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What Cruise Lines Go Out Of Bayonne Nj

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What Is Cape Liberty Cruise Port

Coronavirus fears come to Port of Bayonne as cruise ship passengers tested

Owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Cape Liberty Cruise Port is a passenger terminal for various cruise ships. The cruise port maintains a busy schedule throughout the year. Cruise ships depart from Bayonne, NJ. The main one is the Royal Caribbean International, and the other two cruise lines are Celebrity Cruises and TUI Cruises.;

Kuhls Sports Bar And Grill

This gem of Bayonne is known for its excellent service. Locals have pleasant things to say about the food found here. Of particular note is the thin crust pizza which has the perfect sauce.

If pizza isnt your thing then the wings and mussels are equally as delectable. The atmosphere is known to be casual and comfortable. The only downside is that they dont deliver, but youre in luck! Kuhls is only 10 minutes from Cape Liberty Cruise Port. Find out more details right here.

Cape Liberty Cruise Port Parking Information

If you drive to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port, you want the best place to park your car. Fortunately for private car drivers, there is a safe and secure place to park your vehicle next to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port terminal. It is not free. The cost to park at Bayonne Cruise Port is $25 per day, and this includes tax. Parking fees can be paid by cash or any major credit card. The parking garage is 750 feet from the Cape Liberty Bayonne, New Jersey terminal entrance.;

There is no need to reserve a spot to park in the Cape Liberty facility. There is guaranteed parking. If a vehicle takes up more than one space, you are charged double the normal parking fee. The parking garage has a height limit of 7 4. If your vehicle exceeds, you are allowed to park in the open parking lot next to the garage. Off-site parking facilities are not affiliated with Cape Liberty Cruise Port.;

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Tips For Luggage And Passenger Drop

The lounge opens for pre-boarding procedures at 10:30am, but only ticketed passengers will be allowed in the terminal building. Be sure to arrive at the time you are given on your sailing documents. Be there at least 90 minutes before departure time, or you may be denied access to your ship.

To make the check-in process smoother, you will need to complete your online pre-registration at least five days before cruise day.

Any self-carry luggage must be no bigger than 23 x 16. Anything larger must be checked in through the porter delivery service.

Zones 1-5 are located directly in front of the terminal and are specifically for dropping off luggage or passengers. This makes it easy if you have a lot of passengers travelling with you: just drop them off, go park your car, and then take the shuttle back to the terminal.

Cruise Lines That Use Cape Liberty

Cruise ship that sailed out of Bayonne sees some ...

Cape Liberty Cruise Port provides year-round cruising via Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises. If you havent yet selected your cruise, now is the time to learn a little bit about the cruises that sail out of Cape Liberty.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd: Royal Caribbeans Anthem of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas both ship out of Cape Liberty. Cruises on either vessel are sure to offer you and your group tons of fun while sailing the ocean. You can take your choice of cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean islands, or tour Canada and New England shores.

While on board you can experience sky diving simulators, water slides, bumper cars, fine dining, and more.

Celebrity Cruise Lines: Celebrity Summit by Celebrity Cruises picks you up at Cape Liberty Cruise Port and takes you on whatever Caribbean excursion you want. If the Caribbean islands is not your thing, they also have cruises that take you to Bermuda. Enjoy tropical beaches and islands no matter where you decide to go.

And on board, you can enjoy the best ballet selections, luxury accommodations, gambling, and the finest in culinary experiences.

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View All Cruises From Cape Liberty Nj

Where can I eat near the Cape Liberty Cruise Port?

Although there are no restaurants near the port, the nearby city of Newark has every restaurant and type of food imaginable. Additionally, there is a food truck with coffee, bagels, and other delicious bites outside the entrance of the cruise terminal, which is convenient for those departing on cruises from New Jersey.

Whats the culture & history of the Cape Liberty cruise port?

Conveniently located in Lower New York Harbor, the Cape Liberty Cruise Port was originally created by private developers in 1930 who intended it for industrial use. However, the ideal location and sheer size of the port made it an ideal candidate for use by the U.S. Navy in WWII. The peninsula upon which the port sits off the eastern end of Bayonne Bay is man-made. In 2003, the BLRA and Royal Caribbean International announced their agreement to turn the 430-acre port into a cruise terminal, and in 2013 Royal Caribbean International built a brand new, sleek, and innovative cruise terminal featuring LED lighting and modern design.

Where can I go shopping near the port?

Since the cruise port sits on a peninsula off the mainland, there are no shopping options in proximity to the port, besides a kiosk with basic essentials in the cruise terminal. About a 20-minute drive from the port, guests can find TJ Maxx and Walmart for last-minute cruise essentials.

How can I get around New Jersey?

Cape Liberty New Jersey Cruise Port Guide

Less than an hours drive from Manhattan, Cape Liberty port boasts unparalleled views of the New York City skyline and the famous Statue of Liberty. Before or after your cruise from New Jersey, spend a few days in New York dining at the citys legendary restaurants, taking in a Broadway show, and exploring its iconic landmarks.

