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Where Do Viking River Cruises Go

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Five Days Were Spent Cruising Along The Southern Edge Of England From The Cornish Coast Up To The Irish Sea

Chinese Superstitions

The itinerary was called Scenic British Isles. We had two ports of call, aka shore days, in Liverpool and Falmouth.

The scenic route was a gentle way to ease back into cruising. At anchor off Falmouth, I almost could have sworn I was in Bermuda due to the blue skies, calm waters, and sail boats bobbing in the bay.

Where Does Viking River Cruises Dock

We are taking a Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam. Can anyone tell me where the boat docks and how easy/difficult it will be to get from the boat to Central Station as we wish to explore on our own? Thanks in advance.

The river boat cruise terminal is very close to the Central Station see the following 2 pictures:Itâs a 5 minutes walk to the main entrance of the station . Well, at the city side, itâs not much better, due to the construction of the new metro underground station.Enjoy your exploration of Amsterdam,PJ

Thank you Pieter! We have a few months before our trip so perhaps the construction will be done.

It wonât be 2012 in a few months, haha!Itâs not as bad as it sounds .On the possitive side: thereâs a free exhibition in the station about all the works and findings on the new metro line.PJ

If you can handle your luggage on wheels I would opt for the train.Both at Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Centraal Station there are elevators to the platforms .At Schiphol pick the right train .At Amsterdam Centraal wait a little till most people have left the platform and just go to the elevator. In the central tunnel underneath the platforms, go to the waterfront . Cross the street at the traffic lights and follow the walkway along the waterfront to the terminal.PJ

Thank you again. I will print this info and take it with me!!!! Happy Holidays

Have you discovered the Schiphol page here at VT?PJ

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Know What Youre Paying

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

As we mentioned earlier, Viking cruises arent cheap, but that doesnt mean that you cant travel frugally.

Viking River Cruises offer a 3.3 percent discount for travelers who pay via e-check, so if youre looking for a way to reduce your expenses, thats a great place to start. You should also research tipping policies for your vessel while tips are voluntary for both ocean and river cruises, Viking ocean cruises have a discretionary hotel and dining charge of $15.00 per day .

For river cruises, tipping recommendations vary depending on your location. The Viking River Cruises website contains gratuity recommendations for various cruises, along with currency recommendations.

While youll want to show your gratitude to the ships staff, youll want to know what youre paying, particularly if youre traveling on a ship that doesnt use your typical currency. Planning in advance should help you avoid a costly mistake .

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Almost Everyone On The Ship Has Sailed With Viking Before

The first night of our arrival we received welcome drinks and listened to music in the Aquavit lounge. The staff went over important information before introducing themselves. Then the guests were asked if they had sailed with Viking before. Nearly every hand shot up! A true testament to the Viking experience.

There’s a reason why Viking consistently receives awards as the best cruise company out there.

Viking Redefines The Meaning Of Service


When you have the best people, you have the best service – and Viking has both. From stateroom stewards to waiters to program directors, our English-speaking staff is trained to the highest standards. Superb Service At Viking, they have almost 3,000 of their own staff worldwide, all devoted to making your stay aboard the most memorable possible.

The Viking River Cruise ships are small and intimate, and every member of their crew is dedicated to personally hosting you. Viking is so confident they will exceed your expectations that they are the only river cruise company to guarantee their award-winning service. Personalized Attention From the moment you first plan your journey to the time you return home, Viking’s staff takes care of you. They are the reason why Viking has won more consumer and industry awards than any other river cruise line. And why their guests have awarded them a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating, saying that they have met or exceeded their expectations. Friendly Smiles, Familiar Faces Loyal members of the Viking family, their staff returns year after year.

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Immerse Yourself In Local Culture Travel In Comfort

Every aspect of your time with Viking – from expertly prepared meals to carefully created enrichment programs and beautifully appointed ships – is planned to bring you closer to experiencing the most from your destination. By owning and operating their ships, no detail escapes their attention. It is what sets them apart from their competitors. And they never forget that looking after you well is how they became the world’s leading river cruise line. It’s why their guests return again and again. And why they have consistently been the most awarded river cruise line worldwide.

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On July 10, I boarded one of the earliest Nordic sailings open to vaccinated Americans. A new itinerary from Viking Cruises, its an eight-day circumnavigation of the island nation, running clockwise from Reykjavík. Short on time, most visitors to Iceland head straight for the Blue Lagoon or heavily touristed Golden Circle. This voyage, by contrast, ports in lesser-trafficked idylls like the spectacular Westfjords and small fishing villages dotting the the east coast. My options for shore excursions included glacier treks and ATV rides through surreal volcanic landscapes. It had all the makings of a memorable tripjust not for the reasons I expected.

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How To Get Into The City From The Airport

If you arrive the day of your cruise, Viking will meet you at the airport and bring you to the ship. However, if you arrive earlier you will need to make your own transportation arrangements.

