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Is Oceania Cruises All Inclusive

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Norwegian Cruise Line Oceania Cruises And Regent Seven Seas

Ikos Oceania – All-inclusive in Greece | Travel Vlog | May 2019

Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed last month that it intends to require all of its crew to be vaccinated before resuming sailings but that it was subject to vaccine availability. This mandate would cover ships sailing under the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas, and Oceania Cruises brands. At the same, Norwegian has been mum on whether it intends to require passenger vaccinations.

Medium Ship Line #1: P& o Cruises

The British line P& O Cruises is the oldest in the world, established in 1837 to ferry mail and passengers between the United Kingdom and the Iberian Peninsula, but it began to offer leisure operationsthe very first cruises as we know themas early as 1844. The ships cater to a primarily British audience, and they provide good value for a classic cruising experience. Guests enjoy traditional activities like shuffleboard, dance classes, and pub quizzes. The ships typically sail in Europe, though they do have ports of call in Asia and the Middle East.

Oceania Cruises Official Site: Cruises Around The Worl

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Large Ship Line #: Cunard

For those longing for the romantic nostalgia of bygone transatlantic sailings, Cunard is your go-to. The legendary cruise line was established in 1840 and has had dozens of ships in its fleet, though today, there are just three active vessels: the Queen Mary 2, the worlds only true transatlantic ocean liner, designed specifically for ocean crossings, as well as the worlds only pet-friendly ship the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria. Activities havent changed all too much in the last 180 yearstheres still a proper afternoon tea, black-tie dinners, and galas in the ballrooms. Its quite like a step back in time, with all the modern safety measures, of course. Cunards next ship is scheduled to be christened in 2022.

Find Out If Cruise Drink Packages Are Right For You

Oceania Cruises

When youre planning a cruise, theres a lot to think about including whether or not to get a cruise drink package. Are all-inclusive cruises the best deal for you? Going on a cruise means relaxing, sitting by the pool, enjoying live music in the lounge, and dining in wonderful restaurants. All these settings seem to go better with a drink.

How much do drinks coast on a cruise? Drinks can be expensive, and your daily tab can add up fast. All inclusive cruises or a cruise drink package might be right for you if you intend to relax and enjoy the celebration mood that accompanies a cruise vacation. Here at, weve done some research to help you decide whats best for the cruise you plan.

Victor and Pat C.

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Explore The World With Oceania

Oceania Cruises offer a wide range of exciting itineraries with destinations all across the world. Extensive shore excursions give guests the opportunity to really immerse themselves in all the exciting countries on their trip, with fascinating insights into local history and culture. Expert on-board lecturers give you the opportunity to dig beneath the surface of a variety of subjects and discover new countries from an informed perspective. They are a great example of luxury cruising.

For those who look forward to the culinary delights of a cruise holiday, you cant get much better than the Oceania Cruises experience. Not only do they offer a range of restaurants, including speciality venues that offer a taste of the regions youre travelling to, but this is one of the few cruise lines where it is truly all-inclusive. At no extra cost, you can sample artfully created menus at restaurants that rival even Michelin-starred establishments on land. This is a cruise line where there are lots of lavish on-board amenities, with everything from sipping a glass of vintage wine to surfing the internet is both convenient and affordable.

Four of Oceanias ships are near-identical, offering the same sophisticated on-board environment for you to explore a wide range of exciting destinations. The other two ships offer a more social experience, with an increased capacity giving guests the chance to meet a wider range of new people.

American Steamboat Company And Victory Cruise Lines

Both a part of Hornblower Group, these two small cruise lines were actually among the first to say that, starting July 1, 2021, as part of their SafeCruise program, all crew and all passengers would need to be vaccinated before joining a sailing. Since passengers on these lines are in an older age bracket, they will most likely be among the first groups to be offered a vaccine.

Passengers will be required to prove that all doses have been administered at least 14 days before sailing, while crew members will be expected to show their vaccination records at the time of hire or before boarding a ship for work. In a statement given to Condé Nast Traveler, John Waggoner, the CEO and founder of American Queen Steamboat, said, vaccination requirements for both our guests and crew is the most prudent next step to ensure that we are providing the safest cruising experience possible.

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Small Ship Line #: Ecoventura

As Ecoventura operates a fleet of three expedition yachts with a capacity of only 20 passengers, you know youre getting a personalized experience on board. The ships sail two week-long itineraries in the Galápagosyou can combine them both if you want more time with the islands incredible wildlife. The luxurious ships each have 10 well-appointed cabins, a lounge where naturalists provide lectures and briefings before excursions, a dining room and bar, a library filled with scholarly tomes on the Galápagos, and a sundeck for relaxation.

