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Are Meals Included On Disney Cruises

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Disney Cruise Club Edge

Disney Cruise – What’s Included and What’s Not Included?

Edge is the Disney Cruise tween club. This is not as much of a perk as Oceaneer Lab and Club because tweens dont require as much childcare, but Edge is a great way for kids to meet others their own age so they dont have to hang out with their lame parents the whole week.

Edge has guided Disney Cruise teenager activities, like something called Thats Hilarious. Mainly though, it has a lot of screens. The schedule of guided Disney Cruise Edge activities is posted in the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.

Disney Cruise Pool Dream

1. Aquaduck An awesome Disney Cruise Line water slide that runs around the top of the ship

2. Donalds Pool Basic pool with a view of a large screen that plays movies

3. Funnel Puddle Wading pool

4. Disney Cruise Mickey Pool Pool with a small Disney Cruise pool slide

5. Nemos Reef Disney Dream Splash pad

6. Quiet Cove Pool Adult only pool

7. Satellite Falls Adult only wading pool

Virtual Sports Disney Cruise Ship Simulators

You can book Disney Cruise simulators that range from $13 to $49 per session as of the time of this writing.

Should you care?: Maybe. Given all the other screens they manage to make available, it seems they could make these available free of charge. Regardless, there are plenty of other things to do. You can definitely skip the Disney Cruise sports simulators.

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Disney Cruise Port Excursions

Are excursions included on Disney Cruises? No, activities off the ship are not included. Disney Cruise excursion prices vary wildly depending upon your selection.

You can book these Disney Cruise port activities directly, although, dont. Even if they are booked directly, the vast majority of them are run by independent companies that are just giving the mouse a cut.

You dont really need to do Disney Cruise shore activities at all. A Disney Cruise without excursions can be just as enjoyable. In fact, we do them less than half the time. If youre feeling adventurous and dont have a car seat issue, get off the ship, find a cab, and tell the driver to show you his or her hometown.

Should you care?: No. It would be nice if port excursions were included, but since these are not operated directly, I dont think its reasonable to expect them to be.

Are There Set Disney Cruise Dining Times

Do Disney Cruises Include Food? Your Guide To Whats ...

When you or your travel agent book a cruise, there is an option for Main Seating, which is between 5:45 PM and 6:15 PM and Second Seating, which is between 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM. You do not have to eat dinner at the main dining rooms though, you have the option of eating dinner at Cabanas, the buffet restaurant, or any of the other quick-service type locations on the upper decks by the pool.

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You Dont Have To Spend More

First of all, you should know that it is absolutely possible to step foot on a Disney Cruise ship and not have to purchase another thing for your entire voyage .

Everything you need is provided for you. The free activities, shows, games, clubs and lounges will keep you entertained. Pools and sundecks provide plenty of relaxation. And the food? Theres plenty of it for free all over the ship.

However…There are plenty of additional activities to tempt you to spend your money while on your cruise. Let’s take a look at what’s included and what’s not.

What Type Of Food Is Offered

There is such a variety of food options on Disney Cruise restaurants. The main buffet restaurant, Cabanas, offers traditional breakfast and lunch options, the main dining rooms all have a certain type of cuisine from Pacific Northwest to French to Caribbean. You can find fresh seafood, Italian food, Asian cuisine, and even simple grilled options.

For those that are looking for a specific dish, you can always ask your server to see if they can accommodate you. That also goes for those people that have any food allergies or dietary preferences. Disney is wonderful with dietary needs and allergies and will take it very seriously. There is a separate kitchen for food allergies to ensure that guests can safely enjoy their food without worry.

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Pools And Water Areas

The ships are well themed, and the water areas are no exception. Some areas are better than others, so be flexible. Disney Cruise Line swimming pools tend to have the same vibe as Times Square on New Years Eve, while the splash pads feel more like a weekday at a trampoline park.

There are lifeguards on duty. There are also life jackets to borrow if you need them.

Swim diapers are not allowed in pools on any line, but they are allowed in splash pads.

The water areas vary by the ship. As of the time of this writing, the following are offered:

What Time Is Dinner Served On Disney Cruise Ships

What is Included In The Cost Of A Disney Cruise?

Each evening on a Disney cruise, there are two seatings for dinner, the main or early seating, and the second or late seating. The early seating begins sometime between 5:45 PM and 6:15 PM . The late seating begins between 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM.

Your assigned seating time will be noted on the dining tickets youll find in your stateroom on embarkation day.

Want to change your seating time for your cruise? You can submit a request through DCLs Planning Center.

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Room Service Is Included On Your Disney Cruise

Room service is completely free onboard Disney Cruise Line! This is something that other cruise lines charge for, but not Disney. You can also get room service 24 hours a day, which is perfect if you get a late night or very early craving. One of my favorite things to order from room service is simply chocolate chip cookies. They have big cookies, and they come warm, so its the perfect pick me up. One thing to keep in mind is that while room service is free its customary to tip the delivery person a few dollars.