Depending on your budget and travel style, we can recommend two ways to get from the Liszt Ferenc Airport to Budapest city center.

Here Are The Most Current Vaccination Requirements For The Major Cruise Lines

Viking European River Cruises – 6 Key Must-Knows Before You Go

Keep in mind, as entry requirements to foreign countries change, the cruise lines will need to adjust their vaccination requirements. You must check your cruise lines and destination requirements right up until its time to head to the port.

These are the most up-to-date vaccination cruising requirements for the major carriers.

Finally, its important to note that all cruise lines have the same policy on this topic. Its always the passengers responsibility to know and meet all of the requirements for cruising. No refunds or credits are provided when a would-be cruiser doesnt have the proper health or ID documents to sail. Now more than ever, its imperative that travelers read all the documentation sent from the cruise line. If you dont, you could end up spending thousands of dollars for a vacation youll never take. And thats no fun at all.

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Are Viking Cruise Lines In Financial Trouble

According to Forbes, there has been a sudden drop of 66% of the wealth of Viking owners because of the coronavirus pandemic. The article states, Viking Cruises is one of several companies whose stock prices have fallen sharply since March 13th.

It says that the company reported its first-quarter results recently, showing that Torstein Hagens wealth dropped from $6.28 billion to $2.1 billion.

That was more than double what it had forecasted earlier. Still, this is the most significant loss ever for a Viking Cruise Line shareholder and one of the worst quarters in Vikings history.

Is Viking All Inclusive

Viking is all-inclusive, but there are a few things you should know before booking your trip. The first thing to note is that the price of an all-inclusive vacation includes everything except drinks and gratuities for staff members.

If you want to add these items to your bill, they cost extra. It is essential to confirm everything included in the cruise fare with the travel agent or company representative when making reservations.

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Day : Cologne Germany

During the Holy Roman Empire, Cologne was the largest medieval town in Europe. Naturally, its Gothic cathedral is the hallmark draw!

The nice thing about this stop is the ship can dock right into town, so you can join the tour or explore on your own.

We explored the Kölner Doms interior and were suitably awed.

If you want a great view, Viking offers an optional tour that takes you all the way to the very top! I had already been to Cologne on a previous trip so instead, we opted for a palace excursion.

I *love* an over the top, beautifully decorated mansion and have a whole series dedicated to them here.

We visited Augustusburg Castle, one of two gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage site classified as Bruhl Palaces.

The castle was once home to the prince-archbishops of Cologne and is decked out in gold, marble and all-around extravagance. I particularly liked the massive entryway staircase which was gilded and made my mouth drop open when we turned the corner.

Highly recommend this day trip if you love castleshalf as much as I do!

The interiors were really unique and the guided tour was excellent.

After the main palace, we did a quick tour of the hunting lodge as well, which was just as stunning. This is one stop I definitely wished we had more time in!

Romantic Danube Viking Cruise

An Interview with Viking River Cruises

The romantic Danube is a 14 day Viking cruise from Regensburg to Budapest.

You pass through Passau, Krems, and Vienna on the way to your ultimate destination of Budapest.

The itinerary includes visits to some beautiful cities, including Bratislava, Krakow, and Prague.

Plus, optional excursions are available such as rafting or kayaking along the Danube River.

Note that the trip suits couples who want an intimate experience with their partner but still enjoy all that Europe offers.

The Viking cruise line uses the Viking Atla ship which offers guests onboard different cuisines, name recognition, and entertainment options.

They have over 20 years of operating cruises around Europe making the company familiar with everything happening.

Even though this cruise ship has a great design for travelers, it lacks other amenities like the spa and fitness center, which makes me feel bored after a few days.

Overall, the cruise is perfect if you want some time away from home and explore the best parts of nature.

Booking the cruise is simple with plenty of travel sites available.

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Checking For Additional Discounts

Even though you have completed the booking process, continue to check the Viking website and social media platforms for deals on the cruise you have booked. If you see a big savings, maybe airfare dropped or Viking is offering some other type of price reduction, you might be able to take advantage of that. How you ask? You can cancel your existing trip and rebook the trip using the new offer. Outside of 120 days, it will only cost $100 per person. Remember though, if you have already purchased travel insurance, you will lose that money. So if youve already purchased the insurance proceed with caution. You would likely need to get a huge savings to make that option viable.

There is another caution when cancelling and rebooking cruises. Normally the cancellation process takes about 3 days, and Viking will not let you re-book until that process is finalized. So if the cruise is almost sold out you could be at risk of not getting rebooked. Another option is to request that a supervisor approve the cancellation immediately, allowing an immediate rebook.

TIP: You can save 3.3% by making your final payment using E-Check or physical check rather than a credit card.

Day 7 Lyon And Excursion

Today we left Lyon on a bus tour that started with learning and tasting wine in the Beaujolais region. After wine, we had a feast of truffle flavored delights followed by a truffle hunt with an adorable dog. We finished off the day learning about goat cheese making, and we brought home salted caramel sauce.

