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How Much Is Disney Cruise Travel Insurance

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Your Flight Is Canceled

How to Book Disney Cruise Insurance in 5 Minutes

After the Magical Express drops you off at the airport to return home you are told severe thunderstorms have canceled all flights from Orlando. Who will help you find a new flight to return home?

With trip interruption coverage, youll have the money to refund the expenses of a new return ticket or to stay in a comfortable hotel.

Disney Cruise Line Transfers

Disney Cruise Line Transfers from the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral are $70 roundtrip and $35 one way. If traveling to/from a Disney Resort, one way pricing is used. Transfers from Barcelona are $59 roundtrip from the airport and $30 one way. Transfers from London are $165 roundtrip from the airport and $85 one way.

NOTE: The price of transfers is per person. Disney Cruise Line provides transportation from all Walt Disney World Resorts except Fort Wilderness.

Does Disney Travel Insurance Cover Covid

For travelers concerned with trip cancellation, Cancel for Any Reason is the coverage option available for new travel insurance policies to cover trip cancellation due to coronavirus fears. This time-sensitive benefit is optional on most plans and has other eligibility requirements, so not all travelers will qualify.

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Cruise Line Insurance Plan Comparison

When it comes to providing cruise insurance, Allianz Global Assistance is not the only boat in the harbor.

Many cruise lines also offer travel insurance plans.

That said, we like how we stack up against our friends in the cruise industry.

But opinions are like lifejackets during a cruise ship muster drill everyone has one. So, lets stick to the facts by comparing cruise insurance plans features, head to head. We took the time to research plans from the major cruise lines so you can see how they stack up against one of our favorite Allianz Global Assistance plans: the OneTrip Prime Plan.

Which Personal Injury Defense Attorneys Does Disney Use In Florida

My First Cruise

Disney has used several attorneys and law firms to defend itself in injury claims.

On August 16, 2018, Walt Disney World used the law firm Jon Hernan to defend it. Here are the allegations according to the Disney guests lawsuit.

Eugene was on an electric conveyance vehicle while inside the monorail in Orlando, Florida. A Disney World employee allegedly told Eugene that it was safe to start backing onto the ramp. Eugene followed his direction. Eugene backed his ECV onto the ramp.

As Eugene was being directed by the Defendants employee, Eugene felt his ECV begin to tip backwards, thensuddenlyit flipped violently backwards, slamming Eugenes head onto the concrete platform and twisting his neck in a way that nature never intended.

Several months after the accident, he had surgery to fix his neck. Neck surgery cases can have a high settlement value. I dont know what type of neck surgery Eugene had.

OK. Back to Eugenes case. Disney has denied that it is liable. As of January 7, 2018, the case has not settled. I assume that Disney has a different version of how the accident happened.

Disney also uses the following defense attorneys:

  • Kurt Spengler , Orlando, Florida.


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One of the things which first time cruises tend to get very confused about is how Disney Cruise Gratuities are calculated and charged.

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Medical Evacuation And Repatriation Of Remains

A Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains benefit covers your physician-ordered, emergency air or ground transportation from a hospital or emergency care facility that is ill-equipped to treat you to the nearest hospital that can provide adequate care.

This benefit may also cover travel expenses home for your travel companion if you are expected to be hospitalized for 24 hours or more. If you are traveling with a minor, you could also get coverage for their necessary transportation, accommodations, and meals while you are being treated.

In the unfortunate event that you pass away during your trip, this benefit can also cover repatriation expenses to return you to your home.

Example of the Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains Benefit in Use

You become seriously ill during your cruise. You visit your cruise ship’s medical facility in the hope of being treated onboard, but it cannot provide the care you need. You must be transported to the nearest on-shore hospital that has sufficient equipment and the necessary specialists to treat you.

Travel Delays In Getting To Disney World

You will likely have a packed itinerary when visiting Disney World, and since youve probably paid for experiences in advance, having a safety net in place can protect your investments.

For example, if your flight to Orlando is canceled due to severe thunderstorms and the remainder of flights are full or suspended until the next day, you could be missing an after-hours special tour of Epcot, or a private tour at Animal Kingdom that you paid for in advance. Your travel insurance policy can reimburse you for these non-refundable and pre-paid expenses that you miss because of the weather delay.

Look for the travel delay coverage maximum and delay requirement in the policy. For example, the Gold plan from the John Hancock Insurance Agency provides travel delay benefits of $1,000 per person after only a three-hour delay.

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Choose Disney If You Want To Hang Out As A Family At Night

Carnival has family-friendly comedy and their revue shows are just fine for young eyes . But when it comes to inclusive evening entertainment, there are many more options for families to hang out as a unit on Disney. The line offers unrivaled stage productions for all ages, first-run movies in a gorgeous art deco theater, family-friendly performances from onboard guest entertainers and a dedicated space D Lounge that has a bar for the adults but offers trivia, karaoke and games specifically for multigenerational groups.

