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Is An Alaskan Cruise Cold

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Example Of What I Wear On A Shore Excursion

What to Pack For Alaska Cruise

Heres what I might wear on a shore excursion, especially to Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Up close at Mendenhall Glacier is not only icy-chilly but theres also spray off the water.

First, I layer a silk or silk-like top underneath a crew neck or turtleneck sweater or sweatshirt . Then

Over the lightweight sweater or sweatshirt, Ill either wear a thin, loose-fitting waterproof rain jacket or my usual down, water repellent puffy jacket with hood, depending on if its a sunny or rainy day.

Then I either wear or bring along a sleeveless puffy vest with a zipper. This is almost a must-have item to pack. It comes with a little carrying bag to squish the vest into for travel.

Puffy vests are great to toss on in the morning to go to the Lido buffet or for a summers morning walk around the deck with a cup of coffee.

Make sure that it has outside zip pockets and maybe an inside pocket or two. You can put your room card in the zippered pocket and not worry about it falling out when you sit down for breakfast, too.

Whats The Weather Like On A Princess Cruise To Alaska

Princess cruise itineraries travel to the Southeast and Inside Passage regions of Alaska from May through September when wildlife is bustling, greenery is flourishing and salmon are running. Temperatures can reach anywhere from the low 30s to upper 80s depending on your month of travel as well as the port of call.

Is It Really Light Out All The Time

Yes! The midnight sun is an incredible thing. For much of the summer, the darkest it will get is a sort of dusky twilight even in the dead of night. While it may seem strange at first, I loved having the midnight sun accompanying me on my Alaskan adventures. You never had to worry about needing a flashlight or getting lost in the dark, and the extra hours of daylight help keep you energized longer because your body isnt receiving visual cues that its time to wind down for the evening.

The longest day of the year is the summer solstice, which occurs around June 21. Even as far south as Juneau, the sun rises before 4:00 AM and sets after 10:00 PM on that day. Traveling in the weeks before and after the solstice will give you the maximum benefit of the midnight sun, while cruising later in August and September will give you a bit more of a normal-feeling distribution of daylight to nighttime.

Although most ships are equipped with blackout curtains when cruising in Alaska, all that sunlight can still mess with your circadian rhythm a bit. If you foresee having trouble sleeping while its still light out, make sure to pack a sleeping mask or a light sleep aid like melatonin.

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Things To Do In Skagway

You may stroll from the cruise terminal to town on your own or take a guided shore excursion. Panning for gold, snowshoeing, and White Pass Rail trips are all included in the cruise tour. Visit a waterfall, trek the Chilkoot Trail, take an ATV tour of Glacier Point, take a helicopter trip to observe the glaciers in the vicinity, or rock climb and rappel. If you havent tried a dogsled ride yet, Skagway is the place to go. Take the Skagway Street Car city tour if you merely want to see the attractions.

Adventure Seekers And Teens Cruises

Hiking up to glaciers on a cold Alaska morning Kenai ...

Suppose you have energetic children who are interested in nature and the environment. In that case, an adventure journey may be just what you need to keep them occupied and away from their electronics. Anyone else interested in seeing Alaska up and personal preference might take an adventure cruise, where youll board boats for up-close views of the top of a glacier, hike through Tongass National Forest, and kayak the tranquil waters of the Inside Passage.

Look for expedition ships from UnCruise Adventures, Alaskan Dream Cruises, Hurtigruten, Lindblad Expeditions , Ponant, or Silversea .

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How Big Are The Rooms Should I Get A Balcony

Im not gonna lie, the rooms are small. you pretty much just have a bed and a small bathroom. It worked just fine for 2 adults, but I would go crazy if I put my family of four all in one room togehter .

Fun Tip: Did you know you can get 2 rooms for cheaper than the price of 1 on ANY cruise line when you cruise with at least 4 people? Its a secret not many know about. Send me a message at to find out how!

I did think there was ample storage space. You have the closets, some drawers, nightstands and even room under the bed to store clothing and other items.

Oh and YES GET A BALCONY! Trust me, its SO worth the extra money. Not only for the extra sitting room but each night we left our door open and listened to the sound of waves as we slept. And we had amazing sunset views, saw glaciers and ice floating by as we sailed, and even got a glimpse of some orcas swimming as we got ready for dinner one night.

Some Lines Are Tightening Onboard Restrictions

Cruise lines including Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International have already made moves to tighten onboard restrictions.

Carnival Cruise Line updated its mask policy last week for sailings through Jan. 31 as omicron continues to spread.

Norwegian, too, added mask requirements for indoor areas.

Last month, Norwegian also extended its vaccination requirement for 100% of passengers indefinitely.

Similarly, Royal Caribbean told passengers in a note last week that it would tighten mask restrictions through Jan. 5.

And Holland America said in a statement to USA TODAY Sunday that current operating procedures require all team members and guests to wear a mask in all indoor areas of the ship and all areas are frequently disinfected.

