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Which Cruise Line Is Best For Bermuda

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Bahamas Vs Bermuda Cruise Itineraries

Cruise passengers to Bermuda end up in Halifax instead

You can sail on a cruise ship to the Bahamas year-round from a number of port cities in the U.S. including Baltimore New York City Fort Lauderdale Miami Palm Beach, Florida Port Canaveral, Florida Galveston, Texas and New Orleans. Thats because its beach season all year long in the Bahamas except when a passing hurricane brings the rain in summer and fall.

Itineraries can be as short as two nights or as long as a week. Both short and weeklong Bahamas cruises sail exclusively to Bahamian ports, but some seven-night sailings mix it up with ports of call in the Caribbean or Florida.

Bermuda, on the other hand, is not hot year-round, so cruises typically sail from April through November. Some cruise lines offer the occasional winter Bermuda cruise, or tack a visit onto an off-season transatlantic sailing. Youll still have fun in the shoulder season, but it might not be swimming weather.

The standard Bermuda cruise is a week, though you can find four- and five-night options. Bermuda cruises depart exclusively from Northeastern ports, including Boston, New York and Baltimore. In most cases, the ship will sail to one of the Bermuda ports and dock there for one to three days before heading back home.

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Churches And Other Places Ofworship

If your cruise ship will be inBermuda on a Saturday or Sunday or otherreligiously-significant day and you want to attend Mass or aservice ashore, expect the on-board cruise director staff to have fullinformation on what churches and other places of worship are nearby, with timesof services, and what public transportation or taxi services are available.

  • At King’s Wharf/Heritage Wharf/Dockyard, the nearest churches are St. James , and St. Joseph’s , both in Somerset, about 2 miles away from cruise ship berths for large ships.
  • In the city of Hamilton, the nearest churches are the Bermuda Cathedral on Church Street and St. Theresa’s Cathedral on Cedar Avenue, both within walking distance of the cruise ships’ berths for small to medium size cruise ships.
  • In the Town of St. George, the nearest churches are St. Peter’s Church and Stella Maris , both within walking distance of the town’s cruise ship berths for small to medium size cruise ships.

How To Get To Hamilton From The Cruise Port

You simply take the 25 minute ferry ride from the ship dock to Hamilton. I suggest going a bit early as the ferry line does get long and it will be crowded. The ferry is 5$ per person each way, however depending on what you are planning during your visit to Bermuda, it may be worth buying a multi day pass for the ferry and bus.

If you head into town a couple hours before, you can visit some of the Government buildings and beautiful churches and perhaps do a bit of shopping.

Want to know what we do? Theres a department store called Marks & Spencers that has a little food section in the back . We buy some shortbread and jam cookies and these delicious striped mint candies called Humbugs and bring them back as souvenirs. We love em!

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Contract And Other Cruiseships

  • Contract cruiseships. Those those subsidized by the Bermuda Government to come to Bermuda weeklyin the season. They include Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. They offer regular Bermudasailings. Those on contractships get to spend several days in Bermuda and thus have the chance to see Bermudain some depth. Other cruises last only part of a day, 12 hours or less.

  • Other cruise lines. Include Aida Cruises,Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard, HollandAmerica, OceaniaCruises, P& O, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven SeasCruises, Royal Caribbean International, Seabourn Cruises, SilverseaCruises and Windstar Cruises.

Bahamas Vs Bermuda Shore Excursions And Activities

Biggest and best cruise ships for 2019

The main difference between Bermuda and the Bahamas is that beaches and water sports are the key activities in the Bahamas, while Bermudas attractions are more varied.

In Bermuda, cruise visitors can enjoy the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, as well as historic forts and the limestone formations of the Crystal Caves. The islands capital, Hamilton, is a small city and its Front Street is chock-full of shops and restaurants. Hop on a bike and pedal your way along the Bermuda Railway Trail or to Coopers Island Nature Reserve.

Bermuda is also famous for its plentiful golf courses, and enthusiasts can book tee times at courses such as Belmont Hills and Turtle Hill.

Nassau has a few historic sites, such as the Queens Staircase and Fort Fincastle, but they are not the main attraction. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is a fun rainy day destination, and the small National Art Gallery set in a historic home is a hidden gem. Youll find plenty of shopping on Bay Street from the straw market to high-end jewelry stores, but check out the artisans market in Pompey Square for locally made goods.

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Im Ready To Start Planning My Cruise How Can I Score The Best Deals

Whether youre looking to book a short getaway or a longer adventure to far-flung destinations, Royal Caribbean makes it easy to save big on everything from your cruise fare to special experiences onboard and onshore. The first step to making sure you get the best deals is to join the cruise lines email list. Once youve signed up, youll receive regular updates on all the latest offers, like deals by destination, kids sail free promotions and flash sales. The savings dont end when you book your cruise, though. Once youve made a reservation, youll also receive notifications about special offers for onboard experiences like discounts on beverage and specialty dining packages, shore excursions, spa services, and more via Cruise Planner.

Why Cruise To Bermuda

Bermuda has become a very popular cruise destination for numerous reasons.