Or if youve got toddlers who want to use the water park.

Carnival is known for having some of the first ships at sea with a water slide. But for many of the slides, cruisers need to be 42 inches tall. Carnival Waterworks on Vista-class ships offers two unique slides and a splash area for kids, but again, nothing for very small kids or those who arent toilet trained. Disney excels here because they not only offer slides and rides like the AquaDuck, which features a two-person raft for anyone 42 inches tall or over, but they also have an extensive splash zone called the AquaLab. Plus and this is rare Dorys Reef, onboard Disney Wonder, is a gentle splash area thats just for babies who are still in diapers. Disney was also the first cruise line to have lifeguards present at all pools.

Can You Be Reimbursed For Travel Insurance If Your Holiday Is Cancelled

Should I Buy Disney Cruise Travel Insurance – Company Review – AARDY

No, you cannot get your money spent on insurance back if your trip does not go ahead.

Wright elaborated: “You will have been On Risk for cancellation arising from a series of risks, as set out in your policy, including being hospitalised or being medically unfit to travel, from the moment you purchase insurance until you actually start your journey, this can be a number of months.

“As a result, your policy has been used and insurers will not usually refund the premium. In all circumstances, you will be able to get a full refund if you cancel your insurance within 14 days of purchase. Some insurers are willing to change the dates of your policy at no cost if you have accepted a different holiday.

“With insurers that already cover cruises as part of their standard policies, or depending on the level of cruise add on you have purchased with policies where cruises dont come under standard cover, youll automatically be covered for cancellation, along with medical needs and evacuation.”

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How To Make An Travel Insurance Claim

Regardless of what Disney Cruise travel insurance provider you go with, here are three tips to help you if you ever have to make a claim:

  • Doctor Support

    If you cancel a trip due to sickness or you have a medical emergency while traveling, you will need documentation from a doctor.

  • Keep All Documents

    The more documentation you have of your expenses, the better. The insurance company will require proof of expenses, amounts you have paid, and any refunds you may receive.

  • Don’t Wait

    Contact your Disney Cruise travel insurance company as soon as possible. Virtually every good trip insurance company offers 24/7 support. Get in touch with them early and assume nothing. Ask a lot of questions.

What Type Of Trip Are You Taking

Are you going on a weekend road trip to a local destination? Or are you going for a week-long vacation? Do you have a room-only reservation with a refundable deposit? Are you staying with a package, including accommodations and tickets? Even if it is a quick weekend getaway, do you need to take a flight to your destination?

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What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Buying Insurance

Wright warns against trying to cheat the system when it comes to illness.

“It is really important that ALL pre-existing medical conditions are declared at the time of purchase as an omission could mean that the whole policy is invalid as the underwriter is not fully able to assess the risk,” he cautioned.

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Getting A Disney Cruise Line Discount

10 Reasons To Love A Disney Cruise Vacation

The best way for a return guest to get a discount on the Disney Cruise Line is to book while you are already on a sailing. Youll have two options.

You can either book with the dates that you want to sail, and can choose your exact dates and room. For this, youll need to give a deposit.

Alternatively, you can book a placeholder for a $250 fee. This can be applied to a cruise booked within the next two years. I typically book a placeholder, even if I dont have another cruise planned because its valid for a while.

Depending on the sailing, youll get a discount as well as stateroom credit. To do an onboard booking, youll want to visit the desk on the ship as soon as possible. It can be very busy by the end of your sailing and there is typically a line to talk to a cast member.

Other discounts can sometimes be available for Canadian residents, Florida residents, and members of the military. The Disney Cruise Line special offers page has more specific information on this. They arent always available so youll have to check for details and eligible sailings.

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Do Consider Whether You Want A Standard Or Cancel For Any Reason Policy

A standard policy has good protection and comes with a list of restrictions on whats covered. If you want to make sure that you are covered for any reason, whether thats a pandemic or a last-minute change in plans, look into a cancel for any reason add-on to your policy. A CFAR policy is just what the name sounds like. You can cancel your trip for any reason you want and are restricted only by the timing of your cancellation notice .

CFAR insurance isnt free though, and comes with a few conditions. First, it can cost 40%-50% more than a standard policy, and it generally wont cover 100% of your uncovered costs. Youll find that 50%-75% of coverage is more common.

Its also important to note that you cannot simply buy CFAR by itself. You must buy a travel insurance policy that is eligible for a CFAR add-on. Many insurance sites will include a CFAR filter in their search tool. You’ll also need to buy the policy within a certain time frame after purchasing your cruise, which will vary based on the insurance company.

