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Is Disney Cruise All Inclusive

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How To Save Money On A Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line – All That’s Included

Ordinarily, a Disney cruise would fall well outside of my budget. However, with Disney Cruise Line introducing two-, three- and four-night cruises from regional UK ports in summer 2021, this may be a great opportunity for families like mine to experience a Disney cruise for a lower price.

If youre considering a Disney cruise on a budget, read on for some money-saving tips

Where Can I Find The Best Cruise Deals

Our cruise grid shows the lowest priced cruise for each month, and this can also be sorted by lowest price per day. For example, a 10 day cruise may be more expensive than a 7, but on a daily basis, the 10 night a better deal. Airfare is a big factor from Canada. Weve packaged the most popular cruises booked with flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax for certain times of year.

How Much Will A Disney Cruise Cost In 2021

So, what we did is break down what a Disney Cruise cost on average for a family of 4 with several different itineraries. These prices are total including all taxes for a family of 4. All of these cruises are prices based on inside, oceanview and verandah cabins.

We did not include the concierge level, because thats on a whole different level. While the inside to verandah cabins are all fairly close in price. After we go over some costs, we will breakdown how to find the best deal.

Now, normally how much a Disney Cruise costs goes up each year, but in 2021 we expect prices to remain the same. Plus, be on the lookout for more special offers to get people to return to cruising.

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Book With A Travel Agent My #1 Tip

Ill be honest, I feel foolish for saying this because this was so against our initial instincts. In fact, we booked our first 8 cruises without a travel agent because we always thought we could get the best deal. A travel agent can get you the same pricing you will find anywhere else, plus they offer onboard credit to spend on the ship and will help you plan the whole thing.

We use Tinks Magical Vacations for all our Disney trips because they know Disney Cruises, Disney World and Disneyland better than I will ever know. I highly recommend their services. Not only do they help with the planning, you get the best deal available + onboard credit!

What Our Guests Are Saying

Win an All

I was very impressed!

Planned Everything For Me!

The Pixie Travel Agents at Pixie Vacations planned everything for me. I simply gave them some dates to check and they researched a variety of options for our trips. They reserved our resort, reservations for meals, transfers, mailings, email communication reminders, deposits, final payments, all the details. So simple! I NEVER worried about a single detail. I knew I was in knowledgeable, experienced hands. I have referred Pixie Vacations to several friends because my experience with them has always been top notch.

Thanks just doesnt seem like enough gratitude!

Thanks just doesnt seem like enough gratitude we would like to express to you for all your help! We enjoyed the best vacation ever. We didnt realize the small little things that happen to come into place until we were at Animal Kingdom that morning for breakfast. Our reservation was for 8:00. We took our time had a nice breakfast and got done and wandered outside. It was then that we realized that there was a huge crowd making a mad dash for the safari ride. Of course due to your planning we were ahead of that crowd and on the first tour of the day!!!

I will definitely give your name and number to friends who want the most out of their trip. AND when I go back I will give you a call.


Trip of a Lifetime!

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Whats Not Included On A Disney Cruise:

You could go on a Disney Cruise and pay the initial cost and not spend another dime while on board. And while thats absolutely the truth, it really isnt reality. You know there are going to be extras involved in any vacation and its all about knowing what they are ahead of time and budgeting for them, so youre not shocked at the end when you get your folio at the end of the trip. Here is what isnt included:

I love Disney Cruises and will absolutely be planning another one soon with my family! Hope I covered all your questions about what to expect on your cruise. If not, leave me a comment and ask away! I will do my best to answer any additional questions you have!

Take To The Seas With Disney Cruise Line For A Magical Adventure

Venture forth with Disney Cruise Line to faraway lands. Visit the sunny Caribbean, home to the famous Jack Sparrow, or head off to the fairy tale lands of Europe to visit Elsa and Anna. Disney effortlessly blends family friendly with elegance for an extraordinary experience. Let the kids take full advantage of Disneys Oceaneer Club while the adults enjoy the tranquil spa. Try to see if you can spot all the hidden Mickeys onboard, and dont be surprised if some of your favourite characters show up to help. Plus receive a Costco Shop Card, courtesy of Costco Travel, with every sailing.

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Why Are Disney Cruises So Expensive

There are a few reasons why Disney cruises cost more than other cruises. Here are some of the main ones

1. Disney cruise ships have larger staterooms

The staterooms on Disney cruise ships are 25% larger than on the average cruise ship. So that means that fewer passengers can fit on to a similarly sized ship.

2. Disney cruises have no casinos

Cruise lines make a huge chunk of their revenue from their on-board casinos. Some cruise ship casinos are so big you could get lost in them and some high-rolling cruisers may spend more in the casino than they do on their cruise fare.

Disney Cruise Line is doesnt have casinos as they focus on activities that families can enjoy together. Most of these activities are included in the cruise far.

