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What Is Best Deck To Stay On Cruise Ship

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Or Those Below The Promenade Deck

What is the Best Deck on a Disney Cruise??

Equally, Im sure that you dont want your alarm clock to be the rhythmic thump of those doing their morning run along the promenade deck.

Many cruise ships have a promenade that wraps itself around the ship. Perfect for those wanting to take a stroll or jog to burn off those cruise calories. But if your cabin is underneath the promenade deck, pretty soon youll be wishing that these fellow passengers were also having an exercise holiday.

In short, the best passenger deck to choose is one sandwiched between other passenger decks. Whilst you might have the occasional noisy neighbours, they are not likely to have a bass-heavy sound system or dragging furniture at all hours of the night.

Staterooms That Are Too Far From The Lifts Or Stairs

This doesnt bother me so much but if your fitness levels arent what they used to be, you might want to reconsider booking a cabin that is too far from the lifts or stairs.

Newer cruise ships are huge: Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Sea has decks running for 1,187 feet. If your stateroom is too far from the lift and you struggle with walking, you will soon tire of the journey from your stateroom to the ships public areas.

Celebrity Millennium Deck Plan Changes 2016 Refurbishment Review

The Millennium ships 2016 refurbishment resulted in the following deck plan changes:

  • On Sports deck 12 a new relaxation and entertainment area was added named Rooftop Terrace .
  • On Plaza deck 3, The Olympic restaurant was replaced by Tuscan Grille . Also on Plaza deck 3 a new office for Future Cruise Sales was built and a new portrait studio was added. The Cinema was redesigned to function also as Conference Center.
  • On deck 5 a new retail store was added.
  • On deck 11 was added the Qsine restaurant.
  • Major renovations were done to all Suite accommodations , including new furniture and amenities upgrades. Among the changes were also upgraded bathrooms , new carpeting, new drapes, new bed linens.
  • Renovations were done to the Casino area and to the adults-only complex Solarium . Both areas received new furniture and flooring. Also on the Lido deck, the pool area and the Spa Cafe were renovated. The Casinos theme decoration was removed.

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Secret Porthole Rooms On Disney Magic And Disney Wonder

There are secret porthole rooms on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. These series of rooms are sold as inside staterooms without a window. But, they have a small porthole which offers an obstructed view. You probably wont be gazing out it but it does offer natural light into the room without paying an additional cost.

Ask for 5020, 5520, 5022, 5024, 5522 or 5524. For families or larger groups it should be noted that 5022 and 5024 adjoin as do 5522 and 5524.

Balcony Cabins On Cruise Ships

The best cruise ship for families? It just might be one of ...

Most balcony cruise ship cabins feature floor-ceiling sliding glass doors leading to a private step-out veranda. The balcony also is furnished with a table and pair of chairs/loungers. Standard balconies are separated by dividers. As sizes, balcony cabins on cruise ships vary, with those on Princess and NCl ships being among the smallest compared to other big-ship lines. In our cruise deck plans, we also list room sizes and the size of the balcony. Balcony Apart from the balcony they can offer You twin beds that can be converted to King-size bed. Balconies also provide sitting area with chair and coffee table and private bath with shower, as well as closet/wardrobe, electronic safe box, mini bar, television and phone, sofa, bathrobes, hairdryer. Most verandas are between 30-60 ft2 . Below are shown the layouts of the Anthem ship’s Deluxe and Accessible balcony cabins.

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Staterooms On Celebrity Flora

Celebrity Flora sails to the remote and wildlife-packed Galapagos Islands. With total ship occupancy capped at just 100 guests, the Celebrity Flora suite and stateroom experience is nothing short of all inclusive.

Every need is taken care of for you thanks to 24-hour room service, laundry service twice during your sailing, and full in-suite dinner service. Adjust your rooms lighting or temperature with the touch of a button or your Celebrity mobile app. Allow your Personal Suite Attendant to help you navigate the ship or unpack your luggage.

There are six suite options to consider when you sail on Flora:

Sky Suite with Veranda

The Sky Suite is a 330-square-foot suite that includes a private, spacious, 84-square-foot veranda. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer incredible sea views. With a king-sized bed you can sink right into and even a menu for pillow options, you wont have to count sheep to fall into a restful sleep. Plus, the double faucet vanity means no one has to wait to freshen up their makeup or get ready in a hurry.

Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda

With an outward-facing design and an infinite veranda, this suite will make you feel even more connected to the Galapagos Islands with each day at sea. With the touch of a button, you can transform your sky suite into an open-air room.

