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Which Cruise Line Has Unlimited Alcohol

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Can You Drink Cruise Ship Tap Water


Cruise ship tap water is safe to drink unless you are told otherwise by the ships authorities. The water throughout the ship has been treated, filtered and frequently tested to meet the standards of the World Health Organization and the U.S. Public Health Service on ships sailing into and out of U.S. ports of call.

The Carnival Cruise Cheers Drinks Package

Starting at $51.95, Save 10% on onboard pricing if purchase pre cruise. The cut-off for pre-cruise prices is 11:59 PM the day before embarkation and 9:00pm EST through call centre. The Cheers! drinks package includes.

  • All spirits , as well as beer and wine by the glass that is less than $20.00
  • Sodas, Zero-Proof frozen cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffee, hot tea, 500ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages
  • Bottled water in the Dining Room and Specialty Restaurants
  • 25% discount off the menu for any spirit or wine by the glass above $20.00
  • 25% discount off the menu for wine and champagne by the bottle
  • 25% discount off beverage seminars and classes

Exploit Cruise Ship Happy Hours

Many cruise lines offer a happy hour at certain bars, at certain times, with reduced priced drinks. Sometimes these happy hours are planned and stated in the daily newsletter. Other instances theyll be listed on the bar menus themselves.

Often such drink deals are only subtly advertised. So passengers must be observant and seek out these drink deals. Keep your eyes peeled for happy hour promotions on table-top signs at cruise bars. And do know that cruise happy hours vary by cruise line, ship, and even each sailing. Cruise happy hours change constantly.

Cruise happy hours even change from from bar to bar on the same ship. On some Celebrity cruise sailings, weve found $3 draft beers and $4 wine pours at most bars during their happy hour. But this Celebrity happy hour does not extend to every bar on the ship. Meanwhile, their martini bar can have an entirely different happy hour with select martinis at half price. Yet the martini bar doesnt honor the beer & wine happy hour. So be sure to check around all the bars and find a happy hour that is best for you!

Also, some cruises will have two happy hour periods: one before dinner and another into the late night. Princess happy hour had formally done this. Although in recent years happy hour has seemed to disappear from Princess ships.

Pro tip: Stock Up During the Best Drink Promos

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Smuggling Alcohol On Board

Smuggle at your own risk!

  • There are currently no retributions other than the alcohol being confiscated if you get caught. The confiscated alcohol will even be returned to you at the end of the cruise if it is confiscated in the original manufacturer sealed container. All other containers will not be returned.
  • Carnival confiscates dozens of water/soda/wine bottles that have been refilled with liquor prior to almost every cruise. Its been this way for a long time. You have a VERY LOW chance of getting smuggled liquor on this way. In 2015 Carnival began banning all bottles from being brought onboard, exception being one bottle of wine or champagne 750ml in size or less per person in their carry-on luggage.
  • People tend to smuggle because purchasing liquor through the Fun Shops / Bon Voyage is 2-3 times more expensive than buying it at their local liquor store. You should also need to weigh in the convenience of having it waiting for you in your cabin versus having to go to the store to purchase it, repackageing it to smuggle, transporting it to the ship and then hope it doesnt get caught. When you weigh in all the factors purchasing through the Fun Shops / Bon Voyage is a pretty good option. Dont forget to also check out the Cheers Beverage Program that Carnival is now offering.

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The Childrens Soda Programme

How to SNEAK Alcohol on a CRUISE SHIP!!!

The NCL Childrens Soda Programme is for passengers age 12 and under and costs $5.95USD per person per day plus 20% gratuity and beverage service charge.

Keep the kiddies hydrated all day with unlimited, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mt. Dew, Ginger Ale, Tonic water, Club Soda.

Not available for sailings of 2 days or less.

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Disney Cruise Wine Package

The closest that Disney comes to offering a drinks package is the Disney Cruise Wine Package.

There are two wine packages available for your Disney Cruise and you can purchase. You choose from either The Classic and the Premium Wine Package. You can buy 3,4,5 or 7 bottles within the package.

All packages are available regardless of the length of the Disney cruise you are sailing on. So you can buy a 3-night package if you are sailing on a 7-night cruise. Or a 5-night package if you are sailing on a 3 night.

Here are the prices for the Disney Cruise Classic Wine Package:

  • 3 Bottle Classic Wine Package $95.00
  • 4 Bottle Classic Wine Package $124.00
  • 5 Bottle Classic Wine Package $149.00
  • 7 Bottle Classic Wine Package $199.00

Here are the prices for the Disney Cruise Premium Wine Package:

  • 3 Bottle Premium Wine Package $145.00
  • 4 Bottle Premium Wine Package $192.00
  • 5 Bottle Premium Wine Package $234.00
  • 7 Bottle Premium Wine Package $309.00

A 15% service charge will be added to all Wine Packages.

You can save up to 25% on the per bottle prices if you get the wine package. Some bottles are more expensive than others, and it is possible to work the system so that you get maximum savings.

You can see our complete guide by clicking on this link Disney Cruise Wine Package Is It Worth It?