The first in a series of posts about my recent Alaskan family cruise, Im sharing five reasons to cruise Alaska with small children.

Last month my family and I went on the trip of a lifetime: an Alaskan Cruise onboard the Ruby Princess! My second time partnering with Princess Cruises, this trip was particularly special because I got to bring along my husband and our two boys ages 3 and 5.

In the weeks to come, Ill be sharing all about our Alaskan cruise including our favorite excursions, the best eats and of course plenty of beautiful photography from this oh-so-scenic adventure.

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What Is The Weather Like On An Alaskan Cruise

The weather really can vary greatly. When we left Seattle, it was 88 degrees and sunny. We spent embarkation day in our swimsuits, drinking fruity cocktails by the pool and even got a great tan.

But by the time we woke up the next morning, we were FREEZING. When you are out at sea, its cold. And then that can change greatly again when you get to port . We walked around in short sleeved shirts all day in Ketchikan, but then froze our butts off sailing the same afternoon on the ship.

So when people say dress in layers DRESS IN LAYERS! And dont be afraid to pack a wide variety of warm and cold weather gear. Which brings me to

What To Pack For Glacier Bay

OOTD Alaska | Cruise | Cold weather!

Make sure to pack a Rain Jacket! I hate to say it but it will rain during your cruise at least once. You could also pack one of these cute travel rain ponchos.

Binoculars -We liked having a pair of binoculars with us. They were great for looking for whales, seals, Bald Eagles and Bears.

Having extra camera batteries and SD Cards will make sure you can get that epic shot.

We loved having this Alaska Inside Passage Wildlife Guide with us. If you want help identifying the wildlife you see on your cruise we love these guide books.

I always carry a backup phone charger with me just in case. I wish we would have known this Alaska Cruise Tip on our first cruise! My phone was dead half the cruise.

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Taku Lodge With Salmon Bake

This long-running favorite tour combines a number of appealing activities into one trip: a scenic glacier flight with Wings Airways, a float plane landing, a visit to a remote lodge with a chance for a guided nature walk, and a barbecue of king salmon .

That remote lodge is the Taku Lodge, built in 1923 and located just across the river from the advancing Taku Glacier . Get out and enjoy the lodge and its wilderness ambience. Local guides offer a short nature walk on a wilderness trail, or you may choose to relax. Then enjoy a time-honored Alaskan traditionthe salmon bake. The succulent grilled salmon attracts bears, of course, and you may be lucky enough to spot one!

How Bad Are The Mosquitoes In Alaska

Depending on when you visit Alaska, mosquitoes can be a nuisance.

Mosquitoes are obviously not unique to Alaska, but just like in New Jersey, they’re still annoying.

Typically, you will find “mosquito season” between the second week of June to the last week in July.

Despite what you may read about on the internet, the mosquitoes aren’t really as bad as you may think. In fact, cruise ship passengers tend to spend most of their time in and around cities, which have a significant breeze that can deter the pests.

Mosquitoes tend to be found most commonly on near-windless evenings near a pond, interior forest, or moist tundra.

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Waterproof Rain Jacket Or Windbreaker

Alaskas summers can see their fair amount of rain. Dont get caught unprepared during a rainshower and make sure to bring along a waterproof jacket or windbreaker in your suitcase. Also, look for rain jackets that can easily be rolled up and tossed into a backpack so you can bring them along to all of your outdoor excursions.

How Cold Is It Onboard The Alaskan Cruises

The water here is sooo cold!

Am packing for our Alaskan cruise. I noticed the weather in Alaska is cool right now. How cold is it in the dining room / in the cabins on the ship?I tend to be cold natured… I’m packing fleece, jacket, gloves for off the ship but was wondering what to pack for on the ship.It is 98 degrees here today it will be quite the change!Thanks!

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    Taking An Alaska Cruise In September

    Youve now reached the other shoulder!

    The kids are back in school and the end of cruise season is near, meaning youve got your best chance to catch a sweet last-minute deal on an Alaska cruise in September. Things will be relatively quiet and cool, and September will often be just as rainy as August.

    The nights are longer, days are shorter, and the weather getting colder, but its not all doom and gloom for September! Especially not if youre a moose or caribou, as September is the mating season! You might even catch them in the act right out in the open.

    Early autumn is also a great time to spot bears near berry patches and salmon streams. At this time, gray, bowhead, and beluga whales will be migrating back south along the Alaskan coast.

    But what brings most people out for an Alaska cruise in September is a chance to spot the Northern Lights. Youll likely need your waterproofs and some heavy layers, but if you are lucky enough to catch a clear night up near Fairbanks, youll give yourself the best chance to catch a glimpse of the aurora. This chance alone is often enough to bring people out for a September cruise.

    This monthly break down should give you a better idea of what you can expect during the Alaska cruise season. However, if youd prefer to search in terms of certain attractions, continue reading below.