Medium Ship Line #: Viking Ocean Cruises

Oceania Cruises: 7 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising

Originally a river cruise line, Viking has launched six ocean-going vessels since 2015, the most recent being the brand-new Viking Jupiter, whose maiden voyage took place in February 2019. The ships are nearly identical, carrying 930 passengers each, housed in balcony staterooms. Though not all-inclusive, Viking Ocean guests do receive one free excursion in each port , beer and wine with lunch and dinner, and an unlimited Wi-Fi connection.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Included: Regent is the most all-inclusive line: flights to and from the embarkation port, shore excursions, pre-cruise hotel room, transfers to and from the ship in all ports, specialty restaurants, expert lectures, cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, 24-hour room service, all beverages, youth programming on select voyages, Wi-Fi, fitness classes, self-service laundry, gratuities, and sauna and steam rooms in the spa.

Not Included: Laundry services including dry cleaning and pressing, and salon and spa services.

The Pros And Cons Of A Drinks Package

Does it make sense to buy a drinks package if you arent offered one as a booking incentive? The quick answer is that it depends.

The first thing you should do when considering a drinks package is carefully think through how many drinks you normally order while on vacation.

Drinks packages on ships often are quite pricey, and they only make sense if youre a big spender on drinks a really big spender. Carnival, for instance, charges as much as $59.95 per person, per day for its Cheers! drinks package. Royal Caribbean drinks packages sometimes cost as much as $89 per day. One Norwegian drinks package is over $120 a day. These packages only make sense if you routinely spend more than those amounts on drinks on a per-day basis.

If youre a beer drinker, the packages generally are not a good deal. Its better just to pay for beer as you go. On Carnival ships, for instance, many beers cost $6.25. Youd have to order more than nine beers a day at that price for Carnivals Cheers! package to start paying off.

The packages make better sense for wine drinkers, as the cost of wine by the glass on cruise ships often is high. Wines by the glass on Carnival ships range from around $8 to $14. At the higher end of that spectrum, youd have to order five glasses a day for the package to start paying off.

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That means the packages make the most sense for passengers who consistently order a large number of drinks from day to day.

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Medium Ship Line #: Cunard

While Cunards Queen Mary 2 fits more than 2,600 passengersand a number of cats and dogson board, her sister ships, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria only have a capacity of about 2,000 passengers. Though theyre quite similar in layout, the QE and the QV differ in design. Both nod to the historic ocean liners of the early 20th century, but the QE takes on a bolder Art Deco vibe, while the QV features more subdued yet equally elegant decor. Guests on board both ships are likely to partake in afternoon tea before donning a glamorous gown for dinner.

What’s Trending This Month With Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises releases inclusive OLife Ultimate Package ...

Book now and take advantage of OLife Choice Amenities + Our Bonuses.

Let your passion be reignited as you explore the world with Oceania Cruises. You’ll have the chance to experience the faraway places that you have always dreamed of and discover new ways of looking at the world. With Oceania Cruises you can travel to the far corners of the globe where you can delve into the heart of a destination. Connect with the local culture, language, cuisine, fashion, and lifestyle of the places youre dreaming of to immerse yourself in the worlds great possibilities for adventure.

Once you sail on one of Oceania Cruises’ luxurious ships, you will never settle for anything less, nor will you ever again be satisfied with anything more in regard to size, especially with ships that can slip into boutique ports off-limits to larger vessels. Of course, the size of their ships also influences every aspect of the onboard experience. With no need to rush, stand in endless lines or worry about crowds, you can savor the defining elements that make these ships so special.

Take advantage of Oceania Cruises OLife Choice

With OLife Choice, enjoy FREE Roundtrip Airfare*, FREE Airport Transfers, plus choose one:

– FREE Shore Excursions

FREE Room Service 24 Hours a Day

FREE Shuttles from Port to City Center

FREE Fitness Classes

FREE Still & Sparkling Vero Water

FREE Soft Drinks & Specialty Coffees

FREE Launderette

Be sure to ask for other available voyages to exciting destinations

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Large Ship Line #: Disney Cruise Line

If theres one thing Disney Cruise Line does well, its hospitality. The company has taken every lesson its learned from its parks and resort operations and implemented that into its four cruise ships, the 2,400-passenger Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, and the 4,000-passenger Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The ships are designed for families through and throughthere are numerous themed activities every day, from meet-and-greets to full-blown parties with Disney charactersbut there are plenty of adults-only areas that provide a respite from little ones. That said, the ships are not over-the-top when it comes to Disney decor. In fact, theyre quite elegant, taking design inspiration from early-20th-century ocean liners and sporting Art Deco and Art Nouveau aesthetics. The four ships currently sail the Caribbean Alaska Europe the Pacific Coast and the Panama Canal. Three more ships are scheduled to be added to the fleet between 2022 and 2023.

Itinerary Of Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises ship itineraries visit 300+ ports in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The company’s cruise vessels stand apart from other midsized liners with low crew-to-passenger ratios and unique voyages.

During warm weather months, Oceania Cruises ships ply the waters of Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Western Europe and the British Isles, Northern Europe’s Baltic Sea and Norwegian Fjords. During the winter, Oceania spans the globe with sailings to Asia, Australia, South America, Panama Canal, and the Caribbean.