How Much Are Drinks On A Carnival Cruise If You Buy Them Individually

If youre considering buying a drink package for your first Carnival cruise, youre probably wondering what the menu prices are if you buy drinks individually.

Here are typical menu prices for a variety of drinks on Carnival:

  • Beer: $6 $8 per glass
  • Wine $8 $14 per glass
  • Mixed drinks: $7 $20
  • Specialty soft drinks: $2 $5
  • Bottled water: $1.25 $5

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Unlimited Soda Package Bottomless Bubbles

Carnival’s “Bottomless Bubbles” program offers an unlimited soda card which must be purchased for the entire voyage . This drink package is non-transferable and may not be shared , it can’t be used through the 24 hr room-service or the mini-bar in your cabin. It’s a sticker placed on your “Sail& Sign” card, and can also be used on the Carnival Line’s private island Half Moon Cay.

Royal Caribbean Alcohol Packages Reviews

10 Things People Don’t Realize About Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Alcohol Package!
  • “I can’t drink enough to make such a package financially viable”
  • “We bought a package and definitely didn’t break even. Plus it is really expensive, I think paying by the drink is better”.
  • “it’s the wine that is very expensive on RC – prices by the glass start from 8 euros plus tips for a Californian chardonnay”
  • “I like the idea of all-inclusiveness, and I’m lucky to be able to afford it”
  • “LOL My name is X and I am an alcoholic”
  • “on a classic 7-day itinerary, that’s an extra $315/$385 PP – yes, it’s a decent price for my specially themed Royal Caribbean “booze package cruise” :)”.
  • “Personally, I think offering all-inclusive alcohol packages encourage lots of drinking , which is good for profit and bad for health. Anyone spending this much on booze feels obligated to drink more than what they would normally consume.
  • “The package benefits only those who drink a lot, but it’s also good to keep a lid on your drinking expenses. You set your drinking budget ahead in time – I mean when you’re sober, which is very practical”.
  • “It’s an affordable way to stay pretty inebriated for the cruise”.

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Wine Package Cruise The Vineyards

Carnival wine packages can be ordered prior to departure or can be purchased on board . Either way, you’ll be charged 18% gratuity and you will not have to select the actual wines until you’re ready to drink one of them.

For related information see our Carnival wine packages/policy/list/prices – an extensive review and info on the “Carnival Cruise Wine” subject, including how much is wine by the glass and bottle. Here we’ll just list the package cost – the selections are at the above link. All the below prices are inclusive of 18% gratuities.

  • 3 Wine Package prices – Basic , Deluxe and Premium .
  • 5 Wine Package prices – Basic , Deluxe and Premium .

Bring Your Own Drinks To Stock Your Minibar

Most cruise lines permit you to bring your own sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages. Beverage policies vary by cruise line on what drinks are permitted onboard. The chart below summarizes the onboard beverage allowances of the major cruise lines, as of Feb 2020.

Non-alcoholic drinks allowed, no limit.
Royal Caribbean 12 cans or bottles per person.

So bring aboard some sodas or whatever you prefer. Then just ask your friendly stateroom attendant to empty out all of those expensive minibar drinks so that you can make use of the fridge. Once the fridge is clear, youre free to chill down all of the beverages that youve brought onboard. And if your cruise cabin isnt equipped with a mini-fridge, just ask your stateroom attendant for an ice bucket to chill your drinks.

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Are Drink Packages On A Cruise Worth It

A cruise drink package is an excellent value. If… Sure, paying a few hundred dollars for beverages before your cruise even begins might be excruciating. However, after you’ve paid, you’ll be free to order beverages in most pubs and restaurants without having to worry about your ultimate cost. Plus, you’ll have money left over for fun things like spa treatments and souvenirs.

The price of the cruise drink package varies depending on the cruise line and ship category. The average price per person is $30 – $50, but it can go as high as $100 or more. The best way to decide if the package is worth it for you is to calculate how much you’ll be spending on drinks each day during your cruise. If you plan to drink enough to justify the expense, then by all means buy one!

There are two types of drink packages: fixed price and variable price. With a fixed price package, you know exactly what you’re going to pay no matter what you order. These packages usually include coffee, tea, juices, bottled water, soda, and alcohol. The amount you spend on these items each day will not change regardless of what else you order.

On a variable price package, your cost will vary based on the type of beverage you order. For example, if you have a beer budget each day, then you should definitely choose a boat that offers a good variety of beers at affordable prices.

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What The Premium Beverage Package Does Not Include

Travel Tip: Can You Bring Alcohol On a Cruise Ship?

The Premium Beverage Package does not include room service, package sales, daily cocktail specials or buckets of beer. Also not included are the designated Super Premium brands , bottled wine, mini bar purchases, bottled water and fresh squeezed juices.

Lavazza coffee beverages, energy drinks and drinks from vending machines are also not part of the package.

Guests are allowed to buy two beverages per person per transaction.

The good news is that you can take advantage of this package at all restaurants, lounges, bars and Great Stirrup Cay.

