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What Is Included In Viking River Cruises

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Can I Cancel My Viking Cruise

What’s Included in a Viking River Cruise YouTube

Yes, you can cancel your;Viking;cruise. If your travel dates are more than 70 days away, youll only lose your deposit. For dates that are 30 to 69 days away, the cancellation fee is 50% of the;fare. Dates that are less than 30 days away incur a 100% cancellation charge.

To avoid cancellation charges, consider changing your cruise to a later date.;Viking;offers this service up to 14 days before your ships departure.

Tipping On Viking River Cruises


River cruising can be a relaxing way to see the world while waking up in a new place to explore daily. In between, you can enjoy the onboard comforts that your cruise ship provides, enjoy being with family, make new friends, and take in the scenery as the cruises down the river. If youre planning a;Viking River cruise, then this article on tipping on;Viking River cruises;is a must-read.

The 12 night;Viking;Paris to the Swiss Alps river;cruise vacation;is a popular choice that takes;passengers;through France, Germany, and Switzerland. Or perhaps you will be cruising down the Mekong River through;Vietnam;and;Cambodia;on a 15-night voyage? You can even take in the pyramids in;Egypt;on;Vikings 12 day Pharaohs & Pyramids cruise.

Nothing Compares To A River Cruise

River cruising is a relaxing, immersive and thoroughly enjoyable form of travel where you can enjoy ever-changing scenery along the banks of waterways such as the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Douro, Volga and Yangtze. Unpack just once on an award-winning, state-of-the-art 190-guest Longship and journey into the very heart of iconic cities and charming towns.

A river cruise can be defined as:

  • A form of leisure travel that takes guests along inland waterways.
  • Usually there are several port stops over the course of each passage.
  • Typical river cruises often last longer than a week.
  • Carry anywhere from 100 to 250 guests, depending on the ship size.
  • Are popular on many of the worlds major rivers, including the Danube, Rhine, Volga and Yangtze.

Explore the worlds great cities

The most cosmopolitan cities developed along the rivers, the worlds first trade routes. From iconic must-sees like Paris, Amsterdam and Budapest to quaint villages and towns waiting to be discovered, a river provides you easy access to savor the delights of both. Cities like Berlin, Lisbon, Prague, Vienna, Moscow, Cairo and Beijing are just a few that are accessible on a river cruise. In addition to the rivers listed above, cruises along lesser-known rivers like the Mekong in Southeast Asia and the Main in Germany are options.

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Five Days Were Spent Cruising Along The Southern Edge Of England From The Cornish Coast Up To The Irish Sea

The itinerary was called Scenic British Isles. We had two ports of call, aka shore days, in Liverpool and Falmouth.

The scenic route was a gentle way to ease back into cruising. At anchor off Falmouth, I almost could have sworn I was in Bermuda due to the blue skies, calm waters, and sail boats bobbing in the bay.

Viking River Cruise: 15 Things To Know Before You Go

What is it really like on a Viking Cruise?

The moon shone brightly on the smooth Rhône River as we sailed silently, passing dimly lit chateaus and castles. I took a seven-day Viking River Cruise through Frances Provence and Lyon region and was not only enthralled with the scenery but adored the ship itself.;

If you’re considering a Viking Cruise or want to know what it’s like to sail on a river, this post will guide you through everything you need to know before you go.

I boarded the Viking Buri on a windy spring day in Avignon, France. Upon arrival, waiters greeted me with a lemongrass scented towel and a glass of ice water. After briefly looking at our passports, the Maître d’ himself ushered our luggage into a cozy stateroom and explained the features of the room.

Was this really a cruise? Yes. And it only gets better from here.

Viking Cruises offers excursions on the sea and river. I was delighted to spend seven days along the Rhône River on the Provence and Lyon itinerary.

Viking features a number of river cruises on their fleet. I’ve outlined what you can expect on a river excursion.

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Viking Ocean Cruises Silver Spirits Package:

The cost for the Viking Silver drinks package is $19.95 USD per night per guest. The total cost varies according to the length of the ocean cruise.

For a 7-night cruise, the cost is $139.65 USD p.p.

For a 14-night cruise, the cost is $279.30 USD p.p.

Beverage gratuities are included in the package.

See the 2020 rates for the Silver Spirits package .

Note:;Both guests in the stateroom must buy the package.

Being Social Is Key To Viking River Cruises

One thing I did not expect from this trip was how social everyone was with each other and with the staff. They do not have seating for two, but more like seating for 4, 6, 8, or 10. They encourage cruisers to meet each other and meet the staff, so by the end, you create a group of travel friends that you sit by each night or see on the excursions.

Also, I have been an independent traveler my whole life, so this type of planned daily activities that are not on my schedule was a bit difficult for me at first, but I tell you it does cut back on all the planning and logistics you have to figure out when someone else does it for you. Each night you are given a daily paper that breaks down the times and what will be scheduled for the next day so that you can take a look at the schedule before you go to the daily briefings.

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Viking River Cruises Wine

At lunch and dinner, house wine is complimentary.

And if you wish to bring wine onboard, again, theres no corkage fee.

