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Which Cruise Line Goes To Norway

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Cruise Line Now Offering Free Testing At The Port

Norwegian Cruise Line CEO on proof of vaccines for travelers l GMA

One of the biggest hassles for cruisers right now is worrying about receiving their negative COVID-19 test result in time before their cruise. One cruise line is taking the pain out of this process by now offering free testing right at the port before you board your cruise ship.Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line will now offer complimentary COVID-19 testing at the Port of Palm Beach. This means

Theres No Limit To How Much Norwegian Food You Can Eat

Cruise ship chefs always like to source ingredients locally where possible. They delight in building menus around local delicacies. When you eat fish on a cruise, it should be freshly caught off the coast of Norway. You should also be able to try iconic local dishes such as brunost , rokt las , or kjøttboller .

Usually, most of the food youll eat on a cruise in Norway is included in your cruise fare, and therell be as much of it as you care to eat.

TIP: For the finest Norwegian cuisine, and if your budget allows, choose an ultra-luxury cruise line such as Crystal Cruises, Scenic or Silversea. Youll enjoy Michelin-star level dining for every meal!

Other Lines Likely To Follow Suit

While Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises are the first lines to confirm their participation in the new voluntary guidelines, it is very likely that other cruise lines will quickly announce their own cooperation with the CDC.

This is especially probable because, due to Governor Ron DeSantis successful legal challenges to the CDCs vaccination mandates, the original Conditional Sailing Order has largely been voluntary for cruises operating out of Florida since July 2021. Cruise lines, however, have continued to use the CDCs guidance even without being required to do so.

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In many ways, whether the guidelines are voluntary or mandated, the expectation of enhanced health and safety measures onboard cruise ships including pre-cruise testing, vaccination requirements, improved air filtration, more frequent sanitizing in public areas, social distancing, etc. have reassured many passengers as the cruise industry has restarted.

Feel free to discuss this topic and all things cruise at our new boards. A place where readers can ask questions, help their fellow cruisers and general cruise discussions on cruise lines and ports.

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How Vaccination Policy Update Impacts Cruisers

The cruise line will not be requiring booster shots at this time, as it has opted into the Highly Vaccinated level of the Center for Disease Controls latest guidance. That said, Norwegian pointed out in a letter to travel advisors that cruisers should keep in mind that many countries, especially Europe, also require guests who have been fully vaccinated for more than a certain number of months to be boosted as well to visit.

This means that although Norwegian Cruise Line as a brand will not be requiring that kids under 12 are vaccinated, some destinations along its itineraries may have stricter vaccination requirements. As a result, it is possible that some places visited by a ship will have rules in place which require boosters or even pre-disembarkation testing.

Although Norwegians website currently makes no mention of on-site testing for unvaccinated children, the letter to travel partners does. Specifically, it reads that all unvaccinated guests under the age of 12 on sailings from or to a US port will be subject to additional testing at embarkation and disembarkation in keeping with the CDC guidelines.

The letter adds that NCL will facilitate and cover all costs associated with embarkation and disembarkation testing for those who are unvaccinated and under the age of 12. If this is the case, Norwegian Cruise Line will provide free testing at the terminal.

Norwegian Gem docked at the lines new terminal at PortMiami

When Do You Go On A Cruise In Norway

The 3 Largest Cruise Lines Can Now Take Tourists to Cuba ...

Enjoy beautiful cruises in Norway & the spectacular Norwegian coast! Stay in the beautiful Balestrand village! Duration: 11 nights. May to August Experience unforgettable Arctic scenery! Experience the Norwegian coast from the top of Europe to the south west of Norway! Round trip from Oslo, with: Duration: 11 nights. April to September

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Arctic Cruise To Svalbard

Arctic cruise tourism is a growing market and Svalbard is a popular destination given its relative accessibility from mainland Europe. The glacial scenery is simply spectacular, and of course there’s an opportunity to see Arctic wildlife. While far from guaranteed, the possibility to see a polar bear is an undoubted draw on these trips.

In addition to their coastal voyages, Hurtigruten offer sailings to more remote places. These include Antarctica and Greenland, but also Svalbard.

In addition to the major cruise companies, many smaller companies run multi-day boat trips around the archipelago. This could be a great solution if you are prepared to fly to Svalbard independently. For an idea of what to expect, you can listen to an episode of the Life in Norway Show all about adventure tourism in Svalbard.

The Best Small Ship Cruises To The Norwegian Fjords

The staggering beauty of the Norwegian Fjords needs littleexplaining. This stunning landscape has been shaped over millenniaby powerful glaciers leaving rugged rock walls, overhanging cliffsand spectacular waterfalls plunging into the sea.

The reasons for travelling Norway’s coastline by cruise ship areobvious. For those who are put off by the larger, brasher ships,here’s a round-up of the seven best luxury small ships that will becruising the Norwegian Fjords over the next year or so:

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Seeing The Northern Lights Comes With A Guarantee

A cruise ship is a great place to see auroras! There are three main factors required for that: darkness, clear skies, and aurora activity. Because you sail far away from any light pollution and cover big distances in a short time, you are almost guaranteed to have plenty of dark cloudless skies during your Norway cruise. All you need is some aurora activity!