Premium Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda

Ultimate Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda

Royal Suite

Penthouse Suite

Special Types Of Staterooms

  • Crew cabins are located on one of the crew decks , while cruise ship staff cabins are in the passenger areas.
  • Single cabins are generally difficult to find. The world’s best ships with single cabins belong to the fleets of such famous operators, like Fred Olsen and P& O on the UK market and NCL Norwegian Lines. The best of all ships with single-occupancy cabins is the NCL Norwegian Epic, boasting 128 of its 100 square foot “Epic Studios” – specifically designed for solo travelers, and features a full-size bed and a large round window looking out into the corridor.
  • Family cabins – many of a standard size for its category, but with more beds and bathrooms, providing more privacy for parents. The best lines with family cabins are Carnival, Disney, Celebrity, Princess, and NCL.
  • Accessible/Disabled cabins are special accommodations for passengers with mobility challenges. These rooms have wheelchair access, wide doors , a bathtub with grab bars, roll-in showers, portable ADA kits for guests with hearing impairments, closed-captioned televisions.
  • SPA cabins – Spa-deck staterooms with direct access to the ship’s Spa and Fitness complex.

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How To Choose The Cruise Ship Rooms

You decided when you have a holiday and your destination. The next thing you do is to choose the cruise ship cabins.

For the first time cruisers, deciding the right cruise ship rooms is often not easy.

Your cruise ship deck plans are undoubtedly important. You can find where your cruise cabins location is located.

After a ship sets sail, changing a cabin is always difficult. The cruise ship cabins are usually almost all fully booked. There is no empty cruise ship room for a replacement.

On the embarkation day, there is always a massive line at the front desk. Many people are queuing for different matters and inquiries. On the first sailing day, you should not spend your precious time to make a queue. This is something we need to avoid to happen.

In this article, I will show you a fast and easy way of how to decide your cabin step by step. You can save your money and time by learning your priority in selecting your cabin. Find out the best place to be on a cruise ship and choose the cruise ship cabins before you make a cruise booking.

How To Choose An Agent That Can Help You Pick A Cabin:

Craziest Top-Deck Activities on Cruise Ships – Video

Another route to finding the right cabin is to turn this task over to a cruise travel specialist who can guide you through the options. A good specialists role will go beyond simply deciphering the various cabin configurations and categories. Choose an agency that specializes in your line, and they can share their knowledge of the pluses and minuses of various cabin categories.

Many cruise lines have a travel agent locator on their websites. You can also look to see if theyve taken part in a reputable training program, such as Cruise Lines International Association , and have accreditation.

Experienced cruise travel agents know about new ships being launched and tour them before they start booking cruises on them. The agents get a preview of new cabins and staterooms, as well as new gadgets, amenities, and services.

A specialist will also monitor promotions, watch for opportunities for upgrade offers and price reductions, and suggest the best time to travel. I can combine past guest benefits with current promotions to give clients the biggest bang for their buck, says Debbie Devine, owner of Cruise Planners. And we often have group rates, special perks, or other special promotions made available to us.

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Decks With Obstructed Views

There are cabins at certain decks that provide obstructed views of the scenery. Decks with obstructed views could be a disadvantage for travelers who want to capture the spectacular view of the surrounding areas. However, when the view doesnt matter to you, then you can choose the deck that suits your priorities the best.

Beware Of White Space On The Deck Plan

Paying customers make up approximately two thirds of all passengers on a cruise ship. The other third are staff who require amenities and facilities for keeping the vessel in ship-shape. White spaces on a deck plan are crew-only areas such as laundry rooms, housekeeping areas and service elevators. Your cruise booking agent should be able to tell you exactly what is located in the white space, and unless you enjoy the sound of doors constantly opening and closing or the bustle of early morning housekeeping its a good idea to book a cabin well away from white spaces.

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Cutting Through The Jargon

The first thing youll need to do is decipher some of the jargon surrounding cruise ship cabins. A cruise ship is, in reality, no different to a hotel room , but the cruise lines will insist on referring to them by different names.

You may think of it as nothing more than somewhere to rest your head of a night but theyll use terms like cabin, stateroom or other such things along a nautical theme.

Something that could cause confusion is the fact that all cruise ships have high end suites available to book but if youre looking at a cabin on a luxury six star ship theyll all be called suites .

What Is The Best Deck On A Cruise Ship For Motion Sickness

Which Deck is Best on Cruise ShipsCruise Deals Expert

A cruise vacation is always an unforgettable experience. Being on the ship itself is a thrilling get-away. Enjoying all its luxurious amenities is already an adventure in itself. Throw in exotic destinations and waking up in a different city every morning its definitely a recipe for adventure!

So, youve made your choice on your cruise ship. Now comes the dilemma of choosing a stateroom. Cabin choice plays a big role in lessening the chances of motion sickness.

Basically, cruise ships have two major decks the upper decks and the lower decks.

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Staterooms Next To Crew Access Areas

Cruise ship staff come and go all hours of the day and night. Therefore, if your cabin is situated close to one of their access areas, theres every chance youll be able to hear them going about their work.

It can be tricky to identify where these crew access areas are, and you may want to check with your cruise agent or interrogate some of the cruising online forums. But, as a general rule, to avoid this type of cabin, make sure that you are surrounded by passenger cabins and there are no mysterious gaps.

