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What Cruise Lines Go To Easter Island

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Cruises From Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile | Planet Cruise

Most cruise ships make a scenic pass of the island, and as few as 30% tender successfully to shore, there being no harbour and the weather is problematic. One of the most isolated islands in the world, this triangle of volcanic rock in the South Pacific is 2,300 km off the west coast of Chile. It is intriguing, its history is as unclear as it is mysterious. Isolated for centuries from the outside world, Rapa Nui, the people of the island, developed their own distinctive culture. Read more

Huge figures carved of volcanic rock, called moai, stand on rectangular stone platforms known as ahu.

Admire The Ahu Akivi Moai Facing The Ocean

There are seven of them. Seven watchmen monitoring the horizon. The inland Ahu Akivi is the only place on Easter Island where the moai face the ocean. Arranged next to each other, these four-metre statues watch over the island. Each weighs about 12 tonnes. These huge statues represent ancestors or the most important kings. They were supposed to protect locals and make them prosperous.

Tales Of The Pacific: Easter Island To Tahiti

Follow in the wake of early Polynesian navigators on this 20-day Tahiti travel expedition aboard the 102-guest National Geographic Orion. Cruise to the farthest reaches of Oceania, from remote and enigmatic Easter Island, to the historically significant Pitcairn Islands, through the islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago and on to Tahiti. Visit islands that are virtually inaccessible and untouched. The voyage begins in one of the most isolated landfalls of Polynesia: Easter Island. Walk the length of untouched tropical beaches, meet the descendants of H.M.S.;Bounty;mutineers and drift dive or snorkel through an atoll pass.

Highlights of this cruise include delving into the intriguing lost culture of Easter Island and examining ancient burial sites and towering;moai;with an archaeologist; tracing the legend of the ill-fated H.M.S.;Bounty;from Tahiti to Pitcairn Island, where descendants of its mutineers still live today; diving or snorkeling the stunning reefs of Fakaravapart of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserveand the Pitcairn Islands, identified as one of most unspoiled reef systems in the world by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala; and exploring the unusual geology and wildlife of Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while also looking for endemic bird species.

Read on for details about this trip, or learn more about AdventureSmiths;Pacific Island cruises.

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Getting To Easter Island Via Boat

We would like to visit Easter Island but arrive via boat rather than plane. Any suggestions? From Chile or through the Polynesian Triangle? We are not looking for a Princess Cruise ship or anything like that. A supply ship? Ferry? something along those lines. Thanks!

Boats do not go to Easter Island because there are no harbours. A couple of times a year a supply boat goes from Valparaiso. The only practical way to go is by air and that means Lan from either Santiago or Tahiti.

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Yes, there is a small harbour on Easter Island. Also, Windstar goes there as a small cruise line every 3-5 years, it detours from its path to Tahiti, but it can be expensive and it is a 3 week trip. If, however, you are a good boater, and have a boat of your own, then you can navigate there as some retirees have done on their around the world boating trips.

I hope you do get to go, it is an amazing experience.

It is nice to have people from Rapa Nui on the forum. Locals are the best source of information on their area.

Unique Destinations For Luxury Cruising

Great view of Crystal Serenity anchored near Easter Island ...

by SarahAug 3, 2020Cruises

There are so many incredible destinations to choose from; many advantages that come with choosing to go on a luxury cruise. From smaller ships to all-suite accommodations, each cruise line offers their own amenities. With smaller ships, youre able to sail to destinations and dock in ports that larger ships often cant. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the unique destinations you can sail to.

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The Most Remote Islands You Can Visit On An Expedition Cruise

The idea of stepping ashore on a remote and far-flung island hasa timeless appeal, evoking the myths and legends of old, along withtales of the pioneering explorers who first charted those emptycorners of the map.

In a world of Google Maps and Wikipedia, the idea of terraincognita might seem a little old-fashioned. Yet our planet isstill scattered with places we know very little about, or thatremain so difficult to reach that few outsiders ever step footthere. Many of the world’s most remote islands and archipelagoslack even the most rudimentary of airstrips, meaning that the onlyway to reach them is by boat. Others may be more accessible, butare possessed of a history and a culture still shrouded in mysteryand intrigue.

An expedition cruise is the perfect way to explore some of theseenigmatic isles, allowing you to travel in comfort – or,increasingly, in the height of luxury – accompanied by expertguides. These are not ordinary holidays, taking you to places thatfew other travellers have ever even heard of. Here are just a fewof the most remote islands that you can visit on an expeditionship

Cruising To Hanga Roa Easter Island

Owned by Chile but sitting way out in the Pacific Ocean, roughly halfway between mainland South America and Tahiti, is the isolated Easter Island – once home to one of the most enigmatic civilisations ever to walk the earth: the Rapa Nui.

While the entire native population may have been wiped out several hundred years ago, the giant stone heads – known as moai – for which they are famous still remain, and provide a unique and fascinating window into a bygone era. In total, there are 887 of these incredible structures to be found on Easter Island, with the highest concentration being located at a volcanic quarry called Rano Raraku.

