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How To Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs Online

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Choosing A Photo For A Resume

How to apply for cruise ship job online/Ship jobs

Most cruise employers ask that you include a photo in your application package. Some request that you upload a photo into their online web application form. If sending your resume and cover letter by email, then you can choose to insert it digitally onto your resume, or send it as a separate attachment.

In selecting an appropriate photo, there are some criteria to keep in mind. Recruiters want to see a photo of you smiling. You can also choose to use a photo of you in action. If you are applying for a job as a photographer, for instance, you can use a photo of you holding a camera. ;Keep the file size of the photo under 300kb and the entire application under 1 MB so the recruiter can open the email.

Working At Carnival Cruise Line

Posted: Working with Carnival Cruise Line is an opportunity to shape the future of one of the largest brands in the cruise business – all while developing a career that you can really be proud of. Carnival Cruise Line is a leader in contemporary cruising and operates 20+ ships designed to provide fun and memorable vacation experiences at an outstanding …

Msc Cruises Job Application & Recruitment Process

Step 1: Finding a Job

In the top menu on MSC Cruises job board, you will find a « VACANCIES » tab, where you can either search for office or onboard opportunities. You can also browse the pages describing all MSC Cruises onboard and ashore teams. In each department page you will find their open vacancies.Or, you can click on Apply Now button directly on list of MSC Cruises careers vacancy table above.

Step 2 Begin Job Application Process

Once you open a vacancy, you should click on « APPLY NOW ». This will take you to your Profile Area, where you can start the application process.

Step 3: Submitting Job Application

The step is the Online Application where you will be required to fill in the fields related to your personal information and to upload your CV. We suggest that you provide as much information as possible so that we have a full understanding of your skills and experience. This step should be completed within one week from your profile registration!

Step 4: Online Testing

The second step will take you through different types of online testing depending on the vacancy: from generic to technical questions, from behavioural to ability tests. To perform best in these tests, make sure you are not in a rush and that you sit in a quiet place. This step should be completed within two weeks from your profile registration!

Step 4: Interview

Step 5: Job Offer & Onboarding

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Positions With Ncl America

NCL is unique in that their MS Pride of America ship sails under a U.S. flag and, therefore, must be staffed by a predominantly U.S. crew – which is encouraging news for job seekers from the United States. This ship has a single itinerary, which consists of seven day sailings sailing around the Hawaiian Islands. They have formed an offshoot company called NCL America to oversee hiring and training for this ship.

  • The ship is required to adhere to U.S. and Hawaii wage and hour laws, like minimum hourly wages and extra pay for overtime in excess of 40 hours per week.
  • To apply, NCL America offers an email address for direct employment inquiries/submissions. They require a current resume, cover letter and salary requirements.

As a former cruise ship crew member, I worked aboard the POA in 2006/2007 and was hired from a career fair in my area. The job fair schedule is posted online and updated regularly.

Disney Cruise Line Job Opportunities

Best Agencies For Cruise ship jobs, & How to apply online ...

Job opportunities remain abundant for the cruise ship industry leader. Careers available include work in hotel operations, entertainment, and marine and technical operations. Hotel operations job titles include server, bartender, housekeeper, steward, cook, and guest service host positions. The marine and technical operations departments offer roles such as ordinary seaman, GP hotel maintenance, wiper, and GP assistant electrician jobs. Disney Cruise Line commonly hires DJs, entertainment hosts, main stage and character performers, and musicians to work shipboard. The cruise line also offers a number of positions in youth counseling and camp activities.

The company requires applicants to speak fluent English, possess some relevant work experience, and meet the minimum age of 21 years old. Disney consistently looks to hire positive, customer-focused crew members. The cruise line company also looks for applicants with strong oral and written communication and organization skills. Youth counselors must possess several years of experience working in a recreational/camp environment with children, while preferential treatment remains offered to counselors with educational certifications. Technical and marine operations jobs also typically require formal education and experience requirements.

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Cruise Ship Jobs & Careers

Posted: Corporate Cruise Careers. At Princess Cruises youll find a world of inspiring cruise-industry career opportunities all within our shoreside offices. We offer a rewarding work environment and are dedicated to our employees growth and wellbeing, including enriching travel opportunities. Youll take pride in supporting shipboard colleagues …

Familiarise Yourself With Cruise Line Recruitment Agencies

Cruise lines recruit through agencies, so you need to apply to the appropriate agency for initial screening and interviews. If you are a dancer or singer, be sure to have your CV up to date and perhaps a video of your work.

