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What Is The Cheapest Month To Cruise To Alaska

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Now Is The Best Time To Score A Cheap Alaska Cruise For 2021

What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise?

Were officially into winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the U.S. has seen its first snowfall even a blizzard or three so its unlikely many of us are daydreaming of an immediate Alaskan getaway. Right now, however, is the best time of year to start planning an Alaskan trip.

Every December through March, Alaskan cruise lines offer some of their best deals of the year. Its called wave season, and its like an ultra-extended holiday sale that lasts into early spring. Most cruises and travel agents depend heavily on early bookings. Right now, theyre offering substantial discounts and incentives to start filling up their summer routes. Interior cabins can be found for as little as $100 per person per day. Plus, most lines offer better upgrades, onboard credits, free Wi-Fi, and more. Its the best time of year for customers to actively bargain. Travelers working with an agent should feel free to push hard for complimentary upgrades like spa treatments, free excursions, or drink and dine packages.

It goes without saying that climate change is real, and so is its effects on the worlds most extreme destinations. While were not into fear-inspired disaster travel, the clock is undoubtedly ticking on the 49th state. Future generations may look at todays Alaska rich in wildlife and pristine natural landscapes in history books, wondering where it all went wrong. So, if visiting the state has long been on your bucket list, now is the time to start planning.

Whens The Best Time To See The Northern Lights On An Alaska Cruise

Seeing the northern lights from the cruise ship is a rare occurrence, but if youd like to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from the balcony on your stateroom, then you need to book a trip in late September or early October.

To maximize your chance of witnessing the northern lights, get off the boat and join a land excursion to Fairbanks. The aurora season in Fairbanks lasts from the end of August to April and the lights can be seen 4 out of 5 nights .

When Is The Best Time For A Cruise To Alaska

If only there were an easy, universal answer! But like Alaskas wild country, mixed culture, and fabled history, its difficult to put the whole thing in a pretty box. The easiest way to break down when you should take an Alaskan cruise is to take a look at things by the month.

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The first thing you should know is that the Alaska cruise season is just five months long, lasting from May to September, with the summer months of June, . However, this doesnt necessarily make them the best.

Each month sort of has its own niche.

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How Much To Budget For An Alaskan Cruise

A typical Alaska Cruise can cost between $600 and $5,000 per person, depending on the length of your cruise, the type of cruise you choose, and your room choice. We recommend budgeting an additional $1,000 to $1,500 per person for shore excursions to get the most out of your Alaskan cruise. Youll also want to consider airfare, transportation, and lodging before and after your cruise in your budget.

Taking An Alaska Cruise In July

Alaska Cruise  Fun For Less Tours

Youve now reached peak Alaska cruise season. The prices for cruises, excursions, and even souvenirs will be at their highest, and each port will be full of tourists.

July is traditionally the warmest month in the Alaskan year, with highs in the mid-60s and lows in the low 50s. Some days will touch into the 70s, but dont expect it to go much higher.

However, , so youll need to pack a raincoat for any excursions.

July is also peak season for salmon, which means it may too be your best chance to spot a bear. Fur seal pups are also born during July as well as Steller sea lions. Walruses also haul out on Round, Little Diomede, and King islands during this time.

July also offers your best chance to catch a glimpse of the largest animal in the world the blue whale.

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The Best Time For A Cruise To Alaska If You Want To The Northern Lights

Unfortunately, if your goal is to see the Northern Lights, you will have to compromise in terms of ideal weather conditions. You will have slim-to-none chance of seeing the lights during the summer months, but if you come during September, you might just have a shot!

Whats interesting is that the conditions that create the aurora borealis are present all year long, but in order to be seen, youll need dark, clear skies and a bit of luck. Because Alaskas summer days are so long, it does not create dark enough conditions to view the lights.

The ideal time to view the Northern Lights is actually outside of the cruise season window, between late September and April. However, there is some opportunity in September for you to spot the aurora during a particularly fortunate night.

While going on an Alaska cruise this late in the season also gives you the opportunity to catch a last-minute deal, youll give yourself the best chance of spotting the Northern Lights. There is certainly no guarantee that youll see them, but the later you can go, the better, as there will be long nights late in the season.

You can also improve your chances by taking a land or sea tour that includes one or more nights in Fairbanks, which lies just under 200 miles below the Arctic Circle. This area is considered one of the best in the state, and the world, to see the aurora, especially if you are able to venture away from the city lights.

What Is The Best Time To Cruise To Alaska

There are many Alaska cruises that are offered by many different cruise lines, from several ports throughout the west coast. When planning your Alaska cruise, the biggest thing that people often wonder is, When is the best time to cruise to Alaska?

The Alaska cruising season runs from May through the middle of September. You will find many of the best cheap Alaska cruises in the months of May through September. These are considered the shoulders of the season. These months will also offer beautiful views of the wildflowers blooming as well as the change of colors of the foliage. You will also find some of the best Alaska cruises from Vancouver during the months of May and September.

