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Missouri River Boat Cruises Kansas City

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Can You Boat On The Missouri River

Lewis and Clark Riverboat back for voyage on the Missouri River

Yes, you absolutely can boat on the Missouri River! How much of the river you can boat on is dependant on the time of year and what type of boat you have. As mentioned above, the entire Missouri River is open to boat traffic but portions of it will be too shallow to take larger boats on and only a flat bottom boat or kayak/canoe would work well.

You can boat many different sections in between the dams as well so as long as you arent trying to boat down the entire Missouri River there are many places available to take your boat out.

The time of year can also have some effect on where you can boat as well. Certain cities along the river close off river access when the river is flooding. If you are planning to travel the Missouri River during springtime be sure to check with each city along your route to make sure that the marinas etc. are open or if it is legal for you to boat through.

Savor Kansas City Bbq

Trip Savvy / Marianna Massey

When it comes to Kansas City, barbeque is the one thing they do better than everyone else. With rich traditions of dry-rubbed meats cooked to perfection and covered with spicy sauces, it truly is what made Kansas City “The Home of Barbeque.”

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que with its original restaurant housed in a repurposed gas station is a favorite with both locals and visitors. Another eatery serving up local barbeque is Jack Stack Barbecue – Freight House which serves a long menu of barbecue meats as well as fish and salads. Located in the Crossroads Art District, this historic converted Freight House has 25-foot ceilings, a fireplace lounge with full-service bar, and indoor and outdoor private dining.

Where Does The Missouri River Start And End

The Missouri River starts in Browers Spring, Montana and ends at the Mississippi River north of St. Louis. The Missouri flows 2,540 miles until it empties into the Mississippi River.

There is a debate whether the Missouri River is longer than the Mississippi River and it honestly depends on where you think the rivers start. If you search online:

Is the Missouri River longer than the Mississippi river?

You will find a variety of answers to that question. If you go to google right now it says that the Mississippi is longer than the MIssouri! But is that correct?

According to the USGS the Missouri River is 2,540 miles long while the Mississippi River is 2,340. That makes the MISSOURI RIVER the longest river in the United States! So how does the almighty Google get that wrong?

The problem is the answer changes depending on how you measure the start of the rivers but according to the United States Geological Survey the MISSOURI RIVER is longer!

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Check Out Union Station

Courtesy of Union Station

The fully restored Union Station is one of Kansas City’s favorite attractions with plenty of great things to see and do. With everything from the fully interactive Science City and its famed Rail Exhibit to movies, planetarium shows, and world-famous exhibits. Visit traveling national exhibits, 3D movies on the Extreme Screen, or enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice meal in this beautiful, historic building.

Roger Macbride The Captain Of The Kansas City Lady Wants More People To Engage With The River He Loves The Boat Has Become A Friendly Space For Friends Artists Musicians And Just About Anyone Hanging Around Onshore

LOCATION: US / HANNIBAL, MO / Delta Queen River Cruises!

Each day thousands of Kansas City commuters drive over the Missouri River, but few have ever taken a boat ride on its waters. Local sculptor and artist Roger MacBride wants to change that.

This my river. MacBride says. I share it with others but it’s my river, and if you haven’t been on the Missouri River I highly recommend you come out here we’ll take any and everybody out. We just want you to come fall in love with it and take an active part in its stewardship.”

MacBride’s passion for this river comes from a very instinctive place.

“It is where we get our coffee, it’s where we wash our grandchildren it is the water of life,” he says. “We should all be a lot more mindful of it.

MacBride owns the The Kansas City Lady with his friend Wes Grimm, a prominent tattoo artist in town. From the first warm spring days until late October, the two cruise up and down the Missouri from Riverfront Park. During the summer months last year, they took more than 600 passengers onboard: friends, artists, musicians and just about anyone hanging around onshore.

MacBride says its all part of his plan.

The more people get on this river, they start being a part of it, they start taking care of it, MacBride explains.

Catching a ride on The Kansas City Lady is a pretty informal process. If there’s room for a few more people when MacBride is preparing to launch from the Riverfront Park boat ramp, hell recruit just about anyone he sees to spend a couple hours floating on the Missouri.

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Can You Boat The Entire Missouri River

Knowing that you can boat the Missouri River is great but what if you want to boat the entire river, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to boat the entire Missouri River but you would have to change boats at some point during the journey.

The upper section of the river is only deep enough for a canoe or kayak. There are also six dams that dont have a lock on the top portion of the river so you would have to carry your boat along the shore and then relaunch it once you get to the bottom of the dam.

Once you reach Sioux City you can then use a power boat for the remainder of the trip. You do have to be careful as there are many places that have sand bars or debris that could damage your boat or motors.