Something to remember when youre cruising, say, the Rhine

Think of all those lovely French wines you could pick up in a little wine store in Strasbourg! Or the fresh German Reisling you could buy in Koblenz for sipping on your balcony.

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Viking River Cruise Secrets For First Time Cruisers

Viking River Cruises – What’s Included in a Viking River Cruise | Iglu Cruise

Confession time:; Although I love to travel and explore new destinations, I was never particularly interested in traveling by cruise.; Concerns about seasickness, tiny cabins with no space to breath, and hidden port and drink fees kept my feet firmly planted on land. ; I had zero interest in being on a huge ship with hundreds of people, dressing up for dinner every night, with short port excursions crowded with people.

Still, with so many interesting cruises and cruise destinations, I warmed up to the idea over the years.; A river cruise was one of the cruises I was most interested in, so when I was invited on a Viking River Cruise this winter, I was excited.

Still, some of those old apprehensions resurfaced, and I didnt know what to expect.; Oh my goodness, was I pleasantly surprised!; My cruise turned out to be nothing at all like I expected and it was one of the best travel experiences Ive ever had.; I honestly cannot wait to take another Viking trip!

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What Kind Of Food Can I Expect On A Viking River Cruise

Breakfast is served in both locations with earlier service in the Aquavit Terrace. But if youre a late sleeper like me youll opt for full breakfast service with everything your heart could desire.

They serve a very European style breakfast with added American options. But the overall flair of the meals seems to match the travel destination.

Why Take A Viking River Cruise

Viking® offers culturally enriching, destination-focused itineraries on the world’s great waterways. Enjoy fascinating cities and towns, included shore excursions, regional cuisine and spacious accommodations on board elegant, state-of-the-art ships. Read on to learn more about The Viking Difference.

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What Exactly Do River Cruise Lines Mean By The Term Inclusive

The word “inclusive” gets thrown around a lot, but what exactly does it mean? In the river cruise world, it’s the term for amenities that are already part of your fare. Part of what makes river cruising so attractive — and pricy — is that more items such as shore excursions, Wi-Fi or wine at meals are already wrapped into the cost .

Present: Rebranding And New Ventures

Viking River Cruises Viking Einar cruise ship

In January 2020, the company shortened its name to Viking, citing the brand’s added emphasis on destination-oriented enrichment and experiences. That same year, Viking also announced the launch of Viking Expeditions with a planned January 2022 debut. It would become the expeditions arm of the brand and operate small-ship trips to exotic destinations. It also finalized its river cruising business’ expansion plans into the United States with the announcement of the first vessel’s debut in August 2022 on the Mississippi River.

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Are There Fixed Mealtimes

Meals are all one seating, which is due to the practicalities of having one galley and a small team of chefs preparing multiple courses for up to 200 passengers. Breakfast is always a leisurely affair, usually with an early bird Continental breakfast available from 6 a.m. in the lounge until the main dining room opens. Unless times are altered to accommodate shore excursions, breakfast is normally served from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. , lunch from noon or 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. That said, to facilitate the service, ships prefer diners to be punctual for dinner . For the above reasons, plan to place your full order, including dessert and cheese, at the beginning of each meal.

Bottled Water Is Included On Viking Cruises

Bottled water is available at no extra charge, both in your cabin and around the ship. On most other cruise lines you have to pay for bottled water or buy it as part of a package. There are a couple of cruise lines where even if you buy the unlimited beverage ultimate alcohol package they still will not include bottled water.

Having the bottled water around really encouraged me to drink more water which is always good. Its also great to be able to pick up a bottle when you get off the ship.

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What Is The Food Like

It’s exceptional, for the most part; the cuisine served on river vessels certainly isn’t the poor relation of its deep sea cousins. Breakfast buffets are expansive, with all manner of hot and cold items, an omelet station and, sometimes, a small menu for cooked-to-order items like eggs benedict and pancakes. Lunch is generally a three-course meal, and dinner is four-courses, with a special menu of up to six courses at the captain’s dinner or gala night. Expect to find regional specialties reflecting the local cuisine , plus plenty of familiar dishes. Food served in the main river cruise territory of Europe is generally excellent, with lines such as French-owned CroisiEurope providing a real taste of their homelands.

If you’ve got a less adventurous palate or simply want a change from rich food, there are “always available” items — usually grilled salmon, chicken, steak and Caesar salad. Alternatively, you’re welcome to mix and match menus and, for example, order two appetizers instead of an entree or order two desserts or “seconds” of something you really like.

Who Are The Tips For


Tips are split among certain;onboard staff;to reward;good service;and are not part of the basic;cruise price.;According to;Viking River Cruises, your daily;gratuities;are shared between the Program Director,;waitstaff,;stateroom stewards,;galley staff, nautical staff, and others; this charge will also be shared with the Program Director for the land portions of our;Elegant Elbe,;Cities of Light;and;Paris to the Swiss Alps;itineraries.

