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Which Cruise Ships Have Solo Cabins

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Book Shore Excursions Through The Cruise Line

Cruise Tips Which Ships Have Solo Cabins

Anchorage, Alaska

Shore excursions highlight the best parts of a destination and provide unforgettable experiences. Bond with fellow passengers by exploring the port together. Youll have the chance to run into them again on the ship for more fun and conversation.

When you book a shore excursion, you know youll be spending your day surrounded by other travelers on your ship. Most ports have multiple ships calling at them each day, so its better to spend the day making new friends with people who will board your ship at the end of the day.


Choose an excursion that features a hands-on activity. This gets people out of their element and provides easy conversation starters. Chatting with others while hiking through a rainforest or waiting on a zip-lining platform can lead to fun conversations.

If you go on a sightseeing shore excursion on a bus, try to sit up near the front so youre close to the guide. Theyll usually be open to conversations and are a wealth of knowledge on the destination youre visiting.

You can ask questions and also learn about what its like to live there. Its a way to have some socialization throughout your solo cruise day in port while also learning more about the city or town youre visiting.


The best part? All the details are taken care of for you. Youll be conveniently guided right to your shore excursion transportation from the ship. Youre guaranteed to be back to the ship in time before it leaves for the next port.

Royal Caribbeans Studio Staterooms

Royal Caribbean boasts the most single digs of any cruise line, with about half of the ships in its fleet housing at least two. However, the most impressive are Super Studio staterooms with balconies, found on Anthem of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas and Odyssey of the Seas.

Reaching up to 199 square feet with 55-square-foot balconies, these cabins are outfitted with a mix of bedding types and plenty of space for one person.

Money Saving Tip: Pretend You Are Not Solo

One of my best tips is to price out a cruise booking as a solo cruiser, as well as making up a second person in the room to see which option is cheaper.

Royal Caribbean’s system sometimes penalizes solo cruisers so much with the single supplement fee, that it is not uncommon to find a lower price by paying for a phantom second guest who never actually shows up.

Essentially, you place your name and the name of someone else on the reservation. This could be a family member or friend who has absolutely no intention of sailing. It does not really matter, since this person will not be sailing, and there is no penalty or issue if a guest does not show up for the cruise.

While you will be paying for a second person that is not going on the cruise, in many cases this is still cheaper than a booking that only has one guest on the reservation.

It should be noted that when you show up for the cruise without that second person, you will be refunded port fees and taxes for the second person, as well as still receive double Crown and Anchor points for cruising solo.

The best part about this tip? You get an even bigger stateroom than if you booked a studio cabin!

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Is A Single Cruise Cabin Good Value Tips For Booking Cruises With Single Cabins

The higher costs associated with travelling alone is one of the reported key concerns of solo travellers. To help reduce this unfair solo travel tax, it is worth considering a single cabin as a solo traveller, but it is not your only option.

First and foremost, dont expect the price of a single cabin to be half that of a regular cabin.

As a general rule of thumb, expect your fare to be 125 to 160% more than that of someone who is sharing an equivalent cabin class. However, this may still be a good deal compared to typical cruise single occupancy supplements of between 125 and 200 per cent.

When you are planning a cruise, it pays to book as early as possible and this more important is you are looking for a single room. Single cruise cabins are limited and coveted by solo travellers. Therefore, they can get booked up quickly. If you have your heart set on a single cabin, dont delay.

It pays to compare the cost of a single cabin to that of sole occupancy of an equivalent cabin.

You may find that there is not much of a difference and the regular cabin is in a better location. As it is impossible to provide a general comparison between the prices of single cabins and sole occupancy of regular ones, you will need to do this on a case-by-case basis.

Ill give you a real-life example. When I did my Norway fjords cruise on MS Britannia as a solo traveller in 2018, I booked a regular balcony cabin.


Cunard Cruise Lines Single Cabins

16 Unusual Cruise Ship Balcony Cabins

The luxury Cunard ship line recently added 15 single cabins to the Queen Mary 2 when the ship was renovated in dry dock. The category code is KB and KC and located mid-ship on deck 2 and deck 3 as the area used to be the Photo Gallery and part of a casino so the cabins have windows! The cabins have a twin bed and are between 159-162 sq. ft. Cunard recently added solo cabins, Britannia Single Staterooms to the other ships in their fleet. Cunard do transatlantic sailings to/from New York and Southampton, England as well as intensive itineraries that are a month or longer. The ships are luxury, skew older demographic and have a Canyon Ranch Spa onboard.

Recent pricing for a New York to Southampton, England crossing of 7 days were $1,586 in November vs. $699 per person for inside cabin plus taxes/fees. So you are paying a bit more for less space but for a window view of the water. If you have points for a one way flight to New York or London, this is a nice, leisurely way to return home.