The time of year can be a factor as flooding on the river can introduce a lot more debris and some areas can become unnavigable or even be closed to recreational boats and barges.

Shop And Dine At Country Club Plaza

Derek Slagle / Getty Images

With amazing shops, great restaurants, and those famed Kansas City fountains, the world-famous Country Club Plaza gets the top pick of the Kansas City’s attractions and destinations. The Plaza was the first outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment district in the United States and is wonderful any time of year.

Sit in the courtyard and enjoy an evening of jazz, or enjoy dinner and drinks on one of the many patios around the district, enjoy a romantic carriage ride, and be amazed by the Plaza Lights during the holidays. See why over 170 shops and restaurants make the Plaza KC’s top destination.

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Boating On The Missouri River

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If you are in the middle of the country then boating down the Missouri River might be on your bucket list. In this article I will answer some of the more common questions about the Missouri River and hopefully give you some insight for your boating trip down the Missouri.

Does The Missouri River Flow North

Long lost Steamboat Malta found under Missouri farm land

When I was first researching the Missouri River this was one of the questions I came across. I of course laughed! Rivers dont run north, I thought. It turns out I was wrong!

The Missouri River does run north! If you look at the map below you can see where the Missouri turns and goes north before then going southeast again.

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Cruising Down The Missouri River In Style

Miss Augusta Moves To Permanent Home At Klondike

Article by Judy Peters

Originally published in Chesterfield City Lifestyle

Miss Augusta will be moved to her permanent home at Klondike Park Boat Ramp in Augusta this spring, where shell be cruising down the Missouri River on public and private tours.

The 105-foot-long Skipperliner is the 10th yacht the Hoffmann Family of Companies has introduced to the public in the last four years. It offers the perfect setting for daily public cruises, private charters, weddings, parties and corporate events, with capacity for 149 passengers on its three decks. Guests can enjoy one of the enclosed climate-controlled salons, each with a full-service bar, or bask in the sun from the third level sundeck.

It brings a whole new way to see and experience Missouri wine country. We cant wait to start cruising the river and offering our wines on board, says David Hoffmann, founder of Hoffmann Family of Companies. He and his wife, Jerri, are natives of Washington, Missouri.

Miss Augusta is just one aspect of the Hoffmann Familys $125 million transformation and expansion of the Augusta Wine Country. The company has purchased, or will develop, four wineries, five vineyards, two hotels, a championship golf course, horse and carriage rides, and a classic car museum, along with revitalizing over a dozen buildings in the downtown Augusta area.

Upcoming Miss Augusta Public Events

Easter Dinner Cruises

Mothers Day Dinner Cruises

See The Collections At The Harry S Truman Presidential Library

gnagel / Getty Images

Harry S. Truman was not only the 33rd president of the United States, but he was also an Independence, Missouri native. The Harry S. Truman Library in Independence is home to an amazing collection of over 30,000 presidential artifacts including everything from Presidential gifts that he and wife Bess received during his term of office, political memorabilia, and other artifacts from the Truman era. The Truman Library is also a well-known research library and has a massive collection of photographs, a motion picture collection, as well as a political cartoon exhibit.

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Hear Why Passengers Choose Mark Twain Riverboat

Our kids loved being able to move about the boat, especially being right in the front. The narration with easy to hear and full of fun stories and history. We had just read Tom Sawyer and loved that the captain pointed out Tom Sawyer details throughout. This also was not just some canned recording, it was the captain who spoke without a script with expression and enthusiasm. Our favorite part was actually after we got off the boat the captain took a long time just chatting with us and answering our many questions about the boat, himself, and Hannibal.

This was our fourth time going, and it did not disappoint! The food was great, the crew was very friendly, and it was a relaxing boat ride. My wife and I booked the day-of without any problems. We arrived in Hannibal about 10 minutes before the boat was supposed to depart, and one of the crew actually called to make sure that we were okay, and if we could make it. This was a great experience overall, as they had a very personal touch. We will definitely make this a yearly experience!

My wife and I took the one hour cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its like taking a step back in time being on a Mississippi riverboat from the hometown of Samuel Clemens , knowing that he navigated the same waters as our steamboat pilot. Our Captains narrative was very informative and entertaining. For a visit to historic Hannibal, this should be your #1 thing to do followed by a tour of Mark Twains home and museum.

The Riverboat Cruise In Missouri You Never Knew Existed

The Riverboat Cruise In Louisiana You Never Knew Existed

We all know about the large ocean cruise-lines that can take you on multi-day destination tours. Did you know you can take an equally impressive multi-day, all-inclusive cruise that starts right here in Missouri? American Cruise Lines offers a few different Mississippi River cruises that begin or end in St. Louis. You wont need a passport for this amazing river vacation, all aboard the Mississippi Queen for an unforgettable river cruise!