If you are traveling with children, the best time to cruise to Alaska is in July and August as these are the warmest months in Alaska. The temperature in these months will not usually go over 70 degrees Fahrenheit making this perfect weather for viewing the natural beauty of Alaska. During these months, children will marvel at the beauty as they watch the whales frolicking in the ocean.

Summer also brings many bugs to Alaska, for this reason if you dont want to deal with those pesky critters, September is the best time to avoid bug season. Because of the bugs during the late spring and summer months it is a good idea to add bug spray as well as sunblock to your Alaska cruise packing list.

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Alaska Cruises In June

Of the few warm summer months in Alaska, June has the longest days all year, with summer solstice falling on the 20th. Southeast Alaska experiences daylight nearly around the clock in June, making it a good time to see everything there is to see on an Alaskan cruise.

Wildlife is visibly abundant, with whales making their journey back into Alaskan waters from Hawaii. There is a heavy concentration of humpback whales in Southeast Alaskan waters during the summer months, and it is not uncommon to see them feeding with their young.

There are also grey whales, orcas, Dall porpoise, seals, sea lions and sea otters inhabiting the area where the Sikumi cruises. And look ashore for black and brown bears who are in full swing for summer, hunting and fishing for food.

Summer solstice is an exciting time all over Alaska, so make plans to visit a town or festival before or after your custom Alaska cruise on the Sikumi.

Our adventure was close to its end I could feel the nostalgia growing inside me. I would miss this boat and her crew. Our once-in-a-lifetime experience was their routine, and I couldnt help but envy them.

Cheapest Weeks Of The Year To Cruise

How To Book a Cheap Cruise for $50 Per Day (2019)
  • 2nd week of January through early February Great rates can often be found right after the extremely popular Christmas through New Years Eve season.
  • Last week of February Prices are often higher for Valentines Day week, who doesnt want a Love Boat cruise? However, prices tend to drop after Valentines Day until Spring Break.
  • Early May After the popular Spring Break weeks, there tends to be a slight lull in early May before kids get out of school for summer. Once Memorial Day comes around, prices will go up.
  • With kids back in school and hurricane season in full swing, great rates can normally be found from the week after Labor Day through October.
  • First two weeks of December Sandwiched between the popular cruise weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the first two weeks of December will often have great rates.

Our recommendation for finding the cheapest time to cruise? Book early and take advantage of price drops, guaranteeing that not only will you get the best selection of staterooms, but also the best price.

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When To Cruise Tracy Arm

Another popular cruising destination in the Inside Passage, Tracy Arm is a narrow fjord over 30 miles long. This particularly icy fjord is home to some of Alaskas largest glaciers and offers sheer rock walls with tumbling waterfalls, plus hundreds of harbor seals, eagles, and whales.

You can go hiking and kayaking in Tracy Arm or let everyday life drift away as you watch the spectacular scenery pass by.

May to August offers the driest conditions in Tracy Arm, with the wettest months being September and October. The area just north of Tracy Arm is a prime spot for seeing humpback whales and orcas during the summer months. You can spot seal pups during June and admire large icebergs at the start of summer. The middle of summer onwards offers the best hiking conditions.

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The Best Time To See Wildlife On An Alaska Cruise

You will see plenty of wildlife during your Alaska cruise throughout the cruise season. The best months to catch a glimpse of the amazing fauna that call Alaska home are the months of June and July.

  • Moose: Moose give birth around June.
  • Caribou: June is the best month to see herds of caribou
  • Humpback Whales: June and July is when the humpback whales migrate through Alaska’s Inside Passage.
  • Black bears: Spring is ideal because the new vegetation lures back in sheep, mountain goats and black bears. July is also good because that is when salmon runs start to get busy.
  • King Salmon: King salmon runs start in late May.
  • Bird watching: June is when you have the best change to see unusual birds migrating.

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When Is The Best Time For Families To Visit Alaska

Summer break, which is peak cruising season, is an ideal time for families to go on an Alaska cruise. Depending on your familys interests, youll want to decide whether to book earlier or later in the season, since there can be a difference in weather and activities between the end of June and mid-August.

Some of the shore excursions you can experience when going on an Alaska cruise with kids include hiking the Tongass forest, whale-watching tours, kayaking, and learning about Tlingit culture.

Aim for the week right after school ends or the week before school begins if youd like to get there just ahead of the most crowded part of peak season. A cruise to Alaska is an unforgettable summer family vacation experience your kids will cherish forever.

Featured July Cruises To Alaska

Best time to go on an Alaska cruise

Choose a longer vacation that lets you soak up the warmer weather that July is known for in Alaska. The Grand Heartland Adventure Cruisetour combines a 7-night Alaska cruise with seven days of touring the inland area of Alaska through Denali National Park and up into Fairbanks. You can also choose tours tailored to your interests during your .