From Cape Liberty, sail to the pink sands of Bermuda and experience the charms of Newport and Charleston. Embark on a transatlantic cruise that stops in Canada, Greenland, and Iceland. Or discover the rich culture and lush landscapes of the Southern Caribbean islands.


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Getting To Cape Liberty

There are various routes to follow to Cape Liberty Cruise Port, including coach transfers, hotel shuttles, taxis, private cars, trains, and buses. While these are not free, there are ways to save. Planning avoids hassles on the departure day. Many passengers fly to Newark Airport or other airports that are near the New Jersey cruise terminal. From Newark Airport, they travel to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port to begin their New Jersey cruise.;

Here is information on ground transportation methods to Cape Liberty, whether you are local or have flown into the area from Newark Airport in Newark or another airport.

Views Of New York City

Coronavirus concern in New Jersey: Ship with 12 quarantined passengers arrives in Bayonne

No, you wont be inNew York City. But you will get incredible views of the skyline. And, if youreso inclined, Manhattan and Hoboken are both a quick cab ride away. You couldeasily spend some time being a tourist before your cruise if you dont live inthe area. Or you could just enjoy the view.

A lot of people haveno desire to visit NYC. Whether they dislike crowds or just arent that intobig cities, there are plenty of reasons why being in the city might beunpleasant for some people. That would make taking a cruise out of Brooklyn abit of a nightmare.

To do that youd haveto get a hotel in the city, which can be a nightmare itself. Cruising out ofNew Jersey gives you lots of places you can stay that arent in New York, butyoull still get to see it from a distance. For some of us, thats the best wayto see. Plus, as your ship departs, youll be cruising past NYC.

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Faq On Things To Do In Bayonne Nj

What is the closest thing to do near the Cape Liberty Cruise Port?

The closest must-see site and the first stop on anyones visit to Bayonne NJ is the Teardrop Memorial. It is located in a park about 2 minutes from Cape Liberty Cruise Port if you are driving or 5 minutes if you are walking. The monument was a gift to the United States from the Russian government as a show of solidarity regarding the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001.Originally the monument was gifted to the local government of Jersey City but the gift was rejected, after which it was moved to its current location in Bayonne. It is a 10-story sculpture created by Zurab Tsereteli. From this location, you can see the New York City skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty, the former location of the Twin Towers and a gorgeous view of the New York Harbor.

How far is Manhattan from Bayonne, New Jersey?

The direct distance between Manhattan and Bayonne NJ is 11 miles but if you are traveling via roads then the distance is closer to 15 miles. If you are traveling without a car then the cheapest and fastest way to get from Bayonne NJ to Manhattan is public transport.If you decide to take public transport then a bus ride will cost you anywhere from $1 to $5 and the trip will take approximately 23 minutes. The bus leaves from Jfk Blvd at 8th St and arrives at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, departing every 30 minutes and operating every day.

Is there a ferry from Jersey City to Manhattan?

Cruises Out Of New Jersey: Essential Pros And Cons

Read these essential pros and cons on cruises out of New Jersey from the popular Cape Liberty cruise port in Bayonne across from Manhattan.

New Jersey probablyisnt the first place that comes to mind when you think of going on a cruise.Even if you live in the area, you might assume that to board a cruise shipyoud need to drive into Brooklyn. The truth is that cruise ports, likeairports, have been built in just about any large city that can host one.

The main reason why so many people dont realize that New Jersey has a cruise port is that its relatively new. The Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal began operations in 2004, and prior to that it was a Naval base. Meanwhile, cruise terminals in New York City, Los Angeles, and several other places along both coasts have been operating for decades.

Anytime yourelooking into booking a cruise, you have to make a decision about which port youwant to sail from. Every cruise port has its pros and cons, and Cape Liberty isno different. Well cover the essential things you need to know about the CapeLiberty and the cruises that leave from it. Read on to learn all the pros andcons of cruises out of New Jersey.

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Stress Factory Comedy Club

You can never go wrong with a night of laughter and comedy. Just 35 minutes out from Bayonne NJ is the Stress Factory Comedy Club where you can see live comedy shows while enjoying a nice dinner with friends and family.

The club is conveniently located close by a parking garage within walking distance of a train station and hospital in case of emergency.

Cruise Ship Restart News: September 3 2021

Royal Caribbean passengers, ship will undergo thorough ...

As the summer winds down, most re-launching cruise ships are setting sail on Saturday and Sunday. We will be publishing our weekly updates on Fridays to alert you to which ships are debuting over the weekend.

Get all the details about ship launches and simulated voyages with Cruise.blogs master list of 2021-2022 debut sailings.