3. Disney lets you bring your own drinks on board

Disney has the most generous alcohol policies of all cruise lines. You can bring two bottles of wine or six beers per person on to the ship at each port of call . Each time you get off the ship, you can go to the shop and bring on more wine to drink in your room.

3. Theres a huge demand for Disney

People love Disney. As DCL has only four medium-sized ships, these are easily filled with Disney fans from all over the world. This means that Disney can charge a premium and people will gladly pay it.

Disney Cruise Alcohol Policy

Disney Parks Moms Panel | All Thats Included on Disney Cruise Line

Disney cruise lines have a generous policy relating to your taking your own bottles of wine and beer on board.

Disney Cruise Line Guests 21 years and older may bring a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne or 6 beers on board at the beginning of the voyage and at each port-of-call.

I know some people try it but dont be tempted to sneak alcohol onto a Disney Cruise. They will find it and they can confiscate it.

This is a change from the previous policy where you could bring as much as you wanted. However, it is still pretty generous within the cruise line industry where many lines do not allow you to bring anything at all on board without being charged.

You can enjoy the wine or beer in your stateroom. If you want to drink it in one of the restaurants there is a $25 charge.

You must put any wine or beer that you bring in your carry on luggage. You want your bottles to be safe in your carry on so we use this 2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Bottle Tote

You can only bring wine or beer on a Disney cruise. There is no exception for bottles or miniatures of spirits such as vodka or gin. If you try and smuggle these onboard they will be found and confiscated.

We have written a complete guide to this policy which you can see by clicking on the link below.

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How Much Are Gratuities On A Disney Cruise

The suggested gratuities to pay on a Disney cruise are $13.50 per person, per day. In addition, a 15% gratuity will be automatically added to your bill for each drink and an 18% gratuity will be applied to all spa services. You may tip extra if you wish.

On a 7-night Disney cruise, a family of four would be expected to pay $378 in gratuities. These are split between dining room servers and stateroom hosts. Tips for drinks and spa services will be extra and you may also wish to tip for room service and shore excursions.

Whats Extra On The Disney Cruise Line

Gratuities while you can pre-pay your gratuities with your fare, they arent included with the quoted price. Typically, youll tip your servers and stateroom attendants.

Transportation to the Port transportation from Disney World or the airport is not included. If you are traveling from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral, you can add on bus transportation for an extra charge.

Alcoholic Beverages Alcoholic beverages are offered at an extra cost. Be sure to keep an eye on your tab because it can start to add up. Drink packages are available, including wine and beer packages. Youll get information about these on the first day on the ship.

Premium Restaurants in addition to the complimentary dining options, there is at least one fine dining, premium restaurant . These are adult-only restaurants and you will pay an additional fee to dine there.

Youll also be able to purchase premium coffees at the Cove Cafe, located in the adult sections of the cruise ships.

WiFi While youll probably want to unplug during your family cruise, there are times when you cant be completely disconnected. The ships do offer WiFi, but there is an extra charge.

Shore Excursions You can absolutely stay on the ship during each port of call. However, you can have a great time on various shore excursions offered at each destination. These cost extra, and youll probably want to have cash on hand to tip the guides.

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Disney Cruise Whats Included In An All

Have you ever wondered what is actually included on an All-Inclusive Disney Cruise? Yeah, its a ton of money and youre on boat, but what else do you get? Is it actually like a Disney Park? Are there characters? Is the food free? Well, Jenney McAnnally, an Magical Memory Maker who loves to plan Disney trips, has chimed in to give us the list of things included on a Disney Cruise.

From Jenney McAnnally @ Zip A Dee Doo Dah Travel

Let me fill you in on a little secretmy familys favorite vacation is a Disney Cruise. We can go anywhere in the world and thats where they want to go every year. Sometimes more than once a year. We LOVE Disney Cruise Line! In fact, Im a Platinum Castaway Club memberthat means Ive been on at least 10 Disney cruises so Im a little familiar with it.

Yes, when you compare a Disney Cruise vs. another cruise line it can seem pricey. But you get SO MUCH for your money on a Disney Cruise. Once you pay for your cruise fare, taxes, port fees and gratuities, you dont need to spend another dime to have a MAGICAL time.

Is A Disney Cruise Safer Than A Disney Theme Park

Cruises and All Inclusive Vacations

Yes, having vaccine verification is great, Kullar said. I say yes. On paper it looks good. It can be strengthened, but compared to the theme parks that dont have those vaccine mandates and it seems like more lenient policies in place, I think the cruise ships seem a little bit better in their policies. But one thing to keep in mind: cruise ships are a confined space. And from the start of this pandemic, the cruise ships are the culprit for many outbreaks. Its a sitting petri dish for any infectious diseases that are there and for several days thats problematic. I think its great to see that there are vaccine mandates but my concern is that it could still be a super spreader event if its not done right.

