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How To Find Cruise Ship Jobs

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Why Is Working On A Cruise Ship A Great Job

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship jobs are really easy to come by these days, they pay incredibly well, they allow you to see the world and they dont always require any previous experience. What more could you ask for? This truly is the ultimate job for those who love to travel, meet new people and be out on the open water.

Explore the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Baltic, North American coasts and many more destinations. During some days at port, youre able to explore the cities as a bonus, the cost of day trips / tours are generally covered by the cruiseline.

Cindy told us that her job as a Guest Service Officer on the ship wasnt always glamorous and the hours were pretty long, but she loved every minute of it!

As far as the various jobs you can get, well list them below, but it really depends on which company youre hired with and which position you end up in. There is plenty of room for promotion on the ship and theres often a lot of in-house training to help you improve your skillset and your income.

Food And Beverage Service Staff

Everyone knows that the most popular thing to do on a cruise is eat and drink! Good thing cruise ship jobs consist of a large number of service professionals to provide an amazing dining experience. From the bartenders to waiters to cooks and bussers, there are dozens of cruise ship jobs to fill each voyage for just this purpose. If you have a formal education or 5 or more years experience in the food hospitality industry, you can apply for management or chef jobs that pay the best.

Jobs On A Cruise Ship

Posted: Feb 22, 2021 · Jobs you can get on a cruise ship. Jobs on a cruise ship are exciting because they offer you a chance to see the world and meet many new people. Here are 24 kinds of jobs available on cruise ships: 1. Crew trainer. National average salary: $10.24 per hour. Primary duties: A crew trainer provides instruction to all the crew members on the ship …

Back pain is some of the most frequent physical illnesses. According to studies, eight out of ten Americans have back discomfort at a certain stage of life,read more

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Top 25 Cruise Ship Nursing Blogs

Posted: Feb 03, 2010 · Cruise Job Insider Blog: Learn about different jobs available on a cruise ship, and learn about the need for nurses on cruise ships, and what you can do to become a cruise ship nurse. : Follow the adventures of this traveling nurse, as she moves from place to place, peddling her skills.

More Popular Cruise Line Companies For Cruise Ship Jobs

How To Find Cruise Ship Jobs: The Ultimate Guide

The cruise lines listed above are some of the top employers in the industry, so you should try to check back with them regularly for any vacancies they may be advertising. With that being said, there are a number of other cruise lines that are also worth keeping in mind and the larger your list of options, the more chance you have of finding work.

Check out Cruise Jobs: Apply Directly For a Job at the Best Cruise Lines for a more extensive list of cruise lines, complete with information on each one, so you can identify the companies you would most like to work for.

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What Jobs Are On Offer

Cruise lines typically promote from within, so entry-level jobs focus on front-line functions and customer service roles. Employers look for people with administrative and general management backgrounds, as well as people with customer service and sales skills.

Seasonal or full-time work is available. Many seasonal vacancies operate on contracts lasting between three and six months, with others stretching to a year.

Why Work On A Cruise Ship

The most obvious benefit of working on a cruise ship is the opportunity to travel the world. As an on-board member of staff you’ll see far-flung destinations such as the Caribbean, South America, the Mediterranean, Europe and Asia. Find out more about working abroad.

Costs such as accommodation and food are taken care of. As you’re usually on board ship for at least six months of the year, it’s easier to save money without rent or other living costs to pay for and whatever you earn you keep as disposable income.

Another advantage is the connections you make when working on board. You’ll meet a variety of people from all backgrounds, forge new friendships and make international contacts that will come in useful during your career.

Also worth a mention are the opportunities for progression. Cruise line companies invest time and money into training their employees, and once on board you’ll be encouraged to seek promotion.

Working on a cruise ship is starting to sound pretty good, but life at sea isn’t for everyone.

To reflect the fact that accommodation and living expenses are taken care of, salaries are often low, although earning tips can top up your wages.

And while you might be travelling the world it’s certainly not a holiday. Hours for staff are long and days off are a rarity. Homesickness can also affect your time on board.

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Meyer Turku Targets Climate

Meyer Turku and its NEcOLEAP project has been selected to take part in Business Finland’s financing project which aims to help companies to increase their RDI investments in Finland. The NEcOLEAP concept is hoping to develop carbon-neutral and sustainable technological solutions for cruiseships through an extensive partnership network.

Cruise Industry News

More Jobs Of All Types

Jobs on cruise ships | Newcomers on board RCCL

Cruise ships resembling giant floating hotels employ thousands of staff and crew members performing duties in positions identical or very similar to jobs at five star hotels or resorts on land and together with all the vessels currently under construction the number of cruise ship jobs worldwide is expected to double by the year 2014 resulting in thousands of new openings. Compared to other industries, cruise lines have much higher employee turnover rate. Many people do not consider cruise line jobs as life-long careers. Officers, crew and staff members get promoted, change ships or cruise lines, go on vacation, return to school or just settle down on land leaving vacancies on regular basis. Thus cruise lines are ALWAYS HIRING and looking for new personnel.