Oceania Cruises appeals to affluent retirees who look for a no-frills and refined experience. That said, the sophisticated atmosphere of the line also attracts solo travelers and young couples who are looking for an experience sans kids. Regardless of which voyage you choose, expect to sail with the American crowd.

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How To Get Cheap Booze Delivered To Your Cabin On The Final Night

At some point during your cruise, go to the duty-free liquor store onboard and buy a bottle. This tax-free liquor is well-priced and you may even catch an additional sale on alcohol from time to time. Unfortunately, the duty-free shop will not allow you to take those bottles back to your cabin that is, until the last night. On the final afternoon of your cruise, any bottles that you purchased will be delivered directly to your stateroom.

Also on the final evening of the cruise, the duty-free store will, in fact, allow you to walk out of the shop with any liquor you purchase. On one cruise, we noticed that an entire liter bottle of vodka at the duty-free shop was actually priced less than two shots of the exact same vodka if you were to purchase it at the bar.

Additionally, any alcohol purchased while in port will also be delivered to your stateroom on the finalday of your cruise. So dont hesitate to buy that delicious Jamaican rum or snag that bottle of tequila while docked in Cozumel. When you return to the cruise ship, you can easily check the bottle with security. Then once the last night of your cruise rolls around, any bottles that youve purchased ashore will be delivered to your room.

So on your last night of a cruise, have a party in your stateroom and enjoy! Just be sure to schedule a late disembarkation time the next day.

Medium Ship Line #1: Princess Cruises

Is The Oceania Difference ‘Worth It’?

Of Princess Cruises 17-ship fleet, its five smallest include the Coral Princess, Island Princess, Sun Princess, Sea Princess, and the infamous Pacific Princess, which was the star of the TV show The Love Boat. The Pacific Princess is by far the smallest, holding just 680 passengers. The four other ships carry around 2,000 passengers and are the perfect size to sail through the Panama Canal.

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The Canyon Ranch Spa Relaxation Area Onboard Oceania Marina:

This is beautifully set up to fully immerse yourself in relaxation which we did several times on our sailing and enjoyed it immensely.

It is included if you are in a suite or costs $25 per day/per guest- a small price for this indulgence.

It has a private indoor relaxation area that has heated loungers, unisex saunas, steam rooms, etc. perfect for relaxing after a day of touring

It also has a private outdoor area with hot tubs & sun loungers. Check out these pictures we were in heaven!!

Once you are all done chilling out, you can take

Small Ship Line #: Metropolitan Touring

Operating three expedition vessels in the Galápagos, Metropolitan Touring is the ideal cruise line for those seeking a casual experience in the wildlife hotspot. The tiny ships, which only accommodate between 40 and 78 passengers, have a laid-back atmosphere where the focus is very much on wildlife spotting. The company also offers land-based tours in mainland Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia that can be combined with a Galápagos expedition.

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Large Ship #: Msc Cruises

Nearly half of MSCs fleetnamely those ships in the Musica and Fantasia classesfalls into the large cruise category, with its newer builds firmly taking a bigger is better stance. The eight large vessels primarily sail in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, though they do offer itineraries in North and South America, Asia, and Northern Europe, too. The family-friendly ships skew on the upscale side, and theyre known for their incredibly international crowds.

Are There Other Benefits To Drink Package Beyond Saving Money

Riviera von Oceania Cruises in neuem Design

The biggest point of the packages is that they can save you money if you plan to drink your fill on a cruise. But there are some other benefits beyond just the potential money saved.

As mentioned above, some people enjoy that they can get the package and not have to worry about the bill. Instead of keeping a tally of what theyve spent, they can just relax and know exactly what they are paying each day. That gives some peace of mind.

But there is another benefit the option of trying new things without worrying about the cost. Head to a bar normally to try something new, and you pay out of pocket whether you love it or hate it. With the drink package, you can try drinks you normally wouldnt order without the risk.

If you happen to not like it, you didnt pay anything extra thanks to the package. You can head right back and order something else. Thats a bonus that many people dont realize.

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Large Ship Line #: Princess Cruises

Part of the Carnival family, Princess Cruises has a fun claim to famethe TV show The Love Boat was set on its Pacific Princess ship. If youve never seen an episode, youre in luck, as one of the onboard TV channels airs reruns around the clock. But you wont want to stay cooped up in your stateroom when you discover all the activities on board its 17 ships, from its special Seawitch craft beer program that sees the cruise line partner with breweries around the world to Discovery at SEA, a series of programs based on TV shows from the Discovery, Inc. family of networks, including Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and the Science Channel. In October 2019, Princess Cruises newest ship, the Sky Princess, set sail, debuting a new class of stateroom called Sky Suites, which is the lines most luxurious offering. Its next two ships, Enchanted Princess and Discovery Princess, are scheduled to launch by the end of 2021.

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