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Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Alaska

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Mexico Says Cruise Ships With Coronavirus Cases Can Dock

US Cruise industry sails once again as first ship docks in Alaska in almost two years

MEXICO CITY The Mexican government said Tuesday it will allow cruise ships carrying people infected with the coronavirus to dock.

The announcement came after two Mexican ports refused to allowed passengers ashore because their ships had coronavirus cases.

The Health Department said passengers or crew who show no symptoms will be allowed to come ashore normally, while those with symptoms or a positive virus test will be quarantined or given medical care.

The department said a cruise ship that was prevented from docking at one Pacific coast port will be allowed to dock farther north, at the port of Guaymas. That was an apparent reference to a ship that was supposed to dock at Puerto Vallarta a few days ago but was not allowed to do so.

Early in the pandemic, some cruise ships wandered the seas for weeks seeking a port that would allow them to dock with coronavirus cases aboard.

Cultural Attractions In Sitka

Visit Sitka National Historical Park to learn about the Battle of Sitka in 1804 between the Tlingit people and the Russian colonists. See indigenous artifacts, view exhibits on traditional Tlingit life, and hike the mile-long Totem Trail to see the parks 20 original and replica totem poles.

Then visit the cultural center to watch traditional Native artists demonstrate their beading, weaving, and carving crafts. The Sheldon Jackson Museum is also a must-see for visitors interested in native Alaskan art.

For an introduction to Sitkas Russian history, tour the Russian Bishops House, the former center of Russian North American education and missionary activities.

Tours of St. Michaels Cathedral, one of the few Russian Orthodox churches still standing in Alaska, are also available and the church houses an extraordinary collection of Russian art and church artifacts.

Sitka visitors wont want to miss the views of downtown Sitka from atop Castle Hill. A commemorative plaque notes the spot where the Alaska Purchase was signed in 1876, and interpretive panels provide information on the significance of the site. This spot is also where the first United States flag flew over Alaska.

Getting Around Ketchikan With Kids

Ketchikan is compact compared to other ports of call. The downtown area and historic Creek Street district cover a five by five block area. Getting around the area is easy and there are multiple ways to explore the city.

Walking Downtown Ketchikan is very walkable and often the best way to get around the area around the port. Make sure to stop by the Visitor Information Center to pick up a walking tour map and attraction brochures. The Lumberjack Show is only a couple of blocks from the pier.

Taxi Taxis can be found by the Visitor Information Center for cruisers who dont want to spend the entire day walking.

Car Car rentals are available but not necessary if you book a tour which includes transportation or if youre staying near the cruise port. Driving in Ketchikan is very easy as theres one main road that runs along the coast for 30 miles. Rental cars are available at the airport so you will have to arrange for a pickup at the port if you are going this route.

Bus Theres a free Salmon Run Bus Shuttle which can take cruisers around the downtown area. This free bus service runs May to September from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day. Buses operate on a 20-minute loop and stops at all four cruise ship berths as well as other attractions in the downtown area including the Totem Heritage Center. Theres a high chance there will be multiple ships in port as Ketchikan sees on average 20 ships a week from May to September so there may be a bit of a wait for the bus.

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Alaska Cruises From San Francisco

While Alaska cruises departing from San Francisco are not as readily available as other closer ports, Celebrity and Princess do offer some extended cruises that allow you to sample Alaska and the beautiful Pacific Coast.

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International Callers

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Please note that all prices on our website are in US dollars, and travel purchases must be completed with a major credit card.Unless you are considering one of our custom cruise itineraries, certain cruise lines prohibit US-based travel agencies from selling to non-US residents.

All passengers regardless of their home country, citizenship or country of residency are responsible for obtaining the proper documentation for travel. This includes passports and visas for any country they may visit during their trip.

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Port Of Miami Florida Cruise Port

Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska

The Port of Miami is an incredibly popular port for many cruise lines to start their sailings. It’s been deemed the Cruise Capital of the World with good reason, having four active cruise ports with more in the works. It’s at the southern tip of mainland Florida, and their nearby major airports make it easy to get there. is about 45 minutes to an hour from the Port of Miami, and Miami International Airport is about 30 minutes away from the port.)

Parking at the Port of Miami will cost about $25 a day, or you can park offsite. There are a few nearby parking options that will shuttle you to the port as part of the parking arrangement including Safe Cruise Parking and We Park in Miami. These are just two of many options.

Many cruise lines have contracts to dock at the Port of Miami, including Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Virgin Voyages, and Disney Cruise Line.

There is plenty to do in the area, like visiting the famous Wynwood, Miami neighborhood, most famous for it’s mural walls. Or heading to South Beach to start your pre-cruise vacation in the sand.

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Anchorage Ak Cruise Terminal

Many cruise ships to Anchorage AK actually dock in Whittier and transport their passengers to Anchorage on bus excursions. Whittier is approx 100 km from Anchorage, accessible by road and train.