Disney Cruise Line Dining

Disney Cruise Line® dining is sure to satisfy the appetites of your entire familythanks to fresh, expertly prepared dishes made available 24 hours a day. Featuring diverse menus inspired by some of the worlds most intriguing destinations, and restaurants that are distinctly themed and brimming with charm, its the finest dining at sea.

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Featured dining options include:

  • Main Dining Disneys innovative Rotational Dining system lets you rotate to one of 3 distinctly themed restaurants each night, while your servers follow you from venue to venue. There are 2 dinner seatings each night of your cruise. Specific times will vary based on itinerary, dinner is served at approximately 5:45 PM and 8:15 PM . You are invited to select a seating time, based on availability, when you book your cruise.
  • Adult Exclusive Dining adults 18 and older can enjoy the magic of a more romantic and elegant dining experience during their vacation.

Other on-board food and beverage options include:

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What Is Included On The Disney Dream

When you start researching a Disney Cruise, or cruises in general, you might get a little sticker shocked. They arent an inexpensive vacation, its true. BUT think of it like an all-inclusive resort. Youre paying for the entire trip up front and anything beyond that is just extra. Plus, on a Disney Cruise you get all the magic that you come to expect from Disney: friendly and helpful staff, pristine accommodations, great food, and tons of Disney Magic! Let me list out what you will get with the initial cost:

Disney Cruise Stateroom Split Layout Bathroom

Whats Included on a Disney Cruise?  Food, Activities and ...

The Disney Cruise ship staterooms are more functional than those of most other lines. They have a split design with a separate toilet and shower so two people can take care of business at the same time.

A lot of the Disney Cruise stateroom bathrooms have bathtubs instead of just a shower, a relatively rare find on a ship.

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique And Pirates League Are Not Included On The Cruise Just Like On Land

Yes, just like on land, princess makeovers are an additional cost not included in the cruise fare. In addition to princess makeovers, onboard Disney cruises you can also get a pirate or captain makeover as well. On special cruises like the Star Wars Day At Sea cruises, you could also get a Star Wars makeover. And these makeovers dont have to be just for the kids adults can join too for some of the options.

Princes range from as low as $45.00 for a pirate makeover up to over $450.00 for a specialty princess makeover. I have included a list of the current options below. However, pricing and options available are always subject to change. So make sure to check your My Disney Cruise account online to make a reservation and check availability.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and The Pirates League are open from 9am 9pm daily onboard each ship. Appointments can be scheduled from 5pm 9pm on the first day of the cruise, and anytime from 9am- 9pm on any other cruise day. However, on Pirate Night appointments may only be scheduled until 8:30pm.

Appointments are first-come, first served and space is very limited. I highly recommend booking online in advance as soon as possible. Make sure to reference the booking window chart at the beginning of the article to determine exactly when you can book. I also recommend thinking about the makeover package that you will choose in advance as well. You can view all of the options on Disneys Cruise Line website at this link.

Why Would You Want To Take Advantage Of Free Disney Cruise Room Service

Well, sometimes it is hard to get moving early in the morning. Having breakfast or even just coffee brought to your room is a great way to start the day.

During the day, you might find that you just want to take a nap and avoid the lunch rush all together. A fresh fruit bowl is something nice to keep in your stateroom daily.

I cant imagine missing a dinner, but if you dont want a big meal, you can order dinner in your room as well.

For those of you that have late dining, you might want to get a snack to tide you over. In that case, I would suggest the cheese platter!

Want a snack brought to your room before bed , consider a cookie

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Remy Offers Four Dining Experiences: Champagne Brunch Dinner Dessert And Petites Assiettes De Remy You Can Also Do A Wine Pairing Experience

Unfortunately, my family and I were unable to get a reservation for this one-day only day-at-sea event. We rushed to book one of the 20-something spots, and settled for spots on the waitlist. Youre supposed to be able to book an experience at Remy at least 75 days in advance , but we were unable to and tried to book it the first day onboard.

While I was unable to actually experience this, I know eating at Remy would be a highlight for any cruisers time onboard. Remy, a French restaurant on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, is a luxury dining experience that has a surcharge. The chefs, Arnaud Lallement, who worked at three-star Michelin restaurant lAssiette Champenoise, and Disneys Victoria & Alberts Scott Hunnel developed the menu together. The food includes duck, elk, Kobe beef, and a cheese trolley. A trolley. For cheese.

The prices at Remy per person are: $95 for dinner $60 for brunch $55 for the dessert experience $50 for the Petites Assiettes de Remy and $105 f0r the wine pairing experience.

Disney Cruise Ship Childrens Programs

Disney Cruise Line – All That’s Included

The Disney cruise ship childrens programs are fabulous the only difficult thing about the will probably be getting your child to leave them! These are all free for the programs for children 3 years and older.

If your child is aged from 12 weeks to 3 years old then the Flounders Reef Nursery is available at an extra charge.