1. It has convenient 5-7 day cruise itineraries leaving from New York, New Jersey, Boston and Baltimore.

Many Americans and Canadians love to drive to their port rather than fly, and a Bermuda cruise offers this option for those living in the North East.

2.The itinerary is fantastic! Bermuda cruises offer 2-3 full days to visit Bermuda.

What an incredible opportunity for cruisers to really explore a destination and see many Bermuda attractions! After all, on which cruise can you spend 2-3 days exploring an island?


And yes, there is that much to see and do in Bermuda. You may as well book your next cruise on board as you will be back :-)!

3. Well, its Bermuda!

Bermuda beaches really do have blush pink sand and the sea glistens against the unique rock formations under the Bermudan sun.

However, theres more and you will feel it and see it in Bermuda.

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Cruise Ship Health And Travel Insuranceto Visit Bermuda

Bermuda hospital and emergencytreatment costs are higher than in the USA. Always prudently take out travelinsurance, spare money and have adequate hospital and medical health insurance to cope with possible unexpectedproblems in a foreign country, such as Bermuda. In emergencies, contact the KingEdward VII Memorial Hospital – note its rate of charges for visitors – in PagetParish. If you are hospitalized in Bermuda, you or your insurance will always be responsible. Unlike Canada, United Kingdom andIreland, Bermuda has no National Health Service and no freeclinics or free medical or surgical or prescription for visitors. Bermudadoes not give free hospital and surgical benefits to visitors from USA who claimthey have no health insurance. If you ignore warnings not tohire a scooter or moped unless you are thoroughly used to driving them on theleft hand side of the road and don’t have healthcare/major medical insurance, you will have topay and dearly. Affordable local accommodation in Bermuda forspouses or friends or families who come to visit you in hospital, is difficultor impossible to find, especially in thecruise ship or tourist high season from April to November.

Best Time Of Year To Take A Bermuda Cruise

Bermuda Cruise – Port Transportation Guide

Bermuda offers rich history and pink sandy beaches. If you are considering a trip, we discuss the Best Time of Year to Take a Bermuda Cruise.

Bermuda is one of the top cruise destinations. It is a British overseas territory located in the north Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda actually consists of 181 islands. Most cruise ships dock in the Royal Naval Dockyard, but Bermudas capital city of Hamilton is easily reached by ferry for shopping, restaurants, and the famous Swizzle Inn. The historic St. George can also be reached via ferry for a day of exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bermuda truly offers cruisers a slice of paradise with beautiful weather, rich history, and pink sandy beaches.

Unlike the Caribbean or Bahamas though, Bermuda is a seasonal cruise port. The cruise season generally extends from late April to early November. Much like Alaska, WHEN you visit the area is important. There are actually several factors to consider when determining the Best Time of Year to Take a Bermuda Cruise.

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Royal Navy Dockyard Cruise Port Area

The Dockyard has quite a few activities to do and places to visit, all within a short distance of your cruise ship, so its well worth exploring and taking time to visit.

Theres even a free trolley if your feet are just a little tired from exploring Bermudas beaches and other attractions.

Youll find really pretty shops with Bermuda crafts and souvenirs, well as some nice, casual restaurants and pubs. There are museums, a beach area and several types of activities!

Since theres so much to see, we toured Royal Naval Dockyard and created this video below

8. Snorkel Park Beach

This man-made beach is literally a 5 minute walk from the cruise ship dock. Its a very calm small beach to visit if you have young children as well as if youre looking for a beach day on the last day of your cruise. At 5$ to enter, its a great deal for nice, fun beach day.

They have snorkel gear that you can rent, or you can bring your own. Kayaks and other water sports equipment is available for rent.

9. Dolphin Quest

Right next to Snorkel Park, youll find Dolphin Quest. If you or your children have dreamed of swimming with dolphins and learning about them, this is offered within walking distance of the ship. Booking ahead is suggested.

10. National Museum of Bermuda

11. Local shopping Clock-tower Mall and boutiques in Dockyard

*Many of the shops and some local artists and shopkeepers are featured in this Bermuda Dockyard video on YouTube.

Best Cruises To Bermuda In 2020

Thinking of taking a cruise to Bermuda? We have our updated list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. See which ship is perfect for your next trip.

Are you considering a trip to Bermuda this summer? If so, you will want to have a look at our list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. From brand new ships with innovative features to classic ships that have recently been refurbished, there is a cruise ship sailing to Bermuda that is right for you. Which one will you choose?

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Sightseeing In Bermuda Parish Of St George

7. Parish of St. George Historical Reenactment

St. George is about 45 minutes away from by ferry. It is a truly gorgeous ride, so well worth the trip!

St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is a good place to do a walking tour. Youll find historical landmarks and museums, including the Tucker House Museum, The Unfinished Church and Fort-St. Catherine.

What is the Must-Do?

This town is quaint and slow paced and has some interesting sites to see, plus one of the quirkiest things you will see anywhere! The Ducking Stool in the town center, Kings Square.

St. George has 18th century historical re-enactments in Kings Square which include a Town Crier and The Dunking of the Nagging Wench.