Have you been on an American Cruise Lines trip? What was your experience like? Tell us about your riverboat vacation in the comments below.

If youre looking to cruise in Missouri but would like a shorter excursion check out these four dinner cruises you probably didnt know about.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

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Take The Family To Worlds Of Fun

Courtesy of Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun, a 235-acre amusement park in Kansas City, opened in 1973. Admission to Worlds of Fun includes access to Oceans of Fun, a water park adjacent to the amusement park. There’s something for everyone from roller coasters and thrill rides, to Planet Snoopy for the little ones. Year ’round there are special events marking holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Gamble At A Riverboat Casino

Richard Cummins / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

You may or may not sail down the river, but you’ll find some great gambling venues on riverboats. During the last decades of the twentieth century, many states began allowing riverboats to offer casino gambling, thus limiting the spread of casinos to the boats, while still bringing in some revenue to the states. Many riverboats are actually stationary barges that never leave the dock.

Even if you are not a gambler, the Kansas City Riverboat Casinos are also great places for dining, shopping, and entertainment. The casinos boast everything from great movie theaters and restaurants to concert venues, hotels, and spas. Some favorites are Harrah’s Casino with its Voodoo Lounge hosting name entertainment, Ameristar with a great buffet and its Pearl’s Oyster Bar. For relaxation, there’s an amazing spa at Argosy.

Other riverboat casinos in Missouri are in St. Joseph, St. Charles, St. Louis, Caruthersville, La Grange, and Boonville. In addition, gambling at Indian tribal casinos is legal in Kansas.

Chris Murphy / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The historic 18th and Vine Jazz District is a fitting tribute to what put Kansas City on the mapworld-famous Jazz and Negro Leagues Baseball. The district, which was resurrected in the late 1990s, is home to the American Jazz Museum, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, and the Gem Theater.

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How Much Of The Missouri River Is Navigable

Considering the above information, the next obvious question is, how far is the Missouri River navigable?

Unfortunately, how much of the MIssouri River is navigable depends entirely on which boat you are using. The upper 1,806 miles of the Missouri are really only navigable by smaller boats like kayaks or canoes assuming you are trying to travel the entire distance.

There are many places along the Missouri River or lakes where you can use a houseboat or powered boat but you cant take those boats all the way down the river for one simple reason, dams!

There are 6 dams spread throughout the upper Missouri River that dont have locks. That means to continue down the Missouri you have to carry your boat around the dam and relaunch it in the water below. With a canoe or kayak this is an inconvenience. With a houseboat or any other type of boat this is impossible .

These dams without locks make traveling down the entire Missouri River impossible except for those smaller boats that you can carry or drag around the dams. There are multiple stretches of the Missouri that are 200+ miles in between dams.

You could certainly use power boats along those stretches but you cant take them to the next section of the river without taking the boat out of the water.

Are There Barges On The Missouri River

TRIP REPORT – Amtrak Missouri River Runner, Kansas City to St. Louis

If you are going to boat down the Missouri you are probably wondering what kind of other boat traffic you will encounter. Barges are one of those vessels that you will want to be sure to steer clear of as their wake can cause issues if your boat sits lower in the water.

Yes, there are barges on the Missouri River. During flooding, the river can become closed to barge traffic in specific areas. For example in June of 2019 the US Coast Guard shut down the Missouri River to all boat traffic including barges and recreational traffic due to flooding. It was closed from St. Louis to Sioux City for a total of 750 miles that was closed.

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Create Lasting Memories Out On The Water

Located on the Majestic Country Club Plaza River Walk,Ambiance on the Wateris one ofKansas Citysfavorite 5 Star romantic destinations on the Country Club Plaza. No trip to the Country Club Plaza would be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down the relaxing waterway in an elegant Venetian styleGondola boat. Float beneath bridges, besides majestic fountains, and view the spectacular nightlife of the unique Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. Come enjoy a romantic evening out or celebrate a special occasion after enjoying a remarkable dinner at one of the Plazas many top acclaimed restaurants. We will entertain you for a delightful evening out under the stars that you and your loved one, friends, or family will never forget. Reservations are definitely recommended due to limited time slots availability, but walk ups are welcome.

Tips are kind of customary and greatly appreciated by your gondolier.

Lewis And Clark Riverboat Cruises

The Lewis and Clark Riverboat departs from the port of Bismark for cruises on the upper Missouri River on a daily basis. One-hour daytime cruises and 1.5-hour evening and sunset cruises are available, as well as special pizza and barbecue dinner cruises. The Lewis and Clark Riverboat is owned and operated by the Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation, an organization that supports heritage tourism. The classic-style riverboat accommodates a maximum of 150 passengers and has an open upper deck for uninterrupted views of the surroundings. The heated or air-conditioned lower deck is a comfortable alternative.

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