The island is popular among both amateur and professional archaeologists, and is also a wonderful hiking destination, with the moai providing some excellent reference points for those who choose to explore the island on foot. What’s more, Easter Island is home to a fantastic white sand beach called Anakena. Not only is this a great place to relax and take in the scenery, but it also has a reputation for being one the world’s top surfing destinations.

Owned by Chile but sitting way out in the Pacific Ocean, roughly halfway between mainland South America and Tahiti, is the isolated Easter Island – once home to one of the most enigmatic civilisations ever to walk the earth: the Rapa Nui.

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Visit Peaceful Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa is the capital of Easter Island. The only urban centre on Rapa Nui, in the south of its western side, this village is where most of the island’s population lives. A lovely time can be had walking around the little Hanga Roa Otai fishing port or visiting Santa Cruz Church . Built in 1937, it is decorated with superb wooden sculptures. Nearby, the artisan market is the place to unearth a typical souvenir made by the island’s craftspeople. In the middle of the town, facing the ocean, Vare Vare Park provides some green space in which to relax.

Discover The Marvels Of The Island’s Eastern Region

SOUTH PACIFIC CRUISE to French Polynesia – Lima to Tahiti – DAILY JOURNAL

To admire the island’s biggest ceremonial platform, Ahu Tongariki, you have to go east. It has 15 moais standing side by side, including the heaviest on the island which weighs 86 tonnes. Partly destroyed in a 1960 tsunami, in 1990 the ahu was rebuilt exactly as it was. With its 15 giants, this is one of the iconic sites to which travellers often come from half a world away. The dormant Rano Raraku volcano is nearby. This site has incredible and legendary natural scenery. Its crater protected by 200-metre-tall walls contains a natural reservoir and was used as a quarry for moai building. An estimated 95% of moais were sculpted here. 394 in various states of completion can still be seen today.

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Easter Island Packing List

Although you may be sailing in the shoulder months of Summer and Winter, the weather is still going to be quite warm. You’ll also probably take part in swimming and hiking activities. Because of this, you’ll want some breathable clothes that won’t get you all sweaty.;

To help you pack the right things for your Easter Island cruise, we have written a detailed cruise packing list. We suggest following the warm weather section.;

Cruising With Seabourn Cruise Line

Plan ahead for your 2022 vacation! Sailing on the Seabourn Venture, chose to explore the Amazon only or stay on longer for an extended voyage. The Seabourn Venture, built as an expedition ship, is due to launch next year. Experience the river by zodiacs or kayaks in some areas; and learn more from the expedition team onboard. Also featured on this ship will be two submarines that are custom-built.

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Cruises To Easter Island

The last and most exclusive way to arrive by boat to Easter Island is in one of the cruises that include the island in its itineraries by the South Pacific and the so-called Vuelta al Mundo. The most economical option is the Oceania Cruises company that connects Papeete with Lima in a trip of 17 nights starting at US $ 2800. Another interesting proposal starting at US $ 3800 is the Ponant company, which, on a 13-night trip, leaves Papeete and arrives at Easter Island, where it remains for 3 days, enough time to visit its most important landmarks.

The rest of the cruises extend to more than 20 days and depart from the port of Valparaiso to Sydney making a stopover in Hanga Roa. The elegant Queen Mary2 of the Cunard company and the ships of Costa Cruceros offer this route starting at US $ 3500 per person.

Finally, for those who have the time and money to spare, there are ships that go around the world with sailings that exceed 3 months in length. Among them is the Queen Victoria of Cunard that departs from Southampton and the ships of Costa Cruceros departing from Marseille or Barcelona. The ticket price, in such cases, amounts to more than US $ 20,000 per person.

Easter Island To Tahiti: Tales Of The Pacific Itinerary

Uncovering History in Rapa Nui: Visiting The Moai in ...

The Tales of the Pacific: Easter Island to Tahiti cruise begins with a flight to Santiago, Chile, followed by a flight to Easter Island for exploration and embarkation. The ship moves west, exploring the Tuamoto Archipelago before disembarking in Papeete, Tahiti.

Depart on an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile. Upon arrival, transfer to the Mandarin Oriental Santiago in central Santiago then join the expedition staff this evening for a welcome reception.



Accommodations; meals indicated; alcoholic beverages ; excursions; services of expedition leader, naturalist staff and expert guides; use of kayaks; entrance fees; all port charges and service taxes; gratuity to ships crew.


Air transportation;;one-way charter flight from Santiago to Easter Island;;;insurance of any kind; personal items such as emails, laundry, voyage DVD, etc.

Payment & Cancellation

Terms & Conditions

This trip is subject to AdventureSmith Explorations;Terms and Conditions. Please read this information carefully and call us if you have any questions.;A Traveler Information Form, which includes a release of liability, must be completed and signed by all travelers. Your Adventure Specialist will send you a unique link to complete this form along with a packing list and extensive pre-departure and travel insurance information upon booking confirmation.

