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Norwegian Cruise Ships By Age

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Ncl Ships By Age And Size Newest To Oldest 2022

Family Cruising on Norwegian Cruise Line

Booking a Norwegian Cruise vacation offers so many diverse choices. Choosing the right family cruise ship for your cruise depends on so many factors. Where you intend to sail, whats on your cruise itinerary wish list? Or are you lead by the best cruise deal, or cruise ship? We fit between all brackets depending on the trip, however for us the ship is a huge factor. Thus we thought it a great idea to share all of the NCL Ships By Age and Size, Newest To Oldest and also by how many passengers each NCL ships holds.

Additionally if you are a fan of a more modern cruise ship we have also noted when each NCL ships has been renovated. And for more reading check out what the biggest cruise ships in the world are?

What You Will Find On This Page

Different Ncl Ship Classes

There are 17 existing ships within the NCL fleet, and 15 of those ships are separated into five classes . The fleet will increase to 19 once the two new Prima-class vessels have joined.

The classes include Prima Class, Breakaway Plus Class, Breakaway Class, Jewel Class, Dawn Class and Sun Class. The ships that are on their own include Norwegian Epic, Pride of America and Norwegian Spirit.

The Prima Class is NCLs newest class of ships, intended to debut between 2022 and 2027. The class will include six ships and start with the namesake ship, Norwegian Prima. While the Prima-class vessels arent aiming to be the biggest on the ocean today, they do offer a range of innovative special features that frequent cruisers will like.

Industry-first amenities include a three-deck go-kart track, the largest three-bedroom suites on the ocean today and the largest number of suite categories available on a cruise ship. The ships will also offer the most outdoor deck space of any modern cruise ship.

The Breakaway Plus Class ships were introduced between 2015 and 2019, and the class includes four ships: Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joyand Norwegian Escape. These large ships debuted with tons of entertainment options and more than 20 dining venues on each vessel.

The Breakaway Class is smaller in terms of both size and quantity. There are only two ships in this class: Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Breakaway.

Disney Cruise Ships Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disneys largest cruise ship?

The Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream are the largest cruise ships in the Disney fleet currently.

What is Disneys smallest cruise ship?

Disney Magic is the smallest cruise ship in the Disney fleet, carrying 2,700 passengers.

Which is the oldest Disney cruise ship?

Disney Magic is the oldest ship in the Disney fleet. It started service in 1998.

Which is the newest Disney cruise ship?

The newest Disney ship is Disney Wish which is due to enter service in July 2022.

What is the cheapest month to take a Disney cruise?

Generally, Jan-Mar or Nov-Dec are the off-peak season cruises with Disney and therefore cheaper to cruise!

Do you pay for dining on a Disney cruise?

No. Disney cruises are all-inclusive with no surcharges for dining. However, popcorn is extra!

Can you smoke on a Disney cruise?

You have never been allowed to smoke in the Disney staterooms. But they do have designated areas onboard each of their ships.

What Disney cruise ship is the best?

The best Disney cruise is usually the one your kids will beg you to go on! In all seriousness, Disney Fantasy has the highest review scores probably because it is one of the newest with the latest facilities and technologies onboard too!

Are Disney cruise pools heated?

Yes! For your comfort, they are kept at a heat of around 75f.

Why is Disney Cruise Line so expensive?

Their cruises are also more expensive because of the inclusive dining.

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Norwegian Bliss Mexican Riviera Cruises

Sail out of Los Angeles aboard Norwegian Bliss and enjoy five sun-soaked days of perfection cruising the Mexican Riviera. Sharing all the best qualities with her sister ship, Norwegian Encore, with 29 amazing dining options, fabulous amenities and kid-friendly experiences like Bliss Speedway, Galaxy Pavilion and more.

Witness to El Arco, the dramatic rock formation that is Cabo San Lucas’s signature landmark and a popular gathering spot for sea lions. Travel via horseback to magnificent views of Salsipuedes Bay, Todos Santos Island, the Gold Coast and the San Miguel hills. Plus embrace the journey with amazing experiences along the way you can share with the whole family.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships By Age Newest To Oldest

Seascanner Norwegian Gem

The below list details each NCL Ships By Age, when it was launched. Additionally if the ship has been refurbished we have included the year.

