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Pcr Or Antigen Test For Cruise

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Shore Excursions In Canada During The Cruise

Antigen or PCR Test for Travel? Europe COVID Travel Advice
  • there is no arrival testing for passengers entering Canada for shore excursions
  • you may be asked to show your ArriveCAN receipt from your initial embarkation
    • you wont have to resubmit ArriveCAN
  • if you arent fully vaccinated due to medical reasons, youre allowed to join a shore excursion. You must have proof of a valid medical contraindication and a valid ArriveCAN submission.
  • if you arent fully vaccinated due to a sincerely-held religious belief, you arent allowed to disembark the ship in Canada except in a medical emergency.

All travellers are required to take a pre-embarkation COVID-19 test before embarking on a cruise in Canada, even if the cruise ship is not leaving Canadian waters

Travellers who are staying within Canada throughout their entire journey or who are leaving Canada and not returning dont have to complete ArriveCAN.

Easiest Way To Do A Pre

While many pharmacies and urgent care locations offer covid testing, proctored at-home covid tests are the most convenient option.

Vaccinated passengers can order at-home antigen testing kits that have a video monitoring feature.

You can purchase these tests from eMed or Optum. Make sure the test you are ordering is the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test. A very similar Abbott test does not include proctoring and will not be valid for embarkation.

Not only can you take these tests from your home, you don’t need an appointment and video sessions are available 24/7.

If you prefer an in-person covid test, CVS and Walgreens offer offer drive-thru antigen and PCR testing by appointment.

How Does Project Screen Covid

Order with DPD delivery or Click and Collect a Lateral Flow or PCR test. Or book a PCR test at one of our Test Pods.

Test etiher at home or at one of our pop-up test pods.

Lateral Flow tests: Your results will be available within 20 mins – 3 hrs depending test typePCR tests: Your results will be available within 24 hours of sample receipt at our lab.

Present your negative result when you arrive at the port before embarking on your cruise.

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Do I Need To Take A Covid

Yes. All cruise lines are currently requiring passengers, regardless of vaccination status, to take a COVID-19 test prior to embarkation day and show a negative result before being allowed to board.

When sailing with most lines, passengers vaccinated against COVID-19 are allowed to present negative results from antigen tests, which often take less time and are less expensive to process than PCR tests. PCR results are also accepted for vaccinated cruisers. However, PCR test results are the only ones accepted for cruisers who have not received their shots.

Additional pier-side testing might be required for unvaccinated cruisers on embarkation day.

Keep in mind that, if youre flying to another country to board your cruise, that country could have its own set of testing rules separate from those of the cruise line. Be sure to check the government website for your country of embarkation to make sure youre in compliance.

Vaccines Masks And Testing: What Cruise Lines Require Now

Pcr Test For Travel / COVID

As the cruise industry resumes operations around the world, lines have introduced mandates that require some, or all, passengers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — and that can include children, as well.

But not all cruise lines have the same policies and cruise requirements vary from port to port, ship to ship, itinerary to itinerary, country to country and state to state. To complicate things even more, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on July 18 that it was dropping its blanket COVID-19 requirements for cruise lines. That means that lines will have more leeway than ever to come up with their own policies.

Additionally, many cruise lines are beginning to modify testing requirements on short, U.S.-based departures, as of August 2022.

Here is a list of all the cruise lines that require proof of vaccination before cruising — and what you need to know in order to be able to board without a hitch .

These requirements can make things difficult for families traveling together .

Also worth noting: these requirements, particularly in terms of vaccines that are accepted and required antigen and PCR testing, can — and do — change regularly. Check with your cruise line frequently to ensure you meet all the current requirements for embarkation, as their information may be updated sooner than our guide.

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When Do Cruise Lines Still Require Covid

Carnival Cruise Line will require testing for vaccinated passengers 2 years and older only on sailings six days or longer as of Aug. 4, according to its website. Guests can test up to three days before their voyage.

Unvaccinated passengers 2 years and older will need to provide proof of negative test results from a test taken within three days of embarkation for any sailing. They will also need to have a vaccine exemption if they are age 5 and older.

Royal Caribbean Group will require testing for vaccinated guests only on trips lasting six nights or more beginning Aug. 8. Unvaccinated guests will need to test for all sailings, a spokesperson told USA TODAY via email. Passengers will need to test within three days of embarkation.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. previously announced in July that it would drop pre-cruise testing where local rules allowed, but the rule change did not apply to the U.S. Norwegian Cruise Line is still requiring tests for sailings from the U.S., a spokesperson told USA TODAY.