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Be Aware Of Fraudulent Cruise Employment Opportunities

When you start looking for cruise ship jobs online, you need to stay aware of fraudulent companies claiming to provide you placement. These companies are infamous for asking a sum of money in return for providing jobs on cruise ships. The red sign is when they dont offer any documents or receipts and keep you in the dark about the opportunities available on cruise liners. Transacting with these so-called recruiting companies will make you end up losing your money.

How To Apply For Cruise Jobs

Posted: SELLING YOURSELF, GET THE CRUISE SHIP JOB. So you’ve decided you want to pursue a job working for a cruise line.You’ve considered all the pros and cons of cruise ship life, investigated the different types of jobs available working for a cruise line, either on board the cruise ships or shoreside, and made your decision.

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Apply Directly For Cruise Ship Jobs At The Best Cruise Lines

Your first option is to visit the websites of cruise lines directly and check their Jobs section for vacancies. Here, you can find out a little more about some of the biggest employers offering cruise ship jobs.

Carnival Corporation & PLC

Founded in 1972, Carnival Corporation & PLC is made up of two separate companies the UK-based Carnival PLC and the US-based Carnival Corporation. Together, these two companies own a number of the worlds most recognisable cruise brands, including Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, AIDA Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard, P& O Cruises and Costa Cruises. These cruise lines offer a total of well over 100,000 cruise ship jobs.

to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Carnival Corporation & PLC

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International was established in 1968 and its cruises attract approximately 5 million passengers every year. The cruise line functions with a fleet of more than 25 cruise ships, with this fleet including four of the largest passenger ships in the world, including Symphonyof the Seas, which is classed as the single largest passenger ship. The parent company behind Royal Caribbean International also owns Azamara and Celebrity Cruises.

to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Royal Caribbean International

Celebrity Cruises

to check out all cruise jobs on the website of Celebrity Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

Apply For A Cruise Ship Job Through A Recruitment Agency

How To Find Cruise Ship Jobs: The Ultimate Guide

This is the most common way of applying for Cruise Ship Jobs. Major cruise lines have officially licensed recruiting agencies and hiring partners all around the world that handle acquiring and evaluating job applications as well as scheduling individual and group job interviews.

Because cruise lines do not have representatives in every nation, one recruitment firm may handle the whole region as well as the surrounding countries.

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Consider Working As A Lecturer

Another option for securing a job on a cruise ship is to take a position as a guest lecturer. Many cruises employ guest lecturers to share information with guests through speaking sessions on topics like the activities available at the ports they plan to visit, the history of the cruise line or the cultural background of each port. There are also typically opportunities for lecturers in instructional positions, such as for painting classes, dancing lessons or group activities.

While working as a lecturer can be different from being a part of a cruise ship’s crew, a cruise line agency can also usually help you find these jobs.

Cruise Ship Waiter Waitress Jobs

Posted: Cruise Ship Jobs – Waiter / Waitress. Back to All Food and Beverage Jobs. Register for this job Now! Waiter / Waitress Job Description and Duties: – Responsible for all food and service related issues within his/ her work station and serves passengers according to the highest standards set by the cruise line.

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Jobs On A Cruise Ship Cruise Career

Posted: Junior Assistant Cruise Director. The Junior Assistant Cruise Director is an entry-level position on the Cruise Staff team. This team provides fun and exciting activities for guests, like trivia games, Zumba ® classes, ice sculpture demonstrations, dance lessons, and arts and crafts. In this role your goal is to help the Cruise Staff provide a premium entertainment package and make our

Do You Have What It Takes

Cruise Ship Jobs – How to Get a Job on A Cruise Ship – Part 3 – Initial Considerations – Ep. 6

Heather Hathorn is the owner and operator of Page Marine Crews. After working onboard for a number of years, and recruiting within the marine industry for over 30 years, she says there are three things you need to ask yourself before you make the choice to pursue a life at sea.

  • Do you enjoy meeting and working with diverse groups of people?
  • Are you flexible and adaptable?
  • Do you thrive in an ever-changing environment?

Throughout Heathers decades of experience in marine recruitment she has come to realize that there are common traits regarding those candidates who truly excel when it comes to working onboard cruise ships.

They have a great level of energy and a passion for providing excellent customer service at all times, she says. They love travel, new cultures, and making the most out of every new experience.

To make it on board one should come with a very open mind and be ready to work! Know that there are good people who will come into your life and help guide you to make the transition to sea life a smooth one. Come with a can do attitude!