At Port Anchorage, passengers can use bus shuttle service , taxis and rental cars downtown. Shore excursions also leave from the cruise terminal.

Misty Fjords National Monument

A great gem of the wilderness outside of Ketchikan is Misty Fjords National Monument. To visit this remote location, youll need to take a boat tour or a floatplane when choosing excursions, youll find that excursions of both kinds are offered by most cruise lines.

All told, this wild area covers 2.2 million acres it was proclaimed a national monument by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.

Trips to Misty Fjords include wildlife viewing, photography, and fishing. Experienced guides will explain the ecology of the area and youll witness breathtaking views on your journey.

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How Do I Get Between Anchorage And My Cruise Ship

One-way Alaska cruises either begin or end one of two towns near Anchorage: Whittier or Seward. Traveling between Whittier or Seward and Anchorage is easy. Both are connected by road and rail. Whittier is about 60 miles southeast of Anchorage, a drive of roughly an hour and a half. Seward is about 120 miles southeast of Anchorage, about a three hour drive, on the Kenai Peninsula.

Many cruise companies provide transportation from these ports to Anchorage, and many local companies offer cruise transfers as well. Consider planning a little extra time for the transfer day there are many attractions and activities worth visiting along the way.

You can also hop aboard the Alaska Railroad. Passenger trains depart both towns daily headed for Anchorage, and the train is a memorable way to get to your destination and enjoy some of the sights along the way.

Where To Get Coffee In Sitka

Cruise ships return to Seattle

Highliner Coffee Local hangout with fast wifi, Highliner servers coffee and espresso, plus baked goods, soups and sandwiches.

Back Door Café Literally located at the back door of Old Harbor Books, you can also enter around the back of the building, in the alley. In addition to terrific coffee and assorted teas, they also make fresh pies, cakes, soups and one lunch entreé.

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Getting Around Icy Strait Point Alaska

Everything in Icy Strait is within a 10-15 minute walk, so there are rental cars or taxis. Most transportation is booked through excursions, but there may be a few locals offering rides, trying to capitalize on cruise passengers.

There is a Bike Excursion offered at Icy Strait, through the port, but bikes are not available for rent if you dont take the excursion.

Embark On A Dog Sledding Ride

Looking for thrilling adventure that is unique, try out being a musher on a dog sledding ride. On this excursion will enjoy a scenic helicopter ride up to the glacier to visit the dog sledding camp.

You will get to meet professional mushers and their dogs. Afterwards, you will experience flying across the glacier on a dog sled ride.

You can choose to try your hand at mushing or just sit back and relax on the ride. No matter which you choose, this is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Pro Tip: There are two different versions for the dog sledding rides. One is up on the glacier and the other is at the dog training camp where the ride is on a dirt path. Make sure the one you choose is for the experience you want.

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Cruise Line Shore Excursions In Ketchikan

The favorite excursion in Ketchikan is actually shopping–whether for jewelry, souvenirs or Alaskan artworks. As a rule, the excursions offered in Ketchikan last no more than 5 hours, which means that you can enjoy an excursion and also do some shopping while you’re in port.

When choosing a shore excursion in Ketchikan, just remember it’s likely to rain while you’re exploring the area. Make sure you take your rain gear with you, even if it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Ketchikan isn’t the spot to look for glaciers–that’s Juneau. But it is a great place to learn about the culture of the Native peoples–the Tlingits, Haida and Tsimshian. It’s also a great place to explore, whether Misty Fjords, the George Inlet, the Tongass National Forest, or the city itself. There’s also the bears, fishing, flightseeing in a floatplane, Canopy tours, the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show and the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour. Have fun in Ketchikan!

Click on any of the tiles below to see the Shore Excursions offered by the Big 6 cruise lines.

Faq About Cruise Destination Juneau

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What will the weather be like? No idea! Thats the best answer we can give you. We notice that even the weather forecast is wrong all the time and weather can change rapidly. Be prepared for sunshine and rain and you should be good.

Do I need a fishing license? Yes, only if you are 16 or older. You can purchase licenses and permits online. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website www. adding.alaska.gov for information about license.

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Ketchikan Alaska Cruise Port

As the Salmon Capital of the World Ketchikan is one of the top cruise ports in the United States. While you can book a flight to Ketchikan through a 90-minute flight from Seattle, the easiest way to get to Ketchikan is through an ocean cruise from either Anchorage, Seattle, or Vancouver.

Most major cruise lines offer sailings to Ketchikan during the Alaskan cruise season, between April and September. Popular cruise lines visiting Ketchikan include Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, and Celebrity Cruises.

One of the best things to do in Ketchikan is exploring the nearby Misty Fjords National Monument. This stunning Alaskan landscape stretches over 3 million acres and is the spot to find moose, sea lions, killer and humpback whales, wolverines, and much more!

Another fantastic Ketchikan activity is seeking out the Ketchikan totem poles. This beautiful Alaskan cruise port is home to the largest collection of totem poles in the world, each representing a unique story of the local native tribes.