Vaccinated guests age 2 and older must show a negative test taken within two or three days of embarkation depending on the type of test, per Norwegian’swebsite, or proof of recovery from COVID. Unvaccinated passengers between ages 2 and 11 need to have a negative NAAT test taken within three days of embarkation, in addition to antigen testing at both embarkation and disembarkation .

Passengers 12 and up who are not vaccinated are not permitted to sail.

The Typical Problems Associated With Getting A Pre

Unfortunately most COVID testing centres recommended by cruises generally do not work by appointment and there can be thousands of cruise ship passengers wanting to get tested at the same time leading to long hours waiting in a queue.

We have been informed by cruise passengers that there have been long queues of up to 2 hours to 3 hours and, these queues can be without shade in the hot Spanish sun.

The express COVID testing clinic that issuses “FIT-TO-CRUISE” travel certificates for cruise passengers. The clinic is 5 minutes walk from the Sagrada Familia

You should also consider that waiting in a crowded space in a queue for a long time exposes you to the possibility of catching the virus if someone in that queue is COVID positive. You might want to avoid taking unnecessary risks just before boarding a cruise. It would be a shame to get COVID while waiting in a queue to get tested for COVID and that your cruise would end earlier than expected if you were to test positive shortly after.

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When you arrive at the express COVID testing centre make sure to give them the name of your cruise and they will ensure to issue you with the correct COVID test certificate and paperwork that meets the requirements for your your specific cruise.

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Boarding Cruises And Shore Excursions

Some requirements for boarding a cruise, either at the beginning of the cruise or as part of a shore excursion, may be different depending on where you are boarding and which countries your ship will visit.

Mandatory requirements for all travellers, including Canadians, include pre-embarkation testing and can include ArriveCAN if your ship is coming to or returning to Canada.

Choose the scenario below that best fits your cruise plans:

These requirements apply to cruises:

  • arriving in Canada from a foreign country
  • starting in Canada, but travelling outside Canadian waters and then returning to Canada

All travellers are required to:

I Cant Find Any Testing Locations Near Me What Do I Do

RT-PCR vs Rapid Antigen Test

We do our utmost best to find testing locations around the globe. But we may not have listings in your area yet. In that case, we recommend you:

  • Use Googles local search capabilities.
  • Contact your airline. They may be able to connect you to a local lab.
  • Get in touch with local health authorities.
  • Explore at-home testing options. We recommend these FDA-approved testing kits.

Testing is extremely important, and we want to honor our mission. If you take these four steps and are unable to find the testing services you need, contact us. Well be more than happy to help you find a location.

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What If You Recently Recovered From Covid

If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you might still test positive. If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 within 11 to 90 days of their sail date, they might qualify to be considered 90-Day-Recovered. If the person qualifies and uploads the proper documents, they may not need to participate in the COVID-19 testing during the pre-sail, embarkation, or debarkation parts of their trip.

To qualify for this, youll have to upload the following to the Safe Passage website and bring it with you to the port:

  • A copy of your previous positive COVID-19 test result which is greater than 11 days and less than 90 days from your expected sail date. The test must have been antigen, NAAT, rapid PCR or lab-based PCR. The test result must include your date of birth.
  • A signed letter stating that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days and are clear for travel.
  • Vaccinated Guests must also upload proof of vaccination in addition to their 90-Day-Recovered documentation.

What Are The Tests

A simple, guided lateral flow testing kit to perform before your trip, making it easy to get the certification you need to board the cruise.

As soon as you book your Cruise holiday, order your test package from Chronomics using the special discounted rate. Your Pre-departure test will be sent 3 days prior departure and will arrive in separate packages.

Following the advice included, take the test using the swabs and the lateral flow device provided. It should only take a few minutes to do this.

Our Rapid Antigen test kits usually give you a result in just a few minutes. Once youve got one, confirm it with us and well automatically generate a certificate to travel in your Chronomics online dashboard. Have an enjoyable cruise!

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Cruise Lines That Dont Require Pre

If you’re going on a cruise these days, you’ll probably need to get a pre-departure negative Covid-19 test.

Some cruise lines have dropped the requirement to get a negative test, but most still require one to ensure everyone boarding the ship likely doesn’t have an active infection.

U.S.-based cruise lines are required by the CDC to ensure all of its cruise ship passengers get a negative Covid test before embarkation. Some lines operating in Europe have begun to drop the pre-cruise test, but this is the exception.

It remains uncertain if pre-cruise testing will go entirely away, or if a change will happen sooner or later. The cruise industry has less clout within government than other forms of leisure travel that enjoy a great deal more public pressure on their side.

Covid protocols have been changing since cruise ships restarted cruises, which has steadily seen primarily protocols eroding away in conjunction with falling Covid cases counts and less fatal variants.

Heres the current list of cruise lines that do not require a pre-cruise Covid test to sail.