Arrival & Departure

Internal Flights


Room Configuration

Families & Children

Travel Insurance

Itinerary Notes

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Travelling To Easter Island By Boat

Some travelers retain the romantic idea of traveling to Easter Island by boat, as do the protagonists of the old movie The suns of Easter Island, who embark on a freighter from the port of Valparaiso to experience a mystical experience. Reaching Rapa Nui by surfing the waves as their first settlers made, it is possible, but for the moment is a type of trip reserved only a few.

The first and most adventurous option is to sail aboard a private yacht or sailboat across the ocean. The main anchorage site is located in the bay of Hanga Roa, since it is protected from the winds that blow from the east and southeast. You can also anchor in Hotuiti in front of the Ahu Tongariki, on the beach of Anakena, perfect place to jump into the water and enjoy a swim and in the Vinapu sector. Depending on the intensity, the direction of the wind and the state of the sea, it will be necessary to change places.

At 20 miles from Easter Island you can communicate with Pascua Radio on channel 16 . Served 24 hours a day. Sailboats with a draft of up to 2 meters can enter the small port of Hanga Piko. The entrance is very dangerous, it is obligatory to enter with a pilot on board and know the maneuver very well. It should be noted that the maritime authorities can not authorize the ship to be left without any personnel on board, as there have been recent cases of accidents caused by ignorance of the particular conditions of the island.

Cruising With National Geographic

Explore this remote destination in expedition style with National Geographic. Enjoy a cruise vacation to the Galapagos Islands only or combine it with a trip to Peru. Each cruise is accompanied by an expedition team made up of experts. What is interesting about these cruises is that the schedule is flexible. They state the beginning and end points of the cruise and outline the islands they plan to visit. This allows you to be able to experience unexpected opportunities.

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Landing On Easter Island From A Cruise Ship

I have heard that landing is sometimes impossible due to weather. Has anyone any experience with this?

Typically, in case the cruiser cannot anchor in front of Hanga Roa , they’ll do it in front of Anakena.

There’s no actual harbor for a cruiser to dock on the island so, in both cases, passengers are transported using small ferries.

However, last time a cruiser arrived the passengers could not leave the cruiser.

The passengers were supposed to leave their boat in the morning and return in the evening .

Unfortunately, their schedule was too tight and even it was possible for passengers to leave the cruiser, cruise company did not want any delays to their schedule .

There were plenty of disappointed people on board that day…

I visited Easter Island in February 2012 on a Holland America cruise. We anchored early in the morning close to Anakena beach. Tenders were used to get everyone on shore and we were meant to be back on the ship by 4.00pm that evening. However, due to the heavy seas the operation to get everyone back on board ship on time did not go to plan. It was after 7.00pm that we set sail for our next destination but Easter Island was well worth the visit. We would have been so disappointed had we missed the place due to heavy seas.

Visit Orongo Ceremonial Village

Introduction of Easter Island / Peace Boat Cruise ft. Hideo Kitaoka (World Heritage Academy)

You have to imagine the panorama to understand the feel of this place. On one side there are the slopes of Ranu Kao volcano; on the other, a towering cliff plunging in to the Pacific Ocean. The ceremonial village of Orongo sits between them. Camped out on the southern tip of Easter Island, the 53 little stone houses that make up this hamlet evoke a time when Rapa Nui clan chiefs came together to choose their religious leader.

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Remote Cruise Destinations You Can Go

Beautiful serene islands, transparent blue waters take you on an altogether different trip to experience natures beauty. Its thrilling to go on a trip to majestic islands, evoking the myths and legends of old, with the adventurous stories of travelers who explored the first isolated regions.

This beautiful planet is full of regions we know very little about, and one of the main reasons for being an unknown territory is that it is pretty difficult to reach there. Very few outsiders, explorers will even think to reach such distant places. Several of the worlds most remote islands have a shortage of rudimentary airstrips; hence, a boat is the only way to get there.;

A cruise is the best way to explore these beautiful areas enables you to travel in the luxury of having expert guides. Here are seven remote islands which you can visit on a voyage ship.

Types Of Cruise Ships

Because of its remote location amidst the open ocean, only ships of a certain size cruise to Easter Island. Specifically designed expedition ships and large cruise liners are the two most popular options. Below is a little more information on both.;

Expedition Ships

Expedition ships are specifically designed to take passengers to the furtherest corners of the earth. Facilities onboard are designed for viewing, learning and activities.;

Carrying between 100-300 passengers, expedition ships offer lecture rooms, libraries and glass-fronted lounges. You’ll also get plenty of guide zodiac trips to explore the landscape and search for wildlife. You’ll also get plenty of time ashore thanks to the ships small size.

The negative side of expedition ships is facilities, size and motion. Because their smaller, you’ll feel the motion of the ocean more which is not ideal for seasickness sufferers. There also is not the same amount if facilities on board such as pools, casinos, cinemas etc.;

Expedition ships tend to offer South Pacific itineraries only. The most popular is Tahiti to Easter Island.;

Cruise Liners

Cruise liners are hugely popular thanks to their onboard facilities. Whilst you won’t get zodiac trips or lectures from naturalists and expedition leaders, you’ll get cinemas, pools, restaurant options, casinos and much mire onboard!

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