If you buy an item over $15 USD, the overage plus 20% gratuity and service charge will be applied to your onboard account.

COST: $99 per person per day plus 20% gratuity and beverage service charge.

Package cost for a seven-day cruise: $831.60 per person out the door.

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Is A Royal Caribbean Drink Package Worth It

In a nutshell, a Royal Caribbean drink package can be worth it, provided you drink enough every day of your cruise. The beverage packages definitely offer a value-savings proposition, but it is up to you to drink enough to make it worthwhile.

The basis of any drink package is that you will drink enough to break even each day to make the packages worth it. If you are not a big drinker, or someone that wants to indulge in many drinks, you may be better off paying for each drink individually.

If you are wondering what the break even point is, it is around 5-6 drinks per day, every day to recoup the cost of the unlimited alcohol drink package. The non-alcohol packages have a lower break-even point, that is closer to 3-4 drinks.

Do I Have To Buy Beverage Packages For Every Day Of The Cruise

Yes. You can’t simply decide you are going to go wild one day and buy the package for that single day. Nor can you pick and choose the days you want to buy it.

If you purchase the package, it is charged for every day you are on the ship. It doesn’t matter if you are in port for a day, you are still charged. This is one of the main drawbacks of the beverage package.

Also, keep in mind that the drink package is sold on the first couple of days of the cruise. You can’t decide halfway through the trip that you want it. You’ll need to buy it early.

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How Much Are Drinks Packages On Royal Caribbean

The drinks package is roughly $65 per person a day. The refreshment package is $30 a day , The soda package $10 a day. This does fluctuate slightly so keep an eye out on offers, as Royal Caribbean often do deals to encourage passengers to book before they sail. Sometimes they do a buy one get one half price or discount sales on packages.If you have already booked your cruise Royal Caribbean will add the offer to your booking.

Cafe select coffee cards are $36 for every 15 coffees purchased.

Occasionally Royal Caribbean offer free drinks packages when you book and this offers great value for money.

Elliott Advocacy Cant Advocate For Your Unlimited Alcoholic Beverages Package

Norwegian Cruise — Free Alcohol!

Unfortunately, in the fine print of this promotion, it says A daily alcoholic drink limit will apply.

That limit is not specifically defined. But when Barrett asked, she found that on her cruise it would be 15 drinks per day.

Ultimately, Barrett believes that the unlimited alcoholic beverages package was changed after she and her friends signed up for the promotion. But for Barrett, it doesnt matter. The terms and conditions of the beverage packages highlight that: Princess Cruises may modify, amend or update the terms and conditions at any time with or without notice to guests.

In the end, we couldnt get on board with asking Princess to make sure that Barrett and her companions can drink beyond 15 alcoholic drinks per day during their upcoming cruise. But we hope that this group can still enjoy their trip of a lifetime even within these confines.

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What Is Included In The Norwegian Premium Beverage Package

The Premium Beverage Package, formerly known as the Ultimate Beverage Package, includes

Spirits *

Unlimited fountain soda and juices

20% Off Bottles of Wine purchased

*up to and including $15 USD.

The package is not available for purchase on charter sailings, cruises that two days or less or for sailing on Pride of America.

Princess Responds: No Unlimited Alcoholic Beverages Package On This Cruise

The answer? No. The daily 15-alcoholic beverages limit is firm there is no unlimited alcoholic beverages package.

Barrett then threatened to never use Princess Cruises again.

I told that I would never take another Princess cruise and would advise all of my friends and family not to do so either, Barrett recalled. That executive just said that was my choice. But Princess would not be honoring the unlimited alcoholic beverages portion of this promotion for our cruise.

Reaching the top Princess executives, Barrett says she found nobody sympathetic to her plight. And that is when she turned to Elliott Advocacy hoping that we could reach out to Princess on her behalf.

It is that unlimited alcoholic beverages promotion that made our decision to go on a Princess Cruise rather than another cruise line, she complained to our advocates. I am requesting your help in getting this promotion for us.

Although we love to reach successful resolutions for the consumers who contact us, this case had our advocacy team a bit astonished.

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Celebrity Cruises Premium Drinks Package

How Much Is The Non-Alcoholic Premium Drinks Package

All carbonated drinks, premium bottled water, freshly squeezed and bottled/canned juices, San Pellegrino, Red Bull, Vitaminwater, Honest Iced Teas and premium coffees and teas at a cost of $22.00 per person.

What Does The Premium Drinks Package Cost And Include

The premium package provides all the benefits of our Premium soft drinks package. Plus beer, spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to $15 per serving. There is a full list here.

This will include some upgraded cocktail and brands of spirits including gin and martinis. Plus, an increased discount of 20% on all wines by the bottle purchased on board, for $69.00 per person, per day.

Is Alcohol Free On Cruises

Best unlimited alcohol cruise packages

Most major cruise lines offer a beverage package that allows passengers to order an unlimited number of alcoholic drinks as well as sodas, coffees and other non-alcoholic beverages for a flat fee that often is in the $50 to $70 per day range. Non-alcoholic packages often includes soda, juice, smoothies, coffee and tea.

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