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Nyc Manhattan Cruise Terminal

The Manhattan passenger terminal is on Hudson River , located is between West 44 and West 52 streets. Both Newark International Airport and;LaGuardia Airport are located approx;15 ml ;away, while JFK International Airport is approx 20 ml ;away.

This NYC cruise terminal has 3;wharves Pier 88 , Pier 90 , and Pier 92 . They can accommodate up to 5 cruise liners simultaneously and each has fully-functioning passenger terminal building. Manhattan terminal serves NCL Norwegian, Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America. At;Pier 92s south side;dock large liners.

In early 2017, NYC Economic Development Corporation selected Ports America as long-term cruise ship terminal operator for both Brooklyn and Manhattan , Ports America also supplies cruise ship provisions for vessels docked at Pier 92.

At the top of all the piers there is a building with dedicated parking lots, snackbars, restrooms, check-in, VIP areas, customs, newsstands.

  • Address: Manhattan Terminal, 711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019
  • Manhattan Terminal parking: daily parking rate , overnight rate . Theparking rate for multiple days is $20 daily.

Cruises From New Jersey

With the best deals on cruises from NJ, you are in the right place to find your next cruise getaway. Cruises from New Jersey range from 5 to 12 days and include destinations such as the Bahamas and the Caribbean. You can cruise from New Jersey to Canada, or even do cruises to Bermuda. However, if you would like to stay closer to home, how about a short round trip tour for few days to New England. You have a range of options, to suit most budgets when you book a cruise from Bayonne, New Jersey. Royal Caribbean is one of the top cruise lines that sail from Cape Liberty.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Highlights

  • An incredible company that has been in operation since 1969.
  • A well-known name in the cruise line industry, with service standards that accompany their length of time in the industry.
  • Winner of a plethora of service awards, including “Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean,””Best Cruise Line Overall,” and “Best Cruise Ship Symphony of the Seas.”
  • Amazing rooms in various sizes available for all of your accommodation needs and party sizes.
  • Breathtaking views, offering you uninterrupted views of the water, the shores, and all of the beautiful sights of each destination.
  • Unmatched customer service to make your trip a relaxing and unforgettable experience.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides to accompany you to places that you might have never heard of.
  • Lots of space to explore and get to know the ship.

Royal Caribbean Explorer Of The Seas

Cruise Ship Delayed In Bayonne Port Amid Coronavirus Testing

The Explorer sails from Bayonne almost weekly to Bermuda, the Bahamas or the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, with additional sailings to New England and maritime Canada in the fall. Sailings range from five to 14 nights. This massive ship has 15 decks and can hold nearly 4,000 passengers. It features all of Royal Caribbean’s widely advertised amenities on board, including rock-climbing, a skating rink and mini-golf. Guests can sleep in one of four categories of staterooms featuring two twin beds, up to the 1,100-square-foot Royal Suite that sleeps up to four with a full living room and balcony.

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What Is The Status Of Us Cruise Homeports

As the U.S. starts its slow return to normal, keeping track of which U.S. homeports are open and hosting cruise ships is getting increasingly difficult. Some ports are technically open, but have no sailings planned; others are provisioning ships and processing crew members for vaccinations, but are not yet welcoming passengers.

To make sense of it all, we compiled a list of;the major U.S. cruise homeports and their current cruise status.

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Port Of Cape Liberty Parking

Getting to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port is the easy part. The hard part is then finding a place to park that wont kill your travel budget. The Port does offer parking for cruise passengers, but that is going to run you about $22 per day, which can get expensive if your cruise is for a week or more. If you have an oversized vehicle, such as a camper or RV, the price per day is $44.

The benefit of parking at the port is that they dont require you to make a reservation to get a spot.

If you want something cheaper, there are other parking options in the New York and New Jersey area that you can consider.

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Nyc Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Located across Governors Island, Brooklyn NYC cruise port terminal is in Red Hook. LaGuardia Airport is 12 miles away, Newark International Airport 16 miles away and JFK International Airport is 20 miles away.

Brooklyn New York cruise ship terminal used to be a cargo port. You will get very industrial feel. The terminal building on Pier 12 is a new one. The facilities are vending machines, check-in, restrooms and customs. There is a parking area with 500 spots. Brooklyn New York cruise port terminal can accommodate only one ship.;It serves Princess Cruises and Cunard ships.

  • Address: “Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Pier 12, Brooklyn, NY 11231”
  • Brooklyn;Terminal parking rates : $35 daily.

Park & Cruise Hotels Nearby

Liberty Of The Seas, Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal, Bayonne ...

If you decide to fly in the night before your cruise, youll be looking for a place to stay. We recommend staying in a hotel thats on the New Jersey side of the river. This is so you dont have to worry about bridge traffic, and itll be easier to get to and from the cruise port.

Weve compiled a few hotel recommendations for you, starting with the ones that are the closest to the cruise port. These are just a few options available and by no means is it an extensive list. These are just the ones we recommend.

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