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What Is The Best Cruise To The Bahamas

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Day Trips To The Bahamas From Florida: The Bahamas Tour By Plane

The Best Cruise Shore Excursion Beach In Nassau Bahamas!

Once youve booked your trip with Bahamas Air Tours, well meet you at one of the following Florida departure points: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Vero Beach, or Orlando. The journey will often begin around 7:30 a.m. so that you have plenty of time to explore all of the Bahamas fascinating islands.

You can board the plane that will take you to a country full of funny experiences once the crews have detailed what to expect during the journey and the safety requirements.

Heres what makes your flight so thrilling: Each passenger will have their own window seat from which to take in the breathtaking views of the archipelago. The sight of wild green diamonds surrounded by innumerable shades of blue is a one-of-a-kind experience. Only those who fly with Bahamas Air Tours get to enjoy it.

Your flight will arrive in the Bahamas after about 50 minutes of hypnotizing natural shows. All you have to do now is clear customs, and youll be on your way to your adventure. Dont worry well tell you exactly what youll need for Bahamas customs.

Things To Do In Nassau

#1 Explore the Atlantis home to the largest Caribbean water park and a center for fun and activity. On Paradise Island, across from the harbor, youll discover acres of activities to pursue from exploring the aquariums to zip-lining over beaches or enjoy a swimming experience with dolphins. They may even have a scavenger hunt.

#2 One of the Bahamas distinctive private islands is off the coast of Eleuthera a half an hour boat ride away. Spend the day in sea kayaks, trampolines, and paddle boards on this sea day.

#3 Junkanoo Beach is a free, public beach with inexpensive lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent. Its a 15-minute walk from the port and provides a taste of the islands renowned blue seas and silky sand.

What Is The Bahamas Famous For

Now that you have learned a thing or two about the Bahamas, its time to dive deep into the Bahamian culture.

Festivals and lots of other fun-filled activities actually happen in the Bahamas all year long.

If you have ever wondered why people love going to the Bahamas, weve got the answer for you. Heres why the Bahamas is very popular among tourists:

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Top Bahamas Cruise Destinations And Shore Excursions

With so many cruise lines heading on a Bahamas cruise, you’re bound to find your perfect ship and itinerary. Taking you to ports of call which allow you to explore the Bahamian way of life, as well as private islands depending on the cruise line you choose, get ready for the ultimate in sun, sea and relaxation.

Bahamas Cruise To Half Moon Cay

Best Cruise Lines for Cruises to the Bahamas

Holland America Line’s very own private island, Half Moon Cay, is a slice of paradise in the Bahamas. Forming part of the Bahamian National Trust, the unspoilt landscape makes this the ideal resort for nature lovers. Kick off your time here by diving in the enticing waters and exploring the magical marine life before drying off and seeing what else is on offer. From horseback riding to waterpark fun and a variety of restaurants, everything you need is right there.

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The Bahamas Extends Vaccination Mandate For Cruise Visitors

The Bahamas is set to extend its vaccination mandate for cruise ship visitors until 2022. The current order was in place until November 1, 2021.

The Bahamian government announced an extension to the countrys vaccination mandate for cruise ships seeing entry to the Bahamas. The extension is set to remain until 2022 from November 1, 2021, which is when the current order ends.

The Bahamas was one of the first cruise destinations to implement the mandate for cruise ships earlier this year, which caused several cruise lines to change their onboard policies from COVID-19 vaccine optional to COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.

How To Get Around

On foot: Many of Nassaus historic sites and the Bay Street retail district are within walking distance of the cruise ship pier and the downtown area. Bay Street is lined with shops, restaurants and bars, and cruisers so inclined can spend the day strolling the area. Just put on your sneakers, disembark your ship, take a few steps and start exploring. There are also ferries to nearby attractions and its also possible to rent a car or motor scooter.

Taxi operators are staged around the Prince George Wharf area. Taxis are not metered, so always negotiate the fare before entering the vehicle.

Nassaus public buses are known as jitneys and offer a thrifty and convenient alternative to car rentals or taxis. The jitneys cost around $1.25 per person and stop at popular spots, including Cable Beach .

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Take A Culinary Walk Through Nassaus History

Still on the topic of food, you can enjoy some delicious local food while learning about Nassaus past on an Intimate Old Nassau Dining Walk.

This 2-hour historical adventure begins at Pompey Square and then leads to Christ Church Cathedral. There you can appreciate the 1670 architecture of the first Bahamian church. There are 3 tastings throughout the tour and you will see other sites like the Pirate Museum, the Towne Hotel, Government House, Graycliff Hotel, a cigar factory, and Bahama Barrels. The walks between shops are short, so its easy walking for anyone. You will learn a lot about Nassaus rich history, all while making sure your stomach stays happy.

I’ve Personally Felt The Effect Of Covid

Cruise To Nassau, Bahamas: What To Do & What To See –

I was all in my feels. It broke my heart.