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Health And Safety Protocols On Disney Cruises

Disney has a comprehensive plan that outlines protocols for managing illness and closely follow the guidance of public health officials. In light of COVID-19, Disney Cruise Line is operating at elevated cleaning and sanitation levels. Among the procedures currently in place include:

  • Training for all of Disney’s Crew Members on how best to prevent the spread of illness on board.
  • A health screening completed by all Guests and Crew Members to check for illness before they board the ship.
  • Extensive cleaning and sanitation of high-traffic areas and childrens facilities.
  • Cleaning of all staterooms twice a day and additional disinfection when necessary.
  • Discontinuing self-service at buffet locations.
  • Regular communication with Guests and Crew Members regarding how to prevent illness.
  • Hand-washing stations and sanitizing wipes conveniently located throughout the ships.
  • Medical clinics on ships staffed with experienced doctors and nurses and stocked with supplies and medications to treat a variety of illnesses.

What’s Included In Your Disney Cruise Line Fare

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Disney Cruise Line is a premium cruise line, so while rates tend to be higher than those of mainstream lines, they are also more inclusive. A prime example of this is unlimited soft drinks, which Disney offers all guests for freemost other cruises require guests to buy a soda package. Disney also offers free 24-hour room service, which is also a rarity at sea. The line is known for its top-notch entertainment such as Broadway-caliber Disney productions, first-run movies, and its fireworks show at sea, all of which are included in the rate.

When budgeting for a Disney cruise or any family cruise, figure that you will definitely pay the cruise fare plus gratuities for the crew. If you want to keep costs down, set a limit on those activities that cost extra, such as shore excursions, spa treatments, alcoholic beverages, and other premium items.

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Whats The Best Cruise Line

Best for who? Your needs and your budget? Depends on your expectations of service, space, quality of food and beverage, type and amount of on board entertainment. The lines offered on our site are all good, some are excellent, and some our outstanding, but what is best is determined by your needs and budget. Speak to our agents to help sort through this. Really, there are no bad cruises offered on tripcentral.ca

All Inclusive Disney Vacations

See All Thats Included | Disney Cruise Line

If you find yourself wishing upon a star for a luxury Disney Vacation that includes everything your heart desires, then consider Disney all inclusive vacations.

Actually there are 3 very distinct styles of Disney all inclusive vacation options for families. We know, picking your favorite is a very hard choice. Much depends on the style of vacation your family is looking for….

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Payments / Refunds On On Disney Cruises

Effective Sept.11, 2018, Disney Cruise Line is adjusting its Final payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • Final payment for all non-suite/non-concierge staterooms on Cruises 1-5 Nights will be due at 90 days prior to arrival and cancellation fees will begin at 89 days versus 74 days.
  • Final payment for all non-suite/non-concierge staterooms on Cruises 6 Nights or more will be due at 120 days prior to arrival and cancellation fees will begin at 119 days versus 89 days.
  • Specific final payment and cancellation policies have been eliminated for holiday sailings and sailings where the Embark and Debark is a non-U.S. port

The deposit requirement is for: All new Bookings, Bookings in which the sail date has changed, and Bookings that are reinstated.

Final Payment To finalize your reservation, simply apply payment. Your full and final payment depends on the length of your cruise the embark and debark port if you are staying in a suite/concierge stateroom or a non-suite/non-concierge stateroom and if you are sailing on a Holiday date:

Below is a review of the final payment due date and cancellation policy for all sailings and categories:

Cruises 1 to 5 Nights where embark or debark is a U.S. Port


Alcohol And Premium Dining

Alcohol is not included in your fare, so if you are planning on taking in some cocktails, budget appropriately for these expenses. On the Disney Cruises Ships, you can pay a little extra to dine at Palo or Remy, which offer top-notch cuisine. Palo is available on all 4 Disney Cruise ships, while Remy is only available on the Dream and Fantasy.

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No Fee Stress Free Vacation Planning

We are a local, family-owned company that has a passion for travel and helping people. We understand that vacation planning can be stressful so let us take on the burden for you. Whether its a Disney Destination, a Cruise, All-Inclusive Resort or any other type of vacation, our goal is to simplify your life by providing a personalized service that meets all of your needs.

How Much Are Drinks On A Cruise

Disney cruise line

Youll find drink prices about the same as whats offered in most average chain restaurants at home. Beer will be in the $6-7 range, Wine in the $8-11 range, and mixed drinks with regular spirits and simple cocktails within the range. Prices are in US dollars and typically have an automatic 15-20% gratuity added to the bill. They are not cheap, but they dont take advantage of their monopoly. There are the odd drink specials on featured cocktails or multiple beer purchases.

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