  • Norwegian Viva Coming June 2023
  • Norwegian Prima, Coming August 2022
  • Norwegian Encore, 2019
  • Norwegian Joy, 2017, Refurbished 2019
  • Norwegian Escape, 2015
  • Norwegian Getaway, 2014, Refurbished 2019
  • Norwegian Breakaway, 2013, Refurbished 2018
  • Norwegian Epic, 2010, Refurbished 2020
  • Norwegian Gem, 2007, Refurbished 2015
  • Norwegian Jade, 2006, Refurbished 2017
  • Norwegian Pearl, 2006, Refurbished 2017
  • Pride of America, 2005, Refurbished 2016
  • Norwegian Jewel, 2005, Refurbished 2018
  • Norwegian Dawn, 2002, Refurbished 2016
  • Norwegian Sun, 2001, Refurbished 2018
  • Norwegian Star, 2001, Refurbished 2018
  • Norwegian Sky, 1999, Refurbished 2019
  • Norwegian Spirit, 1998, Refurbished 2020

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Ncl Cruise Ship Weddings

Since 2016, NCL offers weddings at sea, including same-gender ceremonies. The weddings are performed by the ship’s Captain.

  • For now, these offers are only for the company’s newest vessels of the Breakaway- and Breakaway-plus classes.
  • Formerly, couples were not allowed to marry at sea, but only ashore . They also had to produce a marriage certificate before participating in an onboard ceremony. By the NCL’s new policy, cruise ship captains can perform the wedding ceremonies on the ship, with a Bahamas-issued marriage license.
  • NCL also offers absolutely legal same-gender ceremonies. However, these offers are only available in port destinations where such marriages are recognized by local law. The list of such destinations in the USA includes Hawaii, Boston MA, NYC New York, Los Angeles CA, Seattle WA, Florida , also Vancouver BC .
  • NCL’s new package “Wedding at Sea” includes a bridal bouquet, 1 matching boutonniere, 1 wedding cake for 2, champagne toast. The company also provides an experienced wedding coordinator.
  • In addition to the “Wedding at Sea” program, NCL also offers harborside ceremonies , also destination weddings and vow renewals.

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Cold War And Late 20th Century

Norwegian Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg off U.S. Coast

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Norwegian Breakaway / Norwegian Getaway

Ropes Course: Must be 48″ or taller to be on the course without a chaperone. Max weight is 300 lbs Skytykes available for under 48″ as long as chaperone is present. Max weight is 300 lbs . Enclosed footwear is required – no flip flops or sandals are permitted on the ropes course.

Waterslides: Free Fall – Must be 48″ or taller and weigh at least 99lbs but no more than 300lbs . No jewelry of any kind may be worn on the slide. Whip Waterslides – Must be to be at least 48″ . Family slide – Must be at least 42″ .

Bungee: No minimum height but guests must be over 30lbs but under 250lbs and must be able to bounce unassisted.

Spiderweb: Minimum height is 42″ guests must be over 30lbs but under 250lbs

What Is Ncls Newest Ship

The current newest NCL ship is Norwegian Encore which launched in October 2019. Encore is a stunning, larger than ship which also oozes style, yet has enough exciting facilities to keep cruisers busy and active for entirety of their cruise vacation.

Norwegian Prima is NCLs next ship to launch and is due in August 2022. Norwegian Cruise Line have turned cruise ship design on its head with infinity pools, an even larger Speedway and the Rush slide, which runs down the side of the ship.

Prima will be followed by Norwegian Viva, which again will stretch and improve features offered on NCLs already groundbreaking ships. The Rush is now a double slide, but is also rivaled with the drop, the first free fall slide at sea. The famous Speedway, golf simulators and even more dining experiences. You can also expect to find an exciting games gallery for even more family fun at sea.