I’m also glad I’m scheduled for another cruise in August out of Florida because I’m interested in seeing how that sailing is. In Florida, it’s now illegal to ask to see someone’s vaccination record, so the cruise line will instead have additional testing and a different onboard experience.

My husband and I might even book a last-minute sailing in July.

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Climb The Queens Staircase

Carved out of solid limestone by slaves in the late 1700s, the Queens Staircase consists of 66 steps that lead to the highest point of the island, Fort Fincastle. The stairs were named after Queen Victoria for her part in abolishing slavery in the Bahamas.

Fort Fincastle overlooks the city of Nassau and the front of it is shaped like the bow of a ship. Its a great historical tour that allows you to see the cannons and fortifications of a different era.

Some of the Nassau tours will take you to this iconic location on the island . I have actually walked there from the port as well, although its a fairly long walk.

One Day Trip From Florida To The Bahamas

From Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama, take a one-day Bahamas cruise.

The ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama is one of the most popular options. When determining the distance, Grand Bahama is around 84 miles from Florida.

There are two ways to get to Grand Bahama via cruise ship. You can either take the ferry directly to Grand Bahama, which is the quickest but most expensive option, or you can stop in Bimini first.

Your day cruise to the Bahamas will leave Fort Lauderdales ferry port at 9 a.m. and land in Grand Bahamas city of Freeport at about 1:30 p.m. if you stop in Bimini in between. Due to the nature of the travel, it is frequently delayed. It takes about an hour to drop off all of the passengers who are day-tripping to Bimini during the layover in Bimini. The return voyage, which departs Freeport for Bimini at 5 p.m., is the same.

If you choose to travel directly to Freeport, you will depart at 9 a.m. and arrive around noon. The return ferry departs from Freeport at 6:30 p.m. and arrives in Florida at approximately 9:30 p.m.

The ferry operator recommends arriving two to three hours early at the ferry terminal for check-in and security lines, which is especially important to remember when returning to the US.

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Potters Cay Conch Shacks

The Potters Cay conch shacks can be found beneath the high-arching bridge that connects Nassau to Paradise Island. Adjacent to lively fruit markets, the brightly colored conch shacks feature nearly 40 chefs in different shacks cooking fresh conch dishes in myriad ways.

Besides being a great place to sample an authentic Bahamian lunch featuring the freshest conch fritters and local dishes, the Potters Cay shacks are a great place to interact with locals, other visitors and the chefs themselves as they chat about the days catch and argue over a game of dominoes.

Check first with a local or with a frequent Bahamas visitor to determine which stall is the best for the day. With 25 years in the same location, McKenzie, a former conch fisherman turned restaurateur, is a local celebrity among Potter Cay purveyors, with a shack positioned as the first on the bridges west end.

Best Budget: Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Best Time To Cruise To Bahamas

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

  • Sails from: Port of Palm Beach
  • Duration: 2 nights
  • Ship Name: Grand Celebration
  • Itinerary: Grand Bahama Island, Port of Palm Beach

If youre looking for a short getaway to blow off steam and let your hair down, then Grand Celebration might be for you. The cruise line operates a regular schedule of short overnight cruises to Grand Bahama Island , but with many attractions found on a cruise ship, including live nightly entertainment in the theater, sail away shows and parties, a steel-drum band, spa, and casino. Most cabins are standard interior or oceanview categories with a handful of suites, and pricing is very budget-minded. While these ships lack the bells and whistles of some of the other cruise ships, theres fun to be had onboard during quick getaways from the Port of Palm Beach.

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Walk Around Atlantis On Your Own

Lets say you just want to see what Atlantis is all about before paying for the Aquapark or other activities on the premises. You can simply take an inexpensive water taxi from the cruise port to Paradise Island. On the way, a tour guide will point out some interesting facts and stories about Nassau.

Once on the other side its a short walk to Atlantis where you can walk around the incredible architecture. From the stunning lobby of the hotel you can see part of the aquarium and then walk outside to check out the beautiful facilities. Waterfalls, lagoons, and marine life provide a peaceful setting for a leisurely walk.

There are high-end shops and restaurants around the resort as well. Not to mention the infamous casino.

Best Time To Cruise Bahamas

Have you ever had that insatiable hunger for an adventure deep within your soul? The kind of experience that shouts for festivals, parties, beaches, and everything else in between.

If you have, we are here to shout back the best possible answer we could think ofthe Bahamas!

The Bahamas is one of the best places to spend your vacation. Whether its a quick summer getaway or a month-long trip, this place has everything you could possibly ask for.

That just goes to show that the Bahamas is, indeed, a piece of heaven here on Earth.

That said, if you are planning on going to this paradise, youve probably asked yourself one important question: when is the best time to cruise Bahamas? The short answer? Anytime!

If you need a guide of sorts for your Bahamas vacation, youve come to the right place.

We are here to discuss the various things you need to know about cruising the Bahamas. This is where we start your journey to paradise.