TIP: For the best chance to see the Northern Lights during your cruise in Norway, go between October and March and choose a cruise that goes high up North. Because of its location and relatively stable weather, the area around Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights!

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Still, the Northern Lights are a mystical creation of Mother Nature. And while you can increase your chances of seeing them by going on a cruise in Norway in the right season, theres no way to know for sure when or if theyll appear.

If you have your heart set on witnessing the Northern Lights during your Norway cruise, you may be disappointed if fickle Lady Aurora decides not to make an appearance whilst youre there.

One great solution to this is to book a Norway cruise with Hurtigruten. This five-star Norwegian cruise line offers a Northern Lights promise. They guarantee that if you dont get to see the Northern Lights during your cruise, youll get another cruise free of charge! You cant say fairer than that.

Norwegian Cruise Line Looking For Baltic Alternatives Russia Calls In Limbo

Hundreds of Passengers Rescued From Stranded Cruise Ship off Norway | Sunday TODAY

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings may be looking for alternative ports in the Baltic for its Norwegian, Oceania and Regent brands, should the company not be able to call in Saint Petersburg this summer, according to Mark Kempa, executive vice president and chief financial officer.

“We are looking at alternative ports as we speak,” Kempa said, on the company’s year end and fourth quarter earnings call on Thursday.

Frank Del Rio, President and CEO, added: “The Baltic ships will stay in the Baltic … if we cannot go to Saint Petersburg there are many alternative ports in the surrounding countries.”

Del Rio said the company would find alternative ports, or overnight in nearby ports if needed.

“It is disappointing because Saint Petersburg is one of the crown jewels of but certainly there are alternatives,” he said.

Kempa downplayed the potential effect of impacts to the Baltic season and noted the company had about 5 percent of its deployment in the Baltic this summer, which he said was weighted in favor of the Norwegian brand.

“This is something we’ve been thinking about, and worst case scenario. if we’re not able to call on Saint Petersburg or the surrounding areas, there’s plenty of other ports in the Scandinavian region that we have the ability to call on,” Kempa noted.

Kempa said it would not be a huge impact, with about 50 sailings calling in Saint Petersburg this summer, but did concede that the Russian port was a premiere destination on Baltic itineraries.

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What Cruise Lines Go To The Norwegian Fjords

Most major lines include Norwegian ports in cruises to Northern Europe, and some offer Norway-specific itineraries as well. Here are a few lines to explore for your next Norwegian Fjords cruise:

  • Holland America: Holland America, born in the Netherlands, travels to many Norwegian ports during its cruises to Northern Europe. Visit Alesund, a quaint fishing village in the west, or Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway. Take in the magical views night and day from Holland’s Panorama deck or your suite’s own balcony.
  • Costa Cruises: Costa sails to more than a dozen ports in Norway, including Olden, Trondheim, and Haugesund. These Norwegian cruises typically depart from Germany or the Netherlands, and sail between May and September. Costa offers many shore excursions, including kayaking through the fjords, hiking, and visiting medieval churches.
  • MSC Cruises: Travel to cities like Alesund, Flam, Molde, Olden, or Tromso with MSC, which sails to these and other ports in Norway from June to August. Many of these itineraries depart from Germany, and include stops in nearby countries like Denmark and Finland.

Royal Caribbean Provides Update To Guests Booked On Sailings To Russia

Royal Caribbean provides an update to guests on sailings to Russia and intends to continue cruises, but with a backup plan.

Royal Caribbean has no plans to cancel visits to Russia, despite acknowledging that visiting the country is increasingly uncertain in a statement posted online. The same is valid for Celebrity Cruises which issued the same message.

For Royal Caribbean International, Voyager of the Seas is scheduled to operate cruises in the Baltic, including visits to St. Petersburg Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Silhouette are scheduled to visit the popular Russian port for Celebrity Cruises.

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Norwegian Fjords Cruise Lines

Norwegian line Hurtigruten is the king of Norway cruises, with at least one ship departing daily on its coastal route. Most major cruise lines and many expedition lines also visit Norway the notable exceptions are Carnival, Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line. Some major cruise lines only offer a few departures, while others — such as Celebrity Cruises, Costa, Fred. Olsen, Holland America, MSC Cruises and P& O Cruises — provide multiple sail dates and itinerary options.

  • Compare Norway cruises here.

Seamless Organisation Wonderful Time

Norwegian Cruise Lines Reports Second

All hotels where great a very well located. All transferred where seamless and directions very easy to follow. As a solo traveller I was astounded by how well everything had been organised. I had a wonderful time and thank you for organising my days in Norway. I would definitely use you again. I will be travelling again in 2020. I will be contacting you about other destinations. Thank you again for your seamless organisation. A wonderful journey.