Will My Cruise Line Provide Testing At The Embarkation Port

Standard PCR test for travel (

Although most cruise lines have committed to sailing with nearly all passengers and crew fully vaccinated, they do make allowances for young children and people who are unable to receive the vaccine. In addition to showing a negative test result from a test taken prior to embarkation, anyone who is not immunized could be required to take a second test at the port on the day of the sailing. Most of the major cruise lines currently require this.

Some lines provide complimentary testing for passengers at the pier. Other lines might also provide testing as a backup for passengers who were unable to obtain test results prior to embarkation day, but you should absolutely not count on that.

If youre cruising to a country that requires you to be tested before entry, its likely your ship will provide testing services on board. Check with your cruise line for details and to see whether youll be responsible for footing the bill.

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Erin B.

Their team was way faster than what I was expecting. They came at the last minute and got us tested in no time. Thank you for saving our cruise!

It completely slipped our mind that we would need a COVID test. Thanks to Mobile COVID Testing, they helped us get to our cruise on time without skipping a beat. I recommend their services.

Carl S.

My girlfriend and I really appreciated the safety protocols they used to administer the tests. The results came in an hour and we boarded on time. Great service!

Alisha P.

What a wonderful and convenient service! They are very fast. They tested us at the hotel before we left and emailed us the results about an hour later. It was a convenient experience.

Will I Be Required To Test During My Cruise

If you are unvaccinated, some cruise lines could require you to test periodically throughout your voyage. The longer the sailing, the more likely it is that youll need to test while youre on board. Most lines will charge you for the cost of administering and processing these tests.

Additionally, if a passenger feels ill and subsequently tests positive for COVID-19 on your cruise, you could be required to take a test if the vessels contact tracing program determines you were in close contact with the ill passenger. Testing under these circumstances is covered by the line.

In most cases, any post-cruise testing required for passengers to return home is conducted on board the ship on one of the last days of the sailing at the expense of the cruise line. Well get into that more in the section below.

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When Your Cruise Ends

  • If youre symptomatic at final disembarkation, a Quarantine Officer may require you to isolate.
  • If you take a test after your cruise ends in Canada , and the test result is positive, you will be required to follow the requirements of the local public health authority, which may include isolation. Plan to have enough funds to cover the costs of a suitable place to isolate, food, and any medical bills.
  • A positive test, including a recent positive within the last 10 days, may prevent you from boarding a flight departing Canada, or being able to take other public transit.

Vancouver Cruise Ship Covid

Vaccinated travellers can now enter Canada with a rapid antigen test

CVM Medical is the Premier provider of Cruise Ship COVID Testing at the Vancouver Cruise Ship Terminal.

We also have test facilities beside YVR the Vancouver International Airport if that is more convenient.

Book Your COVID Test Online Today. You are always able to change or cancel your booking prior to your scheduled appointment time.

It is expected that all travellers 5 years of age and older must have a COVID test supervised by a lab or clinic before boarding their ship.

COVID-medical results can be added to ArriveCAN. Your results will be emailed to the email address you provide upon booking.

If you are taking a cruise ship from Vancouver with any of the Cruise Lines, you will need a COVID test to board. Learn about the PCR test or rapid testing or book an appointment through the link below.

Testing requirements are subject to change. Always Check the latest rules & regulations for Cruise Ship Covid Testing on the official Canadian Government COVID Travel Rules & Restrictions website.

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During Your Cruise Self

  • If you test positive while on a cruise in Canada, youre required to isolate for 10 days beginning on the day of your positive test. You may be required to complete your isolation period in a suitable place of isolation on-shore if your cruise ends in Canada.
    • Your cruise ship operator will guide you in terms of your isolation requirements.
  • If you test positive or are symptomatic, you wont be permitted to go on a shore excursion in Canada. Similarly, other countries may not allow you to enter for local excursions based on their laws and regulations.

P& o Cruises Covid Vaccination Requirements

All guests over the age of 12 embarking on a P& O Cruises sailing are required to be fully vaccinated a minimum of 14 days before travel. If more than 270 days have elapsed since the full vaccination course was completed , a booster vaccine will also be required and must have been administered at least seven days before travel.

All guests aged 12 to 15 years need to be fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine at least 14 days prior to travel. A booster vaccine is not required.

Unvaccinated guests aged five to 11 years are no longer required to take a complimentary lateral flow/antigen test upon arrival at the terminal. Guests under the age of five are exempt from pre-travel vaccination and testing.

Fully vaccinated refers to an individual who has completed a two-dose course of Covid vaccinations, or a single-dose Janssen -19 vaccine that has been approved by the MHRA, EMA or WHO. Regardless of the date, if guests have already had a booster vaccination then they are eligible to travel.

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