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Cost Of Alaska Cruise In May

These first trips to Alaska are also known as the off-season trips and hence the cruise prices are 20% lesser.

If you are lucky, you may be able to find Alaska cruises for as less as $100 per day.

Even though this is the shoulder season dont bet on last minute booking because even in May the tickets get sold out soon.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska To See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, Latin for morning light coming from the North, are one of the worlds most amazing sights.

If youre hoping to see the Northern Lights on your cruise, the best time to cruise Alaska is the last part of the shoulder season, late September. With days beginning to shorten and the nights getting longer, a September cruise itinerary offers the last possibility of the year.

You can also book an Alaska cruisetour with an optional Evening Aurora Pursuit excursion in Fairbanks that offers the best chance to see this spectacle of light.

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The Best Months For An Alaska Cruise For Low Prices

Alaska is not a cheap cruise, but if you want to save money on your cruise fare, then your best bet is May or September.

For the same reasons May and September feature lower crowds, these months see most often the lowest prices for a cruise because of the combination of colder temperatures and the school calendar.

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Alaska Cruise Weather: June

How Much Does An Alaska Cruise Cost? How To Save Money On Alaska Cruises

If youre planning an Alaska cruise in June, temperatures average a low of 45 and a high of 62. June is tied with July as the least rainy month, with Ketchikan receiving an average rainfall of less than 7.5 inches. Alaska cruise weather in late June is some of the best, with 18 hours of daylight and plenty of sun. If youre lucky, it might even get hot!

With drier ground in June than May, Alaska cruisers can start to hike in earnest. Whether youre hiking on your own or with a guide, be sure to pack appropriate gear, such as backpacks with bear bells, water bottles, snacks, and most important bug spray. The mosquitos start being a nuisance in June.

For other shore excursions, layering is your best bet. You might need a fleece jacket in the morning, but find yourself stripping down to a T-shirt by early afternoon. A packable rain jacket is always good to have on hand, since you never know when youll get caught in a summer squall.

The warmer Alaska weather makes June the best times to see calving glaciers during scenic cruise days. June is also one of the best months for whale-watching late June and early July are the best times for bear-spotting excursions.

Because of the fine Alaska weather in late June, its an excellent time to plan a cruise tour to Denali. The full road will be open, days will be long and dry, and you have an increased chance of seeing active wildlife.

Cruise fares in June will be higher than May, but better than the prime summer months.

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Best And Worst Months To Cruise To Alaska

The best time to cruise to Alaska depends on both warm temperatures and a lower risk of rain.

Historically, July has ideal combination of the two, followed by June and then August. Rainfall is usually lowest in May and climbs steadily until reaching the highest point in September. May is ideal for rain but not for temperatures, which are often quite a bit cooler.

The best time to visit Alaska certainly isnt the winter, but winter is a great time to plan the trip.

The majority of Alaskan cruises run between May and September. July and August are the most active cruise months, according to scheduled cruises on major travel booking websites. July and August also have the warmest temperatures.

Average high temperatures can reach into the mid 60s Fahrenheit or high teens Celsius along the Alaskan coast during the summer months of June through August. On a good day, they will climb into the 70s as they did on > our first Alaskan cruise .

They reach the mid to upper 50s Fahrenheit or low teens Celsius during May and September, according to historical records from the U.S. National Weather Service. Because of these cooler temperatures, fewer cruises are available in either month.

Despite temperatures in that are similar to July and August, June usually has fewer cruises.

How To Save $1500 On Your Alaska Vacation

Take a few of the higher-value day tours listed above, then rent a car and create your own adventures. It’s easy to do in Alaska: the most famous Alaskan adventures ever done were on a shoestring budget.

Food on the road: If youre motoring to a new destination across Alaskas big distances, lunch or dinner time could easily pass without a single restaurant on the horizon. You can solve this problem with the same common sense approach youd take at home. Buy an inexpensive cooler or bring a packable cooler, and load it up with snacks, lunch food and beverages when you pass through a town with a grocery store. Its what Alaska residents do! And even if you have access to restaurants, consider picnicking at least one meal per day to shave expenses.

Lodging: Save $50 $100 per night by staying at less expensive hotels or B& B’s.

Tent camping: Alaska has scores of campgrounds on the road system, and its easy to find space during weekdays. Travel with a tent, sleeping bag and pad, a propane camp stove and cook kit, plus a cooler storing foodand you could cut hundreds of dollars off your daily costs. Even a few nights out in good weather will shave expensesand maybe pay for a high-value side trip. Just dont forget bug dope and mosquito coils!

Alaska Transportation: Save $100+ by using an Alaska car rental rather than riding buses and the Alaska Railroad, especially if youre a party of two or more.

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