Alana Delia

Cruise Ship Jobs: Getting Started

For the deep dive check out my new Cruise Ship Jobs 101 course which includes information about all onboard positions, contract lengths, requirements, duties, salaries, help with your resume, and everything else you need to know.

Cruise Ship Jobs: Choosing a Company

Cruise Ship Jobs: Requirements/Training

Cruise Ship Jobs: Onboard Hierarchy

  • Officer Category
  • Staff Category
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    How Long Does It Take To Get Hired On A Cruise Ship

    The whole hiring process can take from 30 to 90 days. But in a worse case scenario, it can even last 6-8 months.

    For entry-level positions that are mainly hired through the recruitment agents, you will have to pass 2 interviews in approximately 30 days after applying. For managing jobs, you may have 2-4 interviews. The first interview will be held with an agent and the second one with an official cruise company representative. Managers will also meet Operation Department Heads and other representatives. Usually, this stage will take 3-6 weeks. You will get informed about the successful results in 10-14 days following the meetings.

    Then document preparation starts. As weve already mentioned, you will need to go through a medical examination and do a criminal background check. Depending on the country you are from, the criminal check can take from 24-48 hours up to several weeks. The medical tests will be done in 2-4 weeks, based on the doctors you need to visit and your current location.

    However, some others aspects can influence the time it will take to get an offer to work on a cruise ship:

    • Each company has a time frame for the hiring process and additional requirements that could make it longer.
    • During the summer, which is the busiest season, companies may need to fill some vacancies immediately. Thus the process sometimes can be very quick.

    Is It Hard To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship

    Its always been hard to get a job on a cruise ship, but the global pause in cruising has made it so much harder as there are thousands of experienced cruise ship workers that are now out of work.

    The easiest way to get your dream cruise ship job is to take an entry-level job to get your foot through the door and then you can work your way up to the job that you aspire to do.

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    What Are The Best Jobs On A Cruise Ship

    The best job on a cruise ship is totally subjective. A job that would be an amazing job to one person would be unbearable to the next. However, certain cruise ship jobs do have a very high level of job satisfaction.

    The 10 best cruise ship jobs

  • Doctor The ships doctor is often the highest-paid person on the ship with average monthly earnings of $9,750
  • Captain Cruise ships captains get the best staterooms on the ship and typically work for three months then get three months paid leave
  • Youth Staff If you love kids then working in a cruise ship kids club can be a lot of fun
  • Cruise Director Friendly and charismatic, cruise directors are often up on stage, making people laugh as they introduce entertainers
  • Gentleman Host The sole purpose of this role is to dance with ladies who have nobody to dance with!
  • Entertainer Whether youre a singer, dancer, acrobat or comedian, youll have lots of free time when youre not on stage
  • Shore Excursions Manager The biggest perk of this job is that you get to try out all of the shore excursions before you sell them
  • Bartender If youre sociable and like to meet new people, a cruise ship bartender job can be a lot of fun
  • Firefighter Fires on cruise ships are very rare, so youll spend a lot of time checking equipment and training crew on fire safety
  • Hairdresser Helping people to look glamorous for formal nights is very rewarding
  • What Is The Best Cruise Line To Work For

    Cruise Ship Jobs In Canada Free Recruitment.

    Which is the best cruise line to work for depends on many factors such as the salary for your role, hours, progression opportunities, food and policies.

    Several cruise ship workers report that the ship is just as important as the cruise line, as each ship in a fleet may have a different culture. Some cruise ships might have amazing crew parties, others may be more relaxed.

    Generally speaking, the best cruise lines to work for are large companies that you know will not go out of business.

    The best cruise lines to work for:

    • Norwegian Cruise Line

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    Question: How To Get A Job On A Disney Cruise Ship

    Posted: What are the steps of getting a job in the cruise ship? Recruitment Process Step 1 Research. Before you apply for any jobs on a cruise ship, you must do your research and fully understand what working on a cruise ship is like. Step 2 Prepare. Step 3 Apply. Step 4 Job Interview. Step 5 Job Offer.

    Faq About Working On Cruise Ships

    Working on cruise ships isnt for everyone, yet to get hired it is very competitive because so many people want to work onboard. The hours are long and you live where you work, yet the life onboard can be very rewarding through relationships made, but also financially and of course the travelling. So, once you decide that you want to work on cruise ships, next you need to know how to make that happen.

    There are over 300 types of cruise ship jobs, but which one is best for you? There are nearly 100 different cruise lines that sail on the worlds oceans and rivers, but who do you want to work for? Cruise ships vary in size from some expedition and river cruise ships carrying less than 100 passengers to mega cruise ships that carry over 6,000 people, including 2,000 crew. What does it take to become crew?

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