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Norwegian Ships By Size With Comparison Chart

Below you’ll find a complete list of Norwegian Ships by Size. From their smallest, active ship to the largest Norwegian cruise ship , the NCL Encore. You’ll find a sizable difference between NCL’s largest and the smallest ships in their fleet. In fact, the difference is over 2x the gross tonnage!

We’ve create a new post to see how these ships rank on a global scale. Norwegian has one ship that made the list of 20 Largest Cruise Ships in the World! Click to find out which vessel made it and where it ranks. There we also analyze Norwegian’s average ship size versus all other lines!

Does Norwegian Cruise Ship Size impact price?

Often we’re asked if size affects price. The cost of a Norwegian cruise isn’t directly correlated with size. You won’t find that the bigger the ship, the more the cost. Nor will you find the opposite. You won’t necessarily pay less for the largest NCL ship vs the smallest. It will all depend on the specific itinerary. To get a sense of pricing, please use our widget below.

Now on to sizing. To find your specific NCL ship, feel free to use our menu below. Clicking on any will let you quickly jump to that ship’s stats.

Additionally, you’ll find a number of other stats in our ship list. These include ship length, beam, draft, passenger count, and a few others.

Ok, we’re done with today’s maritime measurement course. Here’s the good stuff.

An Introduction To Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

Norwegian Getaway

Smaller only than Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line and MSC Cruises, Norwegian has become increasingly known for some of the biggest, most amenity-filled vessels at sea. But as mentioned above, the line doesnt just operate giant ships. More than half its fleet comprises vessels that, by todays standards, are considered almost midsize.

Indeed, Norwegian is essentially two cruise lines in one. The lines seven newest ships are big, bustling floating megaresorts that can carry upwards of 4,000 passengers at double occupancy . At around 145,000 to nearly 170,000 tons, all seven currently rank among the 30 biggest cruise ships in the world .

But Norwegians 10 older ships are much more modest in size, measuring around 75,000 to 94,000 tons and carrying closer to 2,000 passengers at double occupancy.

Norwegian appeals both to cruisers who like a giant resort vibe and those who prefer something more modest. The key, depending on your tastes, is getting on the right ship in the fleet.

On the big-ship end of the spectrum, Norwegians four new Breakaway Plus vessels Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Escape are the lines premier offerings.

One step down in size from the Breakaway Plus ships are the still-quite-large Breakaway Class ships Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway and the one-of-a-kind Norwegian Epic.

Norwegians 10 smaller vessels break down among five classes. But many are roughly the same size and offer similar amenities.

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The Best Cruises For Small & Large Families

When it comes to family vacations there’s no one-size-fits-all. Norwegian offers the convenience of a cruise that lets families of every age and size share an amazing vacation together no matter their preference, with numerous dining options, live entertainment, and even youth programs all complimentary.

Plus, with Norwegian’s Free At Sea you’ll enjoy everything under the sun, including Free Airfare^, Free Unlimited Open Bar, Free Specialty Dining and much more! But, with so many amazing ships and destinations to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the options. That’s why in this article we’ll give you a quick guide to all the best family-friendly cruises you can book today for your next getaway.

Ready to start planning? Explore all cruise vacations.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norwegian Cruise Line going to survive?

Whilst NCL has been one of the slowest to return to service the cruise line has taken on additional debt to manage the day-to-day operations of the company and therefore it is more than likely to stay around!

What is the largest Norwegian Cruise Line ship?

Norwegian Encore is currently the largest NCL ship at 169,116 GRT and able to carry 3,998 passengers.

What is the smallest Norwegian Cruise Line ship?

The smallest NCL ship is Norwegian Spirit at 75,904 GRT and able to carry 2,018 passengers half of the largest ships in the fleet.

Which Norwegian Cruise Line ship is the newest?

Norwegian Prima will be the newest ship to join the fleet in August 2022.

Which Norwegian Cruise Line ship is the oldest?

Norwegian Spirit is the oldest ship in the fleet. Which entered service in 1998 and was last refurbished in 2020.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line owned by Royal Caribbean?

No. It is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. They also own luxury brands Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

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