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Use Euros For All Offboard Tips Even In Countries That Use Other Currency

We knew Euros were the shipboard currency and that we could use Euros in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. We mistakenly believed Slovakia used the Koruna , and we knew Hungary used the Forint. We thought we would have to acquire additional currency to tip bus drivers and tour guides. Not so! Bus drivers and tour guides in every country are happy to take Euros, and even dollars if that is all you have.

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Highlights Of A Viking River Cruise

Travel to Russia with Viking River Cruises

Traveling by river, beyond the reach of roadways, you will discover the true nature of fascinating lands and the people who call them home. You will travel with ease, unpacking just once and enjoying the ever-changing scenery along the banks as you are gently carried on board an elegant, intimate ship to your next destination. Here is just a small sample of where a Viking river cruise will take you:

  • Viennas elegant boulevards and Hapsburg treasures
  • Budapests historic Castle District
  • The lush vineyards of France
  • Storybook villages and hilltop castles of Germany
  • The charming windmills of The Netherlands
  • Glittering palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Germanys spectacular Saxon Switzerland region
  • Portugals rolling vineyards of the Douro Valley
  • Ancient temples along Egypts timeless Nile River
  • Chinas breathtaking Three Gorges of the Yangtze
  • Cambodias sprawling Angkor Wat complex
  • Vietnams lush and fertile Mekong Delta
  • The American Souths historic citiesfrom New Orleans to Memphis
  • Americas heartlandfrom bustling St. Louis to distinctive St. Paul

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Viking European River Cruises For Chinese Travelers

In Fall 2016, Viking became the first European river cruise company offering itineraries on dedicated to Chinese tourists riverboats. The company dedicated two longships, on which the primary onboard language is Mandarin.

The first longship’s 2016 itineraries are on Rhine River, between homeports Amsterdam and Basel. The second longship’s 2017 itineraries are on Danube. On both riverboats, all the hotel staff is Mandarin-speaking, all the signage is in Mandarin . The onboard cuisine is traditional Chinese plus European dishes by Michelin-star chefs.

All excursion programs ashore are organized by Viking River Cruises. Each ship has all 8 Mandarin-speaking tour guides assigned to 25-passenger groups. The Rhine cruise program includes a shipboard overnight in Amsterdam and 3 days in Basel with Lake Lucerne tour. In Strasbourg, passengers take the high-speed TGV train to Paris. Optional deals include private jet travel for 1 day at the price of USD 30,000 pp. Cruise fares start from around USD 4,300 pp.

Cruise Lines International Association/CLIA’s projections for 2020 were that the number of Chinese cruisers to Europe will be the same in comparison to the Americans.

Leave Your Converters At Home

Another great feature of a Viking River cruise is the ship’s electrical outlets. Is that a crazy thing to say?! Yes. But having to pack additional converters or keeping your fingers crossed that your curling iron won’t blow up is a nice feature. On the Viking ships you’ll find American plugs , making it easy to plug in your electronics.

Basically, Viking thinks of everything just one reason I love this company.

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Try An Exotic Itinerary

Hardcore adventure and expedition ships and often dont have children onboard. Generally, itineraries to the polar regions like the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as through the jungles of Southeast Asia, rarely have children onboard. Like the luxury ships, you might find a few, but they too, generally are rather worldly for their age.

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Claim Your Seat Early For Shipboard Events

301 Moved Permanently

As I mentioned earlier, one of the highlights of a Rhine River cruise is viewing the 40+ castles that line the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. We procrastinated in heading for the Sun Deck for the narrated tour that afternoon and only got a seat in the shaded section because some kind passengers let us squeeze in. Later in the cruise, when it came time to sail through Austrias Wachau Cultural Landscape, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, we did not make the same mistake and got great shaded seats.

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Danube Waltz Viking River Cruise

Danube Waltz cruise is a favorite for many cruisers. Its the perfect combination of luxury and adventure, with plenty to see from Budapest to Passau.

The Danube Waltz has been there for many years and offers guests an opportunity to experience some of Europes most beautiful cities.

Moreover, guests enjoy fine dining, award-winning wines, and exceptional service aboard one of the ships.

This is a seven-night itinerary on the Viking Embla. The Embla is a welcoming and bright ship that takes you through the heartland of Central Europe.

Besides, the ship has large windows, balconies, comfortable seating areas, and lots of space to move around.

Thus, it is an excellent choice if you want to explore more than just your destination city.

While on the deck, guests see panoramic views of the river valley below and the surrounding countryside.

The size capacity of this ship is 190 passengers, which means no crowding or feeling like there are too many people around you.

The first stop is Vienna, where you have the option of exploring the capital on foot or taking public transportation.

Youll be able to visit Schonbrunn Palace, St. Stephen Cathedral, Belvedere Castle and much more.

The cruise dates vary so you must keep visiting the site to see changes and new bookings.

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