Permanent crew positions may be headhunted from the hospitality and entertainment industries, as well as the fitness, beauty, hairdressing, and massage sectors. People from countries where the pay scale is lower — such as Asia, Eastern Europe and South America — usually fill the positions of restaurant waiters, housekeeping and cabin stewards.

Once accepted by the agent, you will begin to receive alerts about cruise ship vacancies. These trips may be as short as a week, or several months long. The agent will charge a daily rate for the length of the cruise. They will be the intermediaries between the cruise line and yourself, and all queries, changes and negotiations will need to go through them.

The terms and conditions between cruise lines vary somewhat, so you will need to find an agent such as Eventz in Paradise or Sixth Star.

Entertainers are in great demand, so if you professionally dance, play an instrument, perform magic or stand-up comedy, you should speak to your agent or manager about working on a cruise. A ship’s onboard entertainers are usually on long contracts and employed by the cruise line.

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Criminal Records And History

A cruise ship provides special services to thousands of guests. The safety and security of the passengers are uppermost in the mind of shipowners. As such, they will ensure that all the deckhands and crew members of the ship are thoroughly authorized, if not properly investigated, to ensure that they have no criminal history or criminal record before they are hired.

Job Boards And Career Websites

How To Apply For Cruise Ship Job Online | PART- 1 | Ship Jobs | IAJ

Start building profiles on various job boards. Look for suitable jobs and start applying.

Nowadays job boards and career websites are a great way to search jobs in cruise lines.

Many jobs boards have moved toward a virtual format.

If you are looking for most reliable hospitality job boards, look nowhere else and just go through these;hospitality job portals.

So get online and start exploring the oceans of opportunity.

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Faqs About Getting A Job On A Cruise Ship

What kind of jobs are available on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships have a wide variety of job roles available, including retail positions for the on-board shops, housekeeping jobs, technical jobs that focus on ship maintenance and entertainment roles, working with the Cruise Director.

What nationality are most cruise ship workers?

Cruise ships are staffed by multinational crews. Many cruise ship workers hail from southeast Asia, with Royal Caribbean alone employing over 11,000 Filipinos along with many Indonesians and Malaysians.

How can I work on a cruise ship in the Philippines?

If you want to get a job working in the Philippines, find a cruise line offering itineraries in the region and apply directly with them. Be aware that most cruise itineraries only stop in the Philippines briefly as part of a larger trip between Asia and Australasia.

What is life like working on a cruise ship?

Cruise ship workers do tend to work long hours and will generally work seven days a week with no days off. However, many workers talk about the camaraderie amongst the crew and how it helps to create a fun atmosphere.

How long are the contracts to work on a cruise ship?

Contracts for cruise ship roles vary depending on the job and cruise line, but on average most workers are employed for between four and eight months at a time. This allows workers to renew their contracts without committing to years of service.

Do I need experience to work on a cruise ship?Do cruise ships hire older workers?

Advantages Of Working On Cruise Lines

Lets begin with the pros of working on cruise ships.

Here are a few reasons why a lot simply love Cruise line jobs.

  • The crew members love their job as they will come to experience another trip in their life.
  • New places, new cuisines, new people and you get paid to travel.
  • You will be able to meet new people, new staff and can make friends. Their social life can get better.
  • There is a feel-good factor involved in Cruise jobs. If you are a fun-loving person, you will enjoy the excursion.
  • Money is great in the Cruise jobs. That helps as well. Doesnt it?
  • The different origins, language, regions and other aspects of people create a unique mix of the crowd at cruises. You get to learn about different cultures.
  • People with a successful career at Cruise Ships know to deal with uncertainties, boredom, pressure and team management.
  • Hospitality industry appreciates the experience of Cruise ships. You will be valued a lot higher after a stint at one of your favourite Cruise Line.

As part of the package, the added benefits of working on a cruise ship are:

  • To and from air travel of the employee to the home destination
  • Cruise vacation and hotel stay discounts from employees and their family
  • Food coupons and discounts

and lots more. It all adds up to make cruise ships work more exciting and lucrative.

These are some of the great things about working on the Cruise lines.

Have you;ever wondered how the crew comes out of every phase smiling to you and offering the services?

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Where To Send Your Application Package For A Cruise Job

One of the first steps in applying for a cruise job is deciding who you want to work for. Which cruise line are you going to apply to first? At the same time, you are deciding which job on a cruise ship you are most suited for. Now you need to figure out who is the recruiter for that particular position.