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Viking River Cruises Offers Airport Pick Up

If you pre-arrange airport pick up, they can pick you up from the airport with a transfer and take you to the docking station in the city in which your cruise starts. Upon your arrival at the appropriate airport, Viking Cruises team members are there to take care of you. That is their number one job and you can tell by the way they treat you. They do a great job by calling each passenger by name and asking how your flight went.; They help you in any way that they can.

Typically they have a list of the arriving passengers. They stand outside the exiting area of the airport with a Viking River Cruise logo, so be sure and look out for them. Once you see their logo sign, approach them, give them your name and they will mark you off the list. In my experience, they will have you wait in a designated area until all passengers on your flight have arrived and then they take you to the bus, load your luggage, and off you go to the ship.

On A River Cruise Get Off The Boat

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

Given the luxurious nature of the Viking vessels, its easy to understand why a traveler would want to stay on the boat. Thats fine if youre on an ocean cruise, but for river cruises, make sure youre taking advantage of the local culture.

Sailing down rivers puts you in the heart of many of the cities you visit, our source tells us. During each port of call, guests can explore the destinations with a short walk from their ships dock. Plus, the ships sail smoothly down Europes waterways, meaning, no waves for those who get seasick.

This is where a carefully planned travel itinerary can really elevate your trip. Of course, if you miss a stop, you can still enjoy the cities: Vikings Culture Curriculum program provides onboard performances and lectures from artists, musicians, and historians, along with authentic culinary demonstrations.

In other words, youll have plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge of world cultures. Just make sure to make an effort!

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What Is The Dress Code For Dinner On Viking River Cruises

The recommended dress code for dinner is elegant casual, and there are no formal nights that you need to worry about packing for.;A tie and jacket are always optional.

Outside of dinnertime, the dress code on;Viking;is casual. Their casual dress code means you can wear shorts in the winter months and comfortable shoes.

Take Advantage Of All Of The Dining Rooms

Scottsdale, AZ: Viking River Cruise Informational Night

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

On a Viking cruise, diners can visit any restaurant without incurring any additional charge. Many travelers play it safe, sticking with contemporary American fare at the buffet, but our Viking source strongly recommended exploring all of the ships culinary options.

A simple place to start: Mamsens, a chic deli located on every Viking ocean cruise ship.

Located in the Explorers Lounge, Mamsens serves traditional Scandinavian fare inspired by Ragnhild Hagen Viking Chairman Torstein Hagens mother, or Mamsen, as she was known to the family, our source wrote. The deli, named in her honor, serves cuisine inspired by her kitchen, from sweet rolls with cloudberry jam, salmon gravlax, open-faced sandwiches to her heart-shaped waffles served with jam or gjetost and Norwegian brown goat cheese.

Youll also want to check out Manfredis Italian Restaurant and The Chefs Table, the cruise lines premium restaurants. Some suites come with a guaranteed reservation, but if youre grabbing a stateroom, try to visit the restaurants early in your voyage.

And if you enjoy your experience at one of those premium restaurants, feel free to head back later in the trip at The Chefs Table, the menu changes every three days.

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Alternative Restaurants Are Included On Viking Cruises

Viking doesnt have any restaurants where you have to pay extra. Once you are onboard its actually pretty hard to spend money because so much stuff is included. They do have restaurants which are alternative which definitely would be speciality on other cruise lines. The food on Viking was absolutely amazing. I cannot fault a single thing with the food at any point. I think Ill have to write a full review about the food!

Below is the food from the Chefs table Asian tasting menu.

How Does A River Cruise Work

A river cruise is an all-inclusive journey where you unpack once but visit many destinations. They are smaller than traditional cruise ships and boast more tailored offerings, such as carefully curated cuisine that is reflective of the areas being visited. On all these journeys from the Ganges to the Rhône dining is a big part of the adventure.

River cruise ships dock near city centers, enabling visitors to explore on their own or take advantage of the array of excursions organized by the cruise line, from going on a strenuous hike to touring a castle, or sipping wine at a vineyard. There are a fair amount of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the itineraries, which are almost always awe-inspiring.

These excursions are all included in the price of the cruise and are considered part of the river experience, although they aren’t included for the sole domestic option on our list, the American Queen Steamboat Company.

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Viking Mississippi River Cruise Destinations

Viking will offer cruises on both the Upper and Lower Mississippi river.; Departures from New Orleans, Louisiana and St. Paul, Minnesota include seven- to 14-night cruises.;;

Cruising the entire length, from St. Paul to New Orleans will cover a distance of nearly 2,300 miles and travel through seven states along the way.; Ports of call on the scheduled itineraries include:

  • Louisiana New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Darrow, and St. Francisville
  • Mississippi; Natchez and Vicksburg
  • Iowa Burlington, Dubuque and Davenport
  • Wisconsin La Crosse)
  • Minnesota Red Wing and St. Paul

At a time where many of us are at home, looking for inspiration to travel in the future, I am pleased to introduce a new, modern way to explore this great river. We invented the concept of modern river cruising when we got our start 23 years agofirst on the rivers of Russia and then in Europe. Since then, many people have come to appreciate the unique exploration that comes with river cruisingbut currently there are very few options to do so on American rivers, said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking.;

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