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Is A Hurtigruten Cruise Right For Me

I can’t answer this for you as people’s expectations differ wildly. You won’t get a luxury experience, but you will get to spend time in more communities and get closer to the coastline than with any traditional cruise line. But if you want to be entertained in an evening lounge bar and spin the wheels at a casino, you should definitely look elsewhere. You should also think carefully if you have kids, as facilities for children are limited.

That’s all for now! I hope this guide has helped you plan your dream trip to Norway. If there’s something missing, feel free to ask a question in the comments. I want to keep this guide as complete and as updated as possible. Happy sailing!

Disney Cruise Of Norway

Last but definitely not least, this special cruise came as a result of the success of the movie Frozen. With a setting based on many famous Norwegian landmarks, the Disney movie was given as the reason for a rapid rise in tourism in the years after its release.

To capitalise on the popularity, a couple of Frozen-themed cruises took place. I can’t find any information on future cruises. However, with the upcoming release of Frozen II, keep your eyes open!

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Royal Caribbean Offers Support To Ukrainian Russian Crew Members

Royal Caribbean International has offered open communications, travel options, counseling support, and more to its more than 700 Ukrainian and Russian crew members in light of the regional tensions between the two nations. This support is to assist crew members in keeping in touch with their loved ones, and to strengthen the family-like bonds shared by all cruise ship crew members.Options Offered

Norwegian Fjords Cruise To Geiranger

Norwegian Cruise Line Announces New Vaccine Requirement | TODAY

While this small port might not have much to offer in itself, it acts as a starting point for further explorations into the Norwegian fjords, perfect for nature lovers. Whether you head to the Geriangerfjord and its awe inspiring waterfalls or take a bus ride up to the amazing surrounding viewpoints, your breath will be taken away by the beauty of this scenery.

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Why Take A Norway Cruise

Norway’s coastal cities, thousands of miles of coastline and world-famous fjords lend themselves to cruising perhaps more than any other country.

While a road trip can absolutely take you to some fantastic viewpoints, nothing beats seeing the fjords from the water. The towering mountains and 360-degree beauty mean you’ll get a great view wherever you are on the ship.

For some inspiration that words alone can’t provide, here’s a slideshow:

Carnival Cruise Line Marks First Port Visit As Part Of Birthday Celebrations

Carnival Miracle makes the first port of call as part of Carnival Cruise Lines 50th birthday celebrations. The Spirit-class cruise ship visited Honolulu in Hawaii during the cruise lines first Sailabration cruise.First Call During Carnivals First Sailabration CruiseCarnival Cruise Liness first sailabration voyage is now well underway, with Carnival Miracle making its first port of call

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Mask Testing Policies Also Updated

That is also the date on which the line will stop testing all guests at their point of embarkation, although passengers are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result, administered by a verified third party or via a medically-supervised home test. The test must be taken within two days before boarding a cruise from a U.S. port and three days before boarding a cruise from a non-U.S. port.

Prior to March 1, COVID tests are being conducted at the cruise pier. However, guests who are unable to provide the results of a negative COVID test will be able to obtain testing at the pier at their own expense.

What Options Do Guests Have

The Norwegian Joy cruise ship features a go

Although the events unfolding in Ukraine are thousands of miles from St. Petersburg, and there will likely not be any direct danger to guests, the sanctions that are being implemented worldwide, coupled with public opinion of contributing to the Russian economy, could mean that Royal Caribbean will cancel cruises to Russia either way.

Therefore, Royal Caribbean is offering guests on both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean International several options:

Were continuously monitoring events taking place around the world, including the situation in Ukraine. With the recent events, it is increasingly uncertain if we can visit St. Petersburg. We understand that the developments in the region may make you hesitant to sail to Russia, so here are some options to ensure you have the best time with us.

The options for guests are to keep their current booking, with the knowledge that the cruise company has been working on alternatives. Guests can also use their Cruise With Confidence policy to opt-in for a Future Cruise Credit to be used on another sailing.

Guests can also opt to cancel their voyage and book a different cruise guests can do this free of charge. Should Royal Caribbean opt to change the itinerary, guests will have the opportunity to cancel for a full refund.

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Cruises Offer An Easy Way To Travel For People With Disabilities

Travelers with disabilities can face a whole host of challenges when planning a trip, from finding suitable accommodation to using public transport. Traveling to another country can involve lots of time spent planning, yet there are some things that are virtually impossible to plan for, no matter how long you spend asking questions in Facebook groups.

For people with limited mobility, visual or hearing impairments, or additional medical needs, a cruise can make more of the world accessible. Cruise ships are well equipped to accommodate mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters. Furthermore, cruise ship staff are well-trained in making sure that guests needs are met.

TIP: If you use a wheelchair, make sure to choose a cruise where the ship docks at ports rather than anchors out at sea. If you need to board into a tender boat to reach the shore, youll need to be able to step on to it. However, keep in mind that at some ports in Norway cruise ships always anchor at sea. This is, for example, the case in Geirangerfjord.

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