» Learn more:Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance explained

How Much Does A Family Cruise Cost

Editors note This post was updated May 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Family cruises are a great value for a family vacation. If youre trying to plan a family cruise vacation, cost and budgets are top considerations for most parents.

If youre new to family cruises, how do you know how they will cost for your family and how much to budget for such a trip?

Cruise prices start at average cost of $79 per person per day. Remember cruise ships charge by the number of passengers sharing the same cabin. This is an AVERAGE price based on four family members sharing an inside cabin on a Carnival ship sailing to the Caribbean.

Have we got your attention?

When you look at the idea of $2212 for four people to enjoy a week in the Caribbean room, food, activities, a family cruise is a great bargain! Many folks dont realize how affordable family cruises can be.

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Exceptions And Fine Print

Cancellations can be made either in writing or over the phone to Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent. Date or name changes will result in a cancellation of the booking.

Refunds will not be given for nonrefundable deposits or fares, regardless of when a cancellation is requested. Refunds will be made to the original form of payment, less any fees owed, after all related travel documents and related tickets are forfeited.

Refunds will not be given for no-shows or passengers who decide to disembark their cruise early after it has begun.

The Best Travel Insurance For Your Disney World Dream

Cruise Tips – Why Get Travel Insurance

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing a travel protection plan, please read our Coverage Alert for details on how our plans may limit or exclude coverage related to

Aug 22, 2018 To purchase a Travel Protection Plan for your Walt Disney World Resort vacation, please contact the Disney Reservation Center at 934-7639

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What About Covid And Disney

Remember, most travel protection plans dont cover COVID-19 as a reason for a cancellation.

If a destination booked by a traveler is open and accepting guests and the traveler is able to go but doesnt want to travel, they will be out the entire cost of their trip, explains Kiger of Kingdom Destinations.

Still, look at potential loss. If youre close to the trip but still at least two days before, youre only out $200 for a Disney package. And possibly less right now, with Disney offering more refunds during the pandemic.

Travel Insurance Options Through Disney

Disney sells trip insurance, but for most trips, its more expensive and usually more restrictive than going through another company. For the Walt Disney World Resort, the cost of the insurance is $77.50 per adult over 18. Minors are covered automatically if adults have purchased insurance. Additionally, Disney trip insurance only covers the cost of the Disney portion of your trip . So if you do anything else on your trip, such as visit another theme park, buy tickets to an offsite event, those arent covered. With a third-party policy, you can cover all potential costs of the entire trip, from any providers, with one policy. You can almost always get better insurance than Disney provides, and at better rates, by buying it elsewhere.

Insurance through Disney can be a good deal if you are booking a very expensive trip. This is because Disneys insurance charges at a flat rate per adult . Third-party plans have a variable charge based on the total cost of your trip and the ages of the adults. The break-even point for a family with two 30-year old adults is roughly a trip total of $8,000-$12,000, depending on which insurance plan you choose and what coverages you want. So if youre staying in a Polynesian Bungalow room for 10 nights, Disneys travel insurance is an incredible steal. For most trips, though, we recommend third-party insurance.

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Whats The Deadline For Buying Required Cruise Insurance

Most cruise lines and travel insurance companies allow you to purchase a policy within 24 hours of your cruise departure.

But there are advantages to purchasing a travel insurance policy from a travel insurance company when you put the deposit down on your cruise:

  • Youre covered longer for trip cancellation in case something happens that forces you to cancel your trip .
  • You can get a pre-existing medical condition waiver for your travel medical coverage, but this has to be added shortly after your cruise deposit.
  • You can buy a cancel for any reason upgrade if your travel insurance company offers you one. This add-on will allow you the most flexibility in making a trip cancellation claim. If you cancel for a reason not listed in the base policy you can still receive partial reimbursement .

Does My Primary Health Insurance Cover Me In Florida Or California

What Happens If You Miss Your Cruise

Your out-of-network benefits may be very different when youre traveling away from your home network.

Once you are clear on your health insurance coverage, you can determine how useful travel medical coverage as either a standalone plan or part of a comprehensive plan might be. With most comprehensive plans, youll need to place any medical claim with your health insurance first. Then you can file a claim with the travel insurance company for medical bills your health insurance company would not cover, up to the plan limit.

Travel medical coverage excludes coverage for any illness related to a pre-existing condition unless you purchase a plan with a pre-existing condition waiver. Each travel insurance company uses a particular time frame when considering pre-existing conditions, known as a look-back period, which is typically between 60 and 180 days before purchasing the plan. In the event of a claim, the insurance provider will review your medical records to determine whether the illness was due to a pre-existing condition.

We suggest calling your health insurance provider and asking how your health insurance benefits work when you are traveling out of your home network.

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