When you are visiting Ketchikan, make sure to try some of the best salmon in the world. There are plenty of street vendors located downtown offering free samples. Overall, Ketchikan is truly one of the most remarkable ports in the United States, perfect for any cruising adventure.

Masks Mandated Onboard And Casinos Limited To The Vaccinated

Royal Caribbean, like all of the other big-ship cruise lines operating in Alaska this year, is requiring crews to be vaccinated and passengers 12 and older to be vaccinated. The company is asking passengers to show proof of that vaccination, such as a copy of their vaccination card.

Because Royal Caribbean expects to carry families with children, its not guaranteeing the vaccination standard that allows it to avoid a test voyage. Salerno said its reasonable to expect 90% instead.

Even with vaccinations required, the company has a long list of rules onboard: Masks are mandated and seats are spaced apart. Dining rooms are segregated into spaces for vaccinated people and groups including unvaccinated individuals. The onboard spa and gym facilities are available at selected times for unvaccinated and vaccinated people. Onboard casinos were limited to the vaccinated.

The procedures onboard are probably the most stringent of any you would find in a comparable environment onshore, Salerno said. I would say these ships are as healthy as they can humanly be.

The CDC is also requiring port cities and states to come up with response plans to deal with possible outbreaks. In Southeast Alaska, cruise towns like Skagway dont have the medical facilities to treat even 20 sick people.

Its kind of an unlikely scenario, but we know we dont have enough room if there was a major outbreak, Skagway Mayor Cremata said.


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Wifi And Cell Service In Sitka

Sitka offers free wifi in many downtown locations. Remember, no matter how remote Alaska feels, youre still in the United States. Whatever phone carrier you have at home, should provide service in Sitka. AT& T has the best reception in most areas in town. The local wifi service is provided by GCI and isnt always have the best connectivity.

Things To Do In Icy Strait Point Alaska

Things To Do On A Cruise Ship to Alaska, Exploring Juneau Cruise Port and Mt Roberts Tramway

Hiking hiking and walking trails are clearly marked, taking you around the shoreline and into and around forests and lakes see the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska

Historic Cannery Museum see the history of fish canning through equipment and demonstrations a guided tour is available

Native Heritage Center watch the Huna Tlingit Dancers in elaborate costumes enact their heritage and culture through storytelling, dance and song.

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Seward Cruise Transfers By Motorcoach

If you are traveling with Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Regent Seven Seas Cruises you will sail from the port in Seward. The motor coach trip between Anchorage and Seward covers 125 miles and generally takes less than three hours. This transfer features fantastic Alaska scenery. The Park Connection offers twice daily transportation to Seward. For guests traveling to a cruise ship, we recommend our afternoon departure from the Dena’ina Civic Center. This transfer will drop you off directly at the cruise ship dock. If your vacation plans allow for more time in Alaska, the transfer to Seward is also available from Denali or Talkeetna.

Relax And Enjoy A Meal

At the end of a long day, or even amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy vacation, sometimes its nice to just sit down with your travel companions to relax and enjoy a good meal and a tall drink. One great way to help support small businesses in Ketchikan is to visit and patronize local restaurants.

There are a wide variety of these establishments near the cruise ship docks. Many or even most of them offer Alaskan fare including caribou burgers and a vast variety of local salmon and seafood dishes. Bon appetit!

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Dining In Icy Strait Point Alaska

There are three restaurants, a snack bar & amp cafe. The cuisine is delicious and simple, served by friendly locals in a warm environment. Fresh seafood is, of course, a specialty.

The Cookhouse Restaurant Waterfront Outdoor dining specialties include: Halibut & amp Chips, Hoonah Fish Taco, & amp Caribou Sliders

The Landing Zone Bar & amp Grill Located at the base of the ZipRider watch your friends and family on the tv screen as they step off the zipline platform traditional bar and grill cuisine with a twist try the Caribou chili!

The Crab Station watch the staff take the fresh Dungeness crab from the boat to the cleaning table and into the restaurant to be cooked and served as fresh and you can get! Enjoy the scenery while eating out on the dock!

Mug Up! Espresso & amp Snack Bar located inside the Fish House Excursion Lounge grab a latte and a sandwich, then have a delicious baked good for desert.

Icy Strait Point/hoonah Most Unique Alaska Cruise Port

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Juneau Alaska / Https ...

Icy Strait Point near the town of Hoonah is a unique port in Southeast Alaska. Icy Strait Point was converted from a cannery for cruise ships by the Huna Totem Corporation and is Huna Tlingit owned and operated. The vast majority of employees are Huna Tlingit who live in the town of Hoonah.

At Icy Strait Point you can explore the museum in a historic cannery, walk the nature trails, eat delicious seafood and book one of the many tours offered. Tours include whale watching, trips to look for bears around Chichagof Island, ziplining and off road adventures. If you have the chance to go, dont miss out on this truly unique Alaska cruise port, theres nothing like it anywhere else!

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