  • Cunard Queen Mary 2 15 Ocean view solo single cabins
  • Cunard Queen Elizabeth 8 outside / 1 interior solo cabin
  • Cunard Queen Victoria 8 outside / 1 interior solo cabin

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Advantages Of Solo Travel

One of the biggest advantages of solo travel is that solo travelers will get to explore ports more freely. There are no plans, no schedules and fewer people needing attention. A solo traveler can go at their own pace instead of being held back by others!

In addition to exploring on your own terms youll have plenty of opportunities for new friends while youre solo. Cruise ships are built for socialization since that is their biggest draw! Whether its a formal event, or simply meeting someone at dinner, there will always be an opportunity to meet new people and make lasting connections.

Many solo travelers enjoy the freedom of being able to do what they want when they want. No one else has to be ready at the same time as you, and theres no waiting for other people to go out. If solo travel is right for you then it will allow you ultimate flexibility in planning your vacation itinerary!

Many solo travelers like that they can sleep late if they want, or wake up early without having to disturb someone else sleeping next to them. They also like the extra storage space solo travelers get in their cabins which is not available to those who share a room with someone else!

Finally, solo travel allows you to keep your vacation stress free and worry-free by having no one elses needs but your own that have to be taken into consideration. No worrying about anyone elses hangovers, preferences or allergies.

Solo Travel: Which Cruise Ships Have Solo Cabins

Sponsored by ROL Cruise

Solo cruises have become more and more popular as travellers seek to explore the world on their own but which cruise ships offer solo cabins?

Solo cruise holidays are fantastic for all sorts of reasons, from being able to do exactly what you want when you want to making a plethora of new friends along the way.

In the past, this used to pose a problem due to the hefty sum globetrotters had to fork out for the luxury of travelling independently.

However, costly single supplements are a thing of the past on many cruises these days and lines are offering singles events, sociable seating and solo cabins.

ROL Cruise sells a wide selection of holidays on cruise ships that cater well for solo travellers and have single rooms. This is everything you need to know

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Best Cruise Lines For Solo Cruisers

Traveling alone on cruise ships just got a whole lot better. In the last several years, a variety of cruise lines have introduced single-occupancy cabins on their ships, as well as events and activities just for those interested in solo cruises. Here are top five of cruise lines to consider when planning your next cruise adventure:

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Cruise Ship Studio Cabins Are Best For

What Are Studio Cabins For Solo Cruisers Like On Norwegian Cruise Line?

Solo travelers who are 1) on a tight budget, and 2) dont need a lot of space. Many new sailors dont realize that cruise ship cabins arent priced like hotels: Cruise fares are per person, not per room. Families and larger groups wont pay as much for the third or fourth person in a double-occupancy cabin, but the first two guests will be paying full price. Solo cruisers essentially pay for both passengers in a standard cabin. Technically, more than one person can book a studio, but since fares are per person its actually cheaper to book a standard stateroom.

Tip: Strangely enough, studio cabins are not always the cheapest option for solo travelers, so its worth comparing the price of a studio cabin to against a standard stateroom with the single supplement.

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Cunards Oceanview Britannia Single Staterooms

Three ships in Cunards fleet offer solo cabins, but only one the iconic Queen Mary 2, which most often sails transatlantic voyages between London and New York has 15 that feature ocean views. The lines Britannia Single staterooms are anywhere from 178 to 183 square feet in size, and they include large windows and single beds.

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria each have nine single staterooms, but theyre a mix of oceanviews and insides with no view at all.

Celebritys Infinite Veranda Solo Rooms

Cruisers looking for a little bit more space on a line that falls somewhere between Royal Caribbean and Oceania will have luck with Celebrity Cruises Infinite Veranda solo cabins. Unlike traditional balconies, Infinite Verandas extend the overall square footage of the cabin, featuring a window that raises and lowers with the push of a button.

Passengers can find 16 of these 131-square-foot staterooms on Celebrity Edge and 24 on Celebrity Apex.

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Top 10 Cruise Ships For Solo Cruisers

Many people may find the idea of going solo on a cruise daunting but the truth is that millions of passengers enjoy cruising solo every year! Now with more cruise lines adding extra sole-occupancy cabins and offering better discounts rather than hefty surcharges for those travelling alone, it’s all good news for solo travellers!

Cruising is an attractive holiday for solo travellers as there is always something to do, people to meet, and it is a safe and hassle-free way to travel. Most ships have meet-and-greet sessions for solo cruisers and some have specific tables assigned for those who may not want to eat alone, plus there is a wide range of activities and events on offer.

Heres 10 cruise ships that are bound to make your solo cruise experience enjoyable:

Dont Cruise Ships Always Sail Full

Which Ships Have Solo Cabins

To get the deals, you have to understand how cruise lines operate. Cruise lines have incentives to fill as many beds on their cruise ships as their capacity allows. Greater numbers of guests leads to more money spent onboard on drinks and extra-fee dining, spa treatments, the casino, shore excursions, and souvenirs.

Therefore, cruise lines will try as hard they can to fill all possible berths. Many ships sail full or close to it. But some itineraries are harder to fill than others perhaps because its an older ship competing against newer vessel at the same port or a shoulder-season week that isnt popular for travel. These ships wont sail full, unless the cruise line puts in extra effort to attract bookings.