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    Things To Do In Juneau

    Kayak and bike adventures, a ride in the sky on the Mount Roberts Tramway , fishing outings, glacier visits , abundant wildlife-viewing trips , and even fun culinary trips like an Alaska salmon bake or a craft beer tasting are all available. You may visit a dogsled camp, pan for gold, or go to Mendenhall Glacier in a helicopter. You might even take in the midnight sun, so be sure and wear a warm hat!

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    Rob Shaw: Let’s Hope The Premier Is Right That Cruise Ships Wont Give Bc A Miss But On This File So Far He Hasnt Been

    British Columbians who work in or rely upon the provinces $2.3-billion cruise ship sector have learned one important thing about Alaska Congressman Don Young in recent months: You really dont want to piss this guy off.

    Unfortunately, it seems the 88-year-old senior Republican member of Alaskas congressional delegation is not only furious at Premier John Horgan and his BC government, but hes prepared to use his experience and clout in Washington DC to actually do something about it.

    Young has tabled a new bill in Congress that would make permanent his previous temporary law allowing US cruise ships to skip Canadian ports while Canadas borders are closed due to COVID-19.

    Its a masterful bit of political maneuvering, by a veteran of Washingtons hallways of power.

    It is time for a new model that does not allow foreign governments to control Alaskas economy, Young wrote in an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun.

    My proposal offers a win-win opportunity for tourism markets and native communities.

    The changes are necessary, he wrote, because once the temporary bill expires in November Canada will once again have de facto veto authority over Alaskas cruise industry.

    We cannot allow such a vital portion of our economy to be held hostage by a foreign country, in this case, Canada, Young added.

    Horgan gave them all an indifferent cold shoulder, and left it up to Ottawa to engage with the Americans. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, did nothing. The crisis only grew.

    What Is The Best Time Of Year To Cruise In Alaska

    WingsOfRedemption returns to Cold War | Alaskan Cruise
    • The best time to go to Alaska for a cruise is during the summer months between June and August. The weather is best during these months and you have the greatest variety of activities to engage. The drawback is that the prices will be higher for both the cost of the cruises and the activities that you look to experience.

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    The Best Time For A Cruise To Alaska If You Want To See Whales

    Luckily for whale watchers, various species can be seen in Alaskan waters during the entirety of cruise season. It truly is not uncommon for cruise passengers to spot whales right from the deck of the cruise ship, but booking a whale watching excursion will increase your chance of spotting some whales.

    The tours smaller boat will allow you to get a closer look of the whales and get tidbits about the local whale pods from your guide.

    Gray whales head north in April and May but return at the end of cruise season in September. Humpback whales can be spotted using their unique and fascinating bubble-netting feeding technique during June and July.

    There are over 500 humpbacks who make Southeast Alaskas inside passage their home during the summer months between Homer and Kodiak in the Barren Islands.

    Blue whales can be spotted in open water during July and August while killer whales are most frequently spotted in May and early June, although they can be seen at any time during the entire cruise season. Beluga whales may also be seen year round.

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    Packing For An Alaskan Cruise You Need To Bring All The Things

    Packing for my Alaskan cruise was one of the hardest things I had to do! Every review you read talks about how it can be hot, it can be cold, it can be rainy, etc. And thats just at the ports.

    Then you need to think about what to wear on the ship which includes everything from casual wear to dressy dinner attire.

    So where do you even start!?!? And thats just the clothing. Then theres a whole list of essential items you need to bring on your Alaskan cruise too! Arrgghh!!

    I got you covered there too! For packing tips on what items you NEED to bring on your cruise, check out: Cruise Packing Essentials.

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    Whats The Weather Like On A Cruise In Alaska

    Cruise Tips for Alaska Weather: Month by Month. 1 Alaska Cruise Weather in May. May brings warmer weather within the cities and towns of the Alaskan inside passage. While it can be freezing cold at 2 Alaska Cruise Weather in June. 3 Alaska Cruise Weather in July. 4 Alaska Cruise Weather in August. 5 Alaska Cruise Weather in September.

    Get Ready For Your First Time On An Alaskan Cruise

    Cold Weather

    Hooray! Youre about to go on an Alaskan Cruise! Want to know what its really like? Ill fill you in on all the details about my 7-day Alaskan Cruise aboard the Ruby Princess.

    Ive been hearing about Alaskan cruises for years but always assumed they were for old people and all you really did was sail around and look at snow-capped mountains. I could not have been more wrong!

    We originally wanted to discover Alaska but did a lot of research and found Alaska very hard to get around if you wanted to see multiple places. So we decided on a cruise as our best bet to be able to see several different areas of Alaska in one trip.

    Fun Fact: The City of Juneau, which is also the capital of Alaska, can only be accessed by boat or plane. There are no roads leading in or out of Juneau crazy huh?!?

    We loved our cruise so much, we are already planning a second one with the kids. So sit back and let me tell you everything you need to know about your first time on an Alaskan Cruise!

    Dont forget to follow me on to get more information on your Alaskan Cruise!

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