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Disney Cruise Food: Your Ultimate Guide To Disney Cruise Restaurants

Disney Cruise food is nothing like the food found at the Disney parks! While there have been notable improvements in Disney World and Disneylands dining menus, the Disney Cruise restaurants rarely fall short. The abundance of food, the quality, attention to detail, theming, and the variety found in the Disney Cruise restaurants are unparalleled! If you are looking for a Disney Cruise food dining guide that lists all the dining areas in the ships, menus, reviews, plus some frequently asked questions you have come to the right spot.

Disney Cruise Gluten Free Dietary Restrictions

The staff accommodates food allergies and dietary restrictions like no other. I have to eat gluten free, and it isnt really that big of a pain . There are tons of gluten free options on Disney Cruise Line and plenty of employees who know how to prevent cross contamination.

Some with more mild allergies would argue they go a tad overboard. I had a manager called to take my order or hand me a cup of yogurt on several occasions when a regular employee would have been more than capable. Im sure those with severe allergies appreciate the attention to detail. Disney World is just as paranoid thorough.

At dinner, servers show you menus for the following evening. You can often pre-order something to meet your needs that would not in its natural state.

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Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Guide:

DCL has several categories of staterooms including inside cabins, ocean view cabins, balcony cabins, and some suites .

Balcony and ocean view rooms can come in standard and deluxe/family variants that include more space.

Similarly, you can sail Concierge class on Disney and have access to well-appointed staterooms as well as one-bedroom suites .

Sailing Concierge is a topic for another article, as the cost of Concierge is sometimes twice as much as a comparable stateroom on DCL, but also includes several additional amenities.

Disney is known for having some of the most spacious staterooms at sea, even for inside cabins.

The added square footage plays to Disneys core demographic, families allowing in some cases families of five to fit comfortably in a single stateroom.

Aside from square footage, most Disney staterooms have split bathrooms with one bathroom containing a tub/shower and sink, and the other containing a second sink and toilet.

While that may not seem like a big deal, having two sinks can make getting ready for dinner as a family or a couple much easier.

Disney cabins are also known for having lots of space for storage, which again comes in handy for families.

Staterooms are usually cleaned twice per day, with a morning clean-up and a night turn down replete with Ghirardelli chocolates and towel animals.

Cut The Cost of Your Disney Cruise 6 Budget Booking Tips

Disney Cruise Royal Court Tea Party

What is and Isn

This is very expensive Disney Cruise character dining with princesses. How much is Royal Court Tea on Disney Cruise line, you ask? As of the time of this writing, Royal Court Tea Disney Cruise costs $220 per child and $69 per adult. Each child leaves with several Disney Cruise gifts. I have heard good things about this tea, so the added expense may be worth it to you.

Should you care?: Maybe. I certainly dont, but I only have boys who dont care about princesses. There are plenty of other free opportunities to meet princesses, so I dont think skipping this will make or break your childs Disney Cruise vacation.

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Shows & Entertainment Are Included On Your Disney Cruise

One of the things Disney Cruise Line is known for is its world-class entertainment. They have some of the best shows throughout all of the ships worldwide. Not only does Disney Cruise Line have shows you will not be able to see anywhere else, each DCL ship has unique offerings- a new show for every ship! All of the stage shows are included in the price of your cruise, and, unlike other cruise lines, you dont have to reserve seats in advance of your cruise. You can just show up a little bit early to get your seat before the show.

In addition to theater shows, DCL has tons of onboard entertainment onboard, including sail away shows, crafts, cooking demonstrations, There is also a movie theater onboard each ship where you can see first-run movies, even premieres if youre onboard on a day when a movie is released. There are also lots of games to be found, such as trivia and the Mid-Ship Detective Agency.

While there are some charges for entertainment such as Bingo onboard, just about everything else is included in the price of your cruise. And you get to take advantage of the fantastic cruise staff while youre doing it.

Towel making classes are one of the complimentary classes onboard.

3D Paper Folding Crafts are one of the many complimentary classes offered onboard

The Current Process Of Ordering Quick Service Food Onboard The Disney Fantasy

If youre someone who enjoys stopping at the quick service dining locations aboard the Disney cruise ships, I thought wed take a peek at the measures currently in place to ensure that everyones safe while grabbing their French fries. Im currently sailing on the Disney Fantasy on a gifted cruise that being said, Ill be sharing my honest observations and thoughts.

Gone are the days of lining up at the individual quick service windows currently on the Disney Fantasy, guests are asked to line up in one centralized queue while maintaining physical distancing. Once you reach the beginning of the line, a crew member will ask you to use the hand sanitizer station and will then ask you what food items youd like to order and instruct you to approach a certain counter. If theres a person already ordering from that counter, the crew member will ask you to wait on a physical distancing dot until its your turn to step up and order.

Guests can order all quick service food items at every window windows are not currently specific to the food items listed on the coordinating menu boards.

If youre a fan of the toppings bar, be warned that its not currently in use. Daily specials, along with fan-favorite pizzas, fresh fruit, and standard fare, are still offered at the windows.

Whats your favorite quick service snack to enjoy onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships?

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