ages 11 to 14. Here, they can hang on comfy couches and watch movies on a flat-screen TV, sing top 40 hits on the karaoke machine, or make arts and crafts to bring home to friends. There’s also Vibe, an open-plan lounge for teens ages 14 to 17. The lounge is decked out with big-screen TVs, music stations, video consoles, board games, a dance floor and more. These activity centers give older children freedom from parents, while staying under the supervision of trained onboard counselors.

Most Expensive Time To Book A Disney Cruise To Alaska

If you missed the cheapest time to book your Disney cruise to Alaska, whats the worst time to avoid booking? Im sorry to say that this is much more difficult to predict.

Disney cruise prices are very closely tied to demand. This applies to both the sail date and the specific cabin type. So, as the demand for a particular cabin type in a particular sailing goes up, so do Disney cruise prices. And while the cheaper cabin types dont fluctuate that much over time, the pricier veranda and concierge cabins fluctuate a lot.

For example:

  • Concierge cabins went from $22,123 in January 2020, to unavailable in February 2020, and up to $30,433 in March 2020. All other cabins were virtually unchanged.
  • Over this time, concierge cabins went from $20,460, to unavailable, and then dropped to $15,448. All other cabins were virtually unchanged.

*Note: Prices below are in US Dollars and for 2 adults/2 children.

TABLE: 2020 Disney Cruises to Alaska

$15,448 $20,193

Now, a lot happened in March 2020. Disney released dates for 2021 sailings, but then travel was restricted due to COVID-19 and cruise travel in particular received very poor media coverage. But despite all that was going on, it was interesting to see that Disney cruise prices really didnt change that much.

That said, prices for the inside and oceanview cabins are much more stable. Prices for these cabins generally increase only a bit as time goes on.

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Cruise Lines Owned By Carnival Corporation & Plc

Many people know that Carnival Corporation is big, but dont realize quite how large they are. Carnival Corp. of course owns the famous Carnival Cruise Line, but they also own luxury brands like Princess and Holland America.

Want even more luxurious offerings? Carnival Corp. is the owner of Cunard and the ultra-luxury line Seabourn. It also owns lines that arent heavily promoted in the United States, including Costa, P& O Cruises, and AIDA.

When To Book A Disney Cruise To Alaska

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost in 2022? | Real Travel Quote Proposal

Given this wild range of prices for Disney cruises to Alaska, when in the world should you book? Great question! Ill break it down for you below.

*Note: Since I started recording prices in January 2020, I will continue to collect them until March 2021. This will give me an entire cycles worth of data to compare prices for Disney cruises to Alaska. And then Ill update this analysis as needed.

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Whats Included In A Disney Cruise

When assessing the cost of a Disney cruise, youll also want to know whats included and what isnt included in the price of the cruise. Its important to calculate the total cost that youll expect to spend.

Things included in your Disney Cruise cost include Disney character interactions, shows on the Disney cruise ships, the kids clubs, meals in the main dining rooms, unlimited ice cream, many snacks, most room service, soda, standard coffee, and iced tea.

While many cruise lines do include these items , its important to look at how your family will use these inclusions.

My kids love the kids clubs and the shows, so we usually do that daily. Its completely worth it for us. On the other hand, we dont drink soda, so we dont really care if its included.

Explore Disney Cruise Line Ships

Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

As can be expected from Disney, the Disney Dream was specially designed with families in mind, combining sleek style and convenient facilities with splashes of magic and cruise-industry firstslike the splashtacular AquaDuck, the very first water coaster at sea.


Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

Building on the classic style of her sister ships, the Disney Fantasy is the fourth cruise liner in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. This ship features the same attention to detail that Disney is known for, while introducing new and immersive, one-of-a-kind venues and experiences for everyone in the family.


Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

Disney Magic pays homage to the timeless style of the past while embracing the contemporary. Experience Disney’s traditions of extraordinary family entertainment and superb service while you ride the waves.

Ship Rating


Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.


Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

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