Most cruise lines have employment pages on their website that will give you the information you need in order to apply for a job. Many cruise lines use recruitment agencies to assist with the screening of job applicants. On the other hand there are some cruise jobs that are recruited and employed by cruise ship concessions.

Get to know the method that an employer prefers you to send your application package and follow their instructions. You may have to complete their online application or they may prefer you to email your resume and cover letter to a specific address. Getting your resume and cover letter to the right hiring manager is crucial to landing a job.

Job Application Status & Personal Data

Carnival Cruise Jobs  Carnival Cruise Lines Application

Successful Application

If your application is successful, your profile is recorded in the MSC Cruises careers Website for 6 months from the date of the application. Three weeks before the 6-month period expires, MSC will send you an e-mail and you will be able to either delete your profile or allow to keep your personal data for further 6 months. Should you not react to the e-mail, your profile will be deleted in any case.

Application Closed by a Recruiter

If your application is not retained by MSC cruises recruiters, you will not be allowed to apply for the same vacancy for 6 months. However you can apply for any other suitable vacancy after 48 hours.

Your profile is recorded in the MSC Cruises Careers Website for a period of 6 months from the date of the application. Three weeks before the 6-months period expires, MSC will send you an e-mail and you will be able to either delete your profile or allow to keep your personal data for further 6 months. If you start a new application process, the 6-month period during which MSC retain your information will start again. Should you not react to the e-mail, your profile will be automatically deleted.

Application Closed by the System

If your application is automatically closed by the system because you regretfully failed to meet the process deadlines or you failed the English test , you will not be able to apply for any other vacancy for a period of 3 months.

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Current Cruise Ship Job Vacancies Pro Sea Staff

Posted: Cruise ship urgent hiring Cruise ship medical jobs. Medical Nurses: The position of cruise ship nurse requires a minimum of 3 years of post graduation experience in Adult Emergency and/or ICU in a hospital setting, fluency in English, ACLS certification – See cruise line medical staff recruitment for more information on this position. APPLY NOW. Medical Doctors: The position of cruise ship …

Only Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs That Suit You

If you’re not a strong match for the listing, it may not be worth your time to apply. Most of the large cruise lines use an applicant tracking system to screen candidates for job opportunities. Recruiters will not waste their time reviewing applications and resumes that don’t have the key skills and experiences that are detailed in their cruise ship job description.

If you are not sure of what cruise ship jobs that you are best suited for, you need to do some homework and read through the requirements of the jobs you are most interested in. Alternatively, you could visit our sister site, Cruise Job Help for personal advice on which jobs you should apply for and other questions you may have.

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Follow Up After An Online Job Application

After completing an online application to a cruise line recruiter, its important to follow up. Applicants that follow up set themselves apart from those that dont follow up. Start with finding out the name of a hiring manager and send a follow up email with a copy of your resume. Whether you wait a week or a couple weeks, follow up is one of the most important steps of the application process.

Watch Out For Cruise Ship Employment Scams

How to apply for cruise ship job online 2020 || Ship jobs || Ship Careers

While it’s true that some cruise line companies hire directly and some use third party companies to recruit for specialty positions, there are also for-profit companies selling tip and tricks to ensure employment aboard a ship. Such companies are not official representatives of cruise lines, and any that claim to offer a guarantee of employment are scams.

While it is up to you to decide if you want to pay for this type of information, you should realize that it will not substitute for applying with cruise lines and/or the third part companies they use for recruiting services. Employers and reputable third party staffing companies never charge an application fee, nor do they sell information on how to apply for jobs.

As an example, Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD, posts a warning about online scams to letting prospective employees know that they never ask for credit card information as part of the online application process. Be smart about online companies and research carefully before providing personal information to anyone on the web.

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Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs Online

Another way of applying for a cruise ship job is directly online. On the official website of every company, there is a career section where you can send your CV and fill in the application for a required position. Or, you can just type the name of the company and put the word careers next to it, and it will direct you to their career section .

  • Royal Caribbean Group Careers
  • Cunard
  • P&O Cruises

If they have vacancies for your position, the company HR representative would contact you and direct you to further steps. If they dont have job openings, it can take a while before they reach out to you. I spoke to some people who applied online and they never got a reply back, meaning that the company probably didnt need people for that position at that time.

Some people also applied through the Linked Insocial network. It is a great way to contact the company representatives, and also to get contacted by them: I know several crew members who got contacted based on the resumes they had on LinkedIn. So, if you dont have a profile, go ahead and create one, make it look professional, and start searching you might get lucky!

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