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For A Relaxing Vacation

If getting away from crowds is a priority for you on your trip, you may want to avoid visiting during the peak season. The peak season takes place between mid-December and mid-April when the weather is optimal and the hurricanes are no longer a threat. Fighting for space in the pools and on the beach won’t be an issue if you visit during the off-season months between May and November, and you’ll also bypass waiting in lines at restaurants and tourist excursions.

Visiting during these months can help you experience the relaxed island life that youve always dreamed of, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. To begin with, not all cruise excursions or island activities may be available during these months as excursion operators may take time off to prepare for the peak season. Services also may not be as comprehensive, and many businesses take this time to undertake construction projects and renovations.

How To Find The Best Things To Do In Nassau Bahamas Port

Nassau Bahamas Cruise Port Guide | The Best Hotels, Food & Drinks Before Cruising!

With so many things to do in Nassau Bahamas on a Cruise, New Providence island will spoil you for choice! For those wanting to experience the authentic Bahamas, this can only be experienced in the Bahamas Out Islands , away from the touristy areas of Nassau.

Take flight with Bahamas Air Tours and enjoy a full day Exuma Excursion to Staniel Cay and Pig Beach. Go swimming with the famous Bahamas Swimming Pigs and try swimming with Sharks at Compass Cay for the ultimate Bahamian Vacation. All of which can be enjoyed on a Day Tour from your Cruise stopover in Nassau Port.

Discover more things to do in Nassau Cruise Port with our downloadable Bahamas Travel Guidebook and Destination Guides.

Discover the Bahamas Out Islands

With beautifully illustrated maps and informative destination guides.

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Ride A Bahama Jet Boat

Another activity for thrill-seekers, a ride on a Bahama Jet Boat is an incredibly fun experience. You will see Nassaus coastline in an ultra-fast ride full of twists and turns. The 24-passenger boat will provide an hour of safe, fun, and exciting site seeing while zipping through the pristine waters of the Bahamas. These things are fast, but the captains are well trained. Get your heart racing, and try it out if you want an excursion in Nassau that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Bahamas Cruise To Princess Cays

Princess Cruises’ Princess Cay is another beautiful island in the Bahamas with sun-drenched beaches and plenty of fun activities. From wandering the market with local crafts to water sports or climbing the Observation Tower to be treated to spectacular panoramic views, your time here can be as relaxed or fast paced as you like.

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The Best Time To Cruise To The Bahamas

Although cruise vacations to The Bahamas are extremely popular, planning these tropical getaways can be tricky. Truthfully, most times of the year are great for traveling to The Bahamas, but some seasons are arguably better than others. Things like holidays and events can dramatically affect prices, crowds, and available excursions, and every season has its advantages and drawbacks for travelers. Some vacationers even prefer hurricane season to the bustling winter months.

So, what is the best time of year to cruise to The Bahamas? That largely depends on you. If youre looking for a relaxing vacation where you can lounge on the beach undisturbed, youll want to cruise to The Bahamas at a different time of year than someone who wants to participate in parties and festivals. Below, youll find the best times to take a cruise to The Bahamas based on your needs.

Shopping In New Providence

The 8 Best Bahamas Cruises of 2021

The wharf at New Providences Festival Place has over 40 local shops selling handcrafted items. Next, visit Bay Street in Nassau for fancy goods in a duty-free store a block away. This waterfront walkway is a bargain-hunters delight, and the adjacent Straw Market is where youll find genuine Bahamian handmade artifacts.

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Where Are The Bahamas Islands Located

The Bahamas is located just a little over 80 kilometers from the coast of Florida and over a hundred miles north of Cuba.

However, despite its proximity to the United States, and contrary to common belief, the Bahamas is not and has never been part of American sovereignty.

It is, in fact, part of the British Commonwealth up until its declaration of independence in 1973.

The Bahamas has about 700 islands and over 2,000 coral reefs. Despite this number, only 30 or so islands are actually inhabited by locals.

The closest island from Florida is the Bimini Islands, which is located at about a 50-mile distance.

The Best Cruises From Florida To The Bahamas

With little more than 180 miles separating the southern tip of Florida and the closest Bahamas island, its little wonder that it is a well-beaten path. In fact, many Floridians will pop over to the Bahamas for a weekend, so easy is it to get to.

For travellers from further afield, a cruise may be a more suitable way to visit the Bahamas from Miami, so weve picked out three of the best for you to choose from, based on price, duration and previous guest reviews. We hope you find our selection useful.

Family fun is the order of the day on this well-reviewed cruise, with a dedicated teens club, a waterslide and a 24-hour pizzeria just some of the on-board amenities that are loved by kids. As for the itinerary, youll start your cruise in the port of Jacksonville and after two nights at sea your introduction to the Bahamas will arrive in the shape of Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island. Here you can enjoy a day of snorkeling, diving, kayaking and nature trails whatever takes your fancy. The next morning offers the chance to explore Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, before another couple of nights at sea to ensure you really get the most out of the ships facilities. On the morning of day 6, youll return to Jacksonville, equipped with amazing memories that youll never forget.

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