What do cruise lines do with unsold cabins to get them filled? They offer extra-value deals and discounts to select groups of travelers and occasionally the public at large.

A note on what it means to sail full: Cruise ship capacity is usually based on double occupancy, the number of passengers a ship can carry if two people occupy every standard cabin and one person every solo cabin. However, a cruise ships total capacity is greater because of sofa beds, bunk beds, and cribs that can sleep additional guests. The total capacity is limited by ship size and lifeboat capacity.

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What Are The Best Cruises For Solo Travelers

The best cruises for solo travelers depend on the experiences you most want out of a vacation.

Are you a thrill-seeker looking to cross items off your bucket list? Want to see the capital cities of Europe without hotel-hopping and planning all your own accommodations and train travel? Are you more interested in hiking or history?

Weve crafted different itineraries for travelers of all kinds, from introverts who prefer fewer social activities to extroverts who thrive on meeting new people.

Craving time in the sun against the backdrop of white sand beaches and crystalline waters? Consider a 7- or 10-night Caribbean cruise, where snorkeling and diving shore excursions are bound to introduce you to people with similar interests and a sense of adventure.

Some of the best cruise destinations for history buffs are located in the Mediterranean, where you can tour thousand-year-old churches in Italy or see the ancient ruins of Greece up close.

There is no shortage of options for cruisers who are traveling solo.

Best Cruise Line For Solo Travellers 6 Years In A Row

Whether you’re taking some me time on a cruise, just happen to be the odd number person in a group, or think it’s best you and your buddy get your own rooms, Norwegian Cruise Line gives you plenty of options to plan your singles cruise vacation.

During each of Norwegian’s sailings there are plenty of opportunities to meet fellow passengers. Most sailings have singles meet-ups for those cruising alone. Some of our onboard cruise staff host bar crawls around the ship, or even get your pride on at the Friends of Dorthy happy hour happening every night.

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Cruising Solo: What The Cruise Lines Dont Want You To Know

Ive been a solo cruiser for a very long time and almost always by choice. If youre just about ready to commit to your first solo cruise or only have a couple solo adventures under your belt, here are some things to know that the cruise lines dont tell you.

Or they simply dont want you to know. Period.

Best For Over : Saga Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line Studio Cabins for solo travelers

Courtesy of Saga Cruises

  • Ship Name: Spirit of Discovery
  • Itinerary: Aalborg, Denmark Aarhus, Denmark Gothenburg, Sweden Oslo, Norway Esbjerg, Denmark Southampton, England

The U.K.-based cruise line, Saga, offers ocean cruising on smaller ships for the over 50 crowd and its newest ship, Spirit of Discovery, will debut more than 100 cabins dedicated to solo travelers. All single’s cabins have balconies and average 245 feet of space, and theres even single’s suites for more space. The company offers door-to-door pick-up service to transfer guests to the ship followed by a sail away cocktail party. The ship focuses on boutique luxury cruising, and the intimate atmosphere makes it easy to create comradery with other guests. Even more, theres a singles mingle drink hour, singles lunch and singles meet-ups for cultural shore excursions like Scandinavian jewelry and art workshops.

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P& o Cruise Line Single Cabins

P& O ships, owned by Carnival Cruise lines, of which there are about seven currently, three are adults only, are British based ships offering modern British cruises. They offer P& O single cabins on their ships and the passengers are generally European. Their itineraries are often longer to accommodate the holiday schedules of their guests .

  • P& O Azura 12 outside solo cabins / 6 solo inside
  • P& O Arcadia 2 outside solo cabins / 4 inside solo
  • P& O Aurora 4 outside solo cabins
  • P& O Britannia 15 solo balcony cabins / 12 solo interior
  • P& O Oriana 2 inside solo cabins
  • P& O Ventura 12 outside solo cabins / 6 solo interior

Ships With Great Studio Cabins

Fran Golden

As more and more solo travelers head out on the high seas, cruise lines are responding with innovative staterooms designed for one. Best of all: These cabins are also priced for one, meaning you don’t have to pay a nasty single supplement just because you decided to cruise alone. From the classic ships to the latest launches, here are the top accommodations for solo cruisers. Note: Book early to snag a spot, as these rooms tend to be very popular.

On board Norwegians four new ships as well on Pride of America, which sails in Hawaii youll find Studios, a dazzling complex of sleek cabins for solo travelers. Each has 100 square feet of private space, a full-size bed, and mood lighting . Another perk: a special lounge reserved for Studios guests. Its a great place to mingle with like-minded travelers.

On board Norwegians four new ships as well on Pride of America, which sails in Hawaii youll find Studios, a dazzling complex of sleek cabins for solo travelers. Each has 100 square feet of private space, a full-size bed, and mood lighting . Another perk: a special lounge reserved for Studios guests. Its a great place to mingle with like-minded travelers.

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