The Best Place To Avoid Seasickness On A Cruise Ship

If youre prone to seasickness but want to enjoy a cruise anyway, then its imperative that you make the right choice when booking your stateroom. People staying in cabins that are located closer to the bow or the stern are more likely to experience significant ups and downs that could induce a motion sickness episode. The same can be said for guests in rooms that are closer to the upper deck.

For that reason, youre going to want to book a room thats towards the middle and the bottom of the cruise ship. And while it might seem counterintuitive, it could help to reserve a cabin with a veranda or windows. Allowing in some fresh air can help reduce the symptoms of seasickness. Plus, its always easier to hurl overboard in case you cant keep it down.

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Deck Right Below The Top Deck

The top deck is where the sun deck, pools, slides, hot tubs, water parks, and other outdoor facilities are generally located. Thus, people would be trooping to these spots all day long. If youre in a cabin located at the deck below the top deck, youre in for a lot of noise and disturbances.

Noise can come from the scraping of chairs, booming voices, loud splashes of water, boisterous laughter, cheering, or buzzing conversations. However, you have one advantage: within minutes, you can avail yourself of most of the cruise ships amenities.

On the contrary, you can choose this deck if youre not bothered by the noise and prefer to be near cruise amenities.

Which Cruise Ship Cabins To Avoid

I Always Choose A Cruise Cabin On This Deck. You Should Too!

After analyzing their deck plans, we’ll list here the most famous ships and their “worst” cabins. The “bad cruise cabins” issue is not about amenities, but about location – and noise. Cabins located nearby the ships’ elevators or with some public areas above , or near public bathrooms may present some noise concern during the day or late at night.

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You Have A Special Need Or A Request

All large cruise liners have designed cabins for wheelchair users or travellers with mobility difficulties. You can certainly mention your needs to your travel agent or cruise line before booking.

Search the cruise ships deck plans for the best decks on cruise ships, type and size. It would be good to select your cabin close to the elevator or easy to access to restaurants, disembarkation decks and activity decks.

Cruise Ship Internet Xcelerate

Since 2016, Celebrity Cruises Millennium passengers are offered the Xcelerate high-speed onboard Internet access available throughout the whole itinerary . The new satellite technology guarantees stable and fast VPN connections, allowing faster web browsing and HD video streaming.

  • The new Xcelerate Internet service allows fast streaming of music and HD movies , uploading multiple pictures , video chatting .
  • Xcelerate Internet packages can be purchased on the ship or upon booking . The unlimited Internet prices vary by cruise itinerary length – USD 140 and USD 199 . For passengers booking Go Big promotion deals the unlimited Internet is a complimentary amenity.

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Where Do You Feel The Most Movement On A Cruise Ship

The forward is subject to the most movement out of anywhere on a ship. And the higher the deck, the more pronounced that rolling and swaying motion tends to feel. Movement at the aft is a bit less drastic than the forward, but still isn’t the most stable place for those who are prone to seasickness.

Take A Good Look At The Cruise Ship Deck Plan

Photo tour: Cruise ship pool decks that will blow your ...

Cabin’s deck location is undoubtedly of great importance. Cabins with lower and more central position are more stable. However, “cool cabins” are usually on higher decks, which means spending more money won’t necessarily save you from seasickness.

Stern cabins have the largest balconies. Forward suites provide the same view as from the Navigation Bridge . Some cabins are with limited / obstructed seaview due to lifeboats or other equipment.

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The Best Cruise Deck For Views

If youre cruising to somewhere with stunning scenery, then its wise to go for a balcony stateroom on a higher deck. The higher up the ship you go, the better the view.

Its not that the view from the lower decks is bad. Far from it. Its just that youll be able to see further from higher up. If you dont have a balcony in your cabin, you can head up to the top deck and enjoy the views from there as you sail away.

How Are Decks Numbered On A Cruise Ship

Before we start, its important to understand how the decks are numbered on a cruise ship.

On cruise ships, decks are numbered from bottom to top, starting from Deck 1 and going up at high as 20 or more. On most cruise ships, the lowest decks arent accessible to passengers, and you board the ship on Deck 4 or Deck 5.

Many cruise ships give the decks names as well as numbers.For example, on MSC Grandiosa, the decks are named after famous artists such as Monet and Van Gogh, whereas on Costa Deliziosa the decks are named after ornamental flowers such as Petunia and Azalea.

Some cruise ships have letters as well as numbers for the decks. On P& O Ventura, for example, Deck 12 is called A Deck, Deck 11 is called B Deck, and so on.

There are also some words used to describe particular decks on a cruise ship:

  • Sports Deck Often at the top of the ship, here youll find sports facilities such as basketball courts or golf nets
  • Sun Deck This deck is usually a sunbathing area with lots of loungers. It has a hollow centre to look down over the pool
  • Lido Deck The deck with the main outdoor swimming pool, this is usually located beneath the Sun Deck
  • Promenade Deck A mid-ship deck that enables you to walk all around the edge of the ship
  • Landing Deck The deck where you will get on and off the ship. This is often the lowest deck thats accessible to passengers

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