Now, I bring my sense of humor when I travel and we just thought this was totally different.

Local actors participate and school children come watch. They just really have a fun time and involve the audience in the show. It is usually on Thursdays at 12:30, however please check for the current schedule.

Will It Be Safe

Carnival Cruise Line to Operate Largest Bermuda Season ...

First of all, it remains to be seen if ships will be calling in Bermuda, especially if we look at the distances involved to the Bahamas, where most companies have private islands, and the flight times to Bermuda compared to the Caribbean Islands.

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The safety aspect will be the same procedures as other islands have said they will be adhering to. According to Mr. Scott, there has been a significant framework developed already:

The Ministry of Transport, being ever so excited about this opportunity and the potential economic stimulus from the cruise ship industry to our economy, has diligently worked with the Ministry of Health to create a framework and response plan to restart the cruising industry safely ideally starting in June this summer.

All guests will need to be fully vaccinated. At the same time, Bermuda has a robust and proven COVID-19 response plan to mitigate the viruss importation through legislation, rigorous PCR Nasal Pharyngeal testing, and contact tracing.

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Things To Do Near The Cruise Ship In Bermuda Royal Naval Dockyard/kings Wharf

Bermuda Cruise Tip

The Dockyard area near the cruise ship has quite a lot to do and see, however do plan your Bermuda itinerary carefully.

It may surprise you to know that even with 2 and 3 days in port, every year there are cruise passengers who miss the ship, as dont return to the ship on time.

As a suggestion, use your first day or two to visit places further from the port and do excursions on your own. Your last day and evenings could be spent closer to the ship in the dockyard area.

Just note that the last day in Bermuda is always busier around the cruise port/Dockyard area.

Disabled Facilities On Cruiseships

See Bermuda Disability concerns. Disabled cruise ship passengersvisiting American ports are pleasantly surprised by ADA laws applicable there.But cruise lines sailing to Bermuda from American portsshould know that Bermuda does NOT have facilities similar to those relevant to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Physically challenged or blind orhearing impaired or mobility-restricted passengers should check in advance orask their caregivers do so, what facilities are available for them on the cruiseships of the cruise lines they favor or, when not available, on competing cruiseships. These can vary considerably. Matters of particular importance mayinclude:

  • Disabled cabins on board with adequate door width for wheelchair access. Is the furniture lowered? Do their bathrooms have grab rails? Are the toilet seats raised? Are there shower stools?
  • Wheelchair or scooter rental on board .
  • Wheelchair height and weight restrictions
  • Or can you take your own wheelchair or scooter and if so can the latter also be used in Bermuda?
  • Guide dogs allowed on board? Be aware they need special permission before they can disembark. See Guide Dogs for the Blind and Disabled, below.
  • Hoists available on board? If so, where? If not, you may have to take one, if allowed.
  • Mobility aids available
  • Braille available for the blind
  • Facilities for deaf or hard-of-hearing

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Bermudas Local Culture Hamilton

2. Hamilton Harbour Nights

If you are in Bermuda on a Wednesday, do check out Hamiltons Harbour Nights Festival. It is a nice street fair with local vendors of handicrafts and street food.

You will also get to see a parade of local Gombey Dancers in traditional costumes. This is truly one of my all-time favorite Bermuda attractions and I know you wont find this anywhere else!

The Best Bermuda Cruises

Cruising to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise Line [CruiseWebinar]

When you take a cruise to Bermuda, you’re going to enjoy pink sands, biking on scenic mountain lanes, shopping for bargains and enjoying the island nightlife. The cruise will feature exceptional dining, comfortable living, exciting entertainment, relaxing luxuries and an unforgettable experience. You can mix a family vacation with a nightlife excursion, all while enjoying a great cruise to get there.

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Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur Of Seas

Royal Caribbean offers many five-night cruises to Bermuda that are geared towards those looking to celebrate honeymoons, romantic vacations or quiet getaways. The Grandeur of Seas has a lot of open spaces, private balconies and activities catering to a wide variety of interests. When you’re trying to get your adrenalin pumping, risk some wages in the Casino Royale. Here you’ll find games for all levels of players, lessons for novice players and tournaments for the more advanced. But if you’re looking for some fun that the whole family can enjoy, theatre shows, ice skating, ice shows, parades, scuba diving and rock climbing are just a few of the other options available. And when you want to relax, a dish at The Great Gatsby Dining Room and a deep-tissue massage at the spa will hit the spot.

Unlike many other cruises, Royal Caribbean offers very affordable prices for their off-shore excursion options. The glass-bottom boat tour is rather unique and informative. King’s Square and Alexandria Battery Beach are all within easy access once you dock in Bermuda, but the shopping is pretty expensive. When you want to walk around in take in an authentic Bermudan city, take a bus to Hamilton and walk around all day.


Suggestions For Cruisers When Planning Your Bermuda Itinerary

Remember that your ship will be in port the first night or two , so plan the last day for activities that are closer to the ship.

Visit the small tourist booth right at the dock for maps and other local information that can help you with your travel planning once there.

You can also find